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Wireless Doorbell with Motion Sensing Security Light

Wireless Doorbell with Motion Sensing Security Light

Wireless Doorbell with Motion Sensing Security Light
Wireless Doorbell with Motion Sensing Security Light
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Tired of missing a knock at the door? Flipo's Wireless Doorbell is an inexpensive and versatile solution for this problem.

Each Wireless Doorbell includes a weather resistant Button and wireless Receiver.

Choose from 6 Unique Doorbell Chimes

Able to receive a signal from up to 100', the Receiver has a volume control and includes 6 user selected ringtones - Doorbell, Westminster Quarters, Short Doorbell, Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells, and The Nutcracker March.

The Button also has a LED light and PIR (passive infrared) sensor that detects motion and illuminates it when approached during evening hours.

Both the Receiver and Button are simply paired and can be easily installed, without wires or outlets, with the included mounting hardware.

Batteries Are Included - And Installed!

The Button is portable and has multiple uses - it can help individuals with limited mobility to call for assistance - is battery operated and includes 6 AAA batteries for immediate use out of the box.


- 6 Selectable Tones: Doorbell, Westminster Quarters, Short Doorbell, Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells, and The Nutcracker March
- User Adjustable Volume Control
- Weather Resistant Doorbell Button for Outdoor Use
- Receives Signal at Distances up to 100'
- LED Motion Sensing Doorbell Light
- Light Only Activates in Darkness to Conserve Battery Life
- No Wiring Required
- Easy Mounting Hardware and Hook & Loop Tabs Included
- Requires 6 AAA Batteries (Included)
- Receiver Dimensions: Approx. 4" x 1 1/16" x 2 2/3"
- Button Dimensions: Approx. 3 3/8" x 1 3/16" x 2 3/8"

5 Stars  Door bell 
Works great.

5 Stars  Doorbell 
Easy to use, nice sound and great price. I couldnt be happier.

4 Stars  Wireless Doorbell 
I am very pleased with this purchase. The doorbell was easy to install and the motion-sensing light feature makes it easy to see the sidewalk and steps when coming home at night. I would recommend this product to everyone.

5 Stars  Nice 
Very nice doorbell.

5 Stars  Wireless Doorbell 
I bought 2 of these. One for my in-laws because my mother-in-law needs special care. With this she can call for assistance from her bed or wherever she may need help getting up out of of a chair or wherever. The other works perfectly to provide light to anyone approaching the door, and the bell is plenty loud. There are also several different tones. A great inexpensive alternative to the more sophisticated doorbells, which may be too complicated for some seniors.

5 Stars  Like it 
like it, Works just as described and suits my needs for the side carport door. I purchased another for the back gate.

5 Stars  Perfect for my home 
I love the motion activated light on the outdoor part of this doorbell. Now I dont have to find a light to unlock my front door--Win!

4 Stars  Love the sounds 
I think the doorbell sets I purchased were worth the money. The batteries were useless but I put in good Duracell batteries and one of them worked perfect. I havent tried the second one again, yet.

5 Stars  Wireless door bell 
Easy to install, velcro strips, loud sound.

5 Stars  EXCELLENT product 
This door bell is loud enough for me since I use hearing aids. PLUS, the light is an excellent addition too!

4 Stars  Good Product So Far 
I received and installed this unit the very same day. Very simple to mount. The motion activated light is a great feature. I was surprised by the brightness of the light on the unit. Love the volume and ring tone adjustment feature on the doorbell unit also. So glad I purchased this product to replace my inoperable hard wired doorbell. Very pleased with this unit.

4 Stars  Works as it should 
I dont have a porch light so this doorbell is ideal. Coming home after dark it was hard to see the key hole. This doorbell makes it easy! The only downfall is that it uses up batteries quickly. Highly recommend rechargeable AAA batteries.

5 Stars  Works Great ! Awesome Price ! 
Great little gadget when you dont want to spend Mega bucks on an Electrician to install a doorbell in an area where you cant even run a wire ! This unit works great and has a nice sound - so easy to install !

2 Stars  too wimpy 
the receiver/chimes would not work unless it was less than 25 feet away in a direct line of sight of door way where the sender was to located.

5 Stars  Great product 
Our front door is inside of our gate....This worked perfectly to solve the doorbell problem!

5 Stars  Great product 
I was able to set it up without assistance from anyone and I am not savvy in doing this type of thing.

5 Stars  Excellent item 
Love the night light bell and the ring tones. Used one on the front door and one in the side door.

4 Stars  Head line 
It works right except the small screws it easily lost battery compart on the bell ringer. Once I got the screw, well everything is alright.

4 Stars  doorbell 
good sound and distance

5 Stars  Good performance and great value for the price. 
I saw your email on this product the day after my 90-year-old aunt asked me about getting a bell for her side entrance, which had never had one. This clever Chinese unit filled the need perfectly with a surprisingly loud sound for such a small box. There are 3 volume levels and a variety of chimes, the Westminster being her favorite. The bright motion-sensing LED on the outdoor button is a welcome addition! Each box can be secured with a single screw, which I intend to do as the Velcro mounting hasnt stuck well where I installed them your experience will likely be better. I dont know how long the 6 included AAA cells will last, but am a bit disappointed that while the chime box has a snap-open battery cover, the button/light box requires a jewelers Phillips screwdriver to extract its batteries. At times when the motion light isnt desired, a large slide-switch on the button box will turn it off.

5 Stars  Wireless Doorbell 
Different tones to choose from. Easy to install.

5 Stars  Wireless Doorbell 
I love this doorbell because it was super easy to install. Also, the security light is great because my porch is covered so it is very dark at night. I live in a big, very old house, so I like taking the receiver upstairs with me in order to hear the doorbell from anywhere I am working in the house.


5 Stars  Works Great! 
It was easily installed and can be heard throughout the house.

4 Stars  Wireless Doorbell with Motion Sensing Security Light 
This door bell works great. I installed it on my gate which is about 60 feet from my front door. No problem. I did turn off the light because there is plenty of light at this location.

5 Stars  Wireless Doorbell w/motion sensor light 
This wireless doorbell works like a champ! I have purchased many before this one and have paid a whole lot more that didnt work. I have purchased some from Home Depot that cant come close to comparing to this one. If you want a great wireless doorbell with a motion sensor light, this is the one to purchase!!

5 Stars  easy to install, works great!!!!! 
worth the price, good value, installation a snap!!


Video: Wireless Doorbell with Motion Sensing Security Light

Tired of missing a knock at the door? Flipo's Wireless Doorbell is an inexpensive and versatile solution for this problem.
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