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4-pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set
4-pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set
4-pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set
4-pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set
4-pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set
4-pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set
4-pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set

4-pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set

4-pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set

Your Price: $19.99
Compare at: $74.99  (73% off)
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Sold Out
4 Piece Set Includes:
- 4.5 Quart Copper Square Pan
- Tempered Glass Lid
- Fry Basket
- Steam Rack

What is the #1 selling cooking item? It's this Square Copper Pan Set.

There are many different names and even many different TV commercials... but all feature a similar type pan and accessories at a MUCH higher price.

Don't pay those high TV and Store prices, grab this 4-Piece Copper Pan Set for 1/2 price.

This is a 6-in-1 pan that will allow you to get rid of so many other pans in your cabinets. You can bake, deep-fry, roast, steam, saute or broil with just this one pan! Yes you can go straight from the stove and into the oven.

This deep 9.5" pan includes a glass lid, fry basket, steam and roast rack.

4 Piece Set
- 4.5 Quart Copper Square Pan
- Tempered Glass Lid
- Fry Basket
- Steam Rack

- Non Stick Coating Allows For Easy Cleaning
- You can bake, fry, roast, steam, saute or broil with just this one pan
- Cook Without Butter Or Oil
- Induction Base Stain Less Steel Plate For Even Heat Distribution
- Stainless Steel Handle
- Square shape gives you more cooking surface over round pans
- Compatible with All Cooktop Types
- 100% Safe: PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS-Free
- Dishwasher Safe
- Copper-Colored
- Pan allows heat up to 550 degrees
- Free Downloadable Recipe Book CLICK HERE

Five Layer Construction:
1. Double Top Layer: polished ceramic coating
2. Base Layer: Non-stick ceramic coating
3. Aluminum Core: Provides excellent thermal conductivity and heat distribution
4. Outside Layer: High-temp exterior coating
5. Induction Base: Stainless steel induction base heats up faster and retains heat longer

One thing I really want to point out is that while all the tv commercials say this pan won't scratch, the truth is it will. So don't use any metal or sharp utensils on it. Plastic or silicone is the best!

Review this item!

1 Stars  Dont buy it 
This was my second order for the pan .The first one was ok and I ordered2more for present.They are different. Bad quality and different shape. I contact the customer service. They explained that they changed the vendor.So Dont BUY this panYou will be dissatisfied and disappointed.

2 Stars  Dont waste your money - get a cast iron pan instead 
Not very big, holds a NY strip or 2 small breakfast sirloins. Can not fit a t-bone or porterhouse or 2 center cut pork chops. Cumbersome to use, cant pour anything out of it including a fried egg because of the straight and very high sides. Steamer tray is to low to the bottom so cant fill the pot with veggies to cook because you run out of water too quickly. Have not tried to deep fry.

4 Stars  Nice pan 
Use for a variety of kitchen needs!

4 Stars  4 pc square cookware 
very good

5 Stars  Youll love it 
These are my go to pans They are perfect for everything Nothing sticks to the pan Commercials are right on and are so right

5 Stars  4 -pc. Copper square pan set 
This is the first square pan that I have found that has a lid . Im surprised at how many items I received in this set. Its well made and all included accessories are well made also. I washed it and cooked with it on the day it arrived. It cooked very well, was easily cleaned. I deep fried corn fritters quicker in this pan than I ever have in a deep round fry pan. Im very happy with this product and highly recommend this product . The price was fantastic and beats the Late Night add for Other Copper cooking products.

5 Stars  Awesome 
I absolutely love this pan.

5 Stars  Great Product 
We used the fryer and the food was geat.

5 Stars  4 pc Copper pot set 
Just what I was looking for. Just the right size. Love it. Everything Ive bought from you has been the best.

4 Stars  4 square copper pan 
like it but seems very light

5 Stars  Works great 
I now use it as my main pot. Love the strainer add macaroni when done lift it out with basket great nothing sticks

5 Stars  Love it 
I have used the pan set and each time I use it I love it even more.

5 Stars  Great for shrimp & fish 
I needed something to do my shrimp and fish to deep fat fry them and this works perfect. I fill it with oil do my frying let it cool and filter the oil as I return it to the bottle. Throw it in the dish washer and Im done.

5 Stars  Square Copper pan set- Great! 
I love using my copper cookware! The price was good too!

5 Stars  Sweet 
I love this pan because it cooks evenly and is easy to clean.

5 Stars  love it 
It is very versatile. Love the stove to oven thing. Used it as a Dutch oven to make bread at 450 degrees and it worked great. Bought 2 more as gifts and suggested it to a friend who bought one too.

4 Stars  Doesnt Stick 
I put 2 rib eye stakes in this pan without greese and they did not stick. They browned down nice and cooked to perfection. They were delicious.

5 Stars  Throw out all your other pots and pans! 
I love this pan! I use it everyday, and it has replaced all my other favorite pans. So versatile, it does everything. Best purchase ever!

4 Stars  Copper Cooking Ease 
Im having a great time basically being able to utilize this one Copper Pan, which seems to meet most of my cooking needs. And the clean-up is as easy as a swipe of a wet cloth, 1-2-3!

5 Stars  Copper pan 
E. Excellent product great price

5 Stars  Great 
Love these copper cookware pans. Cooking is easier and clean up is amazingly fast. This square pan makes cooking casseroles and like dishes so easy.

5 Stars  4 pc Square Copper 
This pan is so amazingly useful, efficient and easy to clean that it surpassed everything I had hoped for. I intend to start buying what is available until I own all of the Red Copper dishware there is, and then my kitchen will be complete.

4 Stars  4-Pc Square Copper Pan Set 
Love this set, works great & cooks evenly yes you can put into the oven...

5 Stars  Love it 
Bought this pan and love it. Love the fact that its nice and deep. Use it almost daily.

5 Stars  Great deal 
The puechase was great. Easy to use and clean up afterwards

5 Stars  COPPER PANS. 

5 Stars  4-Pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set is Great! 
I have not used it but one time but so far I like it very much. It is deep and cleans easily. It was a little smaller than I expected but it will do the job nicely.

5 Stars  copper cookware 
excellent product super price

5 Stars  4 piece copper set 
This is an incredible addition to the kitchen. You can do everything with this set fry foods, steam foods and doing everything else you can possibly think of AND ABSOLUTELY NO STICKING. A must have for the kitchen.

5 Stars  4 oclock Square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
This was a gift for my daughter-in-laws birthday. She said she loves it. Fried up some deer steak, using the basket. Worked great and cleaned up easy.

5 Stars  Copper Cookware 
Excellent cookware. Foods cook evenly, great non-stick quality ans clean up is a breeze.

5 Stars  Cookware 
I absolutely love my cookware.

4 Stars  Good for Deep Frying 
I like this pot when it first came out but I couldnt justify paying $75 for it. So glad I snagged it on hear at a good price. I like deep frying it it with the little basket.

5 Stars  Cookware 
Great products!

5 Stars  Product Review 
From the moment the 4pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set arrived at my door my wife was very pleased. The product description and presentation was just like it was from the advertisement. We have yet to cook with it but that is forthcoming.

5 Stars  This is my 2nd set! 
Ive enjoyed using my 1st pan set for quite a while now! Ive used atop of my outside grill, stove top and for baking purpose in the oven. One of the best things going for it is its lower price. I paid $79.00 for my 1st set!

5 Stars  Love it!! 
I love my item,I cook with it every day!! I want to order another one! Thanks guys!!

5 Stars  Great price 
I have been interested in the copper pan for a few years but felt $59 was too much to spend. Was given your web sight and found them for $29.99. Fabulous so I immediately purchased it. Used for first time today in the oven and it worked great.

3 Stars  Item # 7560 
It was my belief that the item was bigger. When I saw the video gave me that impression.

3 Stars  Make sure to use non scratch spatula 
Purchased 2 sets for myself and 2 others as gifts. Definitely need to use Pam or other kind of non stick product prior cooking. The other problem is the bottom is a little concave and does not have a flat even heat surface. So far I use these pans every day for over 1 year, its not perfect, but the price makes it a good deal.

5 Stars  fantastic 
I cant say enough about this pan. Great deal too

5 Stars  The greatest pan Ive ever used 
I have bought at least 10 of these as gifts. Ive been using it since last year and everyone is sick of me talking about how great it is.

1 Stars  Worst purchase ever! 
Never again. Oil burned before it came up to a smoke point. Lid doesnt fit, so when pouring out liquid items fall out. Would rate it zero stars.

5 Stars  cooper deep pan 
Exactly what I expected

5 Stars  Love it so much I bought an extra for home 
If you cook a lot like I do, You will love the ease from stove top to oven and clean up is so quick!!!

5 Stars  love this pan 
I made fried chicken with the basket insert and it was SO good. finally a good way to make fried chicken on the stove. and so many other uses

5 Stars  Great Nonstick Pan 
This pan is the BEST pan Ive had in a long time. The price is right and the quality is great, what could be better. This set arrived quickly, Thanks to Pulse for a Great buying experience!!

3 Stars  you get what you pay for 
Product not as good as pricer copper chef. Doesnt heat as fast on induction burner. So its ok. Can be used on regular cook top.

5 Stars  Love it 
i have been using this pan and accessories and i love it. everything they said it was.

5 Stars  When Square is Cool! 
Id been wanting to buy the square copper pan from the first time I saw the TV ad. It looked practical and convenient, offering many possibilities, plus it makes cooking fun again!

1 Stars  Not the one nationmally advertised on TV 
It came with scratches . First use was Sauteed onions, adding scrambled eggs, then tomato soup for a Spanish Omelet. All went well. Second use, using butter and frying eggs. Eggs stuck to pan. Third use more eggs also stuck to p[an leaving a mess. Did clean easily though.

5 Stars  Copper pan 
Its everything that say it is We have cooked many different dishes The clean up is a breeze Especially tomato gravy usually it sticks to the pan, but this cleaned off with a paper towel

5 Stars  Mrs Copperpots 
This is our second copper pot and we love them. Getting them at Pulsetv at the lowest price is the frosting on the cake.

5 Stars  Super Pan 
Great pan. Can make a whole meal in it. Super easy to clean.

5 Stars  Best pan ever used 
The square copper pan is Awsome, really cooks well, with no stick.

5 Stars  We have never loved cooking so much. 
I bought three sets of the Copper Chefs at Christmas time, one for myself, one for my daughter and one for my niece. We all love them and would like more however we sometimes need smaller sauce pans and regular size pots. Love the square fact just need different sizes for smaller families but dont change a thing.

5 Stars  LOVE this pan 
I loved this so much I ordered one to be sent to my brothers wife - who does a LOT of cooking. She loves it also!

5 Stars  Really Great 
These pans are really great to cook healthy foods you need no oil nothing just cook. Easy to clean they are just awesome pans.

5 Stars  Good item!!!! 
very useful and a good buy!! I have found many uses and love the non stick. I hope it lasts because now it is the best non stick I have!

5 Stars  Copper pan 
We love it. Cooks great and so easy to clean. I threw out a lot of my old pans cause this one does it all!!!

5 Stars  Love this Pan 
Im very pleased with everything Ive cooked in this pan, and the cleanup is quick and easy.

5 Stars  Copper pot 
Im very impressed with how this cooks and cleans up!

5 Stars  Copper Cookware Pan Set 
As advertized, non stick & versatile. Very happy with my purchase.

5 Stars  Copper pots 
We own 4 of them and thats all we use we got rid of all our other pot

5 Stars  Great Product 
It all arrived promptly and in great shape. Unfortunately I havent cooked in it yet, but it looks like it will be great. Will update after I finally use it to cook

5 Stars  Copper Cookware 
Excellent product & price

5 Stars  Love it 
I love my square copper cookware. it is everything they say it is. love it and love the variety of dishes you can prepare

4 Stars  Pans 
Pans are great but inserts too small

5 Stars  Outstanding! 
You see these things and are skeptical of their claims. This pan was as advertised-outstanding. I cant believe it finally a product that does exactly what it says. Contents slide out so easily and clean up is a breeze

5 Stars  4 piece square copper cookware set 9.5 
Im pleased with the product and it is just the right size. I made chili and it fits my recipe. Good value and price

5 Stars  Good Quality 
Bought it for my girlfriend. And she loves it!

5 Stars  Copper pan 
Ive used this every day since it arrived. Everything from stove top to oven. Just gotta be careful since the handles always get hot! Very easy to clean.

5 Stars  Everything you expect it to be! 
Everything fits and works as advertised. This will become a popular item in my kitchen.

5 Stars  Cooper pan 
Love it clean so easy thing do not stick.

5 Stars  Beautiful Copper 
Fun to use. Easy to clean.

5 Stars  Copper Cookware 
The best cookware I ever had. Will not stick or scratch. Love it!!!!

5 Stars  Great buy 
The product is good and arrived early. For the price and quality shop at pulsetv.com for cookware.

5 Stars  Excellent 
Love our purchase and the amazing customer service.

5 Stars  copper pans are excellent 
I LOVE my copper pan! I cook everything in this pan. It is so easy to clean. I would definitely purchase more!

5 Stars  Cool pan 
Cleans up nice and seems to cook nice and even

5 Stars  Copper cookware 
Started cooking with standard non stick .... which failed immediately .... switched over to Copper Cookware and it worked flawlessly..... gunna order skillet set nest time Ive got to throw out old aluminum so called nonstick ..... 5 stars

5 Stars  Square Copper Cookware Pan 
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them...great price and great value. These pans are awesome!

5 Stars  Square Pan Heaven 
My wife and I love this remarkable outfit.We have made pies and cakes ,apple fritters and French fries. All have come out ok.

4 Stars  Really,really close to the perfect pan 
Everything as advertised except the seasoning necessary for the pan to be at its full potential. some stains from the oil may occur but that will not effect the pans miraculous characteristics. Very pleased with this product.

5 Stars  Square Copper Pan Set 
Love the versatility of uses Easy clean up also

5 Stars  4 Pc square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
We enjoy using the 4-Pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set.

5 Stars  Great Pan...want more  
The copper cookware pan set is awesome. ..no cooking spray required...healthy cooking, easy clean-up, great for the busy Mom

5 Stars  works well the first time and on and on 
Seen it advertised but it was too much.Price much better but its not very thick.With this in mind it works well and really is a non-stick pan. As of this writing Ive used it over a dozen times.Go head and buy it.

1 Stars  Not same pan as on TV 
The fry basket has several handles and supports spot welded to the basket. one of them was loose and came of in the shipping carton. The non coating on the pan was not as advertised and had different instruction for seasoning the pan for use and types of oils to use for cooking. I purchased another pan from the website that was selling them on TV and that is how I discovered the differences the two pans. They both had the same box same baskets and steam plate but different instruction sheets on using the pan itself. The advertisement for the pan on TV states that there is no oils or lubricants needed at all and the one I received from Pulse told you to use oil or butter while using it and to season the coating as described before use in the supplied instructions. I dont think it is a Pulse TV problem but with whom ever supplied them with the pan itself. You can see a difference in the coatings of both pans.

5 Stars  Very Surprise 
I use Square Copper Cookware Pan Set with the combination Nuwave,the reason for this Gas burners will burn the bottom of any pans cheap or expensive and I dont want to ruin this wonderful pan. I made French Fries and it was great. Pork Chops came out perfect, and clean up was a breeze. Thanks it is a wonderful investment

4 Stars  Cooper pot 
Im not a person that usually Steam food but this pot gave me the incentive.

4 Stars  4 pc square cooper pan 
I like pan. It is deep and pretty wide. I seasoned it per instructions and nothing sticks.

5 Stars  Great Cookware 
I have a few copper pans now and I love them all. I purchased your 4 piece set for a lot cheaper than advertised on TV. A great bargain

5 Stars  4 Piece Square Copper Pan a Hit! 
This was a gift for my daughter and her family. She has been very impressed with the size and quality of the pan and accessories. I wish Id purchased a 2nd pan at the time they were available!

5 Stars  Copper pan 
Read I would be able to download the cookbook but am not able to do so. Received email but your sight was not available. Need and want the cookbook. Thank you

5 Stars  An excellent piece of cookware 
The major benefit is the ease of cooking with this cookware. Heats up quickly and heats evenly. Plus it is very easy to clean--no scrubbing necessary.

5 Stars  Really good 
It is truly non-stick

3 Stars  just ok 
the pan will scratch. It is not at all as durable as advertised. Such exaggeration. Never use metal utensils with these products. Even when being super carefull if stirring,flipping or mixing, these copper product pans will scratch and loose the non stick feature.Already disappointed in my new pan I was so anxious to receive.

5 Stars  A must have product 
I really love this product, it does everything it said and more and 20 dollars cheaper than other advertised prices.

1 Stars  Pan and whole package is a rip off 
Pan scratches,red out side comes off on your stove,tried cooking eggs-stuck just junk.DONT BUY

5 Stars  Love It! 
Bought this for my mother who saw it on TV. She absolutely loves it. She said it performs like they said on TV. She said nothing has tried to stick and cooks evenly. Highly recommended.

5 Stars  Best Frying Pan in the World 
Im crazy about this pan.It delivers what it promises.Its the only frying pan youll ever need!

5 Stars  Copper pan 
Arrived early, works well.

5 Stars  Fun... 
Up side This cookware cleans up like no other cookware Ive ever used.. Convenient to use in oven or on cook top. Down side wish it included a cookbook.

1 Stars  Dont scratch it. 
It worked fine but once I had something stuck and when I used a scrubbing sponge on it That was it. the coating is so thin that now everything sticks so I threw it away.

4 Stars  Great pan 
So many uses, a complete unit. Cleanup a breeze and most of all I love it.

5 Stars  4-pic Square Copper pan set 
Has worked well for me. Important to wipe it out while it is still hot. Appreciate getting items at a reasonable price instead of paying for the commercials.

4 Stars  No cookbook 
This is my fault, I am sure. I thought there would be a cookbook with this product but there isnt. Oh well.

5 Stars  Very nice, useful and practical 
My daughter loves it! This was a gift to her because we have one and it works perfectly. I saw the wonderful price and decided to make the purchase. The cookware is so practical and works, just as it is advertised.

5 Stars  Nice 
I have only used the pan, lid and basket. They seem to be of nice quality. Sturdy, but lightweight enough to not bother my arthritic hands. I am disappointed that the basket handle doesnt lock as easily as it should. It does work fine when there is weight in the basket, though.

5 Stars  Love the pan 
Both my and my partner love the copper fry pan. I do have to use some oil spray every time to keep things from sticking but that is ok with me. Easy clean up.

4 Stars  4-Pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
This is an excellent pan. Ive steamed veggies, baked a roaster chicken & used the basket to make french fries. Everything was perfect.

5 Stars  Excellent 
I give this 5 stars for the product and the company.

5 Stars  Extremely happy 
Extremely happy this product is fantastic

5 Stars  Great Pan 
This pan does exactly what it says it does. The only negative is that it doesnt come with the recipe book that is shown from other vendors.

5 Stars  Great deal....great product 
It is great. The pan was a gift for my mom....it arrived and she has been cooking great meals.

5 Stars  Good value 
My wife had the frying pan first and liked it, so she had me order this square pot. She likes the pot, but has not used the basket or other piece. The non-stick feature works pretty well. If you cook some things with sugar in them it takes a little bit more to clean. Otherwise it is a good value.

5 Stars  Great pan 
I have always hated to cook because of the way my meals would turn out, but I am having great results with pork chops, bacon, chicken.

5 Stars  Testimonial 
I really do like my Copper Pan Set and the Price was amazing compared to other comnpanys. Will order from you in the future Thank You

5 Stars  Square pan 
The best thing ever. Bought others before for gifts so this one is mine.

4 Stars  Cookware set 
The pans non-stick ability is impressive, but it seems to wear off after several uses. The pan also seems bigger until you receive it and the steamer sits in the pan pretty loosely, veggies fall off the sides into the pan. Other than that, for the price, it is a good deal and I enjoy cooking with it.

5 Stars  Great 
should last a number of years

5 Stars  4-pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
Arrived when expected. Be sure you follow directions before using the first time. Works exactly as described! I cooked eggs and they slid right out of the pan no sticking, no broken yolks - perfect! I also made melted parmesan crisps and they also slid right out of the pan! I love this pan!

5 Stars  Copper pan 
Great product. Does everything claims . However I have found it for $14 less .

5 Stars  4 pc. Sq. Copper Cookware Pan Set 
Good as advertised. Work very well

5 Stars  4-Pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
This the perfect all in one. Truly! Nothing sticks. My son used 1 night to cook and said It was the bomb!

4 Stars  Copper Cookware Pan Set 
I bought one for myself and my sister. I have not used yet but she has and is very pleased with it. The only concern is that she was expecting a cook book to help with dishes that sh could use such as how to cook lasagna and spaghetti. Is there a cook book with lots of recipes in it?

5 Stars  Gift 
I gave this to my daughter because I received one for Christmas and I just love mine. She was very pleased with the pan.

5 Stars  The Ultimate Pan 
More than I expected. Deep enough to deep fry in, steamer tray works very well, I really like the glass lid, and the metal hand allows the pan to be used as a casserole dish in the oven. BEST of all the clean up is like Magic!

5 Stars  4pc square copper cookware set 
I love it. Ive been cooking in it since I got it.

5 Stars  Cooper pan 
LOVE the pan! Very easy to clean, works with great ease!

5 Stars  Copper ware 
Love my copper ware

5 Stars  Very Useful 
Best piece of cookware we have

3 Stars  Overpaid 
Nice pan, by the time you add shipping, no bargain.
Please keep in mind that the shipping cost varies upon on how heavy and large the package is, where it is being shipped to, and the ship method used.
3/1/2017 -

5 Stars  Easy to use 
The pan is magnificent. It cooks, roasts, fries, steams and all the other methods of cooking as it is advertised to do. My wife loves to use it and does so almost every day. Herb Kamm

5 Stars  Copper Cookware Pan Set 
I bought a set for myself for Christmas and bought another for my daughters birthday. Totally awesome cookware, love the recipes. Easy to use, cleans up wonderfully. Highly recommend this cookware.

4 Stars  great pan 
I do really like this pan. The accessory fry screen is a great benefit. I love the size as it helps keep clean ups to a minimum. No pan is completely non-stick and this one is no different. keep temps down and the non-stick feature works pretty well.

5 Stars  Square Copper Cookware 
I love my new 4-pc. square copper cookware pan set. It is so easy to clean and cooks great food.

5 Stars  Everyone needs one of these 
These dishes are so versatile, use it as a skillet or put it in the oven, it simplifies my life greatly...gotta try it

5 Stars  great pan set 

5 Stars  Copper Cookware 
WONDERFUL product...fast shipping. Just as advertised. Wife is very happy with it.

4 Stars  Great product 
I havent been able to to test it to its full potential but the meals I have made so far have been amazing! Cant wait to try everything else

4 Stars  Copper Cookware 
Wish it would have had the recipe book with it.

5 Stars  Great value 
I ordered this twice. I love it,it is equal or better than the more expensive version. I gave the second set to my daughter and she loves it,her husband is a chef and he uses it all the time and says it hold up to its guarentee.

5 Stars  Square Copper Pan 
It arrived on time, well packaged and as advertised! I was pleased to find it as the price was half what other sellers were asking! I purchased two for the price of one!

5 Stars  Great item 
Love the item super fast shipping

5 Stars  *Copper Cookware* 
I received my pan about 3 weeks ago and I havent stopped using it! Ive made stove-top meals and used it in the oven to bake and roast also. It is well worth the money I spent on it, and it cleans up well too. I highly recommend it!

5 Stars  Copper Pan 
Great pan! Light weight, easy to clean, no oil needed.

5 Stars  4-pc square copper pan 
great pan,very little clean-up. I made caramel sauce in it and the clean-up was a breeze.

5 Stars  Pd 
Absolutely love it. Price was great.

3 Stars  4-Pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
Not good for cooking sandwiches evenly. Not enough heating area for the whole pan. middle cooks 10 times faster than outside. Cooked chicken & dumplings and it was fine. Didnt matter most of the heat was in the middle

5 Stars  Square copper pan 
So far this pan has lived up to the hype. I seasoned it first as instructed and no oil is needed, unless you choose. Things do not stick and cleanup is a breeze.

5 Stars  Perfect 
It is a pleasure to own and cook with this pan. The clean up is so easy..

5 Stars  Square pan 
I love my fry pans. The advertising on TV is absolutely correct.

5 Stars  copper cookware 4 piece set 
You will enjoy this copper cookware set !! simply follow he pre-season the pan instructions and enjoy the cooking experience--

5 Stars  Wonderful 
I have only only used once so far but it Frys chicken great and no greasy mess on stove. Love it.

5 Stars  Multi task pan 
I really like the versatility, easy to clean,and size of this pan. I dont claim to be a gourmet cook, but this pan makes me look good and the meals taste wonderful. I especially like the fry basket.

5 Stars  Fryer pan 
Exactly as advertised. The copper pans are great for cooking and clean up like new. They dont burn or scratch.

1 Stars  Too expensive 
This is not the same quality as others out there and can be found cheaper on other Daily Deals sites

4 Stars  Great pan, no recipes 
I have really enjoyed my 4pc. sq. copper cookware Pan set. It has actually surprised me I did not really need any or maybe just a drop or two of oil. My objection was there was not a booklet with recipes.

5 Stars  Always wanted a square copper pan 
It is great and everything I hoped for. Customer service was wonderful, as I needed the basket replaced. It was done with no hassle and no wait. Everything was wonderful and I am more than pleased.

5 Stars  Bought 2 sets 
Pans are great for cooking . My only beef is that both of them arrived flaked on the insides with some areas brownish and others fading. The pans need to be both replaced. I would still recommend them.

5 Stars  Great pan! 
The pan arrived in a timely manner. It was exactly as advertised. Have used it a few times now, and so far perfectly happy with it. Would recommend it.

5 Stars  Great Value 
1/2 price of whats advertised on TV

5 Stars  Awesome Pan 
This non-stick pan even repels water while Ive been washing it in the sink. Ive made three different meals in it so far. But pouring frozen Chinese meals and dry rice noodles all together, adding some water and putting the lid on and walk away for 30 minutes...without anything getting overcooked or scorched was AMAZING. Looking forward to using it in the oven to bake cornbread and roast some Cornish game hens.

5 Stars  WOW! 
This pan is AWSOME!! It is now the family favorite. No oil needed, just cook and go.This is the best thing since sliced bread!

4 Stars  Cooking Squared 
I had to have one of these! Saw the ad enough times and there had to be one in my kitchen! Its a great vessel, Im looking forward to getting very creative with it! And, it looks gorgeous hanging on my wall!

5 Stars  This is a winner!!! 
I have found this square pan to be everything claimed in the propaganda. I cured it as with other pans of this nature, and have fried foods without oil or butter, and to my surprise nothing sticks to it, and cleanup is a breeze.

5 Stars  4 piece square copper cookware set 
Love it. It is the right size for so many things I cook and many times, I dont need any other pans. Highly recommend them.

5 Stars  Great Cookware 
Nothing sticks as advertised. Good Price. Very Satisfied.

2 Stars  4 pic square copper cookware pan set 
I am only giving this pan 2 stars due to the fact it is smaller then what I expected.

4 Stars  somewhat disappointed 
I did not realize the glass lid could NOT be put in the oven...limits its use! And the cookbook could not be downloaded in a legible condition. Otherwise...O.K.

5 Stars  Square Copper Cookware Pan 
I ordered this pan for my son and he loves it. I already have one and I too love it!

5 Stars  LOVE IT! 
This pan is totally awesome. I do wish it was a little bigger, but I really do love it!

3 Stars  induction plate needs to be square 
The skillet was stick free , but on my induction cooktop , the corners did not maintain the same temp as the round induction plate, so it browned unevenly.

5 Stars  The BEST there is... 
I bought this for my son and he loves it. I have the whole set and couldnt be happier. They do exactly what they say and are a snap for cleanup. I love this product and cant stop talking about it!

5 Stars  great copper buy 
Love this copper pot/pan

5 Stars  AWESOME!!! 
This is the most amazing pan that I have ever seen. I cook ALOT and I have never had a nonstick pan like this! And the price is incredible compared to the ones you see advertised on TV for double this price. I just ordered my second one from Pulse TV!!!

4 Stars  Copper Pan 
I have used the pan twice and really like it....wish it was alittle deeper for frying!

5 Stars  4-Pc Square Copper cookware pan set 
I love my copper cookware. I use it every day and it cleans up very well. I bought one for my daughter at Christmas and she liked it so well, I bought myself one.

5 Stars  Easy to use Easy to clean! 
Performs just as promised. The non-stick surface is excellent when cooking, and cleans up without effort.

5 Stars  Copper cookware 
This is a wonderful pan.cleans up well, easy to use

5 Stars  Copper cookware 
This is a wonderful pan.cleans up well, easy to use

5 Stars  I. Love. It. 
I just retired last month and am in the process of downsizing. This is a multi-use cooking set that fills the bill. I love the square shape. It truly is non-stick and clean-up is a snap. I saw it on tv, but I didnt want to pay that price. This was still a little more than I wanted to pay, but Im seeing it is well worth it.

5 Stars  Copper cookware 
Love it I purchase four of them. One family or each of my children.

3 Stars  Alright for the price 
I like the high sides and that I can use it on my induction cook top. Quality is not the best but thats why it is inexpensive. Basket is great for pasta for two but uses too much oil as a fryer.

4 Stars  Copper pan 
This pan is everything they said it would be. Perfect. Love it!

3 Stars  Cooks great 
This pan cooks as great as it is advertised but it is easily scratched. My granddaughter used her fork to try to remove cheesy hash browns and it left a scratch mark on the bottom. Im very disappointed!
One thing I really want to point out is that while all the tv commercials say this pan won't scratch, the truth is it will. So don't use any metal or sharp utensils on it. Plastic or silicone is the best!
2/12/2017 - Amber

5 Stars  Great pan 
Used it nearly everyday since it arrived.

5 Stars  4-pc copper cookware pan set 
I have used this pan several times since I received it. Cooked pasta, made chili, used as deep fat fryer. It is great. The size is really nice. It has worked great every time. I would recommend this pan set. Price was great, too.

4 Stars  Not as advertised 
The pan is great, however, I never received the FREE cookbook as advertised..
The Cookbook is not a part of the 4 piece set. However, it is available on our website. Here is the link: http://www.pulsetv.com/instructions/Square-Copper-Pan-Recipes.pdf. From this link, you should be able to print this out.
2/12/2017 - Amber

5 Stars  Love it 
I love this pan. Its light weight. Never sticks. So easy to clean.

5 Stars  Copper Cookware Pan Set 
I have enjoyed using my Copper Cookware. It is lovely to look at and easy to clean

5 Stars  great cookware 
it does everything as advertised still havent tried everything yet but its on the list

5 Stars  Greatest pan, ever! 
Everything cooks so well in this pan. Its my new go-to pan for everything from fried potatoes, to chicken dinners, to steamed broccoli - you name it, this pan cooks it well. Ive even used it in the oven for a small lasagne, crusted mac n cheese, and my apple cake.

5 Stars  4 Piece Square Copper Pan Saves You Money! 
Wow! Since I bought the Square Copper Pan, Im down to almost one pan. Seriously! I do almost everything with this pan. First thing I discovered is that its high sides prevent sizzle splash all over my stove like most frying pans do. The heat ring on the bottom distributes the heat evenly over the entire surface meaning I can cook at med-low now instead of med-high which will lower my gas usage! Even the deep fryer does French fries light golden color in Canola oil and they dont stick together. Tempura and fried Chicken come out perfect every time because the heat is so well controlled. I steamed some Broccoli, Cauliflower, and green beans and they came out perfectly al dente. Just one more thing BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON SEASONING YOUR PAN WITH VEGETABLE OIL! This is an important step to insure that the surface is really properly prepped for use. I recommend this pan highly and it is $20 less than the Red Copper model!

5 Stars  Great! 
Love it. Works great for everything from meatloaf to pasta. Cleaning is a snap!

5 Stars  Copper Pan 
Surprised my wife and she loved it - I did too as she has been using it nearly every night


5 Stars  Great value 
Love this pan,cant wait to use it.

5 Stars  Really a great pan 
Pan lived up to expectations. Large enough and evenly cooked food. Like the glass lid so I can monitor cooking. Well worth the money.

4 Stars  Petite but wonderful 
It is a little smaller than I expected but otherwise wonderful! Great nonstick surface makes it great to cook in and easy to clean.

5 Stars  Love it! 
This pan is so perfect for many things. I have sauted vegetables, chicken, fish, etc. and it all works so perfectly . I hardly use any other pans in my cooking.

5 Stars  It Really Works 
So many of these type thing dont work but this one is fantastic. I have deep fried french fries and ground beef....IT WORKS!

5 Stars  My favorite pot in my home. 
I cant believe the convenience of this non stock pan for cooking recipes on stove top and oven. I plan to order another one!

5 Stars  Amazing new cookware. 
Makes great popcorn. Fried fish in it first night excellent.

5 Stars  Copper Cookwre Pan Set 
A very good item at a very reasonable price

5 Stars  Amazing product 
LOVE LOVE this pan. The only thing is I wish they sent me a cook book with it. I dont mind as I make up most of my dishes anyhow. Thanks for the great price.

5 Stars  Great Pan! 
I bought this for my partner who is a Chef, she loves it.

5 Stars  4-Pc Square COpper Cookware Pan Set 
Love it, works great.

5 Stars  Great pan 
Purchased this with reservations but wow it is as advertised. Fantastic purchase both product and price.

5 Stars  Copper Pan 
copper pan! I bought one for each of my daughters! fabulous! They love them!

5 Stars  4-Pc Square Copper Pan Set 
cooks extremely well.

5 Stars  Best Pan Set ever 
4 Piece Pan Set I did not receive the Cook Book.

5 Stars  square copper cook pan 
i love this pan because i can deep fry in it or use as another skillet or a steamer.

5 Stars  4 pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
I have had this pan for about 2 weeks now and am loving it. To the lady that didnt know what the clips were for , they clip onto the bottom of the steamer rack so your food is steaming , not sitting in water.

5 Stars  Great Pans! 
Good solid pan easy to cook with, easy to clean!

5 Stars  Happy Cook 
This Pan lives up to everything they say on the commercial. Im very happy with my purchase. Im even thinking about getting the other pan thats the same size but the sides are not as high. This pan replaced several pots and pans I normally use. I highly recommend this pan to everyone.

5 Stars  Copper pan 
Its wonderful. Couldnt be more happy with my purchase

5 Stars  Great Product 
Much better than a Teflon pan.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Have the small square pan and love it so purchased the deeper one to be able to cook larger meals and I love the glass lid fits on both products.

4 Stars  Love this pan! 
You get what is advertised. Its non stick, cleans up beautifully, works great for frying, deep fat frying, and steaming. I especially like how I can move it from the stove top into the oven. I only gave it 4 stars because the cover doesnt fit down on the pan when you use the basket.

5 Stars  Square copper pan 
Great Love the price. I gave them for gifts

5 Stars  The Magic Square Copper Pan 
Delighted to have the magical square copper pan in my kitchen. Its now my go to pan and its irresistible.

5 Stars  Great multipurpose pan 
Pan is definitely nonstick. All pieces Re high quality any you wont find a better price.

5 Stars  Nice skillet! 
Doesnt stick, easy clean up too.

5 Stars  4-pc Square Copper Pan 
Love my new square copper pan. Cant wait to try the new recipes. Very affordable price as weill

5 Stars  Cookware pan 
This is great and worked very well with my portable little burner

5 Stars  Only Cookware youll ever need 
Chicken dish never tasted better. Perfect golden brown and so easy to clean up.

5 Stars  Mrs. 
It was a gift. I saw it after the lady opened the box and it was exactly as advertised.

5 Stars  Copper pan 
I love it best pan by far. So far so good. The only thing is I didnt get any directions for cleaning and how and when to use the basket or baking instructions. But Im happy with the pan

5 Stars  4-Pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
Product is super. Can make almost anything in this product. Clean-up is a breeze. So nice!

5 Stars  Copper Deep pan 
Perfect. Just what I had hoped it would be.

4 Stars  not as big 
I have only used the square pan and lid and not any of the other pieces. I did like the way the pan performed, no sticking. Only problem that I have with it is that for some reason, I thought it was going to be bigger.

5 Stars  4 piece aquare copper cookware 
love it.it is fantastic for the price. very pleased. thank you

4 Stars  Copper Pan 
Very nice cookware, although it does tend to discolor on the bottom rather quickly, even if it is used on induction range top.

4 Stars  AL 

5 Stars  as advertised, heats even 
first copper pot and pan, works like a champ

5 Stars  Fantastic! 
Love this copper pan, easy to use, its efficient and clean up is as described. Seller is A+++, item received in timely manner, and was package nicely! Thank you, and price was right!

5 Stars  square pan 
easy clean, fast heat up, induction ready GREAT BANG FOR THE BUCK !!

5 Stars  Wonderful Gift 
I gave this pan to a friend for Christmas. She loves it! No stick. Stove top and oven safe.

5 Stars  Copper Cookware 
So far it works as described in the advertisements. Granted Ive only used it twice since having it, but Im hopeful itll last. It is much lighter than expected so obviously, it is not made of copper, but aluminum. For the price I think it is an excellent deal.

5 Stars  owner 
works great for frying !

5 Stars  Mr. 
My wife loves it!

4 Stars  Square copper cookware pan set 
My husband loves this pan. Even though it was a bit late for his Christmas, he didnt mind.

5 Stars  square copper pan 
everything working as expected, love the easy clean up

4 Stars  Induction does not work well. 
Induction does not work well.

5 Stars  4-Pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
Cooked a roast pork stew and it came out perfect. Family loved it.So easy to clean up. No mess one pot pan, and it goes from stove top to oven. 5 stars!

5 Stars  4-Pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
best price I have seen even though I had to pay shipping.

5 Stars  great pan 
Love it. Easy to clean. Easy to cook in. Nothing sticks.

5 Stars  square copper pan 
I love it, it does everything they say it does.

2 Stars  Rip off 
pan is not like advertised, is very hard to clean after making almost anything, Wife complained every time she used it

5 Stars  Go Big 
We only wish we had the 11 inch instead of the 9.5 inch square. So go big!


5 Stars  Works like advertised 
So far it has worked great with little cleaning required. Allows searing of steaks and chops with no pan stick. High sides keep splash inside which is great for a white glass top stove. Very light and bottom is flat.

5 Stars  4-Pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
As advertised. Happy with the pan.

5 Stars  4-Piece Copper pan set 
works as promised. stove to oven, to table, easy clean

5 Stars  Great product 
A Christmas gift that we finally got around to use last night due to being gone for the holidays. My wife was thrilled for the way it performed & the easy clean up. Thank you

5 Stars  4 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!! 
I really like my new pan. Never before have I been able to make 4 grilled cheese sandwiches at the same time. It cooked evenly and quickly, which liked. I would recommend this pot to everyone.

4 Stars  Just what I thought it was but less expensive 
Received this as a Christmas gift but havent had a chance to use it. Four stars because in the video it says that the one I received comes with the receipt book, but it didnt. I did download it, but prefer a book I can put on my counter while cooking. Dont want my computer on the counter top.

3 Stars  Cooking surface good. Clean up, not so great. 
I tried out my new pan with a steak and roasted vegetables. They cooked great. When I started to clean up, the interior of the pan was as advertized. It almost wiped clean with a paper towel. The handle, however, had been spattered in the oven and did not come clean on first attempt. I also noticed scratches and a white spot on the bottom of the pan. I dont hold much hope for the life of the exterior, but the interior lived up to its promotion.

5 Stars  Rader Fan 
Only used it once so far but it was great! Hope to use it some more and check it out! would recommend it to every one. Great product.

5 Stars  Copper Pan 
This is much nicer than I suspected. Plenty large, yet lightweight. Saw the same pan at A local discount store for twice as much money.

4 Stars  Cleans easily 
I got this as a Christmas gift and made baked beans and I just wiped out the pan and it was clean. No scrubbing no soaking!

5 Stars  Great purchase 
Love the pan. Use it all the time

5 Stars  Copper pan gets 5 stars 
Food doesnt burn, easy cleanup. Just ordered the copper skillet.

4 Stars  Surprised 
Used for frying and it was great. My only concern was after receiving it I saw it was not the one that I had seen advertised on TV. It didnt come with an instructions or recipe book. There were metal clamps in the box and I dont know what to do with them.

5 Stars  Great product 
My wife and I just love this pan. It is so versatile and stick free. Last week she made soup and this week she smothered some very dry turkey in gravy for another wonderful meal

5 Stars  Love the copper pan 
We have used the pan several times the first week we received and it has never failed or disappointed us yet!! Love it

5 Stars  Good bye Stainless 
Love these pans! I have been putting them through their paces since someone told me they were junk!!! I have bought more pieces and am packing away the stainless! It is just too much hassle to clean and keep shiny! I have been cooking and baking in it and love it!

4 Stars  4-peice Square Copper Pan 
I love the Copper square pan. It cooks just as advertised. But I am disappointed that the size is a bit too small. I though it will be bigger!

4 Stars  Its a great pan! 
the only reason Im giving it 4 instead of 5 stars is because I was missing one of the feet for the steamer accessory. Now I have to balance the veggies...literally! LOL

5 Stars  Copper Pan 
I was able to use metal utensils without scratching and it cleaned up to perfection...nothing stuck. It definitely lives up to its claim. LOVE IT!

5 Stars  best pot...wish it were larger 
The description lived up to all the kudos..at the moment Im preparing my special soup for lots of people and I have to make 3 batches ..but being a scientist, Ive prepared the fixings for 3 batches and as one is done it goes into the slo-cooker to keep warm. Who cares, cest la vie!

4 Stars  This was a gift to someone 
This was a gift we gave someone. She asked for it and seemed to love it as she removed it from the box immediately after opening. I had to email to ask about the shipping status but once it shipped, it arrived quickly.

5 Stars  Love this pan! 
I am so pleased with this pan. It is everything you said it was.

5 Stars  4-pc square copper pan set 
already used it a few times and it worked great. So E Z to clean....

5 Stars  Nice item 
Nice pan set at a much more affordable price than found elsewhere.

4 Stars  Very pleased 
Was disappointed in not receiving The Red Copper Cook book - Do you think you can offer the cook book at a later date?
Hi! The cook book does not come with the order. We do have the cookbook available electronically on our site. Here is the link: http://www.pulsetv.com/instructions/Square-Copper-Pan-Recipes.pdf Thanks!
12/22/2016 - Rachael S.

5 Stars  Very,very good 
Good looking cookware with many uses.

4 Stars  good product 
A little smaller than I expected but still very useful.

5 Stars  4-pc Square Cooper Pan 
I love how easy it is to cook in this pan and how versatile

5 Stars  mr 
it is so awesome

5 Stars  Copper pan 
This pan works flawlessly as described. The steamer support is especially handy.

5 Stars  4Pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
Completely satisfied.....excellent quality,great price, quick delivery. Highly recommend this purchase.

4 Stars  Works as shown on TV for half the price. 
I am enjoying using this new pan because it perfoms as shown on TV for half the price. The only thing I would have liked was a how to take care of the pan page.

4 Stars  4 pc copper pan set 
Ive already used the deep frying part of this pan and it cooked fabulously. However, I didnt receive the 4 legs to the steamer. Im hoping they can send me a set. I also didnt receive any kind of instruction book. The pan it self is awesome and the clean up was very easy! Ive recommended this pan to several of my friends.

5 Stars  cooper pan 
Love it I have the cooper skillets. The copper pan is great and so is the price.

5 Stars  Love it 
So happy this can be used on induction stove. It is a great size and deep. True to advertising, nothing sticks. Would recommend it.

3 Stars  Confident Cook 
Not as non-stick as I would like!

5 Stars  A Real Bargain 
$$$ less that other online sites for the same product. Very nice pan and accessories. Have only used it once. So far, so good.

5 Stars  Square copper pan 
Im absolutely thrilled with the purchase from pulsetv.com of the square copper pan. The price was about half of other sites and its the exact same pan. The only disappointment was the cookbook wasnt included. I dont need the recipes but the instructions are a great way to get familiar with the new pan.

5 Stars  Great Product 
I was very satisfied although not surprised at the quality of the four piece Copper cooking set. As usual, I received the item from PulseTV very rapidly and expertly packaged. Kudos to Anisa and also the KBS packaging team. All of you have made me a lifetime customer, it just doesnt get better than this. Merry Christmas Gang! A special thanks to Anisa, a pretty lady, and quality, low priced merchandise made for a very satisfied customer. Never change!!

4 Stars  Square Copper Cookware Pan set 
Only problem is finding a place to store while not in use.

5 Stars  Most Excellent Choice 
This pan is all that it was advertised to be. My husband drooled over it ridiculously when it was show on TV and when he had it in hand he was absolutely grinning from ear to ear.

4 Stars  Broken handle 
Everything was great about this pan except for the fact that the small handle on the side of fry basket was just loose in the box when I opened it. That doesnt affect the usage so its not a major problem but I cant, of course, give it 5 stars.

5 Stars  4-Pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. I used my new pan and was amazed that nothing stuck to the bottom while cooking. Used a paper towel to wipe residue from the pan. Great pan!!!

5 Stars  Excellent choice 
I love the squart cookware set. So easy to clean up.

5 Stars  GREAT 
It is all it is said to be and more

5 Stars  Square copper cookware 
I couldnt wait to cook in this new copper pan! It is everything they said it was, it works great with my induction cooktop!

5 Stars  Happy shopper 
Very happy with this product it arrived on time in good shape we havent had time to use it as we are on the road but plan to put it to the test very soon!

5 Stars  buyer 
very pleased

5 Stars  4-pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
OUTSTANDING!!!! My wife loves it and if I ever get as chance to use it I will let you know what I think about it!!!

3 Stars  4-pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
Not very happy. The handles were poorly attached and the copper coating is coming off from the bottom.

5 Stars  Copper Cookware 
Wonderful product highly recommended.

5 Stars  This Pan is Perfect! 
I love this pan! I may never use my other pans again, in fact its going to replace several of them that are not in good condition anymore. Anything I want to cook, I can do in this pan!

5 Stars  ceramic pans 
These pans are excellent and the multiuse features are excellent

3 Stars  Nice but impracticable 
Good looking but square bottom is impractical on a round induction plate.

5 Stars  Copper pan 
Love,love,love it. In one day I cooked three meals in it. Cleaning in between each meal was a breeze.

5 Stars  Awesome 
This is totally awesome. Love it.

Cost was less than the RED one seen on TV. Should do the job for much less.

5 Stars  Love it 
This is a wonderful pan. And such a great price. I love pulse tv!!!!

4 Stars  4 Pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set 
Great Value I bought 2, 1 for a gift

5 Stars  4 piece square copper pan set 
I love this pan! Food slides off and it is so easy to cook with.

5 Stars  Copper Cook 
Best pan EVER! I bought the first one from Copper Chef for $75 and it is the exact same product. Great to use in the oven. Grills vegetables to perfection and then just add the rice. So versatile that with two pans you cover a complete meal.

4 Stars  Whats Missing ? 
The Square Pan works great. Great appliances, but there was no recipe book. There is a downloadable instructions and recipes version, but no book. Pulse TV was nice enough to mail me a copy, as I was unable to download from the site, but it was still not what is in the recipe book offered by square Pan. I wanted the recipe for barbeque country ribs with cola, but not in what was sent. Pulse TV folks always great to work with and there for the customer.

5 Stars  Mr. 
Luv it! Everything we expected & the price was GREAT!!

5 Stars  Mrs. 
I love the way this pot cooks, nothing sticks, its amazing! Its so easy to wash afterwards too. The shape is especially nice to cook meals in also. Looking forward to baking in it also.

5 Stars  PERFECT PAN !! 
This is a whole pan set in one. I love it. It cooks pasta perfectly and deep fries great and steams, bakes and etc. etc. it never scratches and you can clean it with a paper towel.... Hey what better can we ask for???

2 Stars  Copper pan 
Totally disapointed in quality

I ordered this pot as seen on tv, AN was so excited to be able to purchase it at such an amazing discount. WONDERFUL pot. Using for the holidays. Great that it can be put in the oven as well

5 Stars  Cooper Cookware Pan Set 
This pan is exactly what I expected and at such a great price. It is heavy duty, sears meats nicely and great for roasting in the oven. Cooks evenly on my ceramic cook top.

4 Stars  Cooper pot 
Worked as advertised however would have liked to have the cookbook that goes with it

5 Stars  Great pan for everything! 
What a great pan. Absolutely does everything as advertised. Nothing sticks, large enough to do a family batch of stew, a cake, brownies, steam vegetables, deep fry use on the range top or in the oven. I am very pleased!

5 Stars  It does what it claims to do 
I cant believe how excited I was the day I came home and found this box in front of my door I opened it up like it was Christmas I Sorret I was like oh what can I cook tonight first I washed it like it said and then I use it all the time its great for stuffed peppers its been great for artichokes I have an use the fry basket yet but everything else is great I got all excited over a pot and a pan combo oh my God I need A life

4 Stars  Copper Cookware 
Very pleased with the copper pan. Have used it several times. The steamer insert is nice and works well. Only thing negative is its pretty light and a little cheapy. I doubt I would have bought it in a store. But overall, were happy. Tks.

5 Stars  LOVE LOVE 
LOVE this pan use it almost every day !

5 Stars  Love this pan!! 
This is a great pan!! I know you dont need oil or butter, but I add a little for flavor. So easy to clean. I love the high sides. A little worried about scratching it, but I havent yet.

5 Stars  Best money spent 
Everything thats been said is true. Girl friend loves it now I have to get one for her mom.

5 Stars  Wonderful Gifts 
I got two of these for gifts for friends. They look great and are of good quality. Great gift idea

5 Stars  Cheryl P 
I have only had this pan for a week or so and have used it almost daily... I would and have recommended this pan to several people

5 Stars  Great Service 
Great service & great product Wonderful customer service had to call about an order couldnt have been more professional

5 Stars  copper pan review 
So far the pan is everything you said it was! Nothing sticks, cooks evenly, have used it stovetop and in the oven and very very pleased.

5 Stars  copper helper 
I love my square copper pan.The shape makes it easier to fit a meal for a crowd than regular round or oval pots.And it is tall enough to be used as a deep fat fryer.The handy steamer and lid make this my go to pan for many dishes. Baking sticky buns or a chocolate cake has never been more fun because with the non stick coating,cleanup is a breeze.

5 Stars  Greatest pan 
My sister saw an ad on late night TV and wrote all the info for me. Then I saw this ad for $20 cheaper and free shipping. I got one for her and one for her daughter. They both rave about it almost every day!!!!! Awesome Christmas gift for the cookers in the family and friends!!!! Thank you for a great pan!

5 Stars  Love it 
I have been using this for a week and I dont think I will ever use another pan again. Everything just wipes clean. I made awesome French fries in it too. Its the perfect sized pan

5 Stars  best pan ive ever used 
I love this one as well as your other copper pan. These are the best pans Ive ever, ever used.

2 Stars  Not worth the money.. 
This product is nothing like what is on TV.. Its very small and the basket is very cheaply made.. The TV Pan says it can cook 4 sandwiches @ a time, doubt this one can fit 2 cut up sandwiches.. Not worth the money..

5 Stars  A Real Blessing in the Kitchen! 
I bought this for my wife and she loves it! She cooks everything in it and rinses it out when shes done! And I no longer have to scrub forever on expensive cookware when she, shall we say, cooks too long on the stove!

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Video: 4-pc Square Copper Cookware Pan Set

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