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Secrets of War - The Complete Series DVD
Secrets of War - The Complete Series DVD

Secrets of War - The Complete Series DVD

Secrets of War - The Complete Series DVD

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Over 54 Hours of Espionage and Deception on 13 Discs!

Discover the most daring covert operations, ingenious spy gadgets and cunning military deceptions that forever changed the course of history. Painstakingly researched with previously classified footage from private sources and government archives from all over the world, Secrets of War exposes the real stories of the 20th century's greatest conflicts.

Narrated by Oscar® Award winner Charlton Heston, this complete series brings to life the conflicts that pulsed through the battles behind the battlefields. From the top spymasters of the Third Reich to Saddam Hussein's corrupt tools of deception to befriend the West, uncover the strong, specific and factual tactics used by history's most influential leaders in Secrets of War - the complete guide to espionage in the 20th Century!

Disc 1:
- German Intelligence In WWII
- British Secret Intelligence In WWII
- Breaking The Japanese Code
- Weapons Of The Shadow War
- Women Spies In World War II

Disc 2:
- The Cambridge Five
- Stalin's Spies
- The O.S.S.
- Roosevelt's Spymasters
- D-Day Deceptions

Disc 3:
- Hitler's Secrets
- Secret Weapons of the Third Reich
- Nazi Propaganda
- Nazi Gold
- Rommel's Enigma

Disc 4:
- The Holocaust Secret
- The Ultra Enigma
- Battle Of The Atlantic
- Sitzkrieg: The Phony War
- Hitler's Last Days

Disc 5:
- Vietnam: Alpha Strike
- Vietnam: Hidden In Plain Sight
- Vietnam: Special Operations
- Vietnam: Johnson's Battleground
- Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh's Revolution

Disc 6:
- Super Guns
- Psychological Warfare
- Tools of Deception
- Spy Planes
- Bio-chemical Weapons

Disc 7:
- The Wizard War
- Battlefield Deceptions
- Churchill's Gambles
- Secret Submarines in WWII
- Korea: Stalin's Secret Air War

Disc 8:
- Cold War: Eisenhower's Operative
- The Hunt For Atomic Weapons
- Cold War: The Strangelove Factor
- Cold War: Inside the CIA
- Cold War: Inside the KGB

Disc 9:
- Cold War: The Kennedy Years
- Cold War: Khrushchev's Regime
- Cold War: Nixon's Secrets
- Cold War: Castro's Revolution
- Cold War: Brezhnev's Kremlin

Disc 10:
- The French Resistance
- Japan: The Invasion That Never Was
- The Battle Of Britain
- Hirohito's War
- Mussolini's Henchman

Disc 11:
- The Gulf War: Steel Rain
- The Gulf War: Secrets In The Sand
- The Gulf War: Architects Of Desert Storm
- The Gulf War: Iraq's Secrets
- The Invasion of Panama

Disc 12:
- Mao's Secrets
- Shadows of the Six Day War
- Israeli Intelligence
- Korea: Behind The Bamboo Curtain
- Spies In the Sky

Disc 13:
- Prisoners of War Part I - The Barbed Wire Front
- Prisoners of War Part II - Battle for the Mind
- Prisoners of War Part III - Code of Conduct
- The Balkans Tinderbox
- WWI: Germany's Secret Gambles
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