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Official PulseTV FLAT Magnetic Flashlight

Official PulseTV FLAT Magnetic Flashlight

Official PulseTV FLAT Magnetic Flashlight
Official PulseTV FLAT Magnetic Flashlight
Your Price: $2.99
Compare at: $7.99  (62% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $3.98 (75% off)
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Get one for $2.99
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Get the flashlight that totally unique, super-bright, and as the name says, flat! It's the Official PulseTV FLAT Magnetic Flashlight.

Flat Flashlight's designed for Convenient Carrying, Quick Storage, and Easy Use!

It's just a little thicker than a credit card; the perfect size to be conveniently carried in a pocket, purse, backpack, tool box, glove compartment, and much more.

Another cool feature is the magnet on the back. This allows you can put the flashlight on your fridge, or even the outside of the fuse box, for when you need some emergency lighting - Think of all the places you can stick this to, without getting in the way! And the attached string can double as a hanger for more versatility.

The two LED's shine brightly and will last for a long time. Just hold down on the "PRESS" button to activate the light, release to shut off the light.

These handy flashlights are available Red, Black or Blue (Sorry - NO COLOR CHOICE), and sport the PULSETV.com logo.


- Handy flashlight for multiple illumination needs
- Uses 2 LEDs
- Flat design makes it easy to carry, store, won't roll around
- Magnetic back for convenient placement
- Covered with soft plastic material
- Approximately 5/16" thick
- Unique and cool design
- Attached string for hanging and versatility
- Available in Red, Black or Blue (NO COLOR CHOICE)

5 Stars  I love this 
Its great to be able to put a flashlight in your pocket. Bright enough to see where you are going. Not sure how long the battery will last but it is working fine now.

5 Stars  Slim with very powerful light beam 
Handy in glove box and for wife/kids keys.

5 Stars  Flat Flashlight 
Awesome. They fit anywhere. The whole family are using them. I want to get more!

5 Stars  Very Nice 
Good Product, Nice Price

5 Stars  Handy flashlight 
This is a convenient little flashlight one can keep in your purse or glove box of your car. I thought it was great and gave a few as gifts.. stocking stuffer.

5 Stars  Great Flashlight 
Well worth the cost.

5 Stars  Great for my use 
I put this in my basement near my electric panel so that if we lose power I and easiy find the flashlight. It is bright and works well

easy for me ,disabled in left hand , to use

4 Stars  Handy to have around 
A really handy flashlight to keep in various places. The only problem is you have to hold down the button for light. When you release it shuts off. Other than that I think its great.

5 Stars  Handy little dandy 
It s very handy and not bulky on my key ring like prior key ring flashlights

5 Stars  Quite the neat flashlight 
Very nice for seeing key holes and/or USB slots on computer

5 Stars  Official PulseTV Flat Magnetic Flashlight 
Mostly purchased for Christmas but my husband kept a couple thinks they will be handy sometimes.

5 Stars  Handy little flashlight 
These are so handy and easily fit in a pocket. Out walking the dog at night and need to find his or her poo for bag pick up then you will want this little flashlight.

5 Stars  Ideal for car 
These flashlight are ideal for keeping in my car. Magnetic and they dont take up a lot of space. They are also plenty bright for their compact size.

GREAT for an emergency flashlight to see where key goes.

5 Stars  Flash light 
Convenient,small,great to keep in a glove box,I gave a few away has gifts when I do gift bags.

5 Stars  Really Cool! 
Perfect for carrying in my cross body purse. It is so convenient and takes up hardly any space. Love it!

5 Stars  Incredible Item!!! 
Love it

3 Stars  They work 
They are unique BUT you have to hold the button down to keep the light on. So there is no way to set the light to stay on without pressing the button, thus you cat put it down to use both hands to do anything

5 Stars  Magnetic Flash llight 
Very bright and thin for putting in my pocket. Well pleased with the product and would recommend it to anyone.

5 Stars  Very bright slim light 
Surprisingly these small flat lights are REALLY bright! Highly recommended!

5 Stars  Vert handy flashlight 
This is a great product. It is small,it will fit in a purse or pocket, it is lightweight, it is bright, and it has a magnet on the back. It is great for safety. It is very inexpensive and I have bought several and given to neighbors and friends so if power goes out you have light that you can keep nearby.

3 Stars  OK Value For The Money 
You get 12. This allows you to have enough to stuff pretty much anywhere you think you might need one. We have one in the bed stand, in our cars, stuck to the fridge, in each additional bedroom, in the medicine cabinet. You name it. Truth be told, they are not what Id consider to be flame throwers. However they are bright enough to help you find your way in the night until you can get to your duty-flashlight so to speak. In that regard, they fit the bill.

5 Stars  Very Cool Flashlight! 
I am pleased with these flat flashlights. They give off enough light to be helpful in lots of situations, without taking up much space when not being used. I also like the fact that they can be refrigerator magnets!

5 Stars  Incredible Item!!! 
Just to let you know that I have dealt with Pulse TV for many years and they have really good products to offer us.

4 Stars  Easy to carry 
Flashlights work as intended but not as bright as I would like but for the money they were good purchse.

5 Stars  Great gift item 
They work great and have bought a lot of them. Gifts for friends and family. Everyone loves.

5 Stars  Great little flashlight 
I bought a few of these to have around the house. Nice having light when you need it in a hurry.

5 Stars  Fun in so many ways 
I gave them out as gifts to school bus drivers. THEY LOVED THEM!!!!! And remember these flashlights are magnetic so the driver just put them on the wall of the bus. But so many uses imagine a religious experience where you give each kid this flashlight and tell them they are the Light of the world. And all this for only 99 cents.

4 Stars  Good quick and handy light 
Stocking stuffers for Christmas

5 Stars  everyone was overjoyed 
I work as a school bus driver. We have to check the oil each day before we drive off. In the morning we need a flashlight. You should have seen the faces of those I gave this flashlight too. Cute, Neat, I love it, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I ordered a dozen but three did not work but the cost was $1.00 per flashlight. I found them also at Walmart and bought all they had in stock but they dont carry them anymore. They also stick to the side of the bus so we know where they are each day. Just a wonderful experience.

5 Stars  Magnetic flashlight 
It came in handy when I visited Mexico to visit family. We lost power for 14 hours when it rained that evening.

5 Stars  Cute! 
practical and useful

1 Stars  Disappointing 
Tiny beam, not especially useful around the house. Poor value.

5 Stars  Light THE WAY 
Great for door locks in the dark. Great for reading menus in restaurants and programs in theaters.

5 Stars  handy little light 
small, flat, and bright

5 Stars  Nice little flashlight! 
Everybody needs to have a flashlight on hand if the power goes out, and having one of these on your refrigerator is a great idea! You will always have a flashlight close-by, if you ever need one!...and I dare you to beat the price!

3 Stars  Paper thin Flashlight 
Works fine, but do not know the life expected life and battery is not replaceable

So, OK, theyre only a dollar a piece so I ordered 6! They are 2 very thin pieces of plastic, sealed together, with a battery, magnet and light in each. They have PULSETV printed predominately on both sides. The light only stays on if you continue to press the button. 2 didnt work at all and 2 were dim. They do stick to metal but you end up with free advertising for pulsetv all over your fridge etc...

4 Stars  Good 
Works great

5 Stars  Just the correct light for moving around in a dark house 
I appreciate all the features, makes a great gift, inexpensive

4 Stars  light and small 
Even tho you have to hold down the ON button, I found it small enough to carry in my purse.

5 Stars  Great - but only one small problem 
My friends love these, and I give them out at work. Over time Ive purchased hundreds of these flash lights and Ill probably buy hundreds more. Only problem is when I buy 50-100, several are always dead or weak! The last 75 I bought 10 were either dead or so weak they wore dying! But I love Pulse and have purchased many other items!

5 Stars  Magnetic Flashlight w magnet 
All but one worked perfectly. I was credited for that one...no issues. Thank you PulseTV.com I have ordered before. They are slimline, light works well. I like the added magnet. They are so lightweight, I can hang them on almost any metal object.

5 Stars  It like works 
Push the button, lite comes on. Its a miracle!!!!!

4 Stars  handy as a shirt pocket 
Thought the flashlight was neat, compact and easy to carry in pocket, purse, cord can be used to hang anywhere nail or door knob. Handy for small and large jobs .Great gifts to hand out also

5 Stars  Cute and handy 
Sent one to a fiend and one would have thought I had sent her a new car! She commented on how handy and compact this little flashlight is. Our customers loved it too!

5 Stars  great 
I use these and give them out - they are great

3 Stars  its OK 
they are cute and convenient for purse or pocket, but they dont stay lit when you take your fingure off of the button----they dont stay on. dissapointing.

3 Stars  flashlight 
works well

5 Stars  Flat small magnetic flashlight 
I love these flashlights! I first received one from donating to paralyzed vets and am still using it, but wanted to find more so was glad when I saw them on Pulse. They last a long time even with the grandkids playing with them! I have one in my purse all the time. Nice for seeing locks on doors, digging in a dark purse or bag, dropping something on car floor in dark. On vacation to get up to use bathroom, so many uses. Price is right to even give kids one to play with or keep by their bed.

5 Stars  Light them Up! 
I think the price is right and the product is handy and great!

5 Stars  Greatest Thing To Have Around 
These are great little flashlight for everywhere. If the lights go out...theyre there. We have a few on the refrigerator for anyone to take anytime they need one. We even have one on the front door and hung on knobs throughout the house. Handbag, garage, car.. SO handy. Were never in the dark.

4 Stars  Love it 
Like it, comes in handy

1 Stars  You get what you pay for! 
Flashlight only works while you hold button down ?? Thank goodness I only paid .99.

3 Stars  CUTE Novelty Item 
These flashlights are cute and if NOT BENT upon arrival like one of mine was, they stick to magnetic surfaces. My concern is that they are not very bright. But they are kinda neat to have on the fridge in case of a power outage.

5 Stars  Magnetic Flashlights 
I love these so much. Im going on a cruise in May and got 5 of them. They are so small and lightweight they will be super easy to pack. Since they are magnetic, I can keep it on the metal wall of the cabin. I got one for each of the grandkids who are going along. They love flashlights. This will be a fun surprise for them.

5 Stars  LOVE IT 
This is a Flat flash light and it tucks in the flatest pocket. so handy and it will tuck in anywhere--pocket-purse anywhere

5 Stars  Small but useful 
I have bought at least 75 of these and given away as gifts. Everyone is impressed at how bright they are. Put it on the fridge for when the lights go out. You can always find the fridge. HOPE the Bat Flashlight comes back. They are fantastic.

Love that it has the magnet. Its kept on the fridge. Its great for searching for stuff in the back of the drawers! Bought 15 for stocking stuffers-everyone loved them!

5 Stars  Handy 
Handy little flash light. I love them. Bought a bunch for stocking stuffers.

5 Stars  GREAT 
These little flashlights, with a magnet, are the handiest things. slip in your pocket for unexpected times a flashlight becomes necessary. One on the frig, one on the microwave, one on the dishwasher, eliminates the necessity of full lights on in the kitchen for light weight duties.

4 Stars  This Flat Magnetic Flashlight 
has a sleek design and is a good little flashlight. I am disappointed however that the light only stays on if you keep pushing the button down

5 Stars  Fun stocking filler 
Very pleased. Have used already and everyone on my list is getting one

5 Stars  Flat magnetic flashlight 
I bought these for my grandkids to have when we go camping. They love them. Carrying them on their arm is easy for them with the strap they dont lay them down and leave them. At the end of the day they just stick them on the fridge an they are ready to go when they want them.

5 Stars  Flat Magnetic Flashlight 
These are great to carry with you. The small size makes it so no matter what size purse you have you can carry one with you.

5 Stars  Buying More 
These are 300% brighter, new technology. Using inside car, car trunk, on boat, closets, front of electric wheelchair and still finding usages. Amazing Bright. Even bedside on headboard.

5 Stars  Official PulseTV FLAT Magnetic Flashlight Item #7387 
These little flashlights give s surprising amount of light and last a really long time. They are great little gifts.

5 Stars  Nice 
I like them even though I did not know what to exactly expect. They fit in a pocket or purse perfectly and have a nice bright beam

5 Stars  flat magnetic flashlight 
I think I have purchased at least 20 of these. We have one on the garage door so we can see to unlock the door. I use one at night when I have to get up. I have given many as gifts. Wonderful item and the price is unbelievable.

5 Stars  Greatest Little ANYTIME Gift! 
These little flashlights are awesome! I bought a handful just to pass around at work. Who knew they would put such smiles on faces?

I do not know how long the sealed battery will last. Also it is not the brightest flashlight. However I did buy several as stocking stuffers.

5 Stars  Light My Way! 
I have purchased multiple magnetic flashlights. I give them as little gifts in greeting cards. I have them all over our home in just about every room. They really come in handy at times. We have a camper and I have a few in it which I use every time we go out camping. Best little gift to light up someones way. I have been overly thanked by all that received one. Best $1 purchase ever.

5 Stars  FLAT Magnetic Flashlight Item #7387 
Great item. We put them in Homeless Kits that we hand out. You cant frog hunt with them, but they give enough light for safety and security.

3 Stars  Is the switch defective? 
I like very much the slim design and its plenty bright enough, but its only on when you are pressing the button - when you release the button it goes out. I checked back on the video and I believe it shows that Anisa is holding the button all of the time the light is on. Not false advertising, but you should have mentioned that.

5 Stars  99 cent Flashlights 
Hangs on every door knob..just waiting for a power failure...always prepared and a so very reasonable price.

5 Stars  Fabulous Flashlights 
My friends love the flashlights I give out as gifts, the ladies say they use the to find things in their purse

4 Stars  Very good item For the price great for people in hurricane country 
This item has a magnetic back fix it to your refrigerator when the lights go out you will always be able to find refrigerator. The item is LED and the battery should last you a lifetime. You can always find your refrigerator but you may not be able to find your flashlight and the batterys may be dead

Never fail bright lights. I loved these so much that I went back and bought 8 more for friends! These re great!!!

3 Stars  pocket size 
Flat so can fit anywhere. Average brightness - just press for light.

5 Stars  Well worth the price 
I like having a flashlight every where possible in my purse, in every drawer, or at least on every floor of the house. This does the job and you cant beat the price

5 Stars  Handy, small flashlight 
Fits in small pocket of my purse and can just reach in and find it, Have used it several times, like it much better after realizing how much I used it, and always found it in the dark

5 Stars  Flat Magnetic Flashlights 
Excellent product, wonderful pricing, pretty quick delivery. I am a happy customer of Pulse TV

5 Stars  Awesome item 
Got one for all my grandkids....great to take camping. so handy...fits in a purse or pocket. Thay all love it

5 Stars  Wouldnt be without them! 
Very bright light for its size. I always toss one in my luggage when traveling. I keep one on the refrigerator door, I share them with friends, and even one in my purse!!

5 Stars  Love this flashlight! 
Perfect for those qucik jobs when you need just a little light in the right place. I should have bought more.

5 Stars  And Then there was Magnetic Light 
Useful and exceptional great idea. The magnetic ability make this flashlight handy and novel. The light beam is wide and bright. I was surprised and pleased with mine. I ordered 3 and gave 1 to my friend. He was excited because the flashlight could attach to the metal to his, and my, apartment.Great...

5 Stars  Pulse Flashlight 
I like the color of it and also it doesnt look like a flashlight.

5 Stars  Flat Magnetic Flashlight 
The flashlight works well and is very handy. Id recommend to others.

5 Stars  great 
works well and I like the flatness

5 Stars  Handy Nightstand Light 
We travel and stay in a number of hotels so these flashlights have become a very handy to light our way to the bathroom in strange surrounds. We have them packed in our ditty bags.

5 Stars  Great light 
This is great light in a small package. Its on my purse.

5 Stars  Wish I had a million 
The best and neatest flashlight ever. I have given all but 2 as gifts, Takes no room in purse or pocket, drawer or glove compartment in the car. The other neat thing is it sticks to metal cupboards, doors or appliances. Thank you for making them available and thank you to the person that invented it!

5 Stars  Bright light. 
These little flat lights are great for out camper. Stay on shelf while traveling and handy in the night.

5 Stars  Light 

5 Stars  incredible 
Another in a long list of inexpensive products by Pulse that has many uses in many areas. I have one in the car and in every room where a loss of light would be dangerous. They are bright and small and magnetized. I dont know how they do it but they do! At this price get several....

5 Stars  Very handy little flashlight 
I bought these and gave to my family to put on their refrigerators. They are very handy and put out a good light.

5 Stars  Great Flashlight 
I love this little flashlight. This is my 2nd go round. I keep it in my purse, my car, gave one to my mom, my grandkids...the possibilities are endless.

5 Stars  BEST 

Ordered several of these for my childrens sermons & to give away then found that they were so popular with the recipients - - I ordered 10 more. Everyone comments extremely favorably on the fact that they are flat thus fitting easily into pockets, purses, and such with no bulk. The only thing I dont like is that Pulsetv.com is plastered in such large letters on them why not make it smaller yet its still an ad. This is the only reason I gave them 4, instead of 5 stars. Please consider my recommendation as subtle ads make the same statement. Yes, Im a fan of these. The light is also very bright. Glad to have found them.

3 Stars  Just OK 
You could have stated on your preview of the light that you have to hold the button to keep the light on. Thats a little inconvenient


5 Stars  Great Flashlight! 
Hi, I have ordered a bunch of these flashlights. They are a great price and fit anywhere, pocket, purse glove box etc. They are flat and very bright. My whole family loves them.

Gave as gift to many woman. They really liked the slim style because it fit so well in their purse/handbag. Recommed.


4 Stars  Fits anywhere 
It is small but powerful. It fits under pillows and in pockets. It is always ready to light the way.

I ordered several of these little flashlights as stocking stuffers to give for Christmas & to the good folks at church. Everyone loved them! Because they are flat, they fit in pockets w/no bulk the light is extremely bright, and even my brother, who has many flashlights asked me could I order more so he could gift his friends. A great buy.

4 Stars  Yes they are but.. 
They are cute little lights but yes, you do have to hold the button and you cannot change a battery so when this goes out and wont light anymore, you throw it away and pull out another. They might be good for survival kits. Keep a couple in your cars in a pinch.

5 Stars  Flat as a pancake 
I shouldnt say cute for such a good tool but these are cute, cute, cute. I just ordered another 2. They are so flat they easily fit into a pocket or my Valencia Unisex Canvas Traveling Bag which I love. They have a little give so they wont break in a pocket and can hardly be seen. Hanging cord and magnet a plus as you can put one on a refrigerator to search the freezer, hang on a cabinet pull, or a hook in a closet. The price is the most exciting part and it is bright.

5 Stars  flat flashlight 
I am so glad I purchased these. I will keep them around the apt.

4 Stars  Not as expected. 
Nice flashlight but will light only while pressing and holding the ON button. Wanted to attach to my drone to illuminate the dark areas for video capture but not usable for that purpose. Will have to develop some sort of clamp to see if I can make that work. Nice compact light for carrying in pocket or purse tho.

5 Stars  Great little flashlight 
I liked this so much that Im ordering more to give to friends.

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Official PulseTV FLAT Magnetic Flashlight

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