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Rock Key Hider / Holder

Rock Key Hider / Holder

Rock Key Hider / Holder
Rock Key Hider / Holder
Compare at: $9.99  (70% off)
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What a great idea! That's what everyone says about this item. This Rock Has A Secret!

Realistic Fake Rock For Hiding A Spare Key

The Hide A Key Rock cleverly conceals a secret spot to hide your spare key for those moments when a key may not be available. It's perfect for emergencies such as accidentally locking yourself out of the house!

Simply store your key, or several keys, within the plastic tray located underneath the life-like rock. The realistic rock look helps you hide it in plain sight.

And best of all it's weather resistant! So you don't have to worry about sun, rain, or snow damaging the hide-a-key.

Tuck it near a door or in the yard so you'll never get locked out again! This rock looks and feels just like a regular stone in your yard, nobody would even guess it was a seceret hiding spot. Place it in your backyard, garden, or even on under your patio for the perfect disguise.

This spare key hiding spot makes a great housewarming gift!


- Realistic Look Allows You to Hide it in Plain Sight
- Perfect For Emergencies
- Weather Resistant to Sun, Rain, and Snow
- Looks and Feels Like a Real Rock
- Store Key Inside Plastic Tray within the Rock
- Can Hold Several Keys
- Great for Spare Keys, Emergency Cash, Valuables and More
- Dimensions: 3 1/8" x 2 1/4" x 1 1/2"

5 Stars  Hides Keys like nothing else 
Ive had Key Hiders before but this one beats them hands down. The rock is realistic and hides itself like nothing else can. I have rent houses and getting ready to order more.

4 Stars  Rock 
Kind of small will only hold one key

5 Stars  Very realistic rock key hider 
I have bought a couple of this type rock key holder, and found most of them did not look like rocks. This key hider does. It s easy to hide the key or keys. It has a plastic piece that fits in the bottom. It has a large storage area for the key in case you want to leave a message. The rock is very realistic. I was very satisfied with it.


Video: Rock Key Hider / Holder

Not just an appealing garden statue, this rock cleverly conceals a secret spot to hide your spare key!
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