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Reusable Gallon Dispenser Pump

Reusable Gallon Dispenser Pump

Reusable Gallon Dispenser Pump
Reusable Gallon Dispenser Pump
Compare at: $9.99  (90% off)
*PLEASE NOTE: Price break info on video may not be accurate when item is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

This pump is designed to work with pumpable One Gallon Jugs... Like our MADE IN THE USA Purifize Hand Sanitizer.

It can also be used with gallon sized jars with a narrow neck and mouth like shampoos and conditioners.

- Pump For Gallon Bottles
- Fits Most Gallons
- Pumps Just The Right Amount Of Purifize Sanitizer
- Top Twists Closed For When Pump Is Not In use To Prevent Spills
- Convenient
- Durable and Sturdy
- High Quality Pump

5 Stars  hand cleaner 
A very good hand cleaner.70% alcohol hand cleaner.

5 Stars  Great product 
Best sanitizer on the market

5 Stars  Best Purifizer I Have Found 
I tried several purifizers, but most left my skin in worse shape than when I put the purifizer on, minus the germs of course. The Pulsetv product, while at least as effective in killing germs, did not do that.

5 Stars  no 

4 Stars  Works Well 
A good product at the price recently paid. The shipping was more costly than the product. Unfortunately the sales tax included the shipping cost as well as the product.

5 Stars  Purifize 8 oz Hand Cleaner 
I am very pleased with Purifize and the product totally cleans my hands after a bathroom break and, above all, when I get home from shopping.

5 Stars  Safe and clean 
This product is something I carry with me since purchased in April 2020. I have on at home and one at my office and one in my daily driver. Great way to keep hands sanitized wherever I am.

5 Stars  Great product 
Essential for these days

5 Stars  great Deal 
This is an outstanding Deal. Im truly pleased with my order.

5 Stars  Outstanding Bargain 
Her pleased with this order. Exceeded my expectations.

5 Stars  Deals 
EVERYTHING I have ordered arrived in a timely period and I loved everything.

5 Stars  Purifize 8 oz Hand Sanitizer 
Excellent product...No stickiness or after film...

5 Stars  Sanitizer leaves Hands bacteria free and smooth as a babys bottom 
surprised that it did not smell bad but rather refreshing. Did not leave my hands dty like some others I have tried.

5 Stars  sanitizer 

5 Stars  none 
Just what I needed

5 Stars  Purifze 8 OZ Hand Cleaner 
Great and fantastic product during the current COVID-19 crisis.

5 Stars  Perfect 
Easy to use. Does the job of sanitizing hands.

5 Stars  Great hand cleaner 
Love this hand cleaner and I use every day. I also bought another set as I love it.

5 Stars  Hand Sanitizer 
I like it a lot.

5 Stars  Leaky Bottle - Replaced 
First two bottles ordered arrived wet with one bottle lid coming loose some, package was leaking and inside soaked. Was sent a replacement bottle, this one had a foil seal on top, not same on first two, so assume packaging changed? Thank you for Replacement Bottle.

5 Stars  sanitizer kit 
they work great better than clorox wipes

5 Stars  disinfectant wipe 
works well with the disinfectant

5 Stars  Purifize hand cleaner 
its great!!

5 Stars  Reusable Sanitizer Wipes 

5 Stars  Sanitizer 

5 Stars  Good product 
Im very satisfied with the quality of the hand sanitizer, it has a very light pleasant scent. I did receive one bottle that was damaged and I contacted customer service. Pulsetv customer service was awesome and immediately shipped out a replacement bottle. I will be reordering soon

4 Stars  Hand Sanitizer 
I was really happy to see PulseTV offer hand sanitizer. I have made 2 purchases of it along with a number of other family members. Price is reasonable and quality seems good. My only issue is the bottle cap. The original batch had flip caps. The 2nd batch has simple screw on caps making it difficult to dispense. Wish PulseTV would replace the screw on caps. I have been using empty hand soap bottles to dispense the hand sanitizer. It works very well.

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Video: Reusable Gallon Dispenser Pump

This pump is designed to work with pumpable gallons of our MADE IN THE USA Purifize Hand Sanitizer.
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