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Spring Powered Knee Support w/ Powerful Rebound Spring Force

Spring Powered Knee Support w/ Powerful Rebound Spring Force

Spring Powered Knee Support w/ Powerful Rebound Spring Force
Spring Powered Knee Support w/ Powerful Rebound Spring Force
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A weakened knee needs can cause all kinds of issue when not fully supported. It can lead to foot, hip and back pain and damage.

Finding a good knee brace with optimal support can cost you a small fortune. That's why the Spring Powered Knee Support was developed! It gives you unmatched support at an affordable price.

Powerful Rebound Spring Force Provides Optimal Support

The unique built-in springs can lighten about 88 pounds from your own weight! Makes you feel light, allowing you to lift each knee easily as you go along with your activities. It puts that "pep back in your step!"

It also helps to reduce pressure and strain on your knees and allow for natural movement of your knee with added support.

When the knee is bent, the knee protection booster exerts a counterforce that supports the back of the knee.

Comfortable Compression

Compression is also important for reducing inflammation and aiding in circulation. This Knee Support brace features adjustable compression above and below knee for stability.

The unique 4-way compression system and open patella design improves patellar stability.

One Size Fits Most

The upper and lower straps are made of comfortable and breathable material that is also a bit stretchy. The Upper Leg strap 29.5 inches long but can be stretched to fit a lower thigh of up to 35".

The lower leg strap is 25.5 inches but will stretch to fit just below the lower knee of up to 29.5 inches.

Ease your knee pain and stabilize them with the spring powered knee support brace.


  • Powerful Rebound Spring Force Helps Reduce Strain On Knee
  • Lightens The Load On Your knee
  • Adjustable Compression Above and Below The Knee For Stability
  • 3 Springs on Back
  • Includes 2 Extra Spring And Replacement Tool
  • Less Bulk Than Other Mechanical Braces
  • Breathable fabric of the knee support allows cool air to flow through
  • Adjustable Fit: Upper leg strap fits up to 35"; lower leg strap fits up to 29.5"

3 Stars  Awkward 
Does not seem to fit very well and is hard to use.

3 Stars  knee brace 
got this for my husband. He hasnt worn it enough to really evaluate how effective it is . It seems to offer good support and doesnt bind is more comfortable as tight as other braces hes tried.

2 Stars  not supportive 
When you bend your knees, to sit down, it really diggs on the back of your upper thigh, not comfortable. Doesn t really give you the support to help you stand up either. I don t recommend this.

1 Stars  disappointing 

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