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San-X Disinfectant Spray - Lavender Fresh Scent - 6 Cans

San-X Disinfectant Spray - Lavender Fresh Scent - 6 Cans

San-X Disinfectant Spray - Lavender Fresh Scent - 6 Cans
San-X Disinfectant Spray - Lavender Fresh Scent - 6 Cans
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IN STOCK & SHIPPING: San-X Disinfectant Spray

We realize finding disinfectant spray has been near impossible and we are pleased to bring you the Lavendar Fresh scent of San-X Disinfectant Spray.

Looking For Lysol Spray?

It is nearly impossible to find cans of Lysol Spray and when you do you can pay as much as $10 a can. With San-X Disinfectant SprayYou get the same protection and power to keep your house, surfaces, air and clothes disinfected as well as eliminate unwanted odors.

We are constantly in contact with contaminants that may pose a threat to our health. San-X Disinfectant Spray is here to help you keep your environment free of disease-causing organisms at all times.

Kills 99.9% of Viruses & Bacteria

With a 99.99% success rate in the elimination of these disease-causing agents, count on San-X to be to your best bet at keeping your surfaces and the air around you safe for your health.

San-X Disinfectant Spray is alcohol-based and contains up to 75% ethanol for the best fighting solution against viruses and bacteria.

Use On Surfaces & In The Air

The Lavender Fresh smells "oh so wonderful", making it suitable and convenient for use as in the air. Use it in the kitchen, bathroom, car and even on your fabric! Craziest of all, San-X is also able to be used as a disinfectant both on your hands and skin. So not only is it a disinfectant spray for surfaces, but you could use it as a hand sanitizer as well!

The spray comes in a convenient 16.9oz can and you get SIX cans in this affordable bundle.


- You get SIX 16.9 oz Cans
- Disinfect Surfaces and Air
- Alcohol Based For Maximum Effectiveness
- Lavendar Fresh Scent Eliminates Unwanted Odors
- Use in Bathrooms, Kitchens, Offices, Cars, Gyms, Schools and more

5 Stars  I love, love this stuff 
So I was happy to find any kind of disinfectant. Ive been using for a couple of months and I have to say I love this stuff. I dont know if Ill ever go back to Lysol.

5 Stars  Lavender Fresh Disinfectant Spray 
This product is fantastic, it does all the product info says it does & smells great.!!!! move over Lysol

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Video: San-X Disinfectant Spray - Lavender Fresh Scent - 6 Cans

San-X Antibacterial Disinfectant Spray Kills 99.9% of Viruses, Bacteria, and Household Germs. Alcohol Based For Maximum Effectiveness with Lavender Fresh Scent Eliminates Unwanted Odors.
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