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Silent Zees - Snore Relief System

Silent Zees - Snore Relief System

Silent Zees - Snore Relief System
Silent Zees - Snore Relief System
Compare at: $19.99  (80% off)
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Relieve snoring, sleep apnea, and even teeth grinding with this simple, comfortable, and drug-free remedy. It's called Silent Zee's and it has been working wonders for years.

Just put the mouth guard in before you sleep and your airways will stay open all night long. Not only will you get a more complete and sound sleep, but you'll be getting more oxygen throughout the night so you wake up feeling refreshed, lively, and ready to start the day. It's reusable and doesn't require any boilling or the need to mold it to your mouth. One size fits all. Includes carrying case.


- Drug-free remedy
- FDA Cleared
- Reusable
- Promotes free breathing by opening up nasal passages
- Helps reduce hard breathing during exercise
- Perfect Fit Technology
- Comes with Carrying Case
- One size fits all

4 Stars  Snore no more 
Getting used to this. Im asleep.....my husband is not poking me to wake up and tell me, youre snoring!

2 Stars  Cant sleep with it 
I couldnt tell you if this thing works or not because I havent been able to fall asleep with it in my mouth. Maybe thats how it works, by keeping you up all night so you dont snore. Seriously, maybe it just takes some getting used to, so Im going to keep trying it and if it works out I will revise my rating but right now its a two because I havent gotten any results yet.

1 Stars  Horrible 
Because you cant put your lips together, you end up drooling while you try to sleep. I use a tooth guard and a nostril device and they work great together but I was hoping to have an alternative to allow me to breathe out of my nose while sleeping. THIS DID NOT DO IT!!!

5 Stars  Keeps me from grinding my teeth 
Keeps me from grinding my teeth

5 Stars  Silent Zees-Snore Relief System 
I bought this for my husband and its amazing how much it helps.

5 Stars  snore relief 
helps cut down snoring over night

2 Stars  doesnt work 

3 Stars  It fit my mouth ok. 
For some reason I would bite down on it and caused a bit of discomfort from a tooth that was a little higher than the rest. It may work for some but it wasn t good for me.

1 Stars  Cant breathe with it 
The device fits over the teeth and there is a hole to breathe through. Unfortunately, the hole is at the tip of my tongue and air cannot come through.

1 Stars  Does not work, and very uncomfortable 
I tried using the mouthguard to stop snoring. First, it is extremely uncomfortable. It stopped my snoring by keeping me awake because the mouthguard bothered me all night. I tried putting it into boiling water to fit my mouth, but no success.

4 Stars  Far less expensive than one from Dentist, but slight irritation of gum 
My dentist wanted over $2,000 for one of these. So I decided to try this one since it only cost $4.91. It seems to work to stop me from snoring, but if I leave it in for too long it causes a slight irritation of my gum. It is still usable and well worth the money.

1 Stars  Bad Fit 
Did not fit my mouth and gums and hurt at night when I tried!

4 Stars  Works for my grinding too 
Once I molded this to my teeth it fits well. I love this because it also helps with the grinding of my teeth.

2 Stars  problematic 
I did try to use this product but it caused me to drool. Taking it out of my mouth to correct that I needed to rinse it off. I lost more sleep by using it unfortunately. I really wanted it to work and maybe if I used it a few more nights...

1 Stars  uncomfortable 
could not keep it in my mouth for 10 min let alone over night

2 Stars  Cheap but... 
Didnt make it through 1 whole night with this thing in my mouth...maybe just me!

1 Stars  mouthpiece 
Tried to wear while sleeping but couldnt get used to having something in my mouth.

5 Stars  Snore Relief System 
They work just fine

1 Stars  wanted to use as bite guard 
much too big and rigid to even get into my mouth. might work for a big person with a big jaw.

4 Stars  Great Product 
This product really works. It does not say so anywhere, but if you boil this mouth piece and then bite down, it will fit better. But it really does work.

5 Stars  No more snoring 
This really works!! No more snoring.

4 Stars  works 
This is like magic. The first night i kept checking to make sure hubby was still alive since i have never heard silence in 20 yrs of sleeping with him!! It seems to come out very easily though , i bought him extras and he is going to try and heat it up for better staying power. Highly suggest getting this if snoring is causing you sleepless nights! The ONLY reason not 5 stars is b.c it does so easily come out.

5 Stars  It really works 
I am not sure if this is the same brand as what my husband has already bought in the past, but the mouth guard really works to keep him from snoring. He snores SO loud that it keeps me awake and sometimes wakes me up, but when he uses one of these he doesnt really snore at all. At worst, I can hear him breathing through the mouth piece if his mouth stays open. The only time he snores now is if he has a plugged nose and cant use it because he cant breath. The cheapest he says he has ever found them is for about $12,so this is a great priceif you buy multiples.

4 Stars  Bought this elsewhere for twice the price 
I havent ordered this yet, but I will. I just want to say that I have been using these mouthpieces for a couple of years now, it works like a charm. I dont have an apnea problem, so I dont need CPAP, but I snore LOUD! This put a stop to that from night #1. I have spent up to $40 for ONE, and they need to be replaced after 6 months to a year, so Im stocking up.

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Relieve snoring and sleep apnea. Try this simple, comfortable drug free remedy to help clear breathing by opening nasal passages.
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