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No Bite Me - Your Before and After Bite Treatment Cream

No Bite Me - Your Before and After Bite Treatment Cream

No Bite Me - Your Before and After Bite Treatment Cream
No Bite Me - Your Before and After Bite Treatment Cream
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This No-Bite-Me Cream has been the manufacturers best-selling item since 1982 and that's because it really WORKS!

Take it camping or use it before and after any outdoor activity.

A blend of 16 essential oils including Cedar, Mint, Lemongrass, and Geranium oils, make for a scent that you will love but pesky bugs will hate.

Deet-Free and safe for all, even to use on newborn skin. Effective on black flies, mosquitoes, ticks, ants, sand-fleas, fleas, and spiders.

It is made with all edible ingredients and does not have any DEET or harmful chemicals. Just dab a little bit on exposed skin and the bugs will leave you alone.

Provides up to 4 hours of bug relief. A 2 oz. jar can last two summers for a family of four.

Also works as an after-bite if you forget to use it!

- All natural
- DEET free
- Handmade product
- Made in USA
- Can use on infants
- Great for all kinds of biting critters. Ticks included
- It's an all-in-one before and after bite treatment

About SallyeAnder:
SallyeAnder's Mission is to provide American Handmade, uncompromising, quality products with ingredients globally and locally sourced using constant innovation and beyond fair trade values to those interested in incomparable value and intelligent consumption.

Never cut corners with our recipes or ingredients. Never use coconut or palm oils. Never test on animals. Never use parabens, alcohols, sodium laurel sulfates. Never use artificial dyes, synthetic chemicals, or foaming agents.

5 Stars  Really works!! 
I used this 4th of july. I knew Id be outside with mosquitos sure to attack me. Well none got to me that day I put this product on. It really works. I was amazed. A couple of days before the 4th, before using the product, I got mosquito bites and I used the cream to soothe the mosquito bite bumps and immediately the itching went away. I will definitely be buying this product again. It really Works!! The scent is good if you like woodsy smells. But its not overbearing. After awhile you dont even smell it anymore.

5 Stars  No Bite for Real 
What a product...so true to the literature that describes the No Bite Me cream. I have used it before getting bit and after to soothe the itch. This is a must buy especially now when mosquitoes are in season. I bought 2 jars and intend to buy more for my extended families.

4 Stars  Works great - smell not so great 
This product really helped with keeping the bugs off but the smell takes some getting use to.

5 Stars  Great product 
Works as advertised

5 Stars  Best bite cream ever! 
No Bite Me cream is awesome! No worries about no-seeums, mosquitoes or others. If youve forgotten to use it, it works even better after! Very soothing. Takes itch away. Works great on wasp stings! All natural. Pleasant smell. Buy 2 if you live in buggy areas. We had to reorder!

5 Stars  What a wonderful product 
I have a bite on my forearm similar to a bite I had a few months ago. I put the No Bite Me Cream I love the way it smells by the way on the bite and have never before experienced the relief that I felt with this cream. The itching subsided immediately, the inflammation stopped spreading. I am a true believer!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

4 Stars  NO BITE ME 
So far it works great.

5 Stars  As advertised 
Works just fine for my intended purpose. Cant go wrong for the price, great buy.

5 Stars  No Bite Me 
I absolutely love this product. I spend as much time as possible outside, and have not been bitten by anything for the first time.The fact that Im adding good essential oils to my skin and not harmful meds is also a plus.

4 Stars  Really good ... for most. 
For most of my family, this is a great product. For those of us who are plagued by blood-sucking insects, not so much. My wife and grandkids can experience an outing bite free. I still have welts rising through the sheen of No-Bite-Me.

3 Stars  socks 
It seems to work, but the smell is bad.

5 Stars  No Bite Me 
My son usually gets bitten by mosquitos every time he steps outside in the summer. He is getting so much help from the No Bite Me! Great product!!! I have not been disappointed once in all the products I have purchased through the years from Pulse!!

5 Stars  Hands down best bug repellent and after bite cream ever! 
If you are hesitating on purchasing this product, please do not -- just buy it! Heres why I have been using this product now for almost 4 years and it is truly amazing! Let me first say, if there is a biting insect outside, it WILL bite me. But when I use No Bite Me Cream, my problem is solved! The bugs stay away for at least half the day....then I usually reapply. And a huge bonus is that the scent is very pleasant unlike the store-brand bug sprays -- yuck!, AND I do not feel sticky and gross after wearing it. To me it feels similar to using body lotion or sunscreen - the cream applys easily, feels light, and is not messy. The jar really DOES last -- my family of 3 has been using it for nearly 4 years. I did purchase a second one after two years, and this was only because we wanted to keep one in our home and then I could keep one in my purse at all times. My daughter also gets bitten all the time too -- but not anymore with No Bite Me. And when she does get a bite, which is usually if she forgets to reapply, No Bite Me does the trick again! It greatly lessens the itch, and the swelling decreases significantly. I am constantly recommending this product to my friends and family -- it is hands down the best bug repellent and after bite cream all in one! Glad to see Pulsetv.com offering it!

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Video: No Bite Me - Your Before and After Bite Treatment Cream

This No-Bite-Me Cream has been the manufacturers best-selling item since 1982 and that's because it really WORKS!
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