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Large-Display Digital Weight Scale with Weight Loss Tracking

Large-Display Digital Weight Scale with Weight Loss Tracking

Large-Display Digital Weight Scale with Weight Loss Tracking
Large-Display Digital Weight Scale with Weight Loss Tracking
Your Price: $9.99
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This Bathroom Scale keeps track of weight reduction and gain for you!

The Best Digital Bathroom Scale for Weight Loss

This scale will track your weight trends over time because it will keep track of your weight progression. It will actually tell you how much you gained or lost since the last time you weighed yourself.

This is one smart scale! It will work for multiple people and store their weight data. It does it automatically without having to change settings!

It is equipped with four, high precision sensors to accurately measure your weight in your choice of pounds, kilograms, or stone, and will display it on the large, easy to read LCD screen. It even lights up making it easy to read in dimly lit environments.

The thin, tempered glass gives it a modern and discreet appearance, so this will match any bathroom decor. On top of that, it makes it very light and easy to store.

Included with the scale are everything you need to start healthily managing your weight. It comes with a 5-foot tape measure and two AAA batteries. So, what are you weight-ing for?


- Keeps Track of Your Weight Trends
- Large, Easy to Read LCD Display
- Illuminated Digital Display for Reading in Dim Areas
- Modern Design is a Great Accent for All Bathroom Decor
- Slim, 6mm Tempered Glass
- 4 High Precision Weight Sensors
- Anti-Skid Feet
- Unit Button Cycles Between Pounds, Kilograms, and Stone
- Includes a Free Tape Measure and 2 AAA Batteries
- 400 pound limit
- Dimensions: 11.9in x 11.9in x 1in.

Caution: As with many electronic devices those with pacemakers or pregnant should consult their doctor before using this scale.

5 Stars  its a great scale 
thats why i ordered 2

5 Stars  EASY TO USE 

4 Stars  Scale 
It is a good product!

5 Stars  Works Great 
Nice and seems to be very accurate.

5 Stars  Bathroom scale 
Works great and a really good price.

4 Stars  Great bargain! 
Sleek, easy to use, modern appearance

5 Stars  Large Display Digital Weight Scale 
I am so delighted with my scale! I cant believe the amount of money I paid for it compared to others I have seen at much higher prices. This scale is the best! I love the size of the readout numbers, the actual size and weight of the scale, too! I really enjoy weighing myself...especially since Im losing weight. This is one of the best items Ive purchased at PULSE TV. Thanks a million!

5 Stars  Accurate scale 
Love the scale, very accurate. Love that it keeps track of weight gain or loss.

5 Stars  Beautiful and Functional 
This scale works great and looks good. The quality and features for the price is good. I think it reads too heavy, though... LOL just kidding.

5 Stars  Nice Scale! 
I love the bathroom scale. It is very nice to look at and it seems to have the weight as close to accurate as possible. I havent had it long enough to know if it I will like it as good as my much older scale but I think I will.

5 Stars  Sweet 
This is the first scale that I bought that tells you your weight and if you have gained weight or lost weight that is outstanding the best weight loss scale on the market today

5 Stars  Sleek and stylish 
Yes I used that term to rate this awesome scale. Ive begun a weight loss journey and having this new scale actually helps me stay on track since it is out in the open for me to see...a nice reminder to keep going.

5 Stars  Digital Weight Loss Scale 
Great scale, thin with large numbers that are digital and easy to read. Remembers the last amount weighed and tells you the difference either higher or lower.

5 Stars  Digital scale 
Excellent product


5 Stars  Bathroom scale 
I love the scale, Still trying to find the right tap to turn on, still figuring out all the features, love the large display, easy to read,

5 Stars  Great scale 
Great scale and I like the feature that lets you know what you ve gained or lost since last time you weighed.

A great product

5 Stars  New Scale 
I wish to loose 15 pounds. the new digital scale works easy and very well. Easy to use and easy to see. Plus it remembers my last weight to compare. I have lost 9.8 pounds not much further to go. THANHS Don

5 Stars  worth a lot more 
I am very pleased with this scale. It works perfectly and it is really the best scale I have ever used. And the price, wow it is a steal.

5 Stars  Finally 
Finally a slim accurate scale that doesnt have to be stomped on to be on

5 Stars  Love it 
Best i have seen

5 Stars  Exactly what I want. 
Not just a Weight Scale, tracking the weight is excellent. this is exactly what I have been looking for and I highly recommend this product.

4 Stars  Lage display digital weight scale 
Excellent value.

5 Stars  Scale 
For the money, it is a great buy and works well. Good bang for the Buck !!!

5 Stars  Excellent 
Love the convenience of knowing what my weight is and how I am doing as far as the memory of last weigh in.

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Keeping track of your weight has never been easier! This bathroom scale remembers the last time you used it and will tell you how much weight you’ve lost or gained since then. It will display accurate readings on the large LCD screen.
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