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Buncha Farmers Stain Remover

Buncha Farmers Stain Remover

Buncha Farmers Stain Remover
Buncha Farmers Stain Remover
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Remove grass, salt, grease, ketchup, ink, red wine and even the peskiest stains the all-natural way! The environmentally-friendly stick just requires a little water, then simply rub it directly on the stain. Wash it as normal, and see the results!

Its highly effective and potent formula is made without artificial dyes, perfumes, and chemical detergents, and is completely biodegradable. It naturally deodorizes with litsea cubeba oil, and contains borax used to soften water to aid in the cleaning process.

Use it on clothes, table cloths, carpeting, the walls, vinyl, leather, and more. Tear off a little chunk to energize a load of laundry. Melt in hot water and spray or rub on carpet surfaces or car seats to remove stains and grime. It can even remove mold!

- All-Natural Stain Remover
- Safe Around Pets, Babies
- Color-safe
- Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Canola Oil
- Litsea Cubeba Oil (Natural Deodorizer)
- Eucalyptus Oil (Natural Scent)
- Borax (Water Softener)
- 100% Biodegradable
- 60g stick / 2.14oz
- Made in Canada

5 Stars  So good, I ordered a 2nd one 
I havent found a stain that this wonder has not erased. So I ordered another one. Sometimes I even carry it with me, just in case my shirt eats from my food too. I only hope PulseTV never runs out of it. Highly Recommend it .....

4 Stars  It really works 
Be sure to follow the instructions.

5 Stars  Worth the money 
I was really impressed with the Buncha Farmers Stain Remover sticks I purchased--even gave one to someone to try. It is a good product and does what it says it will do!

5 Stars  Amazing 
This worked amazingly well. Have to admit I was pleasantly surprised.

4 Stars  Buncha Farmers Stain Remover 
This is a great product to remove those stubborn stains. I am so glad I made this investment I continue to see what an effective cleaner this is.

3 Stars  Farmers stain remover 
I purchased this product in an attempt to locate the perfect stain remover. I received the product and used it on jeans with motor oil and auto grease stains. It worked perfectly on both of those stains, but didnt remove grass stain that was on the seat of the jeans. I used it as directed on the enclosed directions. Its a good product but its messy to apply.

1 Stars  Doesnt work at all on leather! 
A waste of money. Used it on a stain on leather auto seat cover. Did absolutely nothing.

1 Stars  Tried every way I could think of, worked on nothing 
food stains, oil, smoke, ink - new stain or set in - Buncha Farmers did nothing - except remove money from my wallet!

1 Stars  Didnt do anything! 
Received no instructions in package. Tried on leather car seat, did nothing. Will try on another surface!

5 Stars  My best friend now 
I have been able to use this product several times and it doesnt stop amazing me. So easy to use and so effective that I dont think I ll have to buy any other stain remover ever again. As a matter of fact I will be ordering one or two more. I never want to run out of it. Highly recommend it.

1 Stars  Stain remover 
I used it to remove makeup from collar of white shirt, did not do a thing to remove it.

4 Stars  Removed stain 
I love it, its powerful in removing stains.

3 Stars  Ok 
It works on light stains but not on heavy ones or older stains. Keep trying but losing co fidemce.

5 Stars  Works like a charm 
I used this on a set in coffee stain and poof! It was gone! My only issue is that it should have a holder that you could push up as needed.

5 Stars  Removed a Year-Old Stain 
Had a really nice top I liked but I spilled a little bit of green tea on it a year ago. Have used all the stain removers out there but could not use bleach. Saw this advertised and bought 2 of them. First thing I tried it on was the top. Results were fabulous. I am wearing my stain free top again. I am now using this for all stains. Do have a suggestion Instead of packaging in cardboard package it in plastic tube as you do need to wet this on item.

5 Stars  Loved the stain remover 
I have carpet stains that were pretty bad! I mixed some of the bar with warm water in a sprayer, and sprayed it on. It got most of the stains out! I also sprayed it on a jacket collar and it got the stain out! I ordered 4 more!

5 Stars  It Really Worked 
writing to tell you that little stick of soap really works! i confess i had my doubts but it only took 5 minutes to convince me! the mats in my husbands car were not worth keeping nothing got them clean! i rubbed the little soap stick on a couple of the grease spots, rubbed it with a wet cloth and like magic they started to disappear. encouraged, i took a little scrub brush and finished the job. im waiting for it to dry when ill put it back and bring in the other. i can hardbelieve it..!

5 Stars  Stellar Stuff 
I love this stain remover! Best stuff on the market & its all natural, so youre not hurting the earth

5 Stars  good 
worked good and as described

5 Stars  fantastic 
Had a favorite shirt that I couldnt get the stain out. Tried everything too. Decided to buy this and it worked! Great stuff

5 Stars  worked on everything so far! 
I have had this for several years now, and even when my daughter brings home stains from college, it has been effective on them. Best Ive ever tried.

Wow. Didnt believe it until I tried it! The stain remover got out red kool aid! Unbelievable!

5 Stars  This stain remover bar really works! 
Great product.

3 Stars  Fair effectiveness 
Used it and the results were just as effective as a soap product bought in Walmart.

3 Stars  Eraser 
Crumbles when you rub on material. Too easily falls apart.

4 Stars  Works somewhat 
Bought to get kitchen grease stains off my husband t-shirts. It removes top couple layers but you can still see the stain marks if you look close.

1 Stars  doesnt work 
i tried it on several things including ink didnt work and yes i read the directions

5 Stars  Stain stick 
Great product!

1 Stars  no good way to handle it 
Since these stain removing bars do not have any useful sheath to put one fingers around, I find them unusable. Sorry. I had high hopes.

5 Stars  So glad its back! 
I am glad you got this back. This is the only thing that will get coffee stains off of my dress shirts. I hope you never stop selling this stuff!

5 Stars  Buncha Farmers Stain Remover 
My wife loves it she said it takes out washed in stains. She maid my order 5 more so she will not run out any time soon. GOOD PRODUCT.

4 Stars  Good stuff. 
It worked well.

5 Stars  Amazing! 
Has completely removed several different fresh stains.Best result was on my white high school sweatshirt from 1966 - I had soaked it in oxygen bleach to remove the yellow tint, which it did, but did not anticipate that it would cause the faded purple letters to bleed. Stain remover took out almost all the dye stains on the first try, and the rest came out with a second application. Ready to take the shirt to my 50th high school reunion!

1 Stars  buncha farmers stain remover 
I dribbled a few drops of lite salad dressing on a tee shirt and used this product to get out the stains. It did not work at all! I used the product just as Anisa said how to use it in her infomercial but no luck. The stains were still there no matter how I rubbed the product on them

1 Stars  Buncha Farmers Stain Remover 
It didnt work for me on grease, chocolate or BBQ stain. And I followed directions.

5 Stars  This takes out any stain even red drinks!!! 
I had a red drink stain on my carpet from my kids. I tried everything even a professional cleaner. It faded but was still noticeable. I saw this product and thought I had nothing to lose. Oh my........stain gone. Love this product.

4 Stars  Ms. 
Good at removing MOST not ALL stains for me.

5 Stars  stain remover 
use it all the time , works great

3 Stars  Buncha Farmers Stain Remover 
This product came quickly, but was in somewhat disrepair when I got it. I was able to salvage the stain remover, but since the box was torn up, it is hard to apply to the stain. I tried it on some garden clothes which had several stains on them and I did not even know what caused the stains. It removed most of them, but since it was difficult to apply because the stick was hard and brittle, not all the stains came out. I have not had an incident by which to test the stain remover since that time so I gave it three stars.

1 Stars  stain remover 
used on a blood stain on duvet cover as well as a pet vomit stain on a rug. Pretty ineffective on both.

3 Stars  BUNCHA 

4 Stars  Stain remover 
I havent had this long enough to give an overall opinion......however, at this point, it seems to work quite well as was shown and described. Only using it a short time did not feel I could go with 5 stars yet. Not enough experience.

1 Stars  Bad 
The Buncha Farmers Stain Remover did not work on the upholstery stains I was trying to remove. Note these were existing stains and we had already tried to remove them with other cleaners/stain removers. However, I thought it was worth a shot to buy Buncha Farmers, but it did not remove the stains.

1 Stars  Buncha Farmers Stain Remover 
Simply doesnt work- or do anything. I tried it on a drink stain on my car seat and all it did was put a wax type cover over the stain but the stain us still there. I would not recommend this product

5 Stars  Awesome 
This stuff works! Ive used it on a number of stains that I wasnt able to get out but this got them out. Thanks Pulse

5 Stars  Removed old grease stains 
I tried this on new grease stain and it worked great so I decided to try it on a shirt that has old food grease stains on it. This shirt had been laundered several times. This product removed the stains. I ordered 10 more to give as stocking gifts for Christmas

5 Stars  GREAT Stuff!! 
This product really works and does so without a bunch of chemicals. I highly recommend it!

4 Stars  Did not tke out stain completely 
Did not completely remove a food stain on womans top but overall it is a dependable product

4 Stars  Works 
Tried on various items. Works very well on everything but. L E A T H E R .

1 Stars  Buncha Farmer Stain Stick 
Does not work on getting blood out of product.

2 Stars  Not as advertised 
Does not work on old stains. Have not tried on new stains as yet.

5 Stars  Buncha Farmers Stain Remover 
I was looking for something natural that worked. Now I found it and it does a great job.

5 Stars  stain remover 
works great.I love it.I have ordered more.The stick is amazing.

3 Stars  Stain remover 
Have only used twice thus far in grease stains. It lightened the stain but didnt remove it.

5 Stars  amazing 
This product even works on old stains already laundered! I love it. I dont even get it wet, just rub on and let sit a day before washing. Its worked on everything so far, even dried blood.

5 Stars  Excellent Results 
Professional cleaners tried to remove stains on our dining room chairs and failed miserably. We figured what have we to lose trying the Buncha Farmers Stain Remover, so we took a shot. We had to apply it several times but it succeeded where others failed. Really impressive.

5 Stars  Nightlights 
These are absolutely wonderful. They are very bright and attach to anything. FYI - I have never ordered anything from you without being completely sastified. Finding you was the best thing to happen. Thank You

4 Stars  Stain remover 
One of the best products I ever used. Ordered more!

5 Stars  It saved one of my old favorite shirts.... 
One of my old favorite shirts had a big grease stain on it. It had been washed several times but the stain was still there. I WET IT FIRST, then rub it with the stain remover and put in the wash and the stain is gone. AWESOME!

5 Stars  Amazing 
This stuff is amazing. It instantly took out organic stains Ive been trying to remove for weeks.

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Remove grass, salt, grease, ketchup, ink, red wine and even the peskiest stains the all-natural way! The environmentally-friendly stick just requires a little water, then simply rub it directly on the stain. Wash it as normal, and see the results!
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