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Battle Vision Night Vision Glasses - 2 Pairs

Battle Vision Night Vision Glasses - 2 Pairs

Battle Vision Night Vision Glasses - 2 Pairs
Battle Vision Night Vision Glasses - 2 Pairs
Your Price: $12.99
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SPECIAL: 2 for $23.98 (40% off)
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Glasses For Nighttime Driving!

Protect eyes from blinding headlight glare with the Battle Vision Night Vision Glasses by Atomic Beam.

Slide on a pair of Night Vision Glasses, part of the Battle Vision Sunglasses line, to block the harsh glare so you can see clearly.

The amazing green lenses are made to reduce glare from oncoming traffic so you see everything on the road to help keep you and others safe.

Nearly Unbreakable Glasses: Tough Reinforced Frames

These glasses are made with a special shape-memory polymer. Twist them, bend them, and Battle Vision's frames snaps back to their original shape!

When it's raining or foggy out, Night Vision Glasses are a must for inclement weather. They offer amazing clarity of our surroundings despite conditions.

As Seen on TV's Night Vision Glasses Includes BONUS Spare Pair!

And glasses can get easily misplaced so this set includes a second pair so you'll always keep your eyes protected. Keep the spare pair in your vehicle, purse, backpack - anywhere they might come in handy!


- INCLUDES 2 pairs of Battle Vision Night Vision Glasses
- Ideal for driving at night
- Reduces glare from oncoming traffic
- Enhances clarity and color
- Safer, less eye strain
- Great for inclement weather
- Reinforced frames
- Unisex design
- One size fits most
- Flexible shape-memory polymer frames

5 Stars  Excellent glasses 
They relief the strain from the eyes. They work well both day and nighttime. I highly recommend it for any driving activities. It would be nice if you included a protective pouch or case to prevent scratches. Thanks.

5 Stars  Excellent well worth the money 
Excellent better than an expensive pair I bought

5 Stars  Helps with the glare 
I have a pair in every vehicle. These new headlights are blinding at night and the glare at night during rain is even worse.

5 Stars  Cuts brightness 
Works good for night driving cuts the bright lights down bothers you less able to drive at night now after catarack surgery

1 Stars  Dont Bother 
Does not reduce glare from oncoming traffic. Makes everything a tinted yellow. Pretty much useless........

5 Stars  Night vision green shades 
Work great while driving at night! Cuts the glare.

1 Stars  Harder to see 
These glasses made it harder to see. Does not work. Do not recommend.

5 Stars  Great Night Vision Glasses 
I have tried others but find these to be the best of all tried.

5 Stars  Great for night driving 
These glasses are great at reducing headlight glare in night driving. They work well even on unlit roads. Other glasses I tried made unlit roads too dark.

I didnt really believe all the hype, but the price was right and I go to my volunteer job every Saturday at 400 in the morning. I am afraid most people dont have the courtesy to dim their headlights these days and it is really difficult to see the road on my side when I am being blinded. I wore these glasses the day after I got them, and will never drive at night without them again! The lights coming at me might be bright, but they dont cause the glare that makes it impossible to see anything. I see better now with bright lights in my face than I did before when the lights were on dim. I dont have to understand the physics to know these glasses are keepers!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

5 Stars  Awesome 
Probably the best night vision glasses I have ever owned and I have tried lots of them.

5 Stars  Excellent Night Driving Glasses 
These glasses are great for driving at night. They block the light from drivers who dont dim their high beam headlights. Also remove the glare from headlights.

5 Stars  night glasses 

5 Stars  Great product 
These glasses helped my nighttime vision tremendously! I like them a lot!

4 Stars  Night visions glasses go country 
The glasses really cut the glare of on coming traffic but kind of impair the visibility when watching for wildlife

5 Stars  No glare! 
My wife says these glasses have cleared her nighttime headlight glare troubles. Thank you,.

4 Stars  Works as expected 
These were for my wife and I , I have used them but my wife isnt comfortable with the way the glasses grip her or fit around her ears. Mine are a little tight, but for using them at night, they are great.

2 Stars  Little or no difference 
These night vision glasses made little or difference on my night vision.

5 Stars  Work very well! 
I wasnt sure what to expect, and used them for the first time on a rainy night driving home on a two-lane road. WOW, the glare is non-existent, and the oncoming headlights no longer blinded me like before. Recommend!

5 Stars  BattleVision Night Vision Glasses 
I am very pleased with the glasses. I find myself using them during the day also.

5 Stars  It works 
The night vision glasses are great. It takes to glare off on coming headlights. Makes it easier to see. I would recommend them & will purchase more.

5 Stars  Night vision glasses 
These glasses have helped me drive at night so much! My night vision is not so great with the glare of lights. And one rainy days or nights. These BattleVision glasses take the glare away! Now I dont have to hurry home to beat the sun going down!

5 Stars  Night Vision without the glare 
Well made, good price.

5 Stars  Original order damaged in the mail. 
Glasses were broken somewhere along the distribution route. I called & they sent another pair post haste. I like them very much. They are especially nice when you are mowing late or on a cloudy day. They really enhance vision. 5 stars.

5 Stars  Battle Vision Glasses 
IMHO.. Battle Vision Night glasses are an excellent buy and if something happens to these, I would buy them again

5 Stars  Love these glasses 
They really do help when a car is heading towards me. It makes it easier to drive in the dark.

Great driving tool. A must if you do any night time driving.

1 Stars  Battle Vision Night Vision Glasses by Atomic Beam 
The glasses were very disappointing. They did nothing to eliminate glare and my vision was actually worse. They were nothing like the picture in the advertisement. I am an UBER driver and I drive at night only. This gave them a good test. Worthless.

4 Stars  Nightmare 
Best product Ive used that really helps for night driving...

5 Stars  I cant see the light 
Glasses i use more at night when traveling it will make all areas look like its just getting dark.even in daylight it hrlps with the blaring down on you.

5 Stars  Nice Glasses & Case 
Nice Glasses & Case at a god price

5 Stars  very nice 
i ride my bike at night makes it a lot easier to see against oncoming traffic.

5 Stars  Night Vision Glasses 
These glasses were a god send to me as I am having some eye issues right now and driving at night was getting to be almost impossible. Now with these glasses I am able to once again drive at night. I highly recommend this product

1 Stars  Save your money 
Not sure what they are designed to do. I put them on and they made no difference to what I was looking at as in headlights. I got them to reduce the glare while driving and they did nothing to change how I saw oncoming cars. Save your money.

4 Stars  Great! 
I always have trouble driving at night. The headlights of the other cars seem to be a problem. With these glasses thats not a problem anymore... thanks pulse

5 Stars  A great buy 
My husband is a landscaper and he mowed yard and do flower beds and he has to be outside a lot and wears these glasses and loves them he told me to order him two more pair and his friends also wants some as well

5 Stars  Would not drive at night without them! 
Quality great. Rain, got and night driving a snap. Great buy!

5 Stars  Minimize night time glare 
Headlights from oncoming traffic makes it difficult to see. These glasses lessen the glare from bright lights at night. They are also very comfortable - snug but not too tight - and they dont slide down my nose.

4 Stars  Battlevision Night Vision Glasses have seen the light 
works great!

1 Stars  Battle Vision Glasses 
Didnt make a difference...Maybe some glare minimized...Did not make everything clearer of in more detail...

5 Stars  Stylish and work 
Good for night driving

3 Stars  Regular glasses 
Does not provide the clarity as it claimed. But its a cool looking glasses. My kids uses them as part of their battle uniforms.

2 Stars  night driving 
just makes everything green and darker, not good for me

5 Stars  Good product 
I used the glasses for the first time last night. I was mostly on back country two-lane paved roads with very little traffic. My eyes grew accustomed to no oncoming traffic and then all of a sudden, at the top of a hill, I would meet headlights. The glasses definitely lessened the sudden glare. I really like them.

3 Stars  Night vision glasses 
Not as drastic an improvement as lead to believe

4 Stars  Comfortable 
I have not had a chance to wear them for night driving, but I have tried them on and they are very comfortable. So my 4 stars is ONLY on the comfortableness.

5 Stars  Great riding glasses 
Love the way they brighten up the dark roads for night time riding and even used them during the day when it was cloudy and gave me great visibility which is very helpful being a crane operator.

1 Stars  Useless product 
Another disappointing and totally useless product that does absolutely nothing.This product is supposed to eliminate glare at night, which it does not do, therefore rendering it only fit for a Halloween costume. I would give this no stars, but that is not an option.

5 Stars  Excellent Product 
Battlevision Night Vision works better than I could imagine. Pleased with the glasses as they help solve some vision problems!

2 Stars  not just ok 
I didnt find these glasses to do much good with the exception of driving in the rain. They are left in the glove compartment.

5 Stars  Battle Vision Night Vision Glasses 
These work great. It takes the glare off of other cars coming toward you. I am able to see much better with them on. Highly recommend them!


Video: Battle Vision Night Vision Glasses - 2 Pairs

Slide on a pair of Night Vision Glasses, part of the Battle Vision Sunglasses line, to block the harsh glare so you can see clearly.
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