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Red Copper Flipwich: The Nonstick Panini-Making Pan
Red Copper Flipwich: The Nonstick Panini-Making Pan
Red Copper Flipwich: The Nonstick Panini-Making Pan
Red Copper Flipwich: The Nonstick Panini-Making Pan
Red Copper Flipwich: The Nonstick Panini-Making Pan
Red Copper Flipwich: The Nonstick Panini-Making Pan

Red Copper Flipwich: The Nonstick Panini-Making Pan

Red Copper Flipwich: The Nonstick Panini-Making Pan

Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $19.99  (50% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $12.98 (68% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
Get one for $9.99
Save $7.00 and get two for $12.98
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Save $14.00 and get four for $25.96

Creating hot meals has never been so easy! The Red Copper Flipwich uses two interlocking grill pans to create the perfect meal. Place any sandwich you want nice and toasty in the pan and close the double lid. Heat one side then flip it over for the other side. No need to worry about flipping with a spatula and making a mess.

Make no-fuss grilled cheese, stuffed burgers, wraps, paninis, or even stuffed french toast. The included full-color recipe book has some great ideas, but you can let your imagination run wild with this fun and easy to use kitchen gadget.

The non-stick Red Copper ceramic coating is super slick, so you can use little to no fats or oils to make healthier meals. Unlike other non-stick pans, there's no PFOA, PTFE, or other harmful chemicals to release into your food.

Each pan features a grill texture in both interlocking panels and has handles that stay cool to the touch. The induction plate ensures even heat distribution for every kind of cooking surface.

Like all new pans, be sure to season it before using it for the first time. Seasoning instructions can be found here.

Create your own mouth-watering masterpieces that you and your family will love!

Features and Benefits:
- Two Lightweight, Interlocking Grill Pans
- Non-Stick Ceramic Coating
- No Mess: Easy To Flip Grilled Sandwiches
- Use Little to No Fats, Oils, Butter for Healthier Cooking
- Stay-Cool Handles
- Compatible with Induction, Gas, Electric Stovetops
- Handle Clip keep Flipwich Closed while Cooking
- Create Meals in Minutes
- Easy to Clean Surface, Hand-Washing Recommended
- No Harmful Chemicals: PFOA and PTFE-Free
- Cook Sandwiches, Wraps, and More
- Includes Full-Color Recipe Booklet
- Accommodates Food Approximately 1" thick
- Dimensions: 14" x 7.5" Diagonal (Cooking Surface) x 1 1/2"

Review this item!

5 Stars  great 
makes great grilled sandwiches and very fast. Excellent for university kids. Buying some for my grandchildren

3 Stars  Flip sandwich 
When cooking burgers or sausage, it leaks when flipping

5 Stars  flipwich 
Grand daughter makes grilled cheese all the time she loves it. Easy to use and clean

5 Stars  Red Copper Flipwich 
Works very well. Easy and convenient.

5 Stars  great 
Works great, a great product at a great price. kept one, gave daughter and granddaughter one as well

5 Stars  Flipwich panini pan. 
This is perfect for making one serving. So handy, doesnt take up much space and really works. Nice

5 Stars  Flip switch 
Love it. The egg, cheddar cheese and bread breakfast is fast and easy. Great bargain.

4 Stars  Great for sandwiches. 
I found this product makes great grilled sandwices with out the butter . It does not cook hot dogs well smokes and greas leaks out when flipping over.

5 Stars  Flipwich 
I love this, it works great

5 Stars  Great Product 
We had a similar one as a teenager called a toastite. This does a great job. Did a grilled cheese today.

5 Stars  great 
Works great, quick and easy, both use and cleanup and, family loves it. The reason I know is I bought a bunch and gave to children as well as use myself.

4 Stars  Yummy Lunch Sandwiches 
Love this little gadget for gilled cheese sandwiches. Breakfast egg sandwich did not come out so well. Scrambled egg spread all over pan outside of bread.

5 Stars  Love It 
Wonderful item. Great price. Fast shipping.

3 Stars  Red Copper Flipwich 
Followed directions putting oil cooking till smoke. Cooked hot dogs went well grill marks + taste good. Problem black char on grill would not clean off. When I use now I spray with PAM.

3 Stars  Good for 1 person 
This pan is good for 1 person. Better with cord. Kind of small

5 Stars  Flipwich 
Love it

5 Stars  Flipwich 
These things work great and come clean without even trying.

4 Stars  Flip It 
Not a bad pan would have given it 5 stars if it was a little bigger by an inch or two

5 Stars  awesome 
very simple, when the wife goes out of town , I can make a very good sandwich easily no mess, and I did season as recommended

5 Stars  for myself 
love making hot dogs for my husband and my self they are so easy and the clean up is great tried the grill cheese worked out very good I also love the grill marks on the sandwiches

5 Stars  Handy for one sandwich 
Nice little pan, hand to make one sandwich

5 Stars  every one should have one. 
it was great. saved time &clean up. thanks

3 Stars  Nice, but . . . 
It makes a nice sandwich, but is difficult to use. You cant tell whats happening with your sandwich unless you remove it from the stove and open it up, multiple times.

5 Stars  Panini-making pan 
I never knew what a panini was. I bought a Red Copper Flipwich and it is the greatest. I use it to make me and my wife a great lunch. I dont know how I managed with out one all these years. Now my daughter wants me to get her one.


Quality is low. The handles bend easily. It is absolutely, positively impossible to clean ... and it says it is non-stick. The concept is great, but the reality is very very sad. I would like to return it, but the Pulse TV return process is an A#1, hair pulling hassle! This one is a big NO!
Hi! We do state on our website the FlipWich should be seasoned before the first use to avoid food from sticking. There is also a link provided on how to season it. If the handle is bending we would love to work with you to get out a replacement. We do offer a 60-90 day return policy on all of our products and always try to work with our customers. Please contact our Customer Service Department.
1/23/2019 - Paula

5 Stars  Panini-making pan. Red Copper Flipwich 
Wow does this cook fast or what!

5 Stars  Fantastic Toaster !! 
I used on Induction cooktop and Wow it was fast! Two minutes at full and each side was done. Cheese Sami slide right out and cleanup was a cinch. Should have bought several as gifts.

5 Stars  red copper flipwich 
great little product!

5 Stars  Great to make a quick panini 
We love it, it makes lunch or dinner simple.

4 Stars  Great Buy...Red Copper Flipwich Panini-Making Pan 
I give baskets with cookies, candy, snacks and something a little extra as Christmas gifts to family and friends every Christmas. This year I came across the Red Copper Flipwich from Pulsetv and ordered 10 of them. That was 9 baskets and one for myself. Ive used mine 3 times already and it has only been 2 weeks. Everyone loved finding one in their baskets and thought I had given them a gift that was way to expensive. My little secret.

5 Stars  works 
like it a lot

5 Stars  Works Great! 
My family loves it and my 15 year old daughter is now hooked on paninis!

5 Stars  Love it 
This a great tool so many things you can use it for Love it

4 Stars  Flipwich 
We like the flipwich, I didnt check the size so was a bit smaller than I thought. There are only 2 of us so it works for us. Makes great sandwiches.

5 Stars  Red copper flipwitch 
I love this!! Gave a few for gifts. It does as it says. Eady to clean.no mess .would buy again.i have 2!!

5 Stars  Works like a Charm. 
My recent decision to purchase the Red Copper Flipwich Nonstick Panini-Making Pan was inspired! Now, my sandwich options are as endless as my imagination. I get great tasting Paninis at a really great price.

5 Stars  Awesome Product 
Everyone that received it as a gift as well as myself, absolutely loved it!! As a matter of fact, Im going to order more for, Mothers Day gifts.

5 Stars  WOO HOO! 
This is the handiest and best little pan, and has quickly become a favorite for many quick items -- obviously, grilled cheese, and burgers, but also quick crispy pancakes. Easy to clean and a real fave here! Great deal, too!

5 Stars  Flipwich 
Works great easy to clean as well

5 Stars  Great Gadget 
This is a simple a quick way to produce a panini and is easily cleaned.

5 Stars  Quick and easy way to whip up a great grilled sandwich! 
Love this pan! So fun and easy to grill anything that can fit in it. I grill most of my lunch sandwiches in a few minutes, and the little effort it takes makes a world of difference in the taste. Its a real winner.

5 Stars  great pan 
Makes a great ham and chesse

5 Stars  Love it 
it works perfectly and very fast

5 Stars  Great product 
Made a grilled cheese with the flipwich .it came out great

5 Stars  great sandwich maker 
This pan is easy to use & clean. Browns the sandwich perfectly

5 Stars  Works great, Easy to clean 
Works way better than my mothers old one from 60 years ago.

5 Stars  FLIPWICH 
I didnt even use butter, just sprayed each side with Pam and 2 minutes on each side I had one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches on each side.

5 Stars  red copper flipwich 
excellent simple design. will last a long time. does just what it is supposed to do , cannot ever lose its intended function

3 Stars  Pretty much Ok 
The clasp holding the two handles together for cooking doesnt hold firmly. If youre happy holding the sides together for 4 minutes while it cooks then youll be happy.

5 Stars  Great Value 
Wife loves it works great

5 Stars  Great deals 
Flipwich was a little small but works great and well worth the money

5 Stars  Panini sandwich maker 
So simple to use and easy to clean...works great!

5 Stars  Red Copper Flipwich 
Love this product. Makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever.

5 Stars  Gifts 
For students going to be cooking for the first time in a new small space. These look good, take up little space, and are versatile.

5 Stars  No more burnt grilled cheese sandwiches 
This item is one of the best I have EVER used. So easy and every sandwich is perfect. My husband bought this for me because he saw me struggle making grilled sandwiches. Either they would fall apart on flipping or I would simply over cook. Bought 3 more! Love it

5 Stars  Great pan 
Was really surprised with the pan, worked great Im sure Ill use it a lot

4 Stars  Red copper flipwich 
Great device for making paninis and quesadillas. Requires a source of heat - gas or electric stove or campfire.

5 Stars  panini-making pan 
Super buy! Does everything claimed to do. I like it because it is quick and easy to clean, just wipe with a paper towel.

5 Stars  Love It!!! 
I bought this not really thinking about how it works but I really like this panini grill pan. I was thinking that it plugs into the wall but you actually use the stove top, and it works wonderfully. Clean up is very easy. I use it to grill hotdogs, as well as chicken breast. Im thinking on purchasing another one.

4 Stars  Red copper flipwich 
I gave this a 4 out of 5 bc one side gets hotter than the other. I would have thought they would heat up the same. The other reason is bc the side that got hotter, also had black on it I couldnt scrub off.

5 Stars  Great Product! 
Heats quickly, browns superbly, no tool to turn - just flip for the other side and its very easy to clean. I loved the one I bought for me, the second order was gifts for family.

5 Stars  great preoduct 
I own two and just got two more for my kids as part of their Christmas presents. Both are working and they like the ease and convenience of the Red Copper Flipwich. Makes durn yummy sandwiches.....lol....

4 Stars  Meals in minutes 
My daughters love this item . So quick to make a hot lunch or dinner on a super busy day .

4 Stars  Red Cooper Flipwich 
It works very well. Been able to make grill cheese sandwich easy. Just make sure to check often so you dont burn it.

5 Stars  As advertised 
The Red Copper Flipwich works great, and is easy to clean. So worth the price!

5 Stars  Awesome Little Pan 
I really like this item, it is compact and just what I was looking for. The Paninis it makes come out nice and you dont even need any grease to keep it from sticking or browning. I have used it almost every day since I got it.

5 Stars  Its great! 
I made my favorite grilled cheese and it turned out great.

5 Stars  Flip pan 
Bought for my son. Great for doing eggs, grilled cheese, franks, you name it. Love em.

5 Stars  Copper flipwich 
Excellent grills sandwiches in seconds to perfect!!!

5 Stars  wearswell 
easy to use and can make almost anything

5 Stars  Great little kitchen gadget 
This is perfect for a quick grilled cheese, pita or panini. Convenient, easy to use and easy to clean. If youre using sliced bread for a grilled cheese it could be helpful to pinch the edges together so that you dont lose cheese out the sides. That said, oozing cheese does make a great cheese skirt!

5 Stars  Pugy Pies 
When I was a kid a kid we would make pies with bread and butter and filling. Now you can use gas stove. Everyone here loves them !!

5 Stars  very cool 
I have used this quite a bit already, I like to make hot sandwiches, waiting to do a Monte Cristo on this.

5 Stars  red copper flipwich 
great product need to read instructions and it makes some great items

4 Stars  Best thing FOR sliced bread! 
Easiest grilled sandwiches ever.Very even heat and easy clean up.If the handles were a little beefier I would have given 5 stars,but even with that it deserves 4 1/2. I love it and use it almost dailey.

5 Stars  Works say better than I expected 
I love gadgets that work and I especially love those that work better than advertised. This was one of those. My cooktop is induction and it loves this pan with the induction-friendly outer surface and the inner copper lining that absolutely NOTHING seems to sticks to. Hot dogs & sausages - 5 minutes and they are perfect with those nice grill marks. Cheese & or egg sandwiches - cooked great and a wiped clean with a paper towel. I ordered 4 and kept two. Sent two to a son in FL who sent one on to a daughter in college. They raved about them as well.

5 Stars  sandwich drill 
excelant choice I had one as a teenager that got a lot of use when we went camping, but this one is even better.

5 Stars  Great Service 
I ordered 2 of the Red Copper Flipwichs, and got 2 Can Openers by mistake, Sent you guys a email, told you I would be glad to send them back, but still wanted my Flipwich. Got email the next day saying my order had shipped, no request to return the Can Openers. Three days later I had my Flipwiches. I am a returning customer, and with service like that, I will continue to be. You Guys Rock.

5 Stars  The Nonstick Panini-Making Pan 
Wow, what buy. I am a fan of grilled cheese sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches, not to mention Paninis. I bought two.

5 Stars  Love this! 
It is all I thought it would be. But the topper was the price. Even with shipping the price was unbeatable! And it works! For all they claim. Thanks!

1 Stars  Disappointed 
I was excited to try the flipwich, after seeing the infomercial. The thought of making two toasted cheese sandwiches at once instead of one at a time, was very appealing. I was shocked when I saw the size of the pans and how small they are, as they do not look that way on TV. The pan barely contained one slice of bread, much less 2, so I could not close the lid properly. I made the egg sandwich from the recipe book, followed the directions to the letter, and it was awful. Even after properly seasoning the pan, per the enclosed directions, the bread stuck, the egg slopped over the sides, and the sandwich came out soggy and disgusting. So, if you dont have small, very thin bread, I dont see this working as advertised. I not only wish I hadnt purchased one, I certainly wish I hadnt purchased two.

5 Stars  Love the Flipwich 
The Flipwich is easy to use and makes consistently good grilled sandwiches.

2 Stars  limited use 
dont heat anything that melts - makes a mess when you turn it over

1 Stars  Ackward 
Clumsy and no better than fry pan

3 Stars  Tricky To Use 
It took a few ruined grilled cheeses to figure out at what temperature and how long to cook them. The two halves do not seal air tight so when you flip it, you will loose juices if what you are grilling has them so flip over the sink. The video shows them making a burger. I can only imagine the mess this would make trying to flip that. All in all though, once you figure out what temperature and time works for you, this is a cool little pan that makes a nice tightly packed sandwich.

2 Stars  Way small 
This is waaaaayyyy smaller than I thought it would be.

5 Stars  Works great!!! 
My toaster took a crap right after I received these and I used it to strictly toast bread for break fast worked great. I also made the frozen waffle ham and egg sandwiches. The top would not close right away but once the waffles thawed a little I was able to toast those quite nicely also. They clean up easily. I would recommend especially to busy moms.

5 Stars  Perfect 
it sure makes life a little easier

5 Stars  Easiest Grilled Cheese Cooker 
Its so simple to use to make great grilled sandwiches and paninis. I bought two so I can cook 2 servings at same time. Oh yes, they are so easy to clean.

4 Stars  A little small for some bread 
Good product but lots of my bread does not fit. A larger rectangular shape would be much better for me.

4 Stars  red copper flipwich 
It worked well

4 Stars  Too heavy 
It cooks great BUT its sooo heavy that if you have a glass stove you have to be very very careful how you flip it & set it down or it can crack the stove top.

4 Stars  Red Copper Flipwich 
Works great makes grilled cheese a breeze

5 Stars  Enjoy using 
I really like this item & use it often. MAKES delicious sandwiches & is a breeze to clean.

5 Stars  My red copper flipwich 
I just love my flipwich. I made grilled ham and cheese for my husband for supper and there was no mess. It was so easy to make just butter on both sides put your ham and cheese in the middle and turn the flipwich on each side for just a few minutes. You can turn off the stove in the flipwich is still cooking which I love. I would recommend it to any grilled cheese loving people.

Review this item!
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