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PulseTV Resellers Program (beta program)

Did you ever wonder what PulseTV does with those great products that have run their course in our daily deals and are no longer promoted? Or did you ever see some of our products that you wanted to market yourself in your own online store...on eBay for instance

Well we are now making those products PLUS selected hot sellers available to a limited number of online resellers across the nation so you can now remarket these in your own eBay store or other places. We have developed a turnkey way for you to promote selected PulseTV products on eBay or your store and send us the orders for shipping. You promote, PulseTV does everything else!

What is "everything else?" PulseTV will pick, pack and ship, do customer service and inventory the product while items last.

To be considered in this pilot program, fill out the form below and a PulseTV representative will contact you within 3 business days with more details. Only 150 resellers will be accepted during this beta program.

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