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Selfie Expandable Monopod
with Shutter Button

Selfie Expandable Monopod
with Shutter Button

Selfie Expandable Monopod
with Shutter Button
Selfie Expandable Monopod
with Shutter Button
Your Price: $0.99
Compare at: $5.99  (83% off)

Selfies are all the rage. The problem we have is our arms just aren't long enough! That's why every Selfie taker loves this Selfie Expandable Monopod. Now it's new and improved with a built-in shutter button.

Selfie Stick with Built-In Button

The Selfie Expandable Monopod makes taking selfies and selfie videos easy! Just attach your phone, plug in the 3.5mm Aux cord, expand the arm and press the shutter button! Point and shoot for great photos, or start/stop a video recording - though the operation may vary by software.

Use it for wide-angle selfies, panoramic photos, hard to reach photographs, video chatting, vlogging, presenting and more.

Note: This selfie stick includes the cord for plugging into your headphone jack. If your modern phone doesn't have one, you can still take pictures using voice commands, gestures, or a timer.


- Expands to Fit Most Smartphones 3.6in Wide
- Non-Slip Rubber Handle
- New and Improved with Built-In Shutter Button
- Extends up to 43 inches
- Fully Tilts for Perfect Angle
- Locking Head Mechanism
- No Batteries Required
- Folds Easily for Travel
- Use for Pictures, Vlogging, Video Chatting, Panoramics, and More
- Now Comes in Blue or Black (Sorry no Choice)

5 Stars  Picture Perfect 
This selfie stick has been a great tool for my tween nieces and nephews.

5 Stars  Great product 
Great product, reasonably well made with the lightweight materials, holds my phone just fine and the shutter button works just fine too. Clearance price made it a bargain.

4 Stars  Good 
Good for small cameras

5 Stars  Budget Selfie Stick 
I do not use the selfie stick to take pictures, I use it to grab items at more than arm distance and this selfie stick has a nice long reach so it is ideal for my purpose. I put my own attachments on it for my purpose. I then can collapse the stick to its closed length and put it into my bag. The most important feature of this item was the price. I could find no other selfie stick near this price.

4 Stars  Very convenient product for the price. 
Pretty good. Too bad the attached --but separate-- flash did not work with my Huawei phone.

5 Stars  easy to use 
I received a pink colored one. Directions are easy to follow. Device is easy to use. Glad I got one!

5 Stars  Wow great value! 
This was a great value. Unfortunately you need a dongal to make it work with the I phone XiBut I made it work. The price allows me to have one every where I might use my phone

5 Stars  Selfies stick 
Love it, great pics

4 Stars  Additional Lighting Good 
The additional lighting is helpful, especially since the selfie side of the phone does not have a flash.

5 Stars  Great selfie very stable 
This was my second buy to get one for my family. Need I say more. Big factor is dent in tubing that keeps phone where you want it, no rotation.

5 Stars  Works great, no rotate, great price 
Holds my S1 firmly and button shoots picture. Big item is that tubing has an indent that keeps it from rotating. Great buy.

1 Stars  only one out of four worked right 
Brought four sets of selfie with light. Only one light charges, one light works if its connected to power, one has limited time on charge and one dead. Button for taking picture works intermittenly.

5 Stars  great tool 
easy to use . nice extra flash unit with this item

1 Stars  Unfortunately Very Inconsistent 
The price is great but it doesnt work consistently. Sometimes I have to push the button five times before it takes a photo. Most times it wont take a shot at all. Maybe I just got a bad one.

5 Stars  Fun with selfie stick 
Works well.

5 Stars  selfie expandable monopod 
well made -compact-easy to use and very affordable

5 Stars  Extend your camers reach 
Im disabled, unable to get up from the floor. Used Selfie pod to document space under front door needing new sweep filling the gap. After picture, landlady dispatched maintenance to install new strip.

5 Stars  Selfie Expandable Monopod w/shutter button 
got this for grand child for christmas,, thought I had ordered two , am going to order one for me also

2 Stars  Not what I expected 
Seems quite cheap.

4 Stars  Good product, good price. Camera positioning somewhat limited. 
Better than expected. Works just fine.

1 Stars  Wont handle iPhone 8 
Total waste when it wont hold the larger screen cell phones.

4 Stars  Monopod- very nice 
very nice. will make a great gift.

5 Stars  Works great! 
At first when we received it, we had concerns that the shutter button wouldnt work, but we were surprised to see that it does work right and we are glad we bought it. It will come in handy for our future trips. Thank you.

5 Stars  Selfie - Me? 
I havent had the opportunity to use my Selfie Monopod, yet, but I am impressed with my examination of it. I looks like it will be extremely easy to use.

5 Stars  Good product 
This is a real find. The price is fantastiic and it really works.

4 Stars  It works! 
Smart phone fits in easily. Shutter button makes good connection to the smart phone for taking pictures. My only complaint is not being able to tighten enough the the selfie stick to keep the smart phone from slipping and sliding at the end of the stick. Works fine for a picture or two, but if doing a video, the focus will suddenly shift one direction or the other as the phone slides to the side. There are gears to tighten things, but they are plastic and I am afraid if I tighten them too much, they will break. But for 99, I am not disappointed. It works!

5 Stars  Great Selfi stick for the money 
So far works GREAT and cant beat the price..$.99!!!

5 Stars  Excellent Gift Item 
I bought three for Christmas and birthday gifts..But decided to keep one for myself..I could never take a selfie or distance without one so this will be great..One for my son while kayaking so he can take better pictures of more area on the river and of the woods. Great price!!!!!

5 Stars  Great Selfie Stick 
Loved them. I originally bought 3 and everyone who used mine wanted to keep it, so I ended up ordering 3 more. Great value.

1 Stars  Shutter button didnt work 
Shutter button did not work. I assume it was because the package said ios 5.0 and Apple is already up to 11.4. I have an iphone 6 which is within the specs otherwise. Still, for only .99 i cant complain still makes for a good monopod lol.Just would have been nice if they had listed the IOS version in the ad.

5 Stars  This is awesome 
This stick is awesome. I got five for gifts and tried one. Holds the phone in either direction, plugs into the phone and snap a picture with the button on the handle. I havent looked at the instructions so you may be able to take a video too.

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Selfie Expandable Monopod
with Shutter Button

We listened and found the best Selfie Stick on the market... and at a great low price...