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Sous Vide Power Precision Cooker Deluxe with Cooking Rack

Sous Vide Power Precision Cooker Deluxe with Cooking Rack

Sous Vide Power Precision Cooker Deluxe with Cooking Rack
Sous Vide Power Precision Cooker Deluxe with Cooking Rack
Your Price: $34.99
Compare at: $125.00  (72% off)
- Perfectly Cooked Meat, Edge to Edge
- Retains Moisture
- No Overcooking
- Make Healthier Meals with Less Fat, Oils, Salt

Ensure even cooking for the moistest, most flavorful meals with a technique used in fancy kitchens all around the world. The Power Precision Cooker uses the sous vide method of slow-cooking sealed meals in perfectly regulated hot water.

Unlike traditional methods of cooking in an oven or frying pan, you'll not only get uniform doneness throughout a piece of meat, but you won't overcook anything either!

Just place your food inside a jar or any sealed plastic bag (that you already have), drop it in your pot or cooking vessel of choice, and clip the Power Precision Cooker to the side. Select your time and temperature settings with the scroll wheel and let it be. The wand heats, circulates, and constantly monitors the water temperature.

What kind of things can you make? Here's just a few from the included recipe book: delicious burgers, herb-infused turkey, beef short ribs, poached salmon, even ice cream. Here's a tip: while you'll definitely get even cooking edge to edge, you may find yourself missing a crunchy exterior of something like a steak. Just sear the meat for a little bit right before serving for maximum taste.

This method uses less salts, fats, and oils for healthier meals. It's also great for anyone with allergies or taste preferences. Since you're cooking in individual bags, each pouch meal can cook at the same time. The included 6 shelf cooking rack helps keep them in place.

Cleanup is always a breeze just wipe and dry it off after use! Toss or reuse your plastic bags holding the actual food, and don't worry about tons of pots and pans to scrub and wash out.

Note: pot not included. Use any size pot or suitable cooking vessel you already have. Keep your cooking vessel on a heat-safe surface or trivet while cooking.

Tech Specs:
- Adjustable Time/Temperature Settings
- Light Up Touch Digital Display
- Removable Stainless Steel Skirt
- Water Circulator Pump
- Low Water Alert
- 4ft Power Cord
- 120V, 50/60HZ, 800W
- Dimensions: 2.3in x 4.5in x 15in

Features & Benefits:
- Clips right onto Any Pot or Cooking Vessel
- Cook Multiple Foods or Meals at Once
- Food Cooks Moist, Evenly, Not Overdone
- Doesn't Require Constant Supervision
- Prepare Restaurant-Quality Food at Home
- Safe; No Fire/Flames Or Stovetop Required
- Use Less Fats and Oils for Healthier Cooking
- Easy Cleanup - Only One Pot Cleanup!
- Includes Quick Start Guide, Instructions, 50 Page Recipe Book
- Manufacturer 60 Day Warranty

5 Stars  Oh WOW 
Just like everyone else, I have been blown away by this sous vide. Fantastic. Tonight I made a salmon filet and in the bag with it, I put halved grape tomatoes and a mixture of dijon mustard, a bit of mayo, fat-free cream, fresh ground pepper, and dried dill. When it was done, I put it over linguini and it was a meal fit for a queen me. The miraculous part of this is that I couldnt get to the kitchen to remove the bag once the timer said it was done and in fact 3 hrs went by after the beeps before I could get to the kitchen but lo and behold it was STILL perfectly cooked. I saw in the instructions that it could be held and served anytime after it was done with no overcooking whatsoever, but now Ive seen it for myself and Im a believer! Tomorrow, pork chops, yummm.

5 Stars  Impressive 
The Sous Vide Cooker is as promised. Cooked a 6 lb. turkey breast for sons birthday. It was the best turkey we have ever tasted. Cooked to perfection, so moist & tender. Even using left over slices for turkey sandwiches, days later- wasnt dried out & still so tender. Cant wait to try other meats & veggies!

5 Stars  Chuck steak tastes like filet mignon! 
Used this cooker to cook a chuck steak vacuum sealed, just some salt, pepper and some onion flakes. Cooked for 36 hours on 140 degrees. This breaks down the toughness the meat was delicious! Tender and pink thought...done perfectly! Next pork loin.

5 Stars  Works great 
The heater works great. Just as advertised. The food rack is a bit delicate and I suggest you superglue it together to cut down on frustration. You will probably need to acquire a 20 qt. pot or tank as most home kitchens dont have one that big. Should be between $20-$30 depending on where and what you buy. The results are fantastic but PLAN AHEAD.

5 Stars  perfect steak 
I have grilled, BBQd, Fried steak, little skeptical initially - BUT i followed instructions - set my Sous Vide to 135 - put my steak in and 1 hr later it was perfectly dark pink - then finished on my cast iron pan with butter and garlic- amazing! and no cleanup needed for Sous Vide. cant wait for next meal. Easy setup too.

5 Stars  Sous Vide Power Cooker 
Good value at the price, cooks as described. Makes great chicken and pork chops. Havent tried anything else yet.

5 Stars  My oldest son uses my unit all the time! 
My son loves to cook and this makes it so easy! Just put in the pot with water and youre done!

5 Stars  Excellent 
Considering the comparatively low price, I did not hold high expectations for this product. After trying it with a T-bone, salmon and steelhead, I can say I am more than satisfied. My only recommendation is to follow the advice in the cookbook and sear your meat or fish after the sous vide cycle finishes.

Q: What kind of bags do I use?
A: Any kind of resealable snap-seal plastic baggies like Ziploc-brand bags, vacuum sealed bags, or even some reusable silicone bags will work.

Q: What kind of cooking vessel should I use?
A: Nearly any size pot, thick plastic restaurant food containers, or we've even seen some coolers used with the Power Precision Cooker. Just make sure the water level rests between the minimum and maximum indicators on the unit.

Since the goal is slow-cooking, the maximum temperature output is 194 degrees. So no matter what happens, the water and cooking vessel won't get any hotter than that. You still may wish to place a trivet or make sure your vessel is on a heat-safe material prior to cooking.

Q: Why does my steak look gray?
A: Slow cooking means you'll get the same doneness edge-to-edge, meaning you won't see the characteristic grill marks, or dark crunchy exterior you're used to with steaks. Searing your meats in a hot skillet after cooking will give them the right look and caramelized exterior.

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Ensure even cooking for the moistest, most flavorful meals with a technique used in fancy kitchens all around the world. The Power Precision Cooker uses the sous vide method of slow-cooking sealed meals in perfectly regulated hot water.
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