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Press2Paste and Toothbrush Holder - VALUE 2-Pack

Press2Paste and Toothbrush Holder - VALUE 2-Pack

Press2Paste and Toothbrush Holder - VALUE 2-Pack
Press2Paste and Toothbrush Holder - VALUE 2-Pack
Your Price: $3.91
Compare at: $19.99  (80% off)
- As Seen on TV for a fraction of the price
- 2 Kits included!
- No mess and no waste!
- Say goodbye to sticky, messy sinks and counters
- Just peel and stick! Sticks to mirrors or tile
- Fits most size tube and dispenses to the last drop
- Requires no batteries or electronics

You're not getting one kit... you're getting TWO KITS for this LOW PRICE!

Here's an item that every bathroom should have! This awesome Toothpaste Dispenser will also hold up to five toothbrushes too!

Plus it has a flip up cover for the brushes which protects it from any germs splashing around. Not to be gross, but this is especially important if you store your toothbrushes close to your toilet!

You'll also prevent waste because it dispenses the perfect amount of toothpaste every time. No mess and no waste!

Say goodbye to sticky, messy sinks and counters. A touch of the pump dispenses a perfect strip of fresh toothpaste on your brush.

Vacuum technology forces out every last drop of toothpaste. BEST OF ALL... No electricity or no batteries needed!

So easy to install the unit. Just peel and stick! Plus putting in your toothpaste couldn't be easier. Just remove the front cover, push and twist the tip of the toothpaste tube into the pump. Before use, squeeze the toothpaste tube into the pump until toothpaste begin to come out of the pump.

- 2 Kits included!
- Hands-Free dispenser prevents waste dispenses the perfect amount of toothpaste
- No mess and no waste!
- Say goodbye to sticky, messy sinks and counters
- Vacuum technology forces out every last drop of toothpaste
- Installs in seconds. Just peel and stick! Sticks to mirrors or tile
- So easy to use, just insert your favorite toothpaste
- Fits most size tube and dispenses to the last drop
- Requires no batteries or electronics
- Includes a toothbrush holder that holds up to 5 toothbrushes
- Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser dimensions: 6.22" x 2.36" x 2.36"
- Brush Holder dimensions: 4.33" x 1.97" x 1.57"

PLEASE NOTE: Will fit most toothpaste tubes. If your toothpaste has a flip top, you will need to unscrew the flip top before placing into dispenser.

4 Stars  failed performance 
This product works fairly well however, the sticking on the wall does not hold up well and keeps falling down.

5 Stars  Works as it says. 
Clears up some counter space and makes it easy to get the toothpaste... no losing caps anymore.

5 Stars  Saves space 
like it as it saves space

4 Stars  Great for Stroke Recovery 
My husband had a stroke and is unable to squeeze toothpaste on his toothbrush. I saw this and bought it. We have had to modify a wall mounted dispenser to a counter top version. Getting the toothpaste to come out initially took a little trial and error. Once we got it set up correctly, my husband only has to push the toothbrush into the dispenser and then he can brush his teeth by himself.

3 Stars  Not Quite 
Good concept, but needs a little work.

5 Stars  Well made set 
Bought but due to lack of wall space for toothpaste holder, it is not being used. The toothbrush holder is great with good sticking adhesive. Like that the cover flips up and down and can hold more than one toothbrush.

1 Stars  press2paste does not work 
You have to take it apart and clean it often. Only a squiggle comes out. We threw ours away.

5 Stars  Convenient 
I am enjoying Press2Paste and the toothbrush holder. So convenient, it helps me out alot especially with my younger child. I dont have to go in the bathroom and see toothpaste wasted, cover opened or left off the tube. Way less work for me they just grab their toothbrush and press away ta-da...highly suggested product and easy to install.

4 Stars  Toothbrush holder 
I cant really put a review in yet because I bought the holder for Christmas presents. Thats the only reason I gave it 4 stars.

3 Stars  Press2paste and toothbrush holder 
The tooth paste dispenser doesnt work well. Have to press 2 or 3 times for paste to come out. Doesnt give out a proportioned amount.

5 Stars  Paste & Toothbrush Holder 
It works very well. Very happy with it.

2 Stars  Item is just ok 
The tooth paste holder works pretty good. However, the tooth brush holder does not stay stuck on for too long even when not full of tooth brushes. Perhaps they should make the surface in the back on big area instead of 2 small ones or use a different brand of adhesive tape, one that is thicker and gives a little when pressed.

5 Stars  Changed my review to 5 stars 
I, at first said that it wasnt worth the hassle, but since then I have changed my mind. It works great, you have to prime it before you use it. It does not put to much or to little on the brush. One push is enough toothpaste for me. If you want more paste, then push it twice. I love that it sticks great to the mirror. As far as the holder. I have my own, and did not buy it for that part. Oh and the price is right!

5 Stars  Well worth the $$$$$$$$ 
I previously reviewed this product and gave it a poor rating. I would like to add that since then I didnt give up, and throw it away. I was determined to get it to work. After priming it for about 25 strokes, the toothpaste finally came out perfect. It sticks to a mirror very well, it is a nice compact toothpaste dispenser. This is a great Co to buy from. The videos really help! And the people that run it are amazing. Oh and shipping is WICKED fast!!!

2 Stars  Worth the price But not the Hassle 
I havent even stuck it anywhere yet. So I cannot say if it sticks, I wanted to try before i went that route. It does not dispense the toothpaste for me at all, unless i squeeze the tube of paste that sticks out of the top of it. Which is useless. The toothbrush holder seems like it would work ok. But i already have a holder, so the plan was to only use the dispenser. Sorry for the negative feedback. I just wanted to be honest. This is the 1st time i bought anything on Pulse that I was not satisfied with.

2 Stars  Dispenser Doesnt Work 
Kept the toothbrush holder for the tool room, which is worth the price, but if you mount on a painted wall and try to remove it will take off the paint.

4 Stars  Neices loved it 
Works great but had to superglue it to wall as other would not hold

1 Stars  not working 
Did not stick well and did not dispense toothpaste regularly!!!!!

1 Stars  never again.. 
The cover fell off each time we tried to use it..took it down..

1 Stars  Poor product 
The idea was good but the product was made poor toothpaste doesnt stay in The pump unit that it screws into and the pump itself wont pump anything thats thicker than gel type toothpaste

1 Stars  Does not work 
Waste of time. Did not work. Messy. This is the first time I have gotten something from Pulsetv that did not work.

1 Stars  Of no value 
The toothpaste dispenser is useless. It has to be primed before every use. Im glad I only paid .99 cents for it. You get what you pay for.

3 Stars  great idea 
this is a handy item however it does not work well with gel type pastes. they get gummy and will not release off the tube. hope it does better with regular toothpaste

5 Stars  Cant go wrong 
at 99 cents you cant go wrong. I do wish it stuck better to my tile. Sticks great to the mirror

4 Stars  good value 
it works and I know the price is great. thanks

3 Stars  Saves on toothpaste waste 
It works fine once you become accustomed to using it??

5 Stars  Pleasantly surprised 
I had bought this 3 years ago from TV and loved it. I needed another one and was so happy when I saw you had it then even more happy when I saw the price! Keep up the good work.

4 Stars  For the price, you cant go wrong 
I actually like the toothbrush holders the best. And for the price I paid they are well worth it.

5 Stars  great for the shower 
love it for my shower.

4 Stars  Yes, but do this. 
Follow the directions! Assure the surface is clean and dry. Press firmly to assure adhesion. I found the face plate to be a hinderance. it looks just fine without it and I no longer have to struggle with take the cap off, squeeze the tube, put a dab on my ...replace the cap.. This product works for me and my partner! Oh, if you can find a toothpaste with XYLITOL, put that in there!

3 Stars  Just OK 
Easy to assemble but I dont think theres really enough toothpaste that comes out. Always have to squeeze toothpaste to get it to come out. I really wanted to like it more than I do.

5 Stars  Products ordered 
Love all of your products ordered.

5 Stars  Great product! 
My family always squeezes the tube from the middle, love that this dispenses it and just the right amount!

5 Stars  Toothpaste Dispenser 
I purchased this for my son that only has one arm. This works out really good. He really likes.

5 Stars  Works Great 
This is a good product. It gives you just enough paste for your toothbrush. No more wasting toothpaste.

4 Stars  Only thing that sticks 
I have tried so many things to stick on my tile in my shower and this is the first thing that actually does. The toothpaste part was a little tricky to get going, once I did it works great. Love the toothbrush holder!

1 Stars  Poor quality 
Glad I only paid a dollar. Not worth anything. Too messy to use.

1 Stars  Terrible product 
Does not prime easy, make a mess, does not work like advertised

1 Stars  Threw it out 
Did not work as advertised very messy had to dig the toothpaste out

5 Stars  Save money 
You get the correct amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush. Not wasting anything.

5 Stars  Very nice 
Kids love it.. they are brushing their teeth more..

5 Stars  great value 
Bought this years ago and have been looking for it again. Cant believe the deal. thanks

2 Stars  Press2Paste and toothbrush holder 
Sticks to the wall fine till you put 2 toothbrushes in it then falls off and it supposed to hold like 5 brushes. ??

4 Stars  press 5 or 6 
The toothpaste doesnt come out right. Maybe I didnt put the tube in correctly. I really bought this just for the toothbrush holders. I give the holders 5 stars.

I never thought that this would work as well as it did with my family. All my children enjoy it.

4 Stars  great buy 
I also had to pump 2 -- 3 times. No big deal, maybe I didnt squeeze all the air out. The person who said it doesnt stick, needs to scour and dry the wall. The stickum is POWERFUL. I actually bought this for the brush holder. The brushes nowadays are too big to fit in a standard wall holder. These are GREAT. I would pay $4.00 or more just for the holder.

2 Stars  Press3Paste 
works, but not like ad. puts small amount on tip of toothbrush. it takes two pumps to get enough toothpaste. pump three times, and you have a mess.

3 Stars  Dont fit all toothpaste caps 
It only fit certain toothpaste caps

3 Stars  Didnt work 
I had trouble with the toothpaste it got clogged every time I used it.

1 Stars  Good idea but only idea 
Holders would not stick on anything but a mirror. After getting it to stick and placing the tube in the holder have not been able to get out any toothpaste. I have arthritis and squeezing the tube was many times painful. Again, good idea but does not work.

2 Stars  Not Good Execution 
We bought this item & although the toothpaste would get dispensed, we had to repeatedly re-attached to the wall, mirror, etc. Kept falling down after a day or 2 became too much of a hassle.

5 Stars  Works great 
This toothpaste dispenser is easy to use, works great and saves time and space.

5 Stars  Love it 
not sure why the bad reviews... I put this in my bathroom and have been using it for a month with no issues. I like how it attaches to my mirror freeing up some counter space for us

4 Stars  works and a great price 
I am not using the toothbrush holder, but I do like the dispenser. Works pretty good.

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Video: Press2Paste and Toothbrush Holder - VALUE 2-Pack

You're not getting one kit... you're getting TWO KITS for this LOW PRICE! Here's an item that every bathroom should have! This awesome Toothpaste Dispenser will also hold up to five toothbrushes too!
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