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Chill Out Body Cooling Pad

Chill Out Body Cooling Pad

Chill Out Body Cooling Pad
Chill Out Body Cooling Pad
Your Price: $9.99
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You are going to love this revolutionary cooling pad cools on contact.

Instant Cooling Relief

Sit or lay on the pad to feel a soothing cool rush through your core. The cooling effect begins as soon as pressure is applied, and lasts for up to 3 hours.

It requires no water, no electricity and no refrigeration. Great for night sweats, hot flashes, headaches, sore muscles and more.

How It Works:

Place the pad under any body part you want to cool off. You can use it on top of your pillow or inside your pillow case.

Once pressure is applied, the patented, non-toxic cooling gel absorbs the heat from your body and transfers a soothing and pleasantly cool sensation.

The cooling sensation should last up to 3 hours. It automatically reactivates with no water, refrigeration or electricity! Just remove pressure from the pad for 15 to 20 minutes and then it will cool again for 3 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: For a larger area to cool down it may be necessary to have a second mat.

Great Pad For Pets

Instead of spending a small fortune on a pet cooling pad, use this! It's ultimate cooling for pets. Use it standing alone or on a pet's bed.


- Pleasantly Cool, Not Cold
- No Refrigeration Needed
- Re-Charges Automatically When Not In Use
- Great For Stiff Muscles
- Cools and Soothes
- Use It On Feet, Back, As A Seat Cushion
- Folds Up For Easy Storage
- Wipes Clean Easily
- Non Toxic Gel Inside
- Great For Hot Flashes
- Enjoy Better Sleep
- Dimensions: 15.5in x 12in x .25in thick

5 Stars  Great Product 
I sleep on it every night and naps.

5 Stars  Loved these. 
These pads work great. The backing keeps them from sliding around and the cooling effect is wonderful, especially under my head. Just the right size to fit inside the pillowcase if thats what you want. Love em! Glad I got two while they were available.

5 Stars  Works great! 
This cooling pad absolutely works great. I struggle with hot flashes throughout the night, and I leave the pad at my bedside for when I get one. I put it under my head when I get a hot flash and it really cools me down. It leaves my pillow nice and cool when I remove the pad too. The pad is not that comfortable to use as a pillow, though. Highly recommend this.

1 Stars  Chill Out Cooling Pad 
Didn t live up to the advertising. Not particularly cool.

5 Stars  Cooler 
Woks well. Good value.

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You are going to love this revolutionary cooling pad cools on contact.
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