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Reader's Digest: Scenic Walks Around The World Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack
Reader's Digest: Scenic Walks Around The World Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack

Reader's Digest: Scenic Walks Around The World Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack

Reader's Digest: Scenic Walks Around The World Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack

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Step into the most beautiful hiking adventures with Reader's Digest Scenic Walks Around The World! A beautiful Blu-Ray + DVD combo pack venture off the beaten path to witness sights tourists seldom see, sights you will never forget.

This two part series is an awe inspiring experience.

Program One: Our Dramatic Planet - Kilimanjaro's Kibo Summit, New Zealand's Hollyford Track, and Grand Canyon
Kilimanjaro is not only the highest mountain in Africa, it is also one of the biggest volcanoes on Earth, covering an area of approximately 9.6 million acres.

At 19,340 feet, the Kibo Summit is the highest point in Africa and the goal of just about every Kilimanjaro trekker.

Step into the most beautiful hiking adventure in New Zealand: Hollyford Track sits near Milford Sound on New Zealand's South Island.

The hike there promises you everything from snow-capped mountains and glaciers, to rainforests, rivers and waterfalls, to sand-dunes, reefs and surf. The dramatic diversity of wildlife in this valley is unparalleled, a world unto itself. Nearly five million people visit the mile deep Grand Canyon each year--yet most of them see it from their car. Here we take a deeper look into the Canyon as the world's top HD cinematographers take you deep inside one of nature's great wonders. Over 6 million years ago, the deep-cutting waters of the Colorado River began to carve out the Canyon.

Program Two: Romance With Nature: Ireland's Dingle Way, Alaska's Chilkoot Pass, and Austria's Salzkammergut
Situated in the remote south west of Ireland, the Dingle Way is one of over thirty Irish long-distance walking trails.

The trail is 111 miles long and takes an average of eight-nine days to walk. The diversity of different landscapes makes the Dingle Way a very popular trail to many.

Then, we see Alaska's most famous trail and its most historic. Alaska's Chilkoot Trail spans thirty-three miles and reveals a storied history of early prospectors, as part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park.

Finally, we travel to a popular destination in Austria--Salzkammergut, a diverse region of sparkling lakes and thick, forested hills flanked by small romantic towns and villages.

- 2 Programs
- Witness beautiful sights all around the world
- Filmed and Mastered in HD
- One Blu-Ray Disc
- One DVD + Digital Copy
- Program Length: 134 min.
- Aspect Ratio: 16x9

So what are you waiting for? Your journey awaits!
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