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Farpoint Alkaline Premium Plus AA Batteries - 8-Pack

Farpoint Alkaline Premium Plus AA Batteries - 8-Pack

Farpoint Alkaline Premium Plus AA Batteries - 8-Pack
Farpoint Alkaline Premium Plus AA Batteries - 8-Pack
Your Price: $4.99
Compare at: $9.99  (50% off)

AA Battery Bundle: Best Value for Longer Life

Get 8 AA Premium Plus Alkaline Batteries from Farpoint.

These batteries are reliable for giving the devices that you use every day the premium power they need. Great for flashlights, toys, remote controls, cameras, and more.

They are mercury and cadmium free, leak proof up to 2 years, and have a 10 year life (in storage).

At this price, make sure you pick up a bunch! We also have a matching set of 8 AAA Batteries Here.


- 8 Alkaline Premium Plus AA Batteries
- Replaces all AA size batteries
- 1.5 Volts Battery, LR03, AM4
- Mercury and Cadmium Free
- Leak Proof up to 2 years
- 10 Year Life (in storage)
- Great for flashlights, toys, remote controls, and more

5 Stars  batteries 
great price

5 Stars  Surprise Long Lasting Power 
I bought 3 packs of these because it was Pulse TV offering them. I have always been happy with their prices and the quality items they offer daily!

5 Stars  Snow is coming 
These are on had in case of the unexpected power outage

5 Stars  Perfect fit 
Bought these as a gift to go with one of your can openers. My friend in Vermont is super happy!

5 Stars  Excellent items 
Fast Shipment and good merchandise

5 Stars  Farpoint AA batteries 
good to keep on hand for hair removers

3 Stars  Works great 
I use the tv tuner all day going from channel to channel plus pausing sound often so it does not last long.

5 Stars  Farpoint AA batteries 
these are wonderful for the remove facial hair item

5 Stars  Good deal 
What can you say about batteries except you seem to need them for everything? Especially this size. Now I have some back ups for a great price.

5 Stars  Satisfied 
They work fine and fit into a device purchased from PulseTV that. would not accommodate the brand of batteries I bought elsewhere.

5 Stars  Good price 
Always need AA Batteries this was a good price and they fit the bill...

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