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Puzzle Lock Gift Card Maze by Game Parlor

Puzzle Lock Gift Card Maze by Game Parlor

Puzzle Lock Gift Card Maze by Game Parlor
Puzzle Lock Gift Card Maze by Game Parlor
Your Price: $9.99
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SPECIAL: 2 for $15.98 (47% off)
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Give an A-MAZE-ING Gift Challenge!

Make gift-giving even more fun with the Puzzle Lock Gift Card Maze!

The gift-getters on your list will enjoy solving the puzzle box to unlock the gift that resides within. To gain access to the prize inside simply move the marble through the maze to engage the unlocking mechanism.

This puzzle box adds an entertaining challenge to all gifts. Plus, it's tricky enough to make it exciting but not too hard for kids to get this surprising gift. It fits standard gift cards, cash, checks, jewelry, and more!

And right out of the box this puzzle is play-ready - and no batteries are needed!

The transparent maze makes the metal marble easy to see which helps you to navigate it through each twist and turn.

So much fun for both kids and adults, and perfect for any occasion! Note: cash, jewelry, gift cards are not included - sorry!


  • Makes Gift Giving Extra Fun
  • Solve the Maze to Unlock the Gift Inside
  • Fits Standard Gift Cards, Cash, Checks, Jewelry, and More!
  • Perfect for Any Occasion
  • Play-Ready Right Out of the Box
  • No Batteries Required
  • Dimensions: Approx. 2.875" x 5" x 4"
  • For Ages 6+
  • Fun for Both Kids and Adults

5 Stars  Best Idea Ever! 
These are great to put cash or gift cards in for birthdays or Christmas. Im so glad they are back in stock. I think Ill order a few this time because I know they seem to sell out really quick.

5 Stars  Nephew Loved it 
Bought this a few months ago so I could give it to my 12 year old nephew for his birthday - I got a call after the weekend that he was so happy to solve the puzzle! Glad I could make it a little more special than just a gift card in an envelope. Great concept! I gotta get more when theyre back in stock.

1 Stars  Worthless 
The puzzles simply don t work! we tossed them in the trash after trying multiple times to get them to work.

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