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Packable Back Stretcher

Packable Back Stretcher

Packable Back Stretcher
Packable Back Stretcher
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Get relief from back pain with the easy-to-use, adjustable, PACKABLE Back Stretcher. This ergonomic self-massager is designed for home back pain treatment and as a preventative care product. Spending 10 minutes a day with the Back Stretcher will release muscle tension and correct poor spinal alignment. And all you have to do is lie on it.

Reduce Lower Back Pain with Some Simple Stretching

After attaching the comfort pad and setting the desired arch, place the stretcher on the floor and slowly lie back until the device rests in the middle of your back. Gravity allows the front of your body to stretch out and upwards, and the surrounding muscles start to relax, gently decompressing the discs in your vertebrae, realigning the spine and relieving tension and pain. All the while massage pressure points improve blood flow and relaxation.

For extra comfort you can place a towel over the Back Stretcher before use.

Since the arch on the Back Stretcher is adjustable, you can set it for your own personal comfort level. You can even use it while sitting down. place it against your chair back and rest your back against the stretcher with your feet flat on the floor. It will help correct your posture and provide extra support while sitting.

And because the stretcher comes apart it is easy to store and transport. Take it to work and put it on your office chair. You will notice the results after just one use!


  • Adjustable Back Stretcher Relieves Back Pain and Tension
  • 3 Settings Allow You to Set the Arch for Your Comfort
  • Use Lying Down or Sitting
  • Massage Pressure Points Improve Blood Flow
  • No Batteries or Mechanics
  • Gravity Provides the Stretching Action
  • Can Be Disassembled into 2 Pieces for Easy Transport and Storage
  • Lightweight and Sturdy

5 Stars  Simple but effective 
I got this for a friend that started having back pain she s a hairdresser due to her job that keeps her back kinda hunched over all day long. She LOVES it! Brings her relief in the evenings when she gets home after a long day.

5 Stars  Gives a really great stretch 
This little light stretcher really works. It gives a great stretch to wind down after a long day. I assembled mine on the floor as it can be stiff to push the back support into the guides.

5 Stars  Works Wonders 
Give this a chance. It may feel a little weird at first or uncomfortable but your body adapts and then the relief is amazing!

4 Stars  love this back strecher 
Love how this back stretcher works for my sciatica, and lumbar pain. use it to stretch back after sitting too long. just put behind my back when i sit and it helps with a lot of the pain. only reason gave it a 4 is because with arthritis in hands it it hard to get together had to have someone stronger put it together.

5 Stars  Very versatile 
I like the fact that there are three settings for this stretcher. I am still on #1 but look forward to moving up a notch soon. It does help relax my back and shoulders.

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Packable Back Stretcher

Get relief from back pain with the easy-to-use, adjustable, PACKABLE Back Stretcher. This ergonomic self-massager is designed for home back pain treatment and as a preventative care product.