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PulseTV.com Announces its Resellers Drop Ship Program

Tinley Park, IL, March 3, 2015 – PulseTV announced its new Resellers Drop Ship program today. The program is designed to allow marketers to sell deep discounted products offered by PulseTV and take advantage of PulseTV’s logistics.

Amongst the logistics offered are: fulfillment, inventory management, customer service and even creative. Program manager, Sharif Ali said, “Our management team has over 50 years of experience in every phase of direct marketing. We are leveraging our fulfillment experience and inventory management to allow marketers to do what they do best, market, and we do all the rest.”

PulseTV has shipped over 2 million items to consumers in the past 12 months and has one of the lowest returns rate in the nation (1.61% for 2014). PulseTV also purchases products from over 120 vendors that source products from all over the world. Sharif continued, “We have great prices that allow marketers to mark up the product to really make money. We have kept fulfillment costs well below industry averages. This is a program for marketers who want to add SKUs to their website without the hassle and cost of inventory and fulfillment.”

In the first 3 weeks of its beta launch, PulseTV had 37 marketers sign up to its Resellers Drop Ship Program. Companies have been marketing PulseTV’s products on eBay, their own websites and email lists to drive their sales and upload the orders to PulseTV for fulfillment.

For more information, contact Sharif Ali: 708-478-4500 ext. 150 or email him:

About PulseTV:
PulseTV started out selling videos via television direct response with such hits as Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. It iterated to become an online retailer that sells affordable consumer goods that harnesses the power of email marketing and video. By combining in-house fulfillment, customer service, email deployment, video production, product sourcing and tight inventory controls, PulseTV has become one of the fastest growing online retailers in the industry and is #1554 of largest private companies on the Inc. 5000 list.

For more information and press, contact:
Mary Kolacki, Director of Communications
Ph- 708-478-4500 ext. 109
Em- M(dot)kolacki(at)PulseTV(dot)com