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Atomi Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Atomi Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Atomi Bluetooth Shower Speaker
Atomi Bluetooth Shower Speaker
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The Rechargeable Atomi Bluetooth Shower Speaker brings an end to soft and muffled music while in the bathroom or shower.

What Is The Best Shower Speaker?

According to consumers, the most important features to have are clear and crisp sound, sturdy mounting options, water-resistant technology, and good battery life. These are some of the main reasons we love the Atomi Shower Speaker.

The sound quality is great thanks to the special housing design that amplifies and directs the audio out for maximum sound coverage. Plus, unlike other shower speakers, this model has a large suction cup (almost the size of the speaker) to ensure the speaker stays exactly where you put it.

IPX4 Water-Resisant Rating Atomi uses advanced water-resistant technology that actually will push and vibrate water out and away from the speaker. The battery life is also impressive with a total of 8 hours of play on a single charge.

How Do I Use A Shower Speaker?

The Atomi Shower Speaker is user-friendly with just four buttons to navigate. The "phone button" has a dual purpose as the power button and a call/answer button. Other buttons include play/pause, and volume control. To help conserve battery life, this unit will auto-shutoff after two minutes of inactivity. Charging can be done with the included Mirco-USB cord. Just pull back the waterproof cover over the port on the side of the speaker.


- 3W Crisp And Clear Speaker
- Special Housing Amplifies Audio
- 8-Hour Battery Life (3-Hrs To Charge)
- Water Resistant Technology (IPX4 Rated)
- Large Suction Cup For Study Mounting
- Easy To Use (4-Buttons)
- Sleek Design And Color
- Onboard Microphone For Calls
- Control Music From Inside The Shower
- Latest Bluetooth Technology Work Up To 33Ft Away
- Listen To Music, Audiobooks, Or Videos During Your Morning Routine
- Dimensions: 3.5" X 3.5" X 2"

5 Stars  Atomi Shower Speaker is the A Bomb 
Many years ago, I had a battery-operated shower radio which worked sporadically so I was a bit uncertain as to whether or not to try another shower device of any kind, however, your price for a Bluetooth shower speaker was too enticing to pass up. Im very happy that I decided to give another one a try because this shower music maker is fantastic. I know it has other capabilities but as a speaker that works off of my computers Bluetooth capability, it has been more than I could have expected. Its suction installment process works great. Once its on, its not going anywhere unless you want to move it. Great product!

5 Stars  great speaker for a great price 
I love this speaker! It works great. The battery life is decent and it recharges quickly. The suction cup holds it very securely. I love that I can finally hear the music and podcasts from my phone clearly while in the shower.

5 Stars  Love this speaker! 
Easy to use and setup. Perfect solution for listening to music, podcasts etc in the shower.

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Video: Atomi Bluetooth Shower Speaker

The Rechargeable Atomi Bluetooth Shower Speaker brings an end to soft and muffled music while in the bathroom or shower.
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