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Rechargeable Wireless Accent Light Bar w/ Motion and Light Sensors

Rechargeable Wireless Accent Light Bar w/ Motion and Light Sensors

Rechargeable Wireless Accent Light Bar w/ Motion and Light Sensors
Rechargeable Wireless Accent Light Bar w/ Motion and Light Sensors
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If you're looking to add extra and automatic light anywhere, then you have to checkout these Elegant XL Wireless Accent Light Bars.

Featuring the latest in LED Technology called SMDs (there's 54!) this gives off fantastic accent lighting of 350 lumens that you can place almost anywhere.

While most lights this bright are thick and bulky these are sleek and just 1.5 inches thick!

Motion & Light Activated Lighting Means NEVER Enter A Dark House

There are two modes settings: On (Always On) or Auto (Motion Mode).

In motion mode it is actually both Motion and Light activated. The light sensor means it won't turn on unless it is dark and thus saves battery energy.

The motion detector senses movement up to 10 feet away and automatically turns the light on if it is dark. It automatically shuts off after 30 seconds of no movement. This too protects the battery life.

You'll love placing these in an entryway. It will automatically turn on at night when you step into the house. This is great for added safety and security!

Save On Expensive Lighting Solutions With This Rechargeable Light Bar!

Featuring a rechargeable battery (800mAh) you can stop buying expensive batteries and just recharge when needed. It also means you'll never have to search for batteries again! Plus the included micro USB cord makes it easy to charge with any standard USB adapter or outlet.

On one single charge the light bar will stay on for approximately 2.5 hours of CONTINUAL use or in Motion Mode this same single charge could last for days.

Easy Installation Lighting Option

For all the different ways you can use these, installing similar lights can be extremely difficult and could require an electrician. Not with these! You have two easy ways to mount.

1. The back of the light is magnetized so you can automatically stick it to most metal surfaces.
2. Use the included steel bar and adhesive strips to mount this to almost any surface.

Best part is whichever way you choose to mount it, the light is grab and go!

Elegant Accent Light Bars Are A Must Have

What we love about this is that it is both motion and light activated. Great for placing in kitchens, garages, bathrooms, closets, pantries, dark entry ways and hallways and so much more!


- Wireless, no electrician or plugs needed!
- Motion AND Light Sensor Activated for Auto/On and Off
- Motion Detection of up to 10 Feet
- Light stays on for 30 seconds after the last motion is detected
- Latest in LED Technology
- Advanced Anti-Glare Panel
- 350 Lumens
- Flicker Free Light
- Alluminum Alloy Construction
- 800 mAh Rechargeable Battery Inside
- Micro USB Cord Included
- Charging Indicator Light
- Easy Installation 2 WAYS! No hardware needed
- Use ANYWHERE... Great for hallways, closets, laundry rooms, workshops, sheds, emergency lighting and more
- Approx Dimensions: 13" long x 1.5" Wide

3 Stars  Bad Light sensor 
I wanted these by the stairs for night time. But the light sensor allows activation even when there is adequate light from windows and nearby lighting. In a high traffic area, the light comes on too frequently in the daytime so the device discharges in 2 days. Otherwise, it is bright and works well at night time.

3 Stars  Good idea weak battery 
I have had the light for two weeks now, the Idea is great but i have had to recharge it twice already in two weeks

2 Stars  Charge only lasts 3-4 days 
Very disappointed in the usable battery life. Needs recharging every 3-4 days which is less than the lights I replaced which lasted one week. If you dont mind constant recharging then you will like these under counter light with good light output albeit only for a short time. These were used under cabinet in kitchen as a pair. They both stop working practically at the same time. These will probably be good to use in closets or non traffic areas of the home.

5 Stars  Brighter than expected 
Very easy to install, Love that it is on a magnetitic strip and usb c chargeable

5 Stars  Best rechargeable light I ve used 
This light bar is just fabulous! It gives off a lot of light where ever it is needed. The best part is that it charges quickly. I originally bought 2, and liked them so much that I ordered 4 more for the rest of my home.

4 Stars  Doesn t hold charge very long 
I bought six of these. As soon as I unplug them from charging when they turn green, when I plug back in they re red, meaning they need recharging. Will see how long they last in practice but I would not expect them to switch from green to red -needs charging- in a matter of a minute.

2 Stars  Motion lite bar 
Does not last very long. Spend more time charging than using. Very unhappy with them.

4 Stars  Awesome light 
This light solves hard to see areas

5 Stars  motion light 
Perfect for my sliding door closet. I like the dimensions with low profile and emits a lot of light.

3 Stars  quickly discharges in high traffic area 
I wanted these in a hallway by the stairs for night time. But the light sensor allows activation even when the hallway is adequately lit from windows and nearby lighting. In a high traffic area, the light comes on too frequently in the daytime so the device discharges in 2 days. Otherwise, it is bright and works well at night time.

5 Stars  Great lighting for dark cabinets! 
We have some deep and dark cabinets and these lights are perfect for seeing what the pantry items are, love that they are rechargeable and no wires to contend with too!

3 Stars  Ordered two, one worked 
I needed two, ordered two, one is still working beautifully the other one will not hold a charge at all. Waiting for a replacement.

5 Stars  Great undercounter light 
Easy installation options. Rechargeable design much better than replacing batteries.

5 Stars  THE BEST YET 
Im always buying lights for my daughter and these have been rated the best. Now Ill order some for myself.


5 Stars  Great Lights 
These are really bright. I love that they are rechargeable. I but these under my kitchen cabinets and they work great. As an added bonus when we lost power these were on and I was able to take one and use it as a flashlight

2 Stars  Won t hold a charge 
I bought 4 , they don t seem to hold a charge very long

5 Stars  Works great 
We had a deep, dark closet in which I placed a flashlight bought from Pulse so one could find things in it. I bought 2 of these lights to put in it, & after the first went in on auto, it worked wonderfully, & I can use the other one elsewhere. Highly recommended.

4 Stars  Bright but 
Easy installation and very bight but they dont ast long. In motion sensor mode they only last 2 days.

4 Stars  Nice Light 
Batteries do not last as long as I feel they should but I still like them.

5 Stars  No More Batteries 
I love the fact that this light is rechargeable. We needed a light over a small desk area in our apartment. This works great!

3 Stars  Bright! 
Brightness very good, sensor activates as it should....have to recharge too often,

4 Stars  Very useful 
Purchased to put in camper. The amount of light is better than I expected and I must have missed in description, but glad its mounted by a magnetic strip. Only bad thing is the magnet isnt a strong hold and the slightest touch knocks the light off. I would still buy more for the house.

5 Stars  motion lights 
just what i was looking for, great job

4 Stars  Not quite 5 stars 
I love this light and is exactly what I needed for my porch and laundry room. I hate that it doesnt hold a long enough charge for me. I feel like Im charging it every week.

5 Stars  After a false start & a quick correction, Im pleased with this item 
Frankly, the first unit I received had a couple of problems that rendered it unusable. But when I notified PulseTVs customer service department, they quickly arranged to send me a new unit - without the annoyance of having to return the faulty unit first! - as soon as their shipment of additional product arrived at their warehouse ... and THIS one works perfectly - right out of the box - exactly as advertised. I particularly like the sensor that only turns on the light when nearby motion is detected I was also pleased with the ease of installation of the unit under a cupboard over my kitchen sink, in less than five minutes. Count me a happy customer!

5 Stars  Perfect for over my sink 
I did some remodeling and I told the contractor I didnt need the light above my sink... well I do! It was much darker than I thought. This is perfect placing under the cabinet that is over my sink. I set it to auto and when I walk up to the sink it turns on. Perfect solution and a lot less expensive than buying and installing a light!

4 Stars  Good Light 
I m very happy with this light. Installed under the cabinet over the laundry sink in the laundry room. Motion sensor works well, is bright and the charge lasts about five days. I would recommend this light.

4 Stars  Rechargeable light 
This is a good light for the money. It gives the right amount of light in the hallway. But the batteries only last a couple of weeks.

5 Stars  bright 
I love the fact that I can recharge them because I go through so many batteries. They are nice and bright. I just wish the charge would last a little longer

4 Stars  A bargain. 
Works as expected.

5 Stars  Nice Light 
I purchased several of these for my deep, dark closets. Really nice to be able to see whats in there now without having to use a flashlight. Open the door & let there be light. These are great.

5 Stars  I Love this light 
I installed the light under the counter ledge in my bathroom. When I walk in late at night, the soft light comes on and I dont step on my cat, who likes to lay on the rug in front f the sink. Great for both of us!

5 Stars  Worth it -- handy dandy light 
Delivered on everything it promised. Good value.

5 Stars  Great product 
This light bar works great and so easy to charge. Love that it is magnetic.

5 Stars  Finally the perfect light 
I have one on my front door and one on the dryer in the basement. They work great and give me light exactly where I need it.

5 Stars  Light bulb that stays lit when power goes out 
Love it gave one to my friend and she loves hers too

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Rechargeable Wireless Accent Light Bar w/ Motion and Light Sensors

If you're looking to add extra and automatic light anywhere, then you have to check out these Elegant Rechargeable Wireless Accent Light Bars.