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What is the PulseTV Deals Network?

PulseTV Deals is a turnkey website monetization solution for online publishers seeking an alternative to traditional banner advertisements. It’s a powerful way to generate incremental revenue for our partners while never driving audience away from publisher property. Working with us makes dollars…and sense.
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How Does It Work?

Step 1:
Our widget is embedded onto partners’ unused web space.

Step 2:
New creative is retrieved daily featuring the current deal through a fully-automated process. Set it and forget it!

Step 3:
Clicks lead to PulseTV where audience views a product demonstration video.

Step 4:
Partners receive commision based on gross-shipped sales.
What is PulseTV

What is PulseTV?

Founded in 1996, PulseTV is a direct-to-consumer ecommerce company that markets a wide-ranging assortment of products sold at discounts up to 85% off retail. We accomplish this through our unique turnkey business model that eliminates cost layers. We source, own, fulfill & provide customer service on every product we market.

In a nutshell – we out execute and outperform our competitors.

Sample Creatives

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I become a partner in the PulseTV Deals program?
Our program is an excellent source of incremental revenue creation. The revenue share-based model we use with our partners is a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.

What are the costs and benefits associated with becoming a partner?
There are no costs involved for our partners. Our program is based on revenue sharing, so through our network, we will monetize your unused web space. This is a true win-win partnership.

Who can join the program?
Any website owner who has traffic can join our program.

How do I apply to become a partner in the program?
Simply contact Don Raddatz by filling out the Contact Form. Our representative will be in touch with you to discuss the program.

What are the terms and conditions of the program?
See the full terms and conditions for any and all PulseTV-related programs here.

Do partners have access to software for internal audit analysis?
Partners have access to real-time sales and tracking information through TrackingSoft®.

What kind of creative can I choose?
We currently offer a few different types of creatives to choose from in different sizes and styles. All pull from our specially selected database of best-selling products. Once in a while, a department banner will run in rotation instead of a product; this typically leads to higher average orders while they browse our discounted clearance section (which means a higher commission paid to you) View all creatives.

Why not use a simple banner ad?
Our dynamic banner ad that changes daily will offer a customer something different to look at and helps combat “banner blindness”.

Can I integrate the program onto my twitter feed and/or other social media platforms?
We offer program creative that can be included into daily feeds that include RSS/XML/JSON.

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