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Night Beam Solar and Motion Activated Outdoor Security Light
Night Beam Solar and Motion Activated Outdoor Security Light
Night Beam Solar and Motion Activated Outdoor Security Light
Night Beam Solar and Motion Activated Outdoor Security Light
Night Beam Solar and Motion Activated Outdoor Security Light

Night Beam Solar and Motion Activated Outdoor Security Light

Night Beam Solar and Motion Activated Outdoor Security Light

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Brightness Unmatched in a Solar Motion and Light Sensor Activated Out Light...

Installing automatic outdoor lighting is one of the best things you can do to keep bad guys away. It's also comforting to pull up to your home and have a light turn on.

We're happy to bring you one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add bright motion activated outdoor lighting with the Night Beam Solar and Motion Activated Outdoor Security Light.

This super bright light boasts the latest in LED technology, this features bright white COB, LEDs. Each panel delivers a light so bright you'll say "WOW"!

Installation is a breeze! Mount it anywhere it can get about 8 hours of daylight. No wires or tools needed!

Perfect for doorways, walkways, driveways, garages, paths, yards, gardens, decks, around sheds and any place you want to add light.

At night, it turns on automatically with a low level light, and it turns up to super bright when it detects motion. It takes only 8 hours to fully charge, so it is ideal for those short winter days and long winter nights.

Brightness that lasts a long time! In just eight hours the high quality solar panel charges the internal battery enough to light in low mode for up to 40 hours and in super bright mode for 3 hours.

- Never come home to a dark entryway, garage, walkway and more...
- Easy Installation... NO ELECTRICIAN NEEDED!
- Solar Powered... Never Needs Batteries
- LED Lights last over 100,000 hours... years and years and years!
- 2 Brightness modes
- Super Bright White COB, LEDs
- Super Bright 750 Lumens at full illumination
- Color temperature: 6500K
- Turns on with low beam light at night
- Automatically turns BRIGHT when motion is detected
- Infrared sensor detects motion up to 20 feet away
- Light sensor... only turns on when dark
- Turns SUPER BRIGHT MODE off about 20 seconds after no motion detected
- Casts a strong light up to 15 feet
- Mounting Hardware Included
- Super Bright, Long-Lasting COB LED Lights
- Auto On/Off - off at daytime, on at night!
- Water and Weatherproof
- Durable Plastic Design
- Run Time: Full Brightness 3 hours; Half bright 40 hours
- Dimensions: 8in wide x 3.5 in deep

Review this item!

5 Stars  2 yrs Problem Free! 
I really hate Pulse doesnt have these right now. Hopefully they make a comeback. Ive had 2 of these mounted on the house for 2+ years now and they still function just as good as they did the day I hung them. Still really bright and the motion detection is still spot on. Not too sensitive that a passing car will turn it on. But sensitive enough that my 12 lb. dog will activate it when he trots under. I cant say enough about the durability. The weather here in NM is crazy and theyve held up great. We get 100 degree days with blazing sun in the Summer and 5 degree nights with ice in the winter. These things arent fazed one bit. Buy 3-4.

5 Stars  Works great even though I have a door awning 
I have an awning over my back door and up until now I have hesitated installing a light and motion activated light at the door so that I can see to put my key into the lock on the door. I have been afraid that it would not be possible to get enough sun light to the light to charge it due to the awning. However, I finally purchased this light and mounted it to the right of the awning near the bottom of the awning. It is working great even though it will be in the shadow of the awning 1/2 of each day. It is bright enough that I can see the key hole just fine even though the light is not directly over the keyhole

5 Stars  Works perfectly 
Easy to mount and works

5 Stars  Solar night security light 
Work great,easy to mount.A little bit pricey

5 Stars  Outdoor solar light 
I love the security light, it shines great. Thanks for the light

5 Stars  Very bright light 
This light works great, it seems to even charges on cloudy days, has 3 settings, two for brightness and off. I now have 5 installed in walkways around the house, lots of light.

4 Stars  Must have some light 
Must have some light I gave this a four star both units front and back in the house they work great as long as the suns out during the day but what is a cloudy day I could run out of juice and doesnt last all night with just ChainSawWorld daylight savings time we can go will see what happens so far so good for star

5 Stars  Wireless light 
This light works really well and mounts in seconds with no wiring It projects a really good amount of light

5 Stars  NIce and BRIGHT!! 
I have noticed that on cloudy days, the charge may not last very long at night... But a bright day usually works great! If after a few months, it stops working, chances are the batterys probably went bad... In that case, I would take the case off, look at batts & start googling or Amazon for new batteries... Replace them & will probably work for another long time... I really LIKE these... They are the best Ive had so far!!

5 Stars  Really bright 
This light is really bright and very reliable.

5 Stars  Easy install. Easy use 
This is just what I needed to add light to the entrance to our dog kennel. Its sensor detects at just the right time as I approach so that I can see the doorway. Its very bright so no one trips and I can see each of the dogs as they enter and exit the kennel. Thanks Pulsetv!

5 Stars  Night Beam Solar is GREAT 
Ive bought several solar lights, by far this one is the best. So easy to install and it works perfect. It gives off more than enough light to light up my entire deck and staircase. I will purchase more for back deck when its completed.


5 Stars  Night Beam Solar And Motion Activated Outdoor Security Light 
These work great!

5 Stars  Great solar lights! 
Awesome lights and bright too. Now I can keep an eye on my back yard. Great product will highly recommend.

4 Stars  Great at night, could be a bit brighter 
Works as expected, must be placed near sunlight.

5 Stars  Solar and motion activated security light 
This survived heat, freezing cold and a hurricane. It stays partly lit at night when unattended and then springs to light when there is motion. I bought several of these. Love it.

5 Stars  Good value 
I bought two units and Im completely satisfied with the quality and ease of installing. Perfect size for most locations. Excellent value for the price. Perfect for those out of the way spots where we could use a light in the dark but not have shining all night.

5 Stars  These Work Great 
An easy-to-install, motion detecting, bright solar powered light? Yes, please! These little guys put out a lot of light. Just held in place by two little screws. I have ten or so of them all around my house. Mounted one beneath the fence line so as not to bother the neighbors, and now the dogs have a lit back yard at night. Ive only had them a few months, so I cant comment on battery life, but these are well worth the money.

5 Stars  The lenght of day and placement are factors 
I started with one and now have three. I may invest in another if they remain available. This product saved me a lot of grief. Being a renter I was not savy to permenant installation. My first one is about a year old and is working fine. Duration is diminished by the short days of Winter as expected.

5 Stars  Delightfully surprising brightness buy only when needed 
Our church had dim wall lighting by the side of the front door that kept people from finding their keys when heading out to their cars after dark. This little unit packed a punch! No wiring and no batteries, but if we ever thought of solar as dim, we dont anymore! Even headlights from a car 25 feet away are enough to activate it. We mounted it with the hardware above the door, so the circle of light over the handicap ramp is massive. Highest rankings from a group of very satisfied people!

5 Stars  solar outdoor security light 
Love them!

4 Stars  1 didnt work 
Ive bought 4 2 orders Of 2. Placed first two over my churchs entry and they work really well, are very bright and secure the entry. My most recent purchase of two, the first did not work on my garage defective out of the box the 2nd one worked just fine. Emailed Pulsetv.com about defective light and they are sending me out a replacement. These are really great security lights and Ive had several church people comment on how well they work and light the entry when they approach.

2 Stars  security light 
upper solar panel becomes warped and separated from unit

5 Stars  Bright Light 
These are definitely bright

5 Stars  wonderful 
I how have five to these lights and maybe purchasing more

5 Stars  Great lights 
These lights light up my yard so I can see my little pups when theyre out at night. They are nice and bright.

Early days - I have only had these for a few weeks - but they are really bright and appear to be well made . . . time will tell!

4 Stars  motion light 
works great, but has poor mounting scheme . I had one pair come without mounting screws.

5 Stars  Best thing since sliced bread 
This is an amazing light that works great and well worth the money.

5 Stars  Works great 
The light is more than enough to illuminate the area and not too sensitive to motion

5 Stars  Excellent lights 
I LOVE these solar light the best I have owned, so far.

5 Stars  Great purchase 
Better than I thought. Very good product!

5 Stars  Solar light 

5 Stars  Better than advertised 
Installed them in a dark unsafe entrance and it made a world of difference. Bright lights cover a wide area and the motion detectors are most effective. Will buy more!

5 Stars  Pure sunshine 
Easy to install needed to soak up some sun for a day now up three weeks with 5 rainy days, still lighting when you approach it. Love it

5 Stars  Love these lights 
After we got our 1st two, we liked then so much we ordered 3 more. We dont have power at our barn, but now we can see it at night, and when coyotes come calling, the lights get brighter. Its also great to have it get brighter when we go down to feed!

5 Stars  solar light 
Best solar light Ive ever bought. I just bought my 3rd one. Lights up so I can see my dog in the yard when I let him out. Motion detector in the light is outstanding even my dog activates it.

5 Stars  Good Product 
I was impressed. It is a very good light. It is quite bright and works well.

5 Stars  Best Solar Light Ever! 
I have purchased 10 of these lights and would buy 10 more if I had a need for for them. In terms of light output and quality, you wont find a better item for the price. I HIGHLY recommend these to anyone and everyone!

2 Stars  Starts out great but doesnt last 
When first put up works great, the sensor works well and puts out a good amount of light. Bought two and 6 months later the one I put in my driveway for when car comes in doesnt work anymore. It slowly got dimmer and then just doesnt come on. The one I put in back yard to help illuminate when walking past at night after 4 months you have to get with 5ft and wave your hands as close as you can reach out to have come on. I just bought the new battery powered ones to replace. I think the solar panels on these lights are not made for the long hall. May work better if you just want out for specific events but leaving out all the time doesnt work well

5 Stars  works great 
I built our home a few years back and forgot to put a light over the address stone. This is perfect for my use. The home faces west. I shopped for a light, saw prices over $200. Thought about the wiring I would have to do and never did anything about it. Then saw your email. This thing goes on all by itself, gets brighter if your within 15 away from it and goes back to lower light level after a couple minutes Thank you PulseTV!

5 Stars  Bright! 
These really are authentic usable outdoor lights. Only one complaint they dont stay on long enough for my taste. Theyre installed on the north and west sides of the house. No problem with having sufficient power. Have to see what performance is like in December or January we live in SW Georgia.

4 Stars  Let there be light 
Just what we expected!

5 Stars  lights 
These lights are very bright, and they cover a lot of ground.

5 Stars  Excellent Value! 
Unlike most inexpensive solar lights, these are sturdily-built and provide tons of light. I have purchased 9 so far and, Im sure, more will be in my future. I highly recommend this product.....and Pulse TV as a reliable retailer.

5 Stars  I LOVE IT 
This security light was very easy to put up, My daughter and I did it with no problem. It really works.

4 Stars  Night Beam Solar security light 
This light has failed to charge on at least 3 or more times. It was hot, overcast and no rain. Other times it works fine. Should charge on gray days.

Does as advertised. Lights up sidewalk and back porch.

5 Stars  Great Little lights 
Gives just the right amount of light for our need.

5 Stars  Night Beam Solar and Motion Activated Outdoor Security Light 
Very bright and works good motion detector is very sensitive.

3 Stars  Doesnt give off as much light as I expected 
I am a little dissapointed in the amount of light they give off.

5 Stars  Great Gift 
I got them for my son who lives out of state. He loves them and intends to buy more.

5 Stars  Best outdoor security light 
Worked as advertised. Save money for using solar. I will recommend this to all my friends.

5 Stars  Solar Outdoor Security/Motion activated light 
Easy to install and works perfectly. After being bothered by unwanted guests sleeping under our windows for the last six months they have finally moved disliking the bright lights.

5 Stars  So easy 
So easy to install and it throws off so much light.

4 Stars  Bright lights, good deal 
I was surprised at how bright the lights are. Easily mounted above my garage door is a perfect application for these lights. I wish they stayed on for a little longer, but still a very good bargain.

5 Stars  Security lights 
we have them on our patio stairs they work great we have plenty of light directed on the stairs at night Love them no more tripping up or down the stairs. Happy Customer

5 Stars  Super bright 
I love these lights. I was skeptical, but they work so well, I ordered more for myself and for my mom. Installed them on the side of my house. My long driveway was pretty dark at night, but these really do the job. Highly recommended.

5 Stars  Solar motion activated security light 
So convenient to have lights that come on without the need to have an electrical connection. We can use them everywhere.

5 Stars  Great lites 
Lites give just enough lite in low lite setting and brighten area when we are near

4 Stars  Good Buy 
So far this is a real good product. Rain does not stop them from working. I purchased some lights prior and they did not last long. The only thing I would add to this product is a template to set up the screws.

5 Stars  Great light 
Its the best and brightest outdoor light Ive ever purchased.

5 Stars  Bright and lights large area 
I installed two of these above and on either side of our Church double door entrance from the parking lot. They do a great job for night entry and are just as advertised. Great product, hope it has a long lifespan.

5 Stars  Great unit 
This works better than expected. I fully charged it in a different area that gets 8-10 hrs sun. I then installed it in an area that only gets about 4-5 hrs of sun. It works like a charm.

5 Stars  - 
The night beam solar and motion is a great product. We use it as a replacement to our old light. We are impressed with the brightness it gives out with motion. Very satisfied with this purchase.

5 Stars  Solar Security Light 
I was very pleased with the results of this security light. It is much brighter than other solar security lights that I have at my home. I would recommend this product to others.

5 Stars  Bright lights!! 
Excellent light source. Solar powered. Lightweight and weather proof.

5 Stars  Finally a light 
We have no electricity in our barn. We put up 2 of these lights and love them. They are very bright and helpful.

5 Stars  Finally a light 
We have no electricity in our barn. We put up 2 of these lights and love them. They are very bright and helpful.

5 Stars  Night Beam Solar and Motion Activated Outdoor Security Light 
Bought four of these solar night lights and am so happy with them. Mounted three on a fence beside our house behind a separate garage we had built where there wasnt any lighting and one over our shed door. They put out a good amount of light and when activated, become very bright for a short period of time. They come on at dust and go off at dawn. Love them and highly recommend them although only had them for maybe 3 weeks or thereabouts. Worth the cost.

4 Stars  Night Beam Solar & Motion Security Light 
Works just as described. Very easy to install. Still burning when the sun comes up.


5 Stars  bright and shiny 
We needed something to light up our side door which most people use as the front door. This gets maybe 8 hours of sunlight during the day in April and stays on all night. It takes very little motion to trigger the bright light which is really bright. This is just what we needed.

5 Stars  Let There be Light 
Just great simple to install extreme lighting more than I expected

5 Stars  Looked too good to be true - BUT 
It is simplicity at its BEST. Two screws into the wall, hang the light, first night turn it on and Youre Done.. A simple motion light for hard to wire areas -- because its wireless!

5 Stars  Motion Light 
These light are great. Put them over my garage, it lights up just right.

4 Stars  Bright! 
Give off a bright florescent-type light. Doesnt stay on long without detecting movement. A little awkward to mount. Solar panels seem very efficient as 1 of my units gets little direct sunlight but still performs well.

5 Stars  Best Solar Light Ever 
I get solar lights often & this is absolutely the best light I have received to date. The light is so bright, it is amazing.

4 Stars  A Bright Idea 
Fairly easy installation, but why not design a product that you can see where it attaches to the wall, instead of hiding the holes in the back so you have to slide it around and hope that you put the screws in accurately? Otherwise, it works great! Very bright and reasonably sensitive to movement.

I have a very dark back yard with only a side deck light and needed some added security over my basement windows in case someone is creeping around my house. These are easy to install and superbright when motion is detected. After about 30 secs it dims to a lower light which is attractive. I feel safer in my home! Double great as security and curb appeal! Will purchase 3 more!

5 Stars  Excellent 
It works better than I thought it would. The brite light is very bright. When it goes dim, it is the perfect brightness for the night. and it stays on all night.I am glad I got 2 of them. The motion sensor works great also.

4 Stars  very bright 
Very bright a works well for my use. 5 stars if it had not been delivered with a loose battery and a broken screw down sleeve. Helps me to know when my dog is headed to the back door. Also gives me light to unlock my storage shed.

4 Stars  Night Beam Solar Security Light 
Its been in place for 4 days & seems to be functioning as advertised / Im inclined to buy 2 additional if your price is right including free shipping

These lights arrived quickly. Installation was a breeze. Loved them so much I ordered 4 more today. Would have given 5 stars, but there are no directions in the box to set the lights to turn on only from motion or on at dusk.

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