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Pets at Play Nail Grinder

Pets at Play Nail Grinder

Pets at Play Nail Grinder
Pets at Play Nail Grinder
Your Price: $5.99
Compare at: $14.99  (60% off)

What Is The Quietest Nail Grinder?

The Pets at Play Nail Grinder is the most gentle and quiet way to trim down your best fur friend's nails.

For those dogs and cats that don't like nail grinders because of the noise, this is the perfect solution. It literally is one of the quietest models on the market. Even if your pet has not had the best experience with grinders, this model being so quiet has many accepting it within just a few minutes.

With the motor being so quiet it's surprising to see how fast it spins. At approximately 10,000 revolutions per minute, your pet gets a pro-quality trim that quickly and painlessly will wear down any kind of long and tough nails. You can even use it on your own finger and toenails.

This grinder gives you options when performing your pawdecure. Each grinder has an assortment of medium and fine grain grinder pads. These are easy to replace and are easy to find when the replacements run out.

The best part about the Pets at Play Nail Grinder is just how easy it is to use. It comes with a nail guard to keep your pet comfortable and safe. Plus it has a simple one-button operation allowing you to feel like a pro nail tech in no time.

You won't just save time with this grinder but money as well. With the time and money saved from the Pets at Play Grinder, you and your pet can spend more time enjoying the finer parts of life like a paw massage or warm and relaxing paw bath.


- Professional Style Trimmer
- Quiet And Smooth Motor
- Super Fast At 10,000 RPM
- Safe And Comfortable
- For Use On Dogs, Cats, Even People
- Nail Guard Protects Pet
- Easy One-Button Operation
- Compact And Portable
- Uses Two AA Batteries (not included)
- Two Different Style Grits, Medium And Fine
- Many Pets Are Most Comfortable With This Model
- Dimensions: 6.87" X 1.25"

5 Stars  My dog likes it while hating all others! 
My dog is a blood hound and hates those loud dremels. I bought this because it says its quiet and oh boy is it! My dog doesnt mind this thing because it is so smooth and quiet. It is also really easy to use!

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