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Privacy Cover For Phones, Tablets, And Laptops (3 Pack)

Privacy Cover For Phones, Tablets, And Laptops (3 Pack)

Privacy Cover For Phones, Tablets, And Laptops (3 Pack)
Privacy Cover For Phones, Tablets, And Laptops (3 Pack)
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How To Easily Protect Your Privacy From Hackers

With cameras everywhere, we are always being recorded, but did you know one of the most vulnerable cameras is the one you carry around every day? It's true, many hackers can activate your phone, tablet, or even laptop camera at any given moment. They use this to gain personal information or try to grab compromising photos or videos of you.

We have an easy and inexpensive solution to keep you protected. It's a Privacy Cover, and it works every time!

Best of all these work with all of your favorite gadgets including phones, tablets, and laptops. And since we have a 3-pack, all your devices get protected.

How it works is very simple. Just put the cover on your device and hold it for 15 seconds. Now the cover is attached. When you want to use your camera just slide the cover over to one side. When finished slide it back and the camera will stay covered until you decide to uncover it.

It's a low-tech solution that hi-tech hackers can't get around!


- Each Pack Gives You 3 Privacy Protectors
- Works With Phones, Laptops, Tablets, And More
- Protection Hackers Can't Get Around
- Great For Office And Home Privacy
- Camera Only Visible When You Decide
- Easy To Install
- Simple To Use, Slide Open/Close
- Dimensions: 0.75" X 0.25"

5 Stars  Peek a Boo 
These covers are a necessity in my household. My grands are tied to their phones, tablets & laptops, so it was great to discover these privacy covers on Pulsetv. Theyre easy to apply and you slide the cover over to conceal the camera on your device. When needed, you slide the cover over to allow camera usage. The cover adheres to your screen and holds!

4 Stars  Great concept, but 
Previously I used a little piece of paper secured by sticky tape to provide privacy on my phone and tablet. This little privacy cover promised to be a much neater solution and worked well. I liked how the little door slid open and closed as needed. At first. It loses a star for starting to slide over the screen randomly after about a week and then falling off somewhere and it was lost. Im back to my sticky tape over a piece of paper.

5 Stars  Great new gadget! 
These are great! Theyre super thin so you barely even notice them, and they keep you safe from camera snoopers! And its easy to slide the lever over to view the camera whenever you want to.

5 Stars  Privacy Covers for Phone/laptops etc 
This is a really great way to cover your camera lens when not in use. It is slim and in no way does it get in the way of my laptop closing. It fits snugly and securely. I recommend, decent buy!

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