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Hoover Air Cordless / Bagless Deluxe 2-in-1 Vacuum

Hoover Air Cordless / Bagless Deluxe 2-in-1 Vacuum

Hoover Air Cordless / Bagless Deluxe 2-in-1 Vacuum
Hoover Air Cordless / Bagless Deluxe 2-in-1 Vacuum
Your Price: $89.99
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The Hoover Air Cordless 2-in-1 covers quick cleanups with powerful performance and advanced versatility: all without the hassle of messy cords! The vacuum is powered by a rechargeable 20 Volt LithiumLife Battery Technology, with a built-in power indicator. With a full charge and continuous run time, the battery will last for 15-25 minutes.

Advanced WindTunnel 2 Suction Technology removes surface debris and deep-down embedded dirt. It instantly adapts to carpet or hard flooring with the touch of a button, and the lightweight design maneuvers around furniture and tight spaces with ease.

Weighing just under 7 pounds, use it as an easily-steerable upright vacuum with built-in LED headlight for your floors. Then use the removable hand vac with crevice tool or motorized Turbo Tool to clean couches, stairs, the car, and hard to reach places.

There's no replacement bags to buy; just shake out the dirt cup into the trash.

- Cordless / Bagless Design
- 20 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery for powerful performance
- Includes 1 Lithium-Ion Battery charger
- WindTunnel 2 Technology Provides Powerful Cleaning Suction
- Removable Hand Vac for Quick, Easy Cleaning
- Multi-Floor Electronic Brushroll Instantly Switches from Carpet to Hard Floors
- Contains 2 Easy-Rinse Filters
- Motorized Turbo Tool powerfully picks up hair on furniture, stairs, and more
- Maneuvers around furniture, corners and tight spaces with ease
- 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
- Dirt Cup Capacity: 0.7 Liters
- Upright Vac Weight: 6.9lbs
- Upright Vac Dimensions: 44in x 10in x 8.25in

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is only available for shipping in the contiguous 48 states. Any other orders will be cancelled.

4 Stars  Hoover Air Cordless/Bagless Deluxe 2-1 Vacuum 
Like this vacuum but the battery does not last too long and has to be recharged often.

5 Stars  Nice 
Works just how I want it to work.

5 Stars  Great Value 
Great cordless vacuum for the price.

5 Stars  Pleasently Surprised 
Has more suction than I expected from a cordless. The battery life seems to be very good. I like the light weight and the detachable unit for furniture and stairs

5 Stars  Hoover air cordless/baless vacuum 
I purchased the first cordless hoover several years ago. Wheels fell off. Its old charger and batteries work in this new hoover - which is just as great but with better wheels. Still using the canister portion of that older wheel-less machine. Luv the lighted pathway, ease of cleaning it up after vacuuming. Light weight, agility. Great machine. I also have a very old canister Hoover - just too heavy to use anymore. Still works great.

5 Stars  You will love it 
No bending no broom or dustpan 2 dogs 1 cat does everything a shark vac does but smaller and lighter

The unit is outstanding, would purchase again and recommend it to all of my friends .

5 Stars  Great 
Works great! 2 in one ready when you need it! I almost bought another for my mother, but I just bought her the Shark Ultimate for Christmas!

Works extremely well

4 Stars  Great bang for the buck 
Lightweight easy to manuver. Battery holds enough charge for family room and stairs- good enough for us. careful not to orient filter in 180 degrees backwords. Good for light to medium duty. We have minimal carpeting. Wife loves the couch/stairs vacuum.

3 Stars  Good for lite cleaning 
Works well except for corners and where the wall meets the floor.

5 Stars  Thought it was a toy first 
My house has hardwood floors all over except for my bedroom which has a rug, this little thing works wonders on both floors and whats more I use the power brush to vacuum my German Shepherds hair every night and she enjoys the brush and gets cleaned from all the pet dander over all it is great.

5 Stars  Nice Vacuum 
Seems to have nice power and cleans well

5 Stars  Just what she wanted 
My wife had wanted a cordless vacuun for some time, so when this became available I could not let it pass. My wife loves it and the fact that it has the option to go to a hand held was just what she wanted. It is used often by me also.

3 Stars  great clean up 
Batterys charge goes out pretty quickly it does not last long

2 Stars  I must be spoiled by our Electrolux 
Bought this based on the reviews and for the changeable battery, while it is a great hand vac it just doesnt have enough suction/air flow to pick up cat litter on bare floors as a stick vac. Our Electrolux 12 volt can do it without the beater bar on but its dying after 4 years and the battery is not replaceable.

5 Stars  5 Stars because there is no 6! 
Lightweight, easy to use, easy to turn, no power cords, works great!! I bought this for the Main floor of our Home because we were tired of lugging our current Vacuum Cleaner up and down the stairs! I plan to purchase another one of these when that one conks out!

5 Stars  Love it 
I now have three of the Hoover Air Cordless vacuums. I have two homes snowbird and got one for my niece. The pickup never ceases to amaze me! My only complaint is it should come with a second charger as it does not last much more than 20 minutes.

5 Stars  VA-VA-Va-VACUUM! 
I purchased this vacuum for quick pickups in the kitchen instead of using a broom and dust pan. I am so impressed with its power and cleaning ability. It traps everything so there is no more airborne dust and the dirt collection cup is simple to dump. No more fear of not getting to the garbage can without tipping the dustpan onto the floor. Then I tried it on my hardwood floors and it performed so well I am purchasing a second battery to lightly clean the rest of the house instead of sweeping. I highly recommend this mighty mite of a vacuum!

5 Stars  Hoover with a Hoover 
Easy to operate. More suction than I expected. Only drawback is the length of time to charge the battery. Battery does last about 2 hours on a charge. Love the lift off hand-vac option!

2 Stars  Battery life way too short 
I like the weight and it being cordless. Can do at max two rooms with it and maybe a hall. If you charge the battery and dont use it for a while, the battery still wont work. It is very difficult to take apart to use hand vac and to clean and put it together correctly. Directions on how to do it were bad. Then yesterday, turned it on, couldnt start it at the vacuum handle part, but the button for hand vac would turn on. Had to take the whole thing apart to get it to work. I really wanted to love this.

5 Stars  Powerful Suction 
Long lasting battery. Excellant powerful pickup.

5 Stars  Hoover Cordless 
We really like this vacuum. Its light, powerful, easy to use and easy to empty. We have some Electrolux cordless vacuums that arent near to being as powerful. We were also very pleased with the fair price.

4 Stars  HOOVER VAC. 

5 Stars  Works Great 
I have a small cottage with indoor outdoor carpet this little guy was just what I needed to keep it clean. Converting it to a hand vac is easy & the rotary brush tool works great on the furniture and dog bed. Works well on bare floors too. Battery life is as stated - 15 min. So if you need more time definitely invest in a spare battery. I love it for my needs!

5 Stars  Great Cordless Vacuum 
Great cordless vacuum, swivel head is nice plus option of using brush or not. Battery time is short but for spot cleaning I love it!

5 Stars  Hoover Air Cordless vacuum 
Received middle of December. We have a Lab that sheds a lot and this vac does an excellent job picking up all the dog hair. Works much better than our built in vac system or our rhoomba.

2 Stars  Hoover stick vacuum 
This is not what I expected. I was looking for a light vacuum because of shoulder problems. The hand vacuum is good, but I have one of those already. As a vacuum it doesnt pick things as well as my small battery operated shark carpet sweeper and the battery only lasts about 20 minutes before needing reharging. The recharging takes several hours, so I cant do all my rooms at one time.

5 Stars  My Hoover Cordless vacum 
My hoover cordless vacuum is perfect for me. Im in a normal size apartment. So I dont need 1 of those expensive vacuum that cost over $500. Besides, I cannot afford one. Ive had it for about a month so far and used it more then my old corded vac. I joke that it is my early Xmas gift but it truly is a great gift to myself.

4 Stars  It works well for small jobs 
Purchased this 20 V Lithium Ion battery operated vacuum cleaner/Dustbuster to vacuum a carpeted stair case and small areas in our bonus room where we drop food bits while eating on TV trays. I used this for the first time yesterday and it worked very well - it was easy to maneuver and light weight to lift onto the stairs and it picked up the particulates on the stairs very well, as it did on the carpeted floor in the bonus room. The small capture cup was almost full of lint and stuff picked up. My experience with 20 V LI batteries is they last long and work well in hand held power tools, like cordless drills. I was surprised that the battery only lasted for 10 to 15 minutes of continuous use, enough to complete task #1 but not enough battery time to vacuum a small tiled floor bathroom, my next task. This unit is great for small jobs, and as a handheld Dustbuster, but dont expect it to replace a corded vacuum cleaner to do an entire house, because it wont. Im glad I didnt expect it to, but my wife did. 5 stars for performance, reduced to 4 stars because of the shot battery life operating time. Did I mention that it is somewhat slow to charge? Guess not, but it is slow. The first charge took overnight, the recharge somewhat less.

5 Stars  Great little vac 
This unit does a great job, love the head light and gets into tight spaces. I already have ordered another for my RV.

5 Stars  does the job 
vacuums floor well and battery lasts for complete clean up

5 Stars  Love my Hoover cordless sweeper ! 
We love this sweeper and the site is very easy to use and the shipping was very prompt. Thank you

4 Stars  Cordless Vac 
Works well, but as with most cordless products, could use more power.

5 Stars  Perfect size vaccum 
Bought this vaccum for my 88 year old dad. It is the right size and weight for what he needs. Easy to empty and for doing small areas as well

4 Stars  dusty 
This machine is loud but picks up litter very well. It also blows dust out of the exhaust. A lot of dust. The battery lasts a long time and the charger is great. Cleaning it out is messy too, I do it outside. I guess Ill have to learn how use it better.

5 Stars  Finally...a vacuum that does everything!! 
Ive been waiting for this vacuum for a long time! Its light, easy to use, cordless, no bag, filtered, has both a beater brush on the upright and an attachment for the on-board hand held! I can do my whole store on one charge in less than half the time it used to take me. Bought one for home that is great for pet hair on the wood floors and furniture! A bargain at the price I paid.

5 Stars  Love my Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum 
For many, many years, I have wanted a CORDLESS vacuum cleaner! I recently spent $599 for Neato Robot Vac and $500 for a Dyson Vac. The Neato is cordless, of course, but is not as efficient in its picking up dust as I would like. The Dyson is AGGRAVATING with the cord I have to constantly unplug and move with me. I TRULY LOVE my Hoover Cordless vac that was a BARGAIN through Pulsetv.com<3<3<3

5 Stars  Buy it now 
Finest thing since sliced bread.

5 Stars  Hoover vacuum 
It works great, just what I need.

5 Stars  It SUCKS 
Great little cordless, bought an extra battery for convenience. Im ditching my Dyson that shuts off all the time.

5 Stars  Love it! 
I bought it for our motor home and it fits perfect! You can reach everywhere with all the attachments!

5 Stars  Hoover 2 in 1 vacuum is super! 
I have an older Hoover cordless that works well, but this model has the removable hand vacuum which is easily accessed for couches, the car, etc. The vac head rotates smoothly and lays flat to easily slip under furniture. Its a great design and the battery lasts sufficiently. The price of vac was good and I am pleased with the product! I thank Plus TV for great customer service! Upon arrival of the vacuum, the battery would not charge and they immediately sent out another battery.

3 Stars  Hoover cordless/bagless 
Being used to vacuums that have cords I have to get used to the battery life between charges. When you think about it 15-25 minutes isnt very long when vacuuming. I am also used to being able to use a brush attachment and vacuum high up in corners of the walls which you really cant do with this model. Some of those negatives dont take into account the ease of use of this device. Its great for quick clean ups and quite maneuverable. It wont replace your powerful device for really deep cleaning your carpet, but it does an adequate job and is a snap to use. Its worth the inexpensive price and more.

5 Stars  Hoover Deluxe 2-in-1 vacuum 
very happy with my Hoover vacuum. Its lightweight, easy to use, and it gets the job done

5 Stars  Hoover vacuum 
I could not be happier. It is absolutely EXCELLENT I highly recommend it!

5 Stars  Very handy! 
The Hoover is a very handy, very functional unit. It works great as a maintenance type of vacuum that is easy to clean up daily spills or nature that the dog drags in. The battery has enough juice to give the whole houses a once over before recharging. Is it a deep cleaner? Not really. A corded vacuum can deep clean better and should be used occasionally. But the Hoover is great on stairs and touch-ups, and quick onceovers, thus reducing the need to bring out the heavy, bagged, corded monster.

5 Stars  Works Great 
Nice Machine

5 Stars  Clean Sweep! 
We are enjoying our light weight, clean sweeper. Good for all floors, and furniture with the hand held mode. The original battery didnt work but Pulse sent another asap. Thanks Pulse!

5 Stars  Handy Dandy 
Unit works as advertised, really handy for small jobs, batt lasts good

5 Stars  Hoover Light Weight Cordless 
Love this little vacuum. Bought it for my RV. Needed the light weight and compact size. Works great.

5 Stars  Perfect For Smaller Homes 
This model may not be the best choice as a primary vacuum for large or multi-level homes or offices, but for smaller homes like mine [3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms] it is an excellent solution. Extremely light weight, it is easy to handle even for seniors. The articulated low-profile head makes maneuvering into corners and under furniture quick and easy. The dual-LED headlamp actually lights up the floor in front very effectively. Admittedly, this vacuum does not provide enough suction to pick up big steel marbles. But I bought it to pick up dust and dirt and crumbs and insects, and for those it works very nicely indeed. The bagless dirt cup and washable reusable filters eliminate those costly replacement items. The cordless design means you can move from room to room without the constant plugging and unplugging, and you never have to deal with the hassle of running over a cord or swapping it from one side to the other. This unit is so convenient and easy to use that I can vacuum the entire house in under 15 minutes [the rated run time of the battery]. The motor module can be removed instantly for use as a hand vacuum, and a crevice nozzle and powered brush upholstery tool are included. The dust cup can be emptied in just seconds. If you need a high power vacuum for heavy-duty uses or large areas, then go and spend $300 to $500. But for under $100, this handy little rechargeable vacuum is one sweet cleaning tool for smaller homes.

5 Stars  Freedom from cord, lightweigt, steerable 
Great little machine but youve got 20 minutes to complete the job. If you have a small space youre fine. Otherwise breakup the job into two sessions or get a second battery. It takes 8-9 hours to recharge. Put the charging battery where you can see it and when the blue light goes out its charged. $90 is cheaper than Amazon. This makes vacuuming so much easier because youre not constantly throwing the cord around when you maneuver.

4 Stars  Hoover Air Cordless 
I like it a lot. It is very convenient. It is not as powerful as a canister vac so, you have to go a little slower. Worth the money!!

4 Stars  Easy Handling 
Unit is very versatile and easy to handle. Has good vacuum for its size.

4 Stars  Hoover Stick Vac 
We live in our motorcoach full time and this vacuum is perfect. Love the light on the bottom I can see everything that needs to be vacuumed, especially having pets. The only thing I think could be improved is the battery charge life. It appears to only be about 15 minutes. May need to buy a 2nd battery to always keeps one on the charger.

4 Stars  Great cordless vacuum cleaner 
Great cordless vacuum cleaner. Well designed with great functionality and utility. I did not give it 5 star rating due to suction power. I wish it had a bit better suction power. Additionally it takes quite a long while to fully recharge the battery. For that reason I wish it recharged faster or it came with two batteries. Nonetheless, a very good and useful product!

5 Stars  Nice little machine 
I love this little champ !

5 Stars  The Best 
For the price, this vacuum is the best and I love the light on the front which highlights a the hair on a tile floor from my dogs. Its easy to use and keeps a charge in the battery for a lot longer than I thought.

5 Stars  Hoover Cordless 
Love the flexibility of the cordless and bag-less vacuum. Plus the datable mini-vac is awesome.

4 Stars  Thanks 
This was a newer model of a vacuum I purchased previously. I have been very happy with with mine so I bought one for my granddaughter.

5 Stars  Love it! 
At 84 yrs old with shortness of breath and a problem back, my regular vacuum was wearing me out - not to mention I have 6 cats who shed so it requires frequent vacuuming. Ordered this vacuum only to discover the battery or perhaps the charger included was no good. Called Pulse tv and the lovely lady said she would send out a new battery and charger. They arrived and I can now vacuum with ease, no pain, quickly, no cords, etc. I looooooove it.

4 Stars  Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum 
This is a great vacuum. Lightweight and easy to use. It is not meant to be the vacuum you use to thoroughly clean a large house because of battery life 15 min with brush running & you have to empty it often otherwise 5 stars. I really recommend buying the Hoover extended life battery! It increases your run time to about 25 minutes!

5 Stars  Extremely Satisfying Experience 
I have area rugs in every room and the Hoover does the job. It also works well on hard wood floors. Its light and very convenient....exactly what I wanted.

3 Stars  Its okay 
I bought this to use on my hard floors in the kitchen and living room, and for that it works well. Also I bought it for its handheld capability, and for that, it works well too. The only problem is that the battery does not last very long, and takes all day to recharge. For me, that is a big drawback for this product.

5 Stars  good design 
good design doesnt clog up all the time like a Shark Navigator. Very powerful handheld. Easy to use.

5 Stars  Hoover Air Cordless 
The vacuum is great. Its very light weight and easy to operate. Its got great power and the battery lasts a long time. Best of all, it has no cord.

5 Stars  Convenience and versatility 
Easy to use. Swivel and light makes cleaning in tight areas a snap. Detachable hand vac is a great feature.

5 Stars  Easy to handle 
Great little vacuum, I use it to pick up the spilled sand from the litter box. Very easy to handle, light, LOVE IT. Perfect performance for my needs. I wouldnt use it to vacuum the house, but for regular dirt, sand or small areas, it is perfect. I thought that the light in the front was a gimmick, but when picking up sand, it is perfect to be able to see the small granules on the wooden floor with the extra light as it produces a shadow on the particles to vacuum.

5 Stars  Great Cordless Bagless Vacuum 
Works great, albeit, its only been use on wood floors so far. Delivered as promised!!!

4 Stars  Excellent Performance 
Battery is difficult to remove from vacuum and especially from the charger. No indicator for battery usage.

5 Stars  So convenient! 
I love it. Its great for fast cleanups!

5 Stars  Review Hoover Cordless Vac 
Since we received the Hoover Cordless it has taken a special place in our daily cleaning. Very versatile and easy to use.

5 Stars  You Will See My Name Below 
I just finished vacuuming 10 minutes ago!! We have an 1800 sq ft lake house. Bought one for both floors. Best vacuum we have ever bought. Extremely well designed and versatile. Price is right!!!

5 Stars  Love it! 
I just purchased this vacuum. While I agree with others that the battery life is too short and the charging time is too long, I love the way it picks up pet hair. The filter does a wonderful job of cleaning the exhaust air. I fill up the collection cup often with hair. I dont think it does a deep cleaning of dirt in the carpet, but it sure picks up the hair. I really like that it is light weight and smaller than a regular vacuum because I can get it in areas and under furniture where my regular upright vacuum wont fit. Color me satisfied.

4 Stars  Use it all the time! 
Great for quick pick-ups. I use it in my sunroom and doorwall entrances which is a high traffic area for my dog. It picks up the seeds from outside, and pet fur very well. I have lots of trees and flower beds on my property, so my dog brings in seeds, leafy pieces and stems from outside... . Its my go-to vacuum, light weight, love the little light on the front, the battery lasts long enough for what I use it for, I get probably 2 uses per charge. Easy to empty. I love it! And I recommend it for quick clean ups. But its definately not a deep cleaning vacuum. I use my canister for that. Very handy, Im so glad I bought it.

4 Stars  Pretty nice vacuum 
This sweeper picks up well but the battery doesnt last long enough and takes a long time to charge

5 Stars  Very helpful device 
We are very pleased with the performance of this light weight mobile vacuum. It is easy to use and holds a charge!

5 Stars  Bought a second! 
We live on the lake and have a dog. Floors are wood and tile. This is the best vacuum we have ever found!! Keep it charged and every couple days do a quick cleaning. Superb. Bought a second for upstairs. Very light and well-engineered.

5 Stars  Hoover cordless vac 
It is a great vac ,light ,easy to use. It has about 15 min of charge. It was a great price a second battrie cost about the same,I should of bought two.

5 Stars  Bagless Vacuum 
This Vacuum is outstanding and great for people living in apartments or a tiny house. I use this vacuum in my Mobil Home. Excellent!!

5 Stars  Hoover Air Cordless/Bagless 2in1 vacuum 
I LOVE this vacuum! Its light, easy to clean and does the job.

5 Stars  Good specialty tool 
This was a gift for my wife who is very much an aficionado of vacuum cleaners. To her, this is a specialty vacuum. While it can perform main vacuuming it is better suited for touch up specialty jobs. You should see the small powered scrubber work on the cat. It is a sight. Cat rather got into it after a time. It also works well on already shed cat hair and in crevices and such. All in all she is pleased with the cleaner and has already put it to good use.

5 Stars  great American product 
excellent American product, no need to buy dyson, for quality at a fair price

4 Stars  Great Product, but 
I love the vacuum, it works and runs great. Very easy to maneuver with the swivel vac and the fact that you can remove the mini vac with its own beater attachment,but Im disappointed with the battery life and the amount of time it takes to recharge it. It would be a super product if it came with 2 batteries.

5 Stars  Hoover 
This is great but I would like a battery that last longer. The one it came with doesnt last but for 1 room. Do you have one to sell

5 Stars  light weight, works great! 
I purchased this to pick up kitty litter and cat hair on my tile. Its great for a small job like that. You can not run this for long periods of time, or use it in lieu of a regular vacuum for the whole house. Hand vac did a good job of removing cat hair from my upholstered chairs. Love the headlights .... really helps to see what is on the floor. Plan to use the hand vac in my car as well. For small jobs in between cleanings, this works great.

5 Stars  Cordless vacuum - amazing 
Absolutely love the ease of using this vacuum and love the easy access to removable hand vac! No bags to remove! Lightweight and so manuverable!

4 Stars  A great deal 
Received it intact - easy to setup and understand. Lithium Batter is has plenty of power. Really handy for quick cordless cleanups after meals etal. Spare battery is suggested. Supplied battery is good for about 15min - spares available for $50-70 - higher capacity 75 minutes on line - I got one. Love it- might get a second one if still onsale.

3 Stars  2n1 vac 
Lite weight, easy to handle but doesnt pick up dog hair very well. Like the fact has the hand held vac. This is an upgraded swiffer. Would give it a better rating if it would pick up the dog hair instead of dog hair just staying on the floor brush.

5 Stars  Its all you said it would be. 
Wonderful product. Can clean my house on one charge. Thank you.

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