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Safe T Air - The Solution to Indoor Air Pollution

Safe T Air - The Solution to Indoor Air Pollution

Safe T Air - The Solution to Indoor Air Pollution
Safe T Air - The Solution to Indoor Air Pollution
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Safe-Tea Fresh Air Gel with Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil that we get DIRECT from the manufacturer (Try it: Love it, or Get Your Money Back with the PulseTV Guarantee) " />
Sold Out, but try our NEW Safe-Tea Fresh Air Gel with Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil that we get DIRECT from the manufacturer (Try it: Love it, or Get Your Money Back with the PulseTV Guarantee)

Clean Your Home's Air with Safe T Air

Indoor air pollution is a real problem that can cause serious health concerns if it's not addressed. You can easily get rid of your home's odors, mold, mildew, bacteria and fungus. Safe T Air cleans the air naturally with tea tree oil.

This essential oil is nature's most powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial and deodorizer. Suspended in this thick gel, it slowly evaporates to gently circulate and clean indoor air. Your home's circulation system carries it from room to room.

Use it all over the house! It's great for basements, bathrooms, restrooms, closets, kitchens, ducts and more. This is great for boats, cottages and RV's too!

All-Natural Mold, Mildew, and Odor Fighter

It's only made from water, tea tree oil, emulsifier and coloring. That's right, all natural - no harmful chemicals.

Your home's air safety is the main focus of Safe T Air. Thanks to the tea tree oil, it's a natural and chemical-free way to improve your home's air pollution.


- Prevents mold from starting to grow and reduces existing mold up to 98%
- No power required; self contained packaging allows you to easily place in affected area
- Starts working immediately using the existing air movement indoors
- Designed to last up to 3 months providing protection for pennies a day*
- No hazardous chemicals, non-caustic
- Simple and effective, all natural, easy to use and works quickly

Helps Minimize

- Mold
- Mildew
- Bacteria
- Fungus
- Odors
- Smoke

Safe T Air is economical and easy to use. Contains 14 oz. Use one for every 400 sq. ft.

Get Safe T Air From Pulse TV

Pulse TV offers Safe T Air at a great price. Avoid getting caught buying expensive air purifiers or harmful chemicals. Get Safe T Air from Pulse TV today!

Warning: While Safe T Air is safe and all natural, it may be harmful if swallowed so we recommend keeping it out of reach of children and pets.

*Depending on the affected area size and airflow

4 Stars  Subtle 
It works fine but better if used in an empty space

5 Stars  it works 
really cuts down on mold

5 Stars  Love this Stuff! 
It does exactly what it s supposed to do! The air smells Clean and Fresh! I need to get more.

5 Stars  Great Product 
I have been using automatic sprayers for years to help eliminate odors in different rooms of the house, after replacing the sprayers with Safe T Air, I noticed better and longer lasting results. I dont have to replace the automatic sprayer cans, so I am saving money and time. 1 jar of Safe T Air lasts much longer than the automatic sprayer cans, which means I dont have to change them, and I save money on batteries as well. I would recommend Safe T Air to anybody who wants a fresher smelling house.

5 Stars  Odor Neutralizer & Vapor Absorber 
I am so pleased how this product is working. It arrived shortly before I had company for the weekend and it is working as advertised.

4 Stars  does the trick! 
the tea tree oil scent does a good job keeping smells and odors out of dank areas. the only problem i have with it is the price...a tad bit expensive and it doesnt last long...also the jar sits wide open on top! it needs a cover with holes in it because it can really become a mess if spilled

5 Stars  Awesome Air cleaner 
We ve been using Safe-T for many Years and it has really been a real help in Controlling mold and odors forum our air. We place an Open jar inside of our AC intake once a month. I have asthma and breathing issues, we also have several dogs that are house pets and family.

5 Stars  Waiting to Exhale 
Love these! Really freshen up a room!

4 Stars  Removes moldy smell from basement! 
I have used this product for many years. It does the job with little effort on my part.

5 Stars  No mold 
We use Safe t air when we store the 5th wheel RV. Always a fresh smell and no mold..

5 Stars  Very good product 
This works great I put this in my closet and musty odor is gone

5 Stars  Odor is gone 
Had problem with odor from cat litter. Now gone.

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
Love It! It doesnt last no 5 months tho. I have it in my home in 2 places!

5 Stars  Keep your air fresh. 
Safe T Air is effective in cleaning the air in my home. It works silently to keep the house smelling fresh and safe.

4 Stars  Use it throughout the Year 
I have been using Safe T Air for several years now. I keep a jar open in my basement and it works like a charm to prevent that mildew smell that you sometimes get in basements, especially when its very humid. If I dont remember to replace the empty jar, I can tell exactly when I have to replace it by that hint of mildew smell. I also use Safe T Air in my condo in Florida, to keep it smelling clean throughout the seasons. The only reason I didnt give it a 5 star rating is because it is expensive. But, it works.

5 Stars  Great item to buy 
This item is really good in your house. It take what ever smell you have out. I will buy more of them

5 Stars  Air cleaning 
This works perfectly, just like it is described. So glad I bought this. I use it primarily in the lower level of the house. Sometimes it is musty smelling or stale in the lower level and this product solved the problem.

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
Outstanding product! Love the fragrance and long -lasting quality.

5 Stars  Love this product! 
Eliminates stuffy odors.

3 Stars  Not a fresh fragrance 
This smells awful for the price. Not workig well for me.

1 Stars  Waste of money 
No effect in anyway

5 Stars  A treat for the senses 
The material I bought that was advertised to kill bad odors performed beyond my expectations. A few odor-tainted rooms now make one feel that a wonderful, fresh forest isnt far away. Its not overbearing in its odor, but changes a somewhat poluted room odor to a mild, spring day freshness, a light woodsy bouquet. Well done!

5 Stars  It works 
Purchased two of them and placed them in a 994 sq. ft. basement that had a mildew smell. It took care of the smell and has lasted for five months. Very satisfied

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
Great product. Gets those bad smells OUT.

5 Stars  Safe-T-Air 
Works as advertised. Have used for several years.

5 Stars  fabulous product really works 
love it will refill when finished boughtv 4 jars

5 Stars  Smells Great 
I just moved into a four bedroom apartment and it had a really loud odor. I saw this ad and tried the product and it really worked. I was surprised that it work. This is a great product when it comes to removing disgusting odors.

5 Stars  Greart for odors and mold 
I use this in every room and basement and it works well.

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
The best thing that I have ever gotten to clear the air !

5 Stars  So glad I tried this stuff 
For over a year Ive seen this and havent ordered. Im glad I did as it really works great.

2 Stars  Not Worth the Headache 
This product is very LOUD smelling. Within the first 5 minutes of using this, I developed a headache which then became a severe headache with nausea. It may do what it purports to do, but I could not survive the smell long enough to put it to good use.

5 Stars  The perfect odor neutralizer 
The product does exactly what it was made to do. I will buy 2 more this month!

5 Stars  Safe t Air 
The best air cleaner I have ever had.

5 Stars  Great product 
Just unscrew the cap and start to smell the freshness of your room. I buy this product repeatedly.

5 Stars  Litter box odor now controlled 
When you have multiple cats, litter boxes can be a big problem, especially if you have an elderly cat who frequently misses. This product has it beat. Took a couple days, but now when we walk into our home it smells fresh and clean. A bit expensive, but Pulse has the best price around. And really, it s worth it.

5 Stars  Very Satisfied 
Bought a few of these awhile ago. Put 2 in the basement and 2 in the bathrooms. On all of the plastic container lids I drilled multiple holes which seemed to hold down the strong scent while still working just fine.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Works well, I really like it. Safe-T Air really helps clean cat odors and smoke from the air. Thank you!

5 Stars  Safe T air 
Love this stuff. Been using it for years to clear the air. Hate the price but still keep buying it

5 Stars  Great product 
Excellent for smokers, nice scent

5 Stars  this stuff WORKS! 
I was surprised at how well this worked. In fact, as I noticed it evaporating I found myself wondering where Id got it so I could replace it. As soon as I discovered it I made sure to order an extra one.

5 Stars  Great Product 
If smells you got, you wont have them long. I put 4 bottles around my home and, THE STINK IS GONE! I dont know how but, this stuff works. Id give this product a 10 STAR REVIEW!

5 Stars  Safe-T / This Stuff is AWESOME 
I have used this product for years and it has never let me down. I use it in my AC Intake area, then it clears the entire system. I use usually one jar a month to 2 months.

5 Stars  safe t air 
good product, seems to work well.

5 Stars  Excellent for pet homes 
I continuously buy this product as it keeps rooms fresh and can be tucked away behind plants etc. we had five dogs but now have two dogs two cats. One by litter boxes is a must !! The product is in a jar you leave the lid off. It is kind of jelly like with some oils. Dont place where it will be knocked over.

5 Stars  Fantastic 
We place them under the water tank in the bathrooms. The room smells great. The product only lasts two months.

4 Stars  SafeTAir 
Product does a good job. Seems to fade a little to fast for me. However I find it effective

5 Stars  Safe air! 
It seems to be working! Time will tell!

5 Stars  Works Great! 
I really like the way this works! Nice smell not overwhelming! Would recommend.

1 Stars  No NO 
Did not do it for me. It does evaporates fast.

5 Stars  Incredible 
I bought these for our sump pump closet and for our condo in Florida after we had some major remodeling done after a flood. This is some serious stuff! I cannot believe how quickly the odors dissipated. I left the lid completely off the jar for The first day, but after that, I placed it on top so that it was just partially covered. It has lasted for a few months now, and smelled fresh and clean. I highly recommend it!

5 Stars  Really works 
I like it so much, Ive purchased it several times

5 Stars  SAFE T AIR 

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
The product is great. I have been using it for the past 2 years and it does eliminate odor.

5 Stars  No more stink 
This is a good product. It takes bad smells out o the air. We like having it.

5 Stars  I love this product. 
Works great to remove unwelcome odors. I use it mainly in my bathroom. The slightly astringent odor is soothing and completely erases the smell of the bathroom.

5 Stars  safe T air 
It does the job and has a pleasant smell.

5 Stars  This stuff is amazing! 
Safe T Air is a fantastic product for any indoor space. I use it in my RV and the difference in the quality of the air is actually significant enough that you notice when it runs out, I kid you not! My husband breathes much better with it, he makes sure Ive got the next shipment on order! We highly recommend this product.

5 Stars  Fantastic 
Put it on the floor behind the toilet to keep things fresh in the bathroom.

5 Stars  Great!!! 
Works for me...

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
It has a pleasant smell and has helped a remote cabin smell fresh again. I only wish they would last longer and did not cost so much.

3 Stars  Doesnt last 3 months only 1 
I could tell it works but a jar only last 1 month not 3 as in the description and for the cost I cant say its worth it .

5 Stars  Nice product 
Works well!

5 Stars  Must Try 
At first I wasnt sure because the smell of mildew was extremely harsh, but then as the product began to work the smell started to get weaker and then go away.

4 Stars  great stuff--will order more 
worked well--musty and moldy smell gone--I never give anything 5 stars but this close

5 Stars  Excellent 
I have been using this product for several years. It works very well. We live in a forest and our refurbished basement gets quite musty. Plus the dog leaves her doggie scent upstairs. I pour this product into spice jars with the filter on it. And it really works well. This was the least expensive site to purchase it and it was delivered quickly and safetly.

5 Stars  A lifesaver! 
My husband is allergic to everything! We always have Safe T Air in every room in our condo -- It safely eliminates molds and bacterias without effort or smell. Safe T Air has become a staple in our lives. We couldnt live without it!

5 Stars  safT air 
I in particular think this product should resolve most musty odors . I really like this product, but I cant afford it a little to pricey

5 Stars  Works very wwll 
I keep one of these in my car and when it smells like wet dogs I open it and leave it overnight. It does a really good job.

5 Stars  Couldnt live without it 
We almost go into withdrawals when running low on our supply. It has become a staple in our home because it is so effective in cleaning our interior air.

2 Stars  Safe T Air has changed 
The product was originally thinner and much more fragrant. Recent purchases are thicker and do NOT work as well. I notice this difference.

5 Stars  Smells gone 
I used this 2 years ago when a skunk got my puppy and even though I had cleaned her, the smell still got into the house, UGH! But I got these for each level of the house and they got the smell out. This year we have rain lots and lots of it. Makes the house smell musty even with charcoal bags, so Im back to that which works. Thanks!

5 Stars  IT WORKS!! 
It has been better than advertised. It removed a bad odor almost immediatly. I have re-ordered this product 3 times.

5 Stars  love it they do a great job 
it does a great job keeping odors out of the house especially when I have to cook fish takes care of strong odors. I have been using this product for a few years now.

5 Stars  Safe T Air - The name says it all! 
This product is great. I use it in my basement and garage. I have ordered it multiple times.

5 Stars  SMELLS GONE! 
Works great , worth the price. Only critique would be a lid with holes you can put on to block anything falling in .

5 Stars  Safe T Awesome 
Awesome - really works

4 Stars  This is really good stuff 
I was very, very hesitant to purchase this even after great reviews. A short history of why I did try it is that my father passed and while cleaning his basement, found mold in the rafters, and under some flooring etc. I of course moved things, vacuumed up, and thought Well, Im gonna see if this works or not. I sat 2 jars down there probably 30 feet apart. They lasted way longer than I thought for #1... and number 2, I have not seen any mold return. The house smelled almost like a pleasant antiseptic for awhile. Only reason for not 5 stars is that its still pricey. But it does work and I recently purchased 2 more to use in different areas. Good stuff.

5 Stars  they work 
4 cats and a wood stove and no foul smell

5 Stars  good stuff! 
love this product. tad pricey, but, it does what its supposed to do, so 5 stars!

5 Stars  Best Price 
a bit pricey, but works well and you wont fine a better price anywhere

5 Stars  works great 
I have used it for 2 years in a room that used to be mustee.and it works great.

5 Stars  So Far, So Good 
Been using for about 10 days, and symptoms I was observing before have diminished, only negative if you can call it that is the Strong medicinal smell which occasionally burns my eyes I recommend it

5 Stars  Safe T Air - The Solution for Indoor Pollution 
Best thing since sliced bread. Does everything it claims and more.

4 Stars  Super way to clean your air! 
Very pleased.

2 Stars  Safe T Air - The Solution for Indoor Pollution 
I have mixed opinions about this solution. I bought 4 gars, but did I see any difference? Possibly if you put in a very small room you may smell something or do something...I think its a waste of money... You can buy in Dollar Store think to plug it to power and you will have a nice smell, and pay much less than $24.99.

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
This item has made a big difference in my house. It smells fresh in here all the time now. No musty smells or cigar smoke when my spouse comes in from smoking outside. I will make sure I always have some on hand.

5 Stars  Does what it says 
We have a roof leak in our office. The safe T air removes the mildew smell and freshens the air

3 Stars  Safe T Air 
I purchase 2 because of the rave reviews however the gel does smell good but not for long and only covers a small section, i.e. it can be smell around where you place it. I had to stir it after one day so I can continue to smell it. Im leaving on holiday and will leave it by the door to see the real effect. The jar is not attractive nor is the gel. I placed mine inside a small box smaller than the jar to hide it.

5 Stars  Amazing product! 
I was skeptical at first, but decided to try it. My musty basement smell was creeping up to the main level until I tried this safe t air product. It started working immediately and after 3 weeks I still dont smell anything but clean air!

4 Stars  Repeat purchase 
A good product. It works as advertised. A little bit pricey but good.

5 Stars  Totally Awesome 
This stuff works better than anything I have ever used. I have three in my home and the pet smells are gone.

5 Stars  It made the air sweeter smelling 
Without a lab to check out the actual air quality, I can not make any claims along the scientific line. I do know, the product evaporated into the air and that the air smelled sweeter.

5 Stars  Better than before 
The actual formula look to be improved. The scent is more pleasant and eliminates other odors but the consistency of the paste is lighter. Well see the longer term effect .

3 Stars  Could be better 
I feel that there should be a cover that has holes in it so it would work but wouldnt spill if it fell of the shelf.....

2 Stars  Kind of works 
for this amount of money I can buy 4 candles that would work better than this bottled up crap! Worked great for two days and then boom! t was gone! Nobody spilled it! It completely evaporated with in 60 hours! Totally disappointed with this product! Do not buy it! Unless you live in a little home!


4 Stars  it works 
I never give 5 stars ratings because that would have to be perfect, which nothing ever is but that being said this product does seem to clear the air but is too expensive for me to repurchase.

5 Stars  It works! 
My wife spilled a gallon of milk in her car. She got the carpets shampooed but the smell was still there - and it wasnt pleasant. I gave her a jar of safe t air, and within 24 hours, all lingering sour milk smells were gone. I keep several jars on hand for around the house. Good stuff.

5 Stars  Great Service 
Received the ones I ordered and two of them had leaked bad and called PulseTV and they sent me two new ones quick. Very professional.

4 Stars  Clean Air 
It Seems To Be Working The Great.. I Bought Two Of Them And Put One In Each Bathroom.. Had A Moldy Smell In One And Now I Dont.. The Only Draw Back I Can See Is That You Have To Get Use To The Smell... It Is Different..It Does Work Though....The Different Smell Is Why It Didnt Get 5 Stars...

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
best product I have ever purchased for odors from my pets, believe me I have purchased quite a few of them, will be ordering more soon.

5 Stars  Great stuff 
Subtle yet effective. Great to freshen walk in closet. Eliminates stale and musty indies. Worth the cost.

5 Stars  safe t air 
Love this stuff, but can only afford when on sale, as was my last purchase. Thanks for that !

5 Stars  excellent product 
was looking for a product to assist in preventing possible mold and mildew after some flooding in the basement - this product has worked excellently and has a bonus aromatic small to it

4 Stars  Works as advertised 
Very good product. Works fast, and keeps on working. Id give 5 stars if it lasted as long as advertised. All in all, it really works!

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
I had mold on the ceiling of my den from an old leak. I opened the Safe T Air jar and sat it on the mantle and closed the door. Three days later I opened the door to find a clean white ceiling and no mold. Frankly, I was flabbergasted! It also took the stale odor out of my laundry room. I highly recommend this product for just what it touts it is good for.

5 Stars  Excellent product 
Tea tree oil is excellent for purifying air and kills mold, bacteria and other toxins. I use it throughout the house.

5 Stars  Great smell 
Took away all mold smell

5 Stars  Smells good, eliminates odor 
I like this stuff. It is a little pricey as the other reviewer said, but it does work. It is best in humid areas that can smell a little damp or musty. One jar will last about 6 to 8 weeks. You just open it and let it evaporate. It does not seem to bother my cats. I will keep buying it. It works without coming on too strong.

5 Stars  Awesome 
This stuff is really great, works like a charm and all you have to do is open the jar!

5 Stars  Definitely Works!!! 
I bought 2 a few years ago, to try. Since then Ive purchased about 20+. Works like a charm and Im a smoker. My neighbors are heavy cookers. My friends always ask, are you getting more of the green stuff? They are impressed as well. I always keep it handy and purchase multiple on sale. I signed up to the sale alerts. Excellent product.

5 Stars  Odor eliminator 
A great way to eliminate odors

4 Stars  Hoping for the Best ... 
Not sure if this product works or not. Its a liquid that seems to be consumed slowly by air. That part works great, but unknown if its doing its job. I have an older home that needs a product like this! The second time Ive bought four of these items assuming it works as described

5 Stars  A real Odor Eater 
I dont have little kids or pets, but I kept smelling a strong odor every time I sat down to work on my computer. Something in the carpet area beneath my desk. I placed a jar of Saf T Air under the desk and within hours, the odor was gone. Thanks for this product.

5 Stars  This really works! 
Best product ever, it gets rid of smoke especially. It smells natural, not perfumy, and I highly recommend.

5 Stars  Makes it Easier to Breathe 
We find the Safe T Air to be essential in our apartment. I can sense my breathing change when the container runs dry and it is time to replace it. I do and my breathing improves again.

5 Stars  very good value 
my granddaughter likes the way my office smells.

2 Stars  Kind of works 
I was really thinking this product would be great! It worked very well for about a week. And boom! It was all gone the following week! For this price I would have thought it would have lasted longer!

5 Stars  Clean Air 
Good afternoon! Ive been using Safe T Air for quite some time and its an invaluable item in my dwelling. When I arrive home from work my apartment smells good. Thank you for your time.

5 Stars  It delivers 
I ordered this for a skeptical friend who has a serious problem with odors in her home and she wants to order more!! She and her daughter say the air just smells clean.

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
This product takes care of much of the cat litter ordor that sometimes is there. I wish it was not as expensive as it is. But I will order more, as it works.

5 Stars  Tea tree oil is great stuff 
We love this product which make a big difference in the air quality in our house. Great price and fast shipping.

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
This product works great us. My wife has allergies and it clears the air of some of the pollutants that trigger them. It has a pleasant smell and gives the air a clean feeling. Long time user of this product.

5 Stars  Good 
I really liked this one it took the musty smell out of my house.

5 Stars  Awesome 
No more stale air! Worked as advertised

5 Stars  Great Product 
Good evening! Im a smokernot heavilyand this product definitely helps with that and when Im cooking. My apartment has no odor in it when I come home. Im a firm believer in this product.

5 Stars  Great scent 
Besides its performance, it has a pleasant fragrance.

5 Stars  Essential in Humid Areas 
Hurricane Harvey rained all over our parade. We used the Safe T Air to protect our rescued stuff from mold in our temporary location. Worked very well. Moved into our new home and noticed a difference in the Air Quality right away. So, pulled out the Safe T Air canister and the air cleared up within two days.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Im not sure how, but this product works wonderful. Have used it in many applications and takes care of foul odors very timely. Anyone considering this product would be well served.

5 Stars  Good stuff! 
Does a good job of making the room smell cleaner. Not a perfume type of smell, just a clean smell. Removes airborne mildew and musty smell. Weve been using it in an older house for some time now and love it. Kind of expensive, but worth it.

5 Stars  awesome 
took the smell out of my garage

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
Works great. Smells great.

1 Stars  Overwhelming odor 
I like tree tea oil but this just too strong and almost unbearable. Ended up trashing

5 Stars  Safe-T-Air 
Good evening! I love this product! My apartment never smells at all,and Im a smoker,not a heavy smoker though. It even removes the odor of fish after Ive cooked it. Its a sensational product which I purchase constantly.????

5 Stars  Works good 
Works good, sent is not over powering, but removed other smells.

5 Stars  wonderfull stuff 
this stuff is great for ridding an area of strong odors-dog or cat-or whatever. we use 2 in our small church to hold down moldy odors.

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
This is the perfect product for the household when one has pets. I am very happy with this product

5 Stars  Love this! 
This product has worked so well in our closed up basement where the air can get stale and musty. I buy this all the time and I hope they continue to carry it!

5 Stars  SafeT Air - Amazing Relief 
Purchased this after Dr told me to take allergy medication which has never agreed with me. I had allergy symptoms, but didnt want to take meds. I purchased Safe-T air and after a week or so, no more symptoms or issues. Amazing stuff. I highly recommend it.

2 Stars  Very strong smell! 
This product smells like Vicks Vapo-Rub. The smell is so strong that it gives me a headache sometimes. The bonus is the room doesnt smell like old cigarette smoke anymore. Its been open for about a month and its almost 100% disintegrated already

1 Stars  Safe T Air 
I didnt notice any appreciable difference

4 Stars  Safe t Air 
So far smells are better, I am not coughing at night as much. ONly 1 week, no notice of less mold by sight.

5 Stars  Really works! 
Safe-T-Air odor Jel really works. Take of the cover, put it in a corner and odors will disappear for about three months. This is the third time Ive bought this product from Pulse and can honestly say Ive never found anything that works even remotely as well. You might think the price is a little high, but it comes out to about 8 bucks a month, cheaper than sprays that will cost you more over the same 3 months, and dont work. Great stuff.

2 Stars  Nice Odor 
Smells nice but doesnt seem to do anything! Maybe the room is too big.
Hi Thomas, The Safe T Air is effective up to 400 square feet. If you have a large room you might want to use more than one.
3/29/2019 - Paula

5 Stars  Safe-T-Air 
Ive used this product many times and will continue to do so. It does exactly as it advertises.

5 Stars  Must Have!!! 
I was skeptical at first. Im a hardcore believer now! So far Ive purchased about 20 or so friends want too, lol Really truly works wonders!

5 Stars  Works great 
Works great gets rid of the smells and not over powering with its smell.

1 Stars  Did not work for me 
Based on customer reviews I had high hopes for this product. Unfortunately, it did absolutely nothing against stale household odors despite being used in a relatively small area. After the product dissolved, the residual oil had a very strong unpleasant scent.

5 Stars  Works as advertised! 
Dont fully understand how it works, but a formerly musty smelling bedroom now has a fresh scent of Tea Tree oil. Thank you Safe T Air!

5 Stars  Removes all orders 
This is extremely well worth my money... it does exactly what it says. Removes any & all orders from the bathroom, kitchen,basement... is little expensive so it took me a while before I finally decided to buy it. Best investment! I will continue to buy this Safe T Air.

5 Stars  SAFE T AIR 
Excellent product. Great if you have dogs! Great for the kitchen too!

3 Stars  Air absorbing fumes 
This product is helpful but will not remove fumes from polyeurthane sealer on floors

3 Stars  Dissolved very quickly 
Bought them a short time ago and they are already empty! Cant really tell if they are very effective!

4 Stars  Keeps your house smelling tip top ! 
Safe T Air is a bit expensive, but it does the job an air deodorizer is designed to do, keep your home smelling fresh.I will continue to use the product !

5 Stars  it does a great job 
this is the best stuff out on the market. I have tried a lot of different products there is no comparison when using this. My husband loves fish and everyone knows what kind of odor is left behind well not with Safe T Air it takes care of every house odor and including my dogs I love this stuff. Just wish they would have sales on it once and a while.

2 Stars  Not so great 
I thought this product will work but it did not do as well as expected. I have it in my kitchen but it is not strong enough to override other odors.

5 Stars  Really works 
I was not sure this would help remove indoor smells but it is great. Even takes Dog odors out of the air. Would recommend it to anyone and will keep it on hand.

5 Stars  Fresh Air Prince of Houston! 
I always keep some of these in stock. They really keep the air in your home smelling fresh and clean! My only complaint is that I wish the manufacturer would put some type of mesh or cover over the gel.

5 Stars  Great 
I should have ordered more!

5 Stars  Well done it worked 
This product change our musty and mold smell as it said it would. 5 stars it deserves.

5 Stars  Perfect Product 
I have purchased and used several of these jars and always have one on hand. This product cleans the air without leaving a fragrance but the air smells fresh. Lasts quite a while as well.

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
This product is FANTASTIC. This is the best anti-odor, mold, fungus product ever!!! I love this and I hope it will always be a product that you can purchase. Its AWESOME!!!!

5 Stars  every home needs one! 
This product has made my home so much more comfortable!! It does eventually dry up, however.

4 Stars  Pricey but nice 
Overwhelming fragrance but effective air cleaner. Worthwhile but seems high priced.

5 Stars  SAFE T AIR 
This product does what it says it will do. I have enjoyed the difference in the home since using this product. I am a satisfied customer. Thank you.

4 Stars  I guess its working 
I dont really know if this product is working or not but it looks like its doing what it says


5 Stars  Great gift purchase 
Bought 3 for family. They say theyre using 2 now & the jars are freshening the air very nicely and the scent intensity is just right, not overwhelming. Theyre happy to have them.

5 Stars  Not scented 
I cant smell anysmells in the rooms ive used it in.

5 Stars  Skeptical but satisfied 
Excellent product that works very well!

5 Stars  A pollution solutin that really works! 
Anise is right! I admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but, I should have checked it out sooner as this product REALLY doe a great job! I highly recommend Safe T Air! Awesome!!

4 Stars  Like 
I really like the product. I have mold issues and Ive been looking for a Tea tree product. The jars were a little over half full and seem to be drying sooner than I would like. I still will purchase if you get your website finished.

5 Stars  Really Works! 
This is an amazing product! Wasnt sure at first, but now I get 4 at a time. It lasts about 3 months and makes a huge difference!

3 Stars  Work...but TOO EXPENSIVE!!! 
Have been using these for a while, to combat mold and mildew from damp, humid basement. They seem to be helping with air quality...but how can tea tree oil be SO EXPENSIVE?!?! Would love to use more of them Zaza but cant afford to!!

My two Chihuahua ladies left their doggy bed to sleep under my bed. After a couple of weeks, I noticed that musky, doggy smell in my bedroom. Safe T Air was the amazing hero to my rescue! It did a great job for about 3 wks & then was gone. Too pricey to make this my everyday go-to product. Cannot wait until Anisa lowers the price to something I can afford for everyday use. Also worked wonders in our RV when the ladies traveled with us.

5 Stars  Been using for over a year 
I rarely review anything but this is one of the best products Ive ever used. Thanks for introducing it to me!

3 Stars  Works, but not as good as stated 
First of all, this product is TOO EXPENSIVE! I thought I was buying an air freshener that would get rid of dog odor in one room only. Ive used it for about 3 weeks now and the odor in the room has diminished a bit but is still lingering. The freshener is a thick liquid and is evaporating rather quickly. For the price, I dont think this is a good value. I certainly regret my purchase and can not recommend it.

5 Stars  Great product 
i am not sure how this product is effecting my local environment but can tell you it appears to work as advertised , I put a few in my basement to limit odor and mold possibilities and it seems to be working well - i am very satisfied - product seems to be somewhat pricey but it does appear to work - Thank You

5 Stars  flashlights and room atimizer 
great stuff

5 Stars  Works well, smells great 
Best ppice Ive found anywhere for this product

4 Stars  Works 
Happy with this purchase but am glad I gat them while on sale!

5 Stars  Great Product 
This stuff really does work. I buy them in bulk and place them in every room of my house.

1 Stars  Smell in mildew removal 
We put the jar out open them it lasted only three weeks very disappointed but it to do the job

5 Stars  safe t air 
great product to have will always want more

4 Stars  Musty away 
The Product does not last very long

2 Stars  Safe t air 
I do not feel that it was that good of a product. I dont feel it did anything to make the change on the oder Of cigarette smoke. I used it right in the room that I smoke. I was using in the right square-foot age that they recommended. In my case it was not worth the cost at all

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
I just love safe t air. It really works to take out the smell. I am thinking of ordering an other one.

5 Stars  Safe T Air removes musty smell 
The house we are renting has a musty smell downstairs. I purchased 2 of the Safe T Airs and within a week I have noticed the musty smell is getting better, not completely gone yet but much better.

So I bought this for a slightly musty basement thinking it might work a bit, but have been very pleased that it has REALLY worked and the basement has no musty smell at all, Amazing! Glad it worked so well.

3 Stars  safe t air gel 
okay, so its kind of hard to really rate this product. i put the jar in my a/c air return vent. i never could smell it even after i had been out of the home. i hope it did its job. the jar dissolved within a month.

5 Stars  Works best for larger spaces 
I purchased two of these. One was both a gift for a friend and for my own usage. Both of us are cat owners. I found its too strong for a smaller area like a closet or a bathroom. But its perfect for a larger area.

5 Stars  Works great 
My house is over 100 years old with a damp basement. I put two jars in the basement and it smells fresh again.

5 Stars  SAFE T AIR 
Since my first purchase of this item, Ive found it to really do the job as it does in allowing your home to be fresh of pollution and ozone levels in the home. I recommend this as a great way to refresh the air in your home.

1 Stars  Stinks unbearable 
Nice idea, and might be good in a space where no one ever goes, or which can be aired out before entry. But the smell is unbearable. After one use, I had to air out the house. Important for you to alert customers to this matter. This is the first PulseTV product that I didnt like.

5 Stars  The only thing that works for me 
so far this is the only thing that gets rid of the musty smell in my basement. Fantastic stuff been buying and rebuying for 8 months now

5 Stars  love it 
this stuff is great since I have been using it I smell no odors in my home. I cannot believe how well this works. I would recommend this to all my friends

5 Stars  Fantastic 
Safe t Sir is a great product that Ill continue to purchase

5 Stars  Clean air 
This product is incredible thats how well it works. It cleans the smells out of the air in minutes.

5 Stars  Best product ever ! 
I purchased this product hoping for minor relief of mold smell. This stuff is great ! It not only removed the smell, it removed the mold itself. I have reordered more and gave some to my sons for use in their basements and crawl spaces.

5 Stars  5 stars 

4 Stars  Good Product 
I use these near my cats litter box. They really do work.

This by far is one of,the best products on the market! Our daughter has a small Maltese, she has pads to relieve herself. In the house . We have been useing this product and its great. Will buy agiain and again. Its a little pricey but well worth it. Hope they last long.

4 Stars  Breathing easier 
I live in a high mold - pollen state. Night time sleep gets affected by this. Since Safe T Air has been in my room my sleep has been better

2 Stars  its ok 
It didnt work as well as I had expected. Its not solid - very liquid-y. I kept worrying that it might get knocked over and spill everywhere. It has a very strange smell - and not a pleasant one. It really didnt take the odors away like I had expected it too. Given the price, its a pricey mistake. I dont recommend it.

5 Stars  Awesome house deodorizer 
I have purchased and used this product for several years and will continue as long as it is available and at affordable price as well. Really we have several pets and this stuff is great

5 Stars  Good service 
I have ordered before and will continue watching their products and service has been great.

5 Stars  It works! 
Put in my laundry room, where Ive been noticing smells when I would go in there. Put a Safe T Air on a shelf. No more smell!

5 Stars  clean home smell 
it works!!!

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
This product really works I had a swamp smell in my bathroom and it completely got rid of the smell.

5 Stars  Works Great! 
Love this stuff, it works Great! It also last as long if not longer then claim to. I have order twice now and will continue to use this product...

5 Stars  It Works! 
I have ordered Safe-T Air at least 3-4 times in the past 12 months. Each time I ordered 4 containers. I have put them all over the house, basement and garage. It really makes a difference with the smell/crispness of the air. It also eliminates or significantly dampens odors in certain problem areas.

5 Stars  Amazing 
Purchased a couple to try and recently re-ordered. I could definately smell the difference. Wont be without them. A little pricey but well worth it

5 Stars  Great product! 
I had two small flooding incidents in 2017, which left my finished basement with a smell. Fearing mold, I bought this product and within days noticed a change in the air quality. I now keep one near the kitty litter box and one in the garage and dont want to be without it again.

5 Stars  Fresh Air 
This worked well for what I used it for!

5 Stars  Good Stuff 

4 Stars  Nice aroma 
Smells nice and does improve the overall aroma of the dwelling.

5 Stars  Highly recommend 
we use these on our boat to control mildew/mold. they work perfectly! very pleased with this product.

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
WE found the product to do all that was promised. we very much like the product

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
Works great. I have use them before. Good for bathrooms, kitchens snd near litter boxes!

5 Stars  It works 
Want to get more.

5 Stars  It works! 
My old basement is damp and smelly. This product has really eliminated most of the odors. I will purchase more of them.

5 Stars  Love it! 
Safe T Air is a fresh solution for funky smells. A canister lasts about two months. I have four placed in various locations in my home. Im planning to purchase another four as replacements.

2 Stars  Did not work for me! 
We have a travel trailer that has a leak. I put it in there about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I went in there today to see if it helped and it did not. It still smells very musty in there. That was a lot of money for something that doesnt work.

5 Stars  Good product 
Great product, but does not last long at all for the high price that is charged for it. I cannot afford to pay that high price for something that doesnt last.

3 Stars  Pricey 
Kind of Pricey, Does a Decent job ....

5 Stars  Seems to work OK 
Used it to help get rid of a dead mouse smell. Seem to work OK.

5 Stars  Must have 
Great for animal and smoke odors. Also for car. Just leave in car overnight.

1 Stars  BEWARE...Liquifies Over Time 
I had placed a jar of the Safe T Air unopened on our night stand on my husbands side of the bed months earlier. One night I went into the bedroom very late after a movie on TV finished. He had been very gassy and had stunk up the bedroom so that I could not stand the smell in there. I remembered the Safe T Air and in the semi-dark I opened the jar and proceeded to wave it all around over him on his side of the bed. He hollered that I was pouring goop all over him! When I turned on the light, I realized that the gel was now liquid and I had sloshed the green slime all over him, our white down comforter, sheets, the floor and part of the wall. WHAT A MESS TO CLEAN UP!!!! It even stained the mattress pad under the bottom sheet. And ruined the down comforter. The jar of previously gelled ingredients was now a jar of liquid green slime. BEWARE!!!!

5 Stars  safe t air 
this product is the best ever for the money,it got rid of some nasty oders and smoke smell.i found to extend the life of the product i add a little water and shake it,it works,thank you

5 Stars  Safe T Air 
This is my second purchase of Safe T Air, so you know Ive found it very useful and Ill continue to purchase.

5 Stars  best product youve ever sold 
I buy a lot from you guys but this is the best thing that I bought. Really great at odors. Not sure about the mold as I dont have that problem

5 Stars  Works well 
Im not the only one who has noticed less smell in the house. I have 5 cats and boy can it stink around the litter. I put two of these close by and so much better!

5 Stars  breathe better. 
This item works for me.

2 Stars  Strong Odor 
I was hoping this would be a great product. However, the scent of Tea Tree oil is very strong. So much so, that I had to return it. Also, it had no cover with slits so that you could remove the top lid and set it in a room. You had to either use it uncovered, or scoop some out, put it in a smaller dish, then place it in the room I wouldnt recommend it...

3 Stars  It was replaced at no cost and with no hassle 
Had problem with one [bucket] originally purchased. It was replaced at no cost and with no hassle. Super customer service. Highly recommended. IF IT DONT WORK, I EXPECT MY BEANS BACK??!!!!!

5 Stars  saf-t-air 
I have 3 indoor dogs, this stuff takes that doggy odor out of my house. Also the smell of cigarette smoke doesnt hit you in the face the minute you walk thru the door. Good stuff. It does evaporate quite quickly so I have to keep a bunch on hand.

5 Stars  Amazed 
I have had an odor in my office of my salon for a long time and nothing has gotten rid of it. I decided to try this stuff and within 2 days the odor was gone!

5 Stars  smelly room no more 
not sure what is going on but my sons room always has an odor to it. I put one of these in there and I can walk in and take a deep breath. Love this stuff

5 Stars  Great stuff 
Works really well. I dont smell the cat litter anymore

5 Stars  Great Stuff 
Ive had an odor problem in my house for a long time. Could never figure out what it is. This stuff works. I dont smell it anymore. Not sure if it is masking it or it eliminated it but I do like it!

5 Stars  OMG 
I cant believe how awesome this stuff is. Works great for odors. I put it in my closet where for some reason my clothes always smell like whatever Im cooking. This took those odors away almost immediately.

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