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Put a Lid On It! Bathroom Deodorizer Spray

Put a Lid On It! Bathroom Deodorizer Spray

Put a Lid On It! Bathroom Deodorizer Spray
Put a Lid On It! Bathroom Deodorizer Spray
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PEE YEW! What's that smell? Well, it's definitely not your bathroom. Put a Lid On It! pre-poo toilet spray will quell that smell before you even sit down to do the doo-doo.

How Does Pre-Poo Toilet Spray Work?

Long gone are the days of embarrassing bathroom stench. Simply spray two or more times before you go and Put a Lid On It! coats the toilet water, trapping the bad odors inside before it spreads into the air. When you do the deed, the coating will release a pleasant lavender aroma. Spray again afterward to really trap those nasty fumes.

We all have tried desperately to mask the aftermath of a smelly mistake, and conventional air fresheners do a poor job at masking the reek. But with this convenient travel sized bottle, you can take this on the go anywhere you go.

We all poop, it's a part of nature. But when nature calls, don't put it on hold. Sit on your porcelain throne like royalty with Put a Lid On It today!


- Spray Before You Poo Bathroom Deodorizer
- Eliminates Bathroom Odor Before it Even Begins
- No More Embarrassing Bathroom Stench
- Clean and Delightful Lavender Scent
- Travel Sized Bottle Allows You to Bring This Anywhere You Go
- 1.85 Fl. Oz. Bottle

3 Stars  Not as effective as larger name brands 
It helps in a crisis and it s cheaper than the larger name brand

5 Stars  Put a Lid On It! Bathroom Deodorizer Spray 
It works great!

5 Stars  Cheaper than Poo-pourri, But it works great ! 
The lavender scent is wonderful & it really works to Control the smell... Not Just cover it, like air fresheners.

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