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Buy One, Get One FREE
Solar Powered Pest Repeller

Buy One, Get One FREE
Solar Powered Pest Repeller

Buy One, Get One FREE
Solar Powered Pest Repeller
Buy One, Get One FREE
Solar Powered Pest Repeller
Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $39.99  (75% off)

Spectrum Warranties
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Spectrum Warranties offers replacement coverage for your purchase on this item. It covers drops, water damage, and all sorts of accidents with a quick and easy claims process.

Warranties purchased at the time of product sale take effect on day 31 after purchase.

Please contact Spectrum Warranties upon purchasing to register your product.

  • Contract covers units in a residential (non-commercial) environment.
  • Contract covers free shipping of repaired items.
  • If the product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.
  • If unable to replace a 100% refund will be issued for the purchase price (less shipping & tax).
  • Covers standard malfunctions & accidental damage.

*PLEASE NOTE: The current pricing is well below the normal multi-product discount price, therefore we cannot offer additional pricing discounts.

TODAY ONLY: 75% off as our featured Deal-of-the-Day

Have a rodent problem? This solar-powered mole and gopher repeller repels unwanted burrowing rodents with the strongest and least expensive power available - the sun. It's solar-powered and maintenance-free; just stake it into your yard to repel moles, gophers, voles, shrews and other destructive burrowing rodents.

This ingenious device is environmentally friendly and eliminates the use of poisons and traps around children and pets. Since one full charge yields up to 4 days of trouble-free power, the unit is capable of operating without interruption even in unfavorable weather. The solar panel is embedded in a watertight ABS plastic housing with unique mow-over design.

The Solar Powered Rodent Repeller produces a sonic pulse of approximately 400 Hz every 30 seconds and provides up to 7,500 square feet of coverage. Pets won't be affected, but rodents will find the noise irritating and eventually move to quieter surroundings. Note: when turned on, you'll hear a slight buzzing sound with a vibration, but it's unnoticeable once staked in the ground.

- 2 Repeller Online Exclusive Set
- Solar powered, hassle-free
- Covers up to 7,500 Sq. Feet
- Lasts up to 4 days on one charge
- Frequency: 400Hz every 30 seconds
- Safe around children and pets
- Water resistant ABS plastic housing
- Attractive design blends with landscape
- Rodents are chased away unharmed
- Repels moles, gophers, voles, shrews, and other burrowing rodents

5 Stars  Works great 
Amazing how well these work. My yard looks so much better now.

3 Stars  well made but dont seem to scare anything 
I bought 8 of them. I was hoping this was the answer to my mole problem. with these installed and vibrating about every 30 sec. The moles just dig around them. one of them they pushed it up out of the ground. I guess I need another way to get rid of them. I do not like poisons because I have other animals

5 Stars  It Works!! 
I was skeptical at first but these work. My backyard was a playland for moles, no longer. They worked so well I came back and purchased two more for the front yard.

4 Stars  Solar Powered Pest & Rodent Repeller 
I like it. It is better than I bought before. It does vibrate, and might help with Rodent/

5 Stars  good for my Voles 
Seems to keep my Blind Mice away

5 Stars  Seems to be working! 
Great alternative humane repellent for overrun of chipmunks! Easy to place and noted less activity where it is planted. Hope it continues!

4 Stars  Solar Powered Pest Repeller 
Seems to be working fine. We havent had any signs of moles since installation.

5 Stars  These really work and work well!!!! 
I got these rodent repellers as a last humane ditch effort to get rid of my underground dwellers in my yard. I am amazed at how well those little things work. I can actually walk in my yard without sinking into rodent holes again. And can safely play ball with my dog knowing she wont break a leg sinking into rodent holes.

5 Stars  Solar powered pest & rodent repeller 
This is the second time I bought this items. I sent it to my sister who has a small farm in the Philippines. She put it one close to where she store her rice. She noted that after two weeks there are no more rats in the area. She ask me if I can send her more, so I m sending this again to solve her rat problem! Excellent product!

1 Stars  do not work, got more not less 
does not help

4 Stars  solar pest 
works fine

1 Stars  Repells or Attracks? 
Really disappointed with the three that I bought and installed. Doubt that they even work at deterring anything. Greeted every morning with an active gopher mound a mere 13 feet from one of them. Not recommendable.

4 Stars  Rodent Repellent 
I still see squirrels in my back yard but not as often. They were always on the bird feeder. I have a westie puppy that chases them and goes crazy. Less squirrels is my goal!

5 Stars  Appears to be working! 
I have seen no new mole activity since installing this repeller!

5 Stars  Problems with moles 
Solar Power Repeller seems to be working. I have now seen any mounds in my grass since placement of devices 2 weeks ago.

5 Stars  Pest Repeller 
So far so good. I have not seen any new gofer holes so I shared one with each of my neighbors to keep them away from me.

5 Stars  Solar Powered rodent repeller 
Works well. Have not seen critters or new mole runs. Must be working OK.

5 Stars  Solar 
I think they will take care of my mole problem!

3 Stars  Solar Powered Pest & Rodent Repeller 
Unit operates as described - that is, the solar cells charge the battery and the unit makes its sound. However, the moles at my home dont seem to be bothered at all by the four units which I have placed in my backyard.

1 Stars  not working so far 
Ive been using these solar repellents for over 3 weeks with nothing happening at all. It seems that my moles are even more active with their tunnelling. I also have 2 out of the 4 I purchased that have moisture inside of them after the first day of use.

1 Stars  Solar powered pest & rodent repeller 
I bought 2 of the rodent repellent for our gopher problem we have. They dont work at all. Gopher keeps tearing up our yard. It was a waste of my money. I wouldnt recommend this product.

1 Stars  Didnt work for me. 
I put the rodent repeller in my garden where I was growing butternut squash because I noticed that my vines were being gnawed at and separated from the rest of the vine. I thought it would solve the problem, but instead of finding the vines bitten off from the rest of the vines, I found that the vines dissapeared entirely and nothing was left.

1 Stars  solar rodent repeller 
If it did anything it made them more active. I believe it was just music for them

1 Stars  Solar powered pest repeller 
Squirrels come right to it.

5 Stars  This really works 
Fast delivery and item works as described - no more rodents digging under our walks.

5 Stars  pest repeller 
working great.

5 Stars  Bobs Review on Rodent Repeller 
I am extremely satisfied with this repeller. Thats why I have 5 in my yard, and I purchased 2 for my son for his yard. Very effective at a nominal and price-valued cost.

1 Stars  not working 
put this right buy the chipmunk hole and he walks right by like it is not there

5 Stars  Seems to be working 
Product arrived quickly and was as described. I immediately put one in my front yard and one in my back yard. Have not seen any more critters or dug up spots.

5 Stars  Chipmunk problem 
I put these repellers in the ground June 24th and I have not seen a single chipmunk in my yard. I absolutely love them and would advise anyone with a rodent problem to purchase the Solar Powered Pest & Rodent Repellers. Thank you.

1 Stars  Does not appear to work 
I placed 5 of these in my yard approximately 1700 square feet and still have gophers burrowing , in fact one popped up next to a unit that was in the ground beeping away.

4 Stars  Mole repellars 
I purchased two about two weeks ago I installed them right away. I have a dog so I didnt want any chemicals on my lawn.l am seeing less mole activity in some spots and hope they are all gone soon.

5 Stars  Stops squirrels 
They use to run all over our screens, in the trees & copulating all over the place, making more squirrels. Thank you for a product that works!

5 Stars  Rodent Repeller 
We have a large lawn, a rental house, and a 50 acre field. So we have many rodents that can cause damage. These repellers work very well. We have bought them in previous years, and added to our collection, and replaced some of the earlier ones that have been damaged. Highly recommend.

5 Stars  It Works 
I purchased 6 of these to keep the chipmunks from borrowing under our house foundation. I havent seen any new holes since I installed 3 of them. I gave the other 3 to my neighbor to prevent the squires from digging up their garden.

5 Stars  It Has Worked For Me 
I purchased 2 of these well over a year ago. It has brought 2 Moles up and one of my dogs got both of them, so I do have proof that they were trying to leave my yard. These were both in the backyard. I put the other 1 in my front yard and no new tunnels were noticed. These have been out in freezing weather and snow and are still working. I recently purchased another 1 to put on the opposite side of my front yard on the other side of my house. I have noticed no new tunnels since putting it out. I highly recommend this product.

4 Stars  Installing is as easy as it sounds 
I installed the rodent and pest repeller in my garden and bird sanctuary. When I received the repeller there were no parts to put together and it was as easy as taking out of the package and putting it in the ground. I can hear the repeller working so that means that the solar panels are working the way they should. Since the repeller is a long-term effect I will probably make another review at the end of summer on how well it worked.

5 Stars  They Worked For Me 
I bought 2 of these. I put 1 in the center of my backyard. The other 1, I put between mine and my next door neighbors front yards. I actually found the little critter in my backyard. I suppose he was trying to run away and my little dogs got him. No more tunnels in the backyard and none in mine nor my neighbors yard in the front. I am ordering 2 more.

4 Stars  Worked a little while, then signal got weak 
I loved the idea of this device to deter underground critters without affecting my cats or dog. Unfortuneately, after only 2 months, the signal is weak and the inside has accumulated liquid. It was effective while it was strong and this may be due to outside elements, maybe the device should have been brought inside more often. Wasnt clear on outside durability.

1 Stars  Solar Powered Pest and Rodent Repeller 
I bought 2 of these. They are thin plastic and the batteries can NOT be replaced. One didnt even work, but Pulse is sending me a replacement on that GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Not sure how long until the battery stops working, but when they do, you will just have to throw away...

3 Stars  doesnt seem to be working 
I ordered this product and have been using it for about 2 weeks. I still have a mole problem and it doesnt seem to be working at all.

1 Stars  Do not work 
I bought 4 of these. I have fresh gopher mounds within 10 feet of the device. I would not purchase these aagain

4 Stars  Seems to keep the rodents away... 
The Solar Powered Pest & Rodent Repeller seems to keep the rodents away or theyre not coming back because they already ate ALL of my fruit!. The units trap condensation under the plastic top, so they dont seem to be completely weather-proof. Time will tell.

1 Stars  It doesnt work 
All it did was make my annoying goffer to make more mounds, i did buy two of these devices.

5 Stars  solar rodent repeller 
was skeptical but it WORKS!!!! No more groundhogs digging under my deck

5 Stars  OK 
Ive only had these for a few days. I think they really work.

I have used these for several years. they seem to get broken pretty easily by my gardener. But, they work GREAT. I just put in two new ones in the corners of my yard and there were two active gopher holes working. Shortly, next day or two, the gophers were GONE. They do work, they do work pretty well. I recommend them.

5 Stars  Awesome!!! 
Wow this is so awesome! I have had a problem with groundhogs and once I put these in I have not seen them since. I would definitely order them again. Best outdoor rodent repeller Ive purchased in a long time.

5 Stars  Moles 
Did what it said. And moles are gone!

5 Stars  It works ! 
Ive had numerous chipmunks in various corners of my property burrowing all over the place. You would see them running from one end of the yard to another burrow several times a day. They had no fear of humans at all. I decided to try three solar sticks for various locations and dammit... They work!!! I havent seen the numbers of visitors in a while. I like the fact that its not using a spray or poison to do this. Thanks.... hope you have more....Id like to stock up on them.

1 Stars  Solar Powered Rodent Mole Repeller 
We put them in our grass where the voles trails were, but their damage and trails got worse. They are not worth the money. Since purchasing them we have talked with others who have tried this Repellar but they also said the same thing. We were hoping that they would do the trick, but we got tricked!

2 Stars  Lite 
Plastic place in soft dirt, not as I expected.

4 Stars  Solar Powered Pest & Rodent Repeller 
Works great when the sun shines. Will need a battery operated unit later.

5 Stars  It really works! 
I was skeptical about this, but when we put them in our raised garden beds, you could actually hear movement underground. Now our veggies are coming along just fine.

4 Stars  A True Mole Repellent 
Before using the insecticide-free mole repellers I was not able to run across my yard without tripping in a mole run. Less than one month later my yard is mole FREE! I could not give them 5 stars because they leak moisture, destroying the recharging system.

5 Stars  Excellent.....but 
I bought this as I have a very large vegetable garden that was getting cleaned out by chipmunks. I had my whole strawberry patch and cucumber crop ruined last year. Bought this, put it in the ground and what a difference. Works really, really well. The but is that water gets in and Im afraid to take it apart Incase it breaks.

1 Stars  Does not perform 
This product has done absolutely nothing to help with our underground rodent issue. Very disappointed in its lack of performance.

3 Stars  rodent repeller 
Seems to be working!!!!!

4 Stars  Mole reller 
Seemed to do the job. Moles are gone. Used for two weeks.

4 Stars  Very effective 
Very noticeable results.

4 Stars  Effective 
I have used 4 of these and the pesky moles seem to have gone elsewhere. Some of these were damaged in shipping and were replaced with one phone call. Pulse did not ask for return of damaged items. Great service and they stand behind their product.

2 Stars  Solar Powered Pest Repeller 
Unfortunately, I have not noticed a change in pest and rodent traffic in my yard since I installed 2 units.

1 Stars  DONT WASTE YOUR $$$$$$ 
I tried this to get rid of the ground hog we have in our yard. I placed it 4 inches from his hole. they are still there 3 weeks later, the entire clan of them arent bothered by this sound. in fact it seems we now have more !

4 Stars  So far so good 
I was skeptical but anything was worth a try as we were over run by moles and chipmunks. So far its really slowing them down. I would like to add FedEx Smartpost is really bad. Way slow - not just from you guys but every vendor that uses them.

3 Stars  Solar Powered Pest Repeller 
This is an update to the solar powered pest repeller I recently purchased. It has sent the rodents away as advertised but now I am hearing the units constantly buzzing without stopping. I purchased a third unit thinking I was hearing things but now I am hearing both the unit in my front yard and the unit in my back yard constantly buzzing. I had noticed moisture on the solar panel.

4 Stars  Solar mole repeler 
Easy install and they seem to be working.

5 Stars  Works Great 
I had moles all thru my yard. I installed these and everyone seems to of gone running off. Just what I wanted it to do. The low profile means they dont get in the way when cutting grass. Very handy.

1 Stars  solar powered pest & rodent repeller 
Sorry to say, we still have chipmunks and squirrels running all over the place

5 Stars  Solar Powered Pest & Rodent Repeller 
As soon as I installed on my front lawn, I have had no activity at all. Problem solved!!! I recommend this product over all the others. I am very impressed and recommend to anyone having gopher problems.

1 Stars  Useless 
Thought it might be working, but after 3 days, I saw evidence of a mole or gopher or whatever it is raising dirt in the yard. The sound stopped, seem to start again when I pressed the button, but then stopped again.

1 Stars  Did not work for me. 
I bought these thinking they would work for all rodents. They are designed for burrowing rodents. That fact was either not addressed or I missed it in the ads I saw. I was trying to eliminate squirrels. They do not work on squirrels.

5 Stars  The only thing that worked 
I had tried everything. I bought these last year and they worked.

2 Stars  still tearing up the yard 
I bought two of these and so far Im not having any luck and neither is my neighbor. They keep on coming and we keep on fighting them

5 Stars  Love these! 
I bought two of these last year. I have a major problem every season with moles, or voles, I dont know the difference if there is one. At the first sign of spring and as soon as the snow starts to melt away I have numerous tunnels visible as the critters are back in action. I have literally stood and watched flowers disappear underground as these rodents pull them down from below. I placed my two rodent repellers in the ground last year per the instructions. They need to get full sun to charge the solar batteries. Nothing noticeable happened for the first several days, but after about two weeks I noticed that I no longer had the visible tunnels and my plants remained in place. I could audibly hear the buzzing of each unit when I was near it which indicated it was functioning. I was so happy with these that I recently ordered 8 more for this year to cover more area! Every one of these arrived in brand new packaging and in great shape. They are plastic, so you must be careful with them. I pushed mine all the way down into the ground so that just the top solar panel housing was exposed. They cant be stepped on or damaged by anything like a lawn mower or other garden equipment. For the money, well worth the price!

5 Stars  Pest & Rodent Repeller 
Since I have installed this my yard is free of the mole holes I used to see and I havent seen any more.

5 Stars  Worked great 
All items arrived in good shape. It did take about two to three weeks after installing in the ground to see results. I have a huge problem with moles. Once these kick in, the rodents are kept at bay.

5 Stars  Mole remedy for my yard 
I think I have found a mole remedy for my lawn. I couldnt be happier.

4 Stars  Solar Powered Pest and Rodent Repeller 
I purchased two of these units last year and they worked well but this year I am hearing no sound from the units. One is making a very short sound when it activates compared to when I first got the units and the other is making a high pitched sound which lasts a fraction of a second compared to last year when I heard this plainly. A friend ordered two and both are heard with no problem.

4 Stars  Worked somewhat ??? 
Got 4 of these. One did not work from the beginning, another got full of water after rain. The other two worked at first, only one still working. Poor quality control. Hard to judge how good they work when they die before you can make a good assessment.

1 Stars  Not waterproof 
This seemed to work in my yard but after it rained they quit working and I found that the water was inside the top and when I removed it from the ground the top fell off. poor design

5 Stars  Theyre gone 
Almost passed on this item because of some reviews but decided to try because of the good ones and I have to say it worked... the voles are gone

1 Stars  What A Joke 
Would love to give a zero rating if i could. This is a complete waste of money. Moles and rodents pay no attention at all to this junk. Cat loves to play with plastic lid as it wont stay on. Save your money on this one!

1 Stars  Waste of Money 
I ordered two of them. The product came in with the top part Glass top separate from the rest. I put them back together and used them. At the beginning, it seems that the units were charging and making some noise. However, in few weeks, I noticed that the units stopped charging as the noise was very minimal and rodents were tunneling around the units. I am not sure that they were ever effective in doing what they claim.

2 Stars  Not sure how this works 
Ive got 4 of these for my vegetable garden which is completely locked in with wire mesh. These things make a light squeaking sound which I believe it to drive the rodents away.. Im still seeing symptoms of some rodents going at our vegetables which makes me to question the effectiveness of these. The on-off switch is also not very intuitive the depth indicator on the switch does not help much as it pretty much remains at the same level for ON/OFF . Will watch it for few more days before I return these.

4 Stars  Solar Pest/Rodent repeller 
So far so good

5 Stars  An Essential 
I am not sure if it is working. But I would like 2 more to put around my yard. Maybe 4 more I am willing to try more.

4 Stars  rodent repeller 
I have two in order to deter local and feral cats in my back yard. One works fine, but the other one I had to relocate because they seem to have a way to get around it. Results are not in yet.

2 Stars  Disappointed 
IT IS NICE KEEPING THE MOLES OUT OF THE GARDEN. But when I ordered 2 I expected 2 to work. Only 1 of the repellers is functional

5 Stars  It works great when you turn it on 
I developed a vole problem in the shrub bed that surrounded my patio. Poison failed and I was concerned about all the birds that visited our feeders. At that time I saw the Pulse TV ad and purchased two. One was delivered broken and Angela mailed me a replacement. While I was able to operate the first one I couldnt get the replacement to work. After a frustrated week I called Angela again and she walked me through its operation. Finally I walked outside with my mobile phone in hand. I extracted the replacement and Angela said Did you turn it on? Oops. As soon as I turned it on it started working. And I havent seen a vole since.

5 Stars  Pest Repeller that works 
So far the unit seems to be doing a great job. Havent had any digging in my flowers in since I put it out.

5 Stars  rodent repellers 
These worked great. Didnt even take a week to get rid of the little peskies. Super impressed. Also, they are not loud and do not disturb my neighbours.

5 Stars  They keep the moles away 
Just purchased 4 of these rodent repel sticks and they DO keep the moles from our yard. They really DO work.

5 Stars  Great product 
Got rid of the little rodents that were taking over my outdoor area.

1 Stars  Solar Rodent Repeller 
Doesnt seem to work. Gopher dug hole right next to one of them.

1 Stars  Rodent Repeller 
I am very dissatisfied with this product. It isnt keeping the rodents away. I am getting ready to return it.

4 Stars  solar pest and rodent repeller 
very good price,price and shipping was less than what these cost in big box stores. EXCELLENT customer service.had one arrive broken, but as i said excellent customer service. they said they will send me a replacement, hopefully without having to call 20 times.to be cont

3 Stars  Solar Rodent Repeller 
I ordered several of these and about half of them were broke. The broken ones will not keep out the moisture and will eventually fail. At least one of them would not work when received.

5 Stars  Rodent repeller 
Love the product. Waiting to use it. I have trouble with my gardener breaking everything I put in my yard. I want to make sure that they are deep enough so that the lawn mower wont be able to touch them.

4 Stars  Mrs. 
Seems to be working. Wish I could catch them running off!

4 Stars  solar powered rodent repeller 
Do not know if it worked after one week. I installed it per instructions. Unfortunately, due to my lawn being uneven my mower blew the top of it off even though it was less than half an inch high. End of story.

1 Stars  rodent repeller 
I was disappointed to find the the product in pieces when I opened the box, I was able to put it back together but does not seem to be doing its job.After the 2 weeks I saw a mouse run by my back door!

5 Stars  Rodent Repeller 
I tried other brands that said solar as well as being quiet and was very upset because they were not. In fact they were so noisy. But when I saw this one and read the reviews I saw everyone was saying they were quiet and they worked great. Yes they are fantastic they work perfictly and they are quiet once they are in the ground. I took one out to make sure it was working and yes it was working. they have been in the yard several weeks now and are doing great. I would recommend these if you want a rodent repeller they are solar and no battery needed.

5 Stars  rodent repeller 
I noticed that it started working 2 days after I started using them, have not seen a single mole tunnel or hill since.

1 Stars  Solar Powered Rodent Repeller 
Not very effective. Within 3 days of putting it in the ground I had 3 gopher holes within 5 feet of it. Would not recommend.

5 Stars  Pretty darn cool 
Ive always wondered if these worked and, they do!

4 Stars  Works! 
Have only had for 2 weeks, but seems to work better than the ones you can get at the big box stores

5 Stars  Works well 
Within two weeks our cats caught three gophers. Sad but it got the gophers moving.

3 Stars  Too soon to tell. 
I have only had these two in my upper and lower yard for most of a week. So far, I think I have seen continued pest activity, but it may have been from before. I definitely hear when the sound goes off and hopefully that will drive the critters away. I hope it will not chase the birds away as well.

4 Stars  Solar Powered Rodent Repeller 
the product seemed to work better than expected and was 50% less than identical product sold at Lowes

5 Stars  Great device 
Have these all over the yard since we have gophers and moles, keeps them away.

2 Stars  half satisfied 
I received the spikes and install them flush into the ground. First time I mowed the plastic cap was sucked into the blade. It is now buzzing its death throes. One working out of 2 is not good.

3 Stars  defective product 
I ordered two rodent repellers. they are cheaply made and one was broken upon opening the package. this is the second time i have received defective products from Pulse tv. Therefore i will not be ordering any more products from pulse tv.

5 Stars  Very effective---BUT 
The BUT is that moisture gets into them and even though they may have up to a tbs of water they still work but must be emptied. My husband took some pipe tape and sealed each of the units, no more water to worry me.

5 Stars  Goodbye Moles, Gophers and Squirrels 
Love them. They got rid of all three pests in my garden although I had to use 3 of them in my strawberry bed to discourage the moles. I use them all over my yard, from the veggie garden to fruit trees to my flower gardens. I just ordered 4 more.

5 Stars  It works !! 
We bought 2 of these because of rabbits and chipmonks and they got rid of all of them and within one day. We love this !!

4 Stars  It works but..... 
This worked very well for the gophers. Unfortunately the raccoons hated it.They ripped the clear cover off and tore out the solar wiring. I am buying more for the gophers because they are doing more damage.

4 Stars  Give it time - It really does work 
Initially I thought this wasnt working... but after reading the directions I saw that you need to give it a bit of time and yep it works. My kids are thrilled as much as I am!

1 Stars  No use to my moles 
I must have retarded moles..they actually were drawn to this device. I had mole tracks going all around them.

1 Stars  Mole and Gopher Chaser 
This does not work. The Gophers actually build mounds next to the Chaser, and even try to cover it with the dirt..They do not go away..

5 Stars  GONE !!!! 
I bought two of these chasers and put one in the back and one on the front side of my house. Whoopee! No more gophers where these chasers are. But, now I am buying an additional one for the other side of my house where the sound was being blocked and I have seen evidence of the critters going over there.

5 Stars  Mole and Gopher Cgaser 
I purchased two to use around our garden. My husband is amazed! Not only are the moles gone but even rabbits stay away. I plan on purchasing several more to keep miceawayfrom our shedsthiswinter. I highly recommend this product.

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