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Powerful 3x Magnifying Glass w/ Advanced COB Lighting

Powerful 3x Magnifying Glass w/ Advanced COB Lighting

Powerful 3x Magnifying Glass w/ Advanced COB Lighting
Powerful 3x Magnifying Glass w/ Advanced COB Lighting
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Boost Your Vision with This Top Quality Lens

If you have ever found yourself squinting while trying to read small print, or indulging in your favorite crafts or hobbies, this quality 3x Magnifying Glass with Advanced COB Lighting will make the small stuff bigger than life. Whether you are examining stamps, coins, jewelry, art, old books, documents, engineering designs or even circuit board printing, a good, quality magnifying glass will bring your work or hobby into crystal clear focus.

Never worry about lighting conditions again. This powerful magnifier features three bright COB LEDs. That is; Chips on Board. It is a new LED technology that creates less heat and higher efficiency. That means you get brighter, whiter light that more closely duplicates sunlight, so everything you are looking at is as clear as if you were looking at it in natural daylight, no matter what the lighting conditions are around you. And YES it does come with 2 AA batteries.

Great for hobbyists, students, collectors, bibliophiles, engineers and older folks. If the little details are important to you the this 3x Magnifying Glass will bring them closer.


  • 3 Times Magnification
  • REAL Glass Cuts Distortion
  • 3.4in Diameter Lens
  • Rubberized Grip
  • 3 COB Lights
  • 250 Lumens, Bright White Light
  • No-Nonsense On/Off Push Button
  • ncludes 2 AA Batteries
  • 9.5in Overall Length

5 Stars  This is very good 
I shop with Pulse and they offer useful product at good prices. They are organized and professional. Do business here.

5 Stars  Magnifying glass with lighting 
This is great! Jus what a person needs to read all that fine print. Have not had it long but allready used it several times. Would recommend to anyone.

5 Stars  Works great 
This is a great magnifying glass, made even better by the light. Really does what I need it to do.

5 Stars  Excellent magnifying glass 
I love this magnifying glass. It is strong enough to read the fine print on instructions for various items. The light is an added bonus. Best purchase I made.


4 Stars  It is very useful ! 
Its big, and its bad ! The light, when needed, is great.. I had one already, and got another for my elderly dad. That first one is a 5, and works great.. My newest one sadly has a loose battery connection, so the light doesnt always stay on or bright.. The light can help a lot, so not having it is a bummer. So, I rate the defective one a 3.. PS- Alot of these cheaper products frankly dont last long in general Ive found, especially things with lighting. I love the convenience and novelty of many things, and would gladly pay triple if they would just last awhile !!

5 Stars  Works Well 
Magnifies and the light makes it very useful!

5 Stars  These are great!! 
If you ever need to read fine print or a prescription bottle or ingredient panel, this is the glass you want! An easy click also turns on lights to enhance your view. I keep mine handy and I am surprised how often I reach for it. I also bought these for a few elderly friends and they love them. I use readers myself but with this magnifier I dont need them at all. Thank you, great price too. Good quality and it is easy to change out the batteries for the lights.


5 Stars  Good as it should be 
Light & magnification works perfect

5 Stars  Better than I hoped 
As described. Glad I bought them. Would recommend without hesitation.

5 Stars  My Review of the 3xMagnifyng Glass w/Advanced COB Lighting 
I am SUPER PLEASED with this Magnifying Glass. It is the best magnifying glass Ive ever had. This magnifying glass is larger than the one I had bought from another mail order company. It also magnifies much larger, and the lighting is much brighter.

5 Stars  super magnifyer 
I have given one of these to nearly every member of my family and now their friends want one. These things are great.


5 Stars  Great Magnifying Glass 
The built in light makes this great as everything we try to read is well lit making reading much easier.

5 Stars  See better, see easily 
Excellent magnifying glass for those of us needing additional assistance. Comfortable, easy to securely hold and use

5 Stars  Awesome! Now I can actually see the jewelry markings 
Get one if your vision needs a boost or the markings are too small. The light really helps.

5 Stars  Handy item For reading those small instructions we now get sent to us 
With all the instructions one receives with products today in fonts to small to read this gadget comes in very handy. Good quality, the light helps

5 Stars  Just the right size 
I purchased 2 of these for my wife and myself. This magnifying glass is just the right size. It is not tiring to hold and the light is a nice addition.

5 Stars  3X magnifier with light 
Nifty, useful item. Great for reading small print on medicine bottles, bills & mail, instruction booklets, etc. And I remain impressed and grateful for the reliable and quick processing & delivery of items bought on this site. Ive purchased many items from you and all have arrived in good condition and usually within a week to 10 days.

5 Stars  Helpful, Useful Magnifying Glass 
Its very, very helpful. The light turns on and off easily, a blessing for sure!

5 Stars  I have one in every room 
I have macular degeneration which requires more light to read. I find these very helpful and big enough to cover a wide area. Highly recommended!

5 Stars  2 magnifiers with lights 
My husband has trouble seeing papers etc. Most have small print. He is real pleased and size makes it easy to use. I kept the other one and use it in poor lighting. Would reccomend them to others

5 Stars  great for viewing small print 
I like the lighted magnifing glass when I have small type in instruction manuals

5 Stars  perfect 
Theyre very handy to have around the house. We use the magnification to read small print. When I drop anything, I use the light the same as I would use a flashlight. Also keep one in my purse so that I can see whats in it.

5 Stars  A handy tool to keep close by for reading fine prints. 
My husband keeps this handy item on his work bench. It has helped him many times and he really likes the light. I may have to get one for me also.

5 Stars  BEST THING E V E R!!!! 
I absolutely LOVE these magnifying glasses with lights! I believe I now have 7. I keep giving them away and have to buy more! If one were to break, Ill have a spare, but they are solid and durable, so not concerned about that. As Ive aged, so has my vision, and I need the magnification on some things I read in books and mail. I also have found I need light on the print, and it is bright, so it does double duty for me. I keep one in the laundry room for reading labels, one in the kitchen for reading small print on pkgs., 2 in the living room for reading and one more in my bedroom for the same. The price point makes them affordable too. In fact, I just got 2 more delivered yesterday. They come with batteries and its easy to change out. I highly recommend them, but please dont buy them all....I might need some more!!

5 Stars  Powerful 3x Magnifying Glass w/ Advanced COB Lighting 
Large enough to see anything you need to and the lights on it are great. Great item for the money!

5 Stars  magnifying glass and sheet to read small stiff 
both of these items are just right! they allow me to read small print. on rx bottles--labels on products---all sorts of things----the magnifying cover allows older people ti read paperbacks again

5 Stars  Awesome 
These are wonderful! I bought one, then I bought two more and then I bought an additional two for total of five. Everyone that sees them wants one.

5 Stars  Love, love love this product! 
I have them around my house and give as gifts.

5 Stars  perfect for small print!! 
i noticed a deal on lit magnifying glasses and i am glad i bought 2!! the coupons and print in magazines and newspapers is getting smaller and smaller! the light is a plus! sometimes its the color of ink or the font and this handy item clears everything up!!!

5 Stars  Great buy 
It works great and has lights.

5 Stars  Magnifying glass 
Very useful and worth the money

5 Stars  Great product - 
Great product at a really good price.

I love it. Got my husband one cause he checks out loose change. I use mine for small print. Our eyes are not what they use to be at age 70. Makes a big difference working on my computer. Thank you once again for making my day!!! Price is excellent also!!!

I found that with age, comes vision issues. Not only do I need to usually enlarge fonts, but also need a lot of light on what I am trying to read. Whether it is the expiration date on a coupon or instructions in small faint print, I was always asking my daughter to read it to me. That was BEFORE I ordered one of these magnifying glasses. They are wonderful! They give me everything I need to read. In fact, I have ordered about 8 now I think because Ive given some away to appreciative family members and I know if I dont have a couple extra ones, Ill be very sad if I lose this one. Highly recommend these and the price is great!

5 Stars  Powerful 
just what I needed. Love this magnifying glass, can now read medicine bottles!!!!

5 Stars  Magnifying glass 
What can I say about it, it does what it s supposed to do. It makes things easier to see. lol

4 Stars  Helps old eyes 
Works well. could be a little more powerful for tired old eyes.

5 Stars  Happy!!! 
I am a senior citizen and my eyesight is not what it should be. This magnifier is better than any other I have tried due to the built in lighting. I no longer have to struggle when trying to read small print on medicine bottles or instruction lables. It is hard to hold a magnifying glass and a flashlight while trying to hold the item you are reading, but this little gadget removes all of those problems.

5 Stars  Its great.. 
I love my new magnifying glass. The light is bright and I am able to read the tiniest letters. Could not ask for anything more!

5 Stars  magnifying glass 
great to have and very useful.

5 Stars  Just Right 
Outstanding product from ticks to splinters to small print

5 Stars  I can seeeeeeeee 
Great magnifying glass and very bright light as well.

5 Stars  Can see again! 
Am very happy with this purchase. Easy to hold and the light makes it even better to see.

5 Stars  I needed it. 
Works well.

5 Stars  Works as advertised 
Person I gave it to finds it really useful and wants another one for her office.

5 Stars  LED magnifying light 
I love this magnifier. Super great for reading instructions on small items. If you have to wear readers these things a near a must.

4 Stars  looks great 
works great for all the fine print i have to read sometimes the light helps out for those over cast day.

5 Stars  Best value for the money 
Overall a great product at a very reasonable price

5 Stars  Magnifying and light work great! Big help for my eyes 
Big help when I need to see small print or smallest objects

5 Stars  Magnifying Glass 
Perfect for these tired eyes! Now I have it on my table where I work, but great in my purse too when I need to see small print on the go. Best to get more than one to keep in car, home, and work.

5 Stars  Lighted magnifier 
Just what was needed, similar to a lens ring light , I USED FOR MEDICAL PHOTOG, & coins

5 Stars  Great magnifier 
This is the best magnifier for the price. I purchased one a while ago and realized I needed two more for different rooms in my house. Its nice and sturdy and the light is handy. I would highly recommend it!

5 Stars  Perfect! 
These are the best!! Light is so helpful!

5 Stars  LOVE IT! 
Such a bright lite!!!

5 Stars  paul p bernstein 
spectacular magnifying glass with a light

5 Stars  I can see clearly Now! 
This is a great tool for when my reading glasses just arent enough for the smallest print! I love that it has a light attached!

5 Stars  Powerful magnifier 
Very bright light. Easy and comfortable to hold. I would buy this as a gift for someone in need.

4 Stars  Works great! 
I purchased the magnifying glass to help read books because the print has gotten a lot smaller over the years. My husband has used it. He asks for it quite frequently. I will be getting another one for him!

5 Stars  3x magnifying glass with lighting 
Works great!

5 Stars  great product 
Even better than expected. No distortion like other similar products. Light feature teriffic

5 Stars  Greatest Magnifier Ever 
I have several magnifiers none of which compare with this Magnifier. I use it all the time for reading labels, to magazines and books. I LOVE it.

5 Stars  Really Cool! 
Light is so bright. Works great!

5 Stars  Great Magnifying Glass 
Works as advertised, very good

4 Stars  Glass not perfect, but works real well 
When I received this, the glass had some scratches and unremovable smudges, but that didnt prevent it from providing a much enlarged clear view of text it was used to look at. Not only does it provide a great deal of magnification, but the light also works perfectly, providing an even bright illumination of what you are looking at.

3 Stars  Seems foggy 
Even after cleaning the glass it seems foggy

4 Stars  Lighted magnifying glass 
The light is nice but I wish the glass was a little more powerful.

5 Stars  Magnify 
Keep this on my bedside table and use it several times a day. It does a great job helping me read the fine print on perscriptions, bottles, letters, etc. You know how tiny the print is for ingredients in your product. This has been awesome for me.

5 Stars  Illuminates and Magnifies at the Same Time 
This magnifying glass is perfect for reading the fine print or getting a better view on some small household problems - think a tangled necklace chain or a screw whose slot for the screwdriver is stripped away. It is usually helpful to have a little more light on the subject something that ordinary glassed cant help with.

5 Stars  Good buy 
I really like this item. It works as advertised. Very good magnification and powerful light. I would buy it again.


5 Stars  These are terrific... 
I bought many of these as gifts for my older friends because they work! My husband and I use them everyday for reading small print.

5 Stars  Great Lighted Magnifiers...Even the Doctors Love These! 
When these lighted magnifiers first appeared on the Pulse TV website, the assistant to my Moms eye doctor was so impressed with them that he asked me to buy a few for him. My Mom gave several to her elderly friends and they love them. I gave one to the owner of my car repair shop and he uses it all the time to read the fine print on contracts. Several vision specialists my mother was referred to were so impressed with these lighted magnifiers that they tested one of them against the $200 lighted magnifier she got under Medicare and they liked these better because they were so easy to use and maintain, they magnified almost as much and only cost $5.00. I use them to read small print all the time on medicine bottle labels and other items. This is one of the best and most useful items Pulse TV has ever had.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this magnifying glass!! I just got it a couple of days ago & have used it multiple times already! As a senior, my eyes now need extra bright light on whatever I am reading, and since I dont like taking reading glasses on & off just to read a label or some mail, I always use a magnifying glass. Now I have both in one, and because I like it so much, I just ordered 2 more! I never want to be without this. Its perfect! PulseTV never fails to offer quality items at great prices & I know this is a winner as well. Just look at all the 5-star reviews.

5 Stars  Readingglasses over 70. 
Fantastic invention. Great for reading small print, working on small projects, and anything requiring close up vision.

5 Stars  Magnifying Glass works! 
This magnifying glass is well made and works well. It has a very comfortable handle and the built in light makes it easy to read print.

5 Stars  Best magnifier 
Have tried many other magnifiers - this is easy to use, bright enough to see even the tiniest of writing.

5 Stars  Love this 
Wow! This magnifying glass is the best thing ever. The light really makes a difference. You can see every detail.

4 Stars  Good product 
Love the concept and like the product. Light switch gets stuck once in a while but works really well.

4 Stars  Magnifying Glass 
This product is similar to the one I have been using but the new one has a much brighter light which I find illuminates what I am reading many times better.

5 Stars  Powerful magnify glass 
My eyes are getting bad and I cant see the words very good anymore and this helps me see them a lot better.

4 Stars  Very Pleased with my Magnifying Glass 
I like it very much

5 Stars  Powerful 3x Magnifying Glass 
I love, love, love these. Ordered 1 awhile back. Came back and ordered 3 more. Kept 1. Gave 2 as a gift to my neighbor and she keeps thanking me. Two happy people !!!!!

5 Stars  Just what I needed!! 
Sharp magnifying and added light feature makes it perfect!

5 Stars  Fantastic! 
I am soooo happy with this magnifying glass! The brand name on this item shows Tool Solutions. I have an older similar-type magnifying glass by Tool Solutions which I did not like at all....it had little round lights going around it and usually only 2 of the lights would light unless you vigorously shook it to get the other lights to come on. However, this magnifying glass being sold here is WAY different because instead of those little lights, it has 3 BIG lights which are VERY BRIGHT! And it has great magnification which makes it VERY easy to see the words one is trying to read. If anyone is on the fence about ordering this, I say DEFINITELY BUY IT!

5 Stars  Awesome 
I am a stamp and coin collector and I use this daily. I think this is one of the best items sold here. I highly recommend this product especially it is made very strong. I only wished they did not sell out so I can buy some for my family and relatives.

5 Stars  Lighted Magnifier 
Excellent quality at a very good price.

5 Stars  Works great. 
My husband and I dont see to well anymore, especially up close and this helps out tremendously. The light is very bright and helps us see even the smallest print. Great product!

5 Stars  Magnifyers 
I buy these on a regular basis. My daughter is going blind and needs these to see EVERYTHING. All my kids use them along with me.

5 Stars  Perfect for young and old! 
I gifted these to my 5 boys and they love them also. I keep buying them every time they are on sale.

5 Stars  Great item. Use them all of the time. 
Great magnification and light. Great for reading and looking at other small items.

5 Stars  So many uses! 
Love my new magnifying light. Had no idea I would need to use it almost every day.

5 Stars  Magnifying Glass very good 
Liked it very much. Very bright.

5 Stars  3x Magnifying Glass 
Convenient to use and extremely helpful!

5 Stars  A wonderful reading light or magnifer 
Bought for my wife who reads a lot in bed at night. She loves it and it focuses the light so that it doesnt bother me sleeping. This is the second one I purchased for her.

5 Stars  Great product 
Very nice item helps with very small print. I love it

3 Stars  oh well! 
I was hoping for a little more magnification.

5 Stars  Outstanding Illuminated Magnifying Glass 
The times magnification plus three strategically positioned computer chip lights provide an outstanding product for its purpose of lighted magnification. I have used many magnifying glasses over the years, some with lighting, and this is probably the most practical for its intended purpose.

5 Stars  Great Deal 
These magnifying glasses are a great deal. They are very clear, and magnify well. The light makes it very easy to read small pring or maps.

5 Stars  Its GREAT!! 
When your eyes start to age, some magnification is needed for the small print with reduced contrast. These are some of the best magnifiers, especially with the light included. I have bought 5 of these so far and may buy more with this visit. My wife has thes stashed around the house, but I kept one for my office desk.

5 Stars  awesome 
I got this for my boyfriend and he said its awesome. He wants about 3 more to put all over so he always has one near.

5 Stars  Terrific! 
These magnifying Glasses are so good I ordered twice, buying 4 each time. I wanted to put them in my car, truck, and next to my Recliner. The lights make all the difference! I have given several to family and friends. Very well made! Great buy!

5 Stars  My Favorite Magnifying Glas 
I have ordered these fine magnifying glasses two times so far. I might order more. I now own 5 of them. They are handier than pockets on a shirt. The COB LEDs are awesome, bright, and make enough light to light a room. As I get older and my sight is failing, I love having enough light. The magnification is great. Sometime I wish for more, but 3x magnification is adequate. They are well made for the price and I am sometimes guilty of giving them away to folks who need them worse than me. I will probably get more of these great magnifying glasses.

5 Stars  Best magnifier Ive ever owned 
This thing is great. The bright LEDs built in around the circumference of the glass are very bright and greatly aid in seeing what needs to be seen. I keep this right on my reading table at all times. Love it!

5 Stars  Handy 
awesome and stylish. really handy

5 Stars  Great magnifying glass 
I am 75 years old, and this is the best magnifying glass I have ever owned. So good, that I ordered more for my wife and sons.

5 Stars  works well 
Its nice to have a light on the subject when you need to see it through a magnifier. Works well for small print.

4 Stars  Need to read small print 
Great to read small print on prescriptions bottels

5 Stars  Best Invention Ever! 
It should be a law that all magnifying glasses have a light! Sometimes its hard to read even with a magnifying glass so that light just makes life perfect!

5 Stars  Just as claimed 
Good quality magnifiers the leds are quite bright and really help. Good value buy. Planning on buying a few more.

5 Stars  Amazing 
Now I can see things that I havent seen in yesrs

5 Stars  Excellent 
I bought two of these magnifying glasses with lighting. I am very satisfied. Easy to hold and use.

5 Stars  Awesome magnifier 
Provides a strong light to read with

5 Stars  Clear and bright! 
Effective magnification... I tried it on the nearly microscopic text on a small bottle of prescription eyedrops and I could read them easily. And the LEDs flood the viewing area with bright and even light, making inspection of nearly anything a snap. A great price on a very useful tool!

5 Stars  Great Item 
These magnifying glasses are better than most! Light up for a super bright magnification! Price cant be beat!

5 Stars  Great product 
The lighted magnifying glass is very helpful.

5 Stars  Best Magnifying Glass 
I have a problem seeing very small print, but this magnifying glass really made reading small print a breeze. It is a must have item.

5 Stars  Great ! 
Works great good for those hard to read things !

This is a great magnifying glass. The bright LED lights makes it a valuable tool to have on hand. I bought one, loved it, then bought 5 more for friends and family! Youve got to get one of these, you WILL NOT be disappointed!

4 Stars  Well Made 
This magnifying glass has bright lighting and appears to be sturdy. I would love to see this offered in a 10X magnification.

5 Stars  Great product for the price. 
For the size and power of the glass it becomes a fantastic buy. I have used this product for reading coins as well as small print in the newspaper.

5 Stars  Magnifying glass with lights 
This is one of the best magnifying glasses Ive had. It is very durable and it doesnt scratch like others do. Ive bought two of them so Ill have one just in case. They are great.

5 Stars  Lighted Magnifying Glass review 
This is a great product! Its great for reading small print labels especially prescription labels! Everybody can use one or more of these!

5 Stars  See it! See it good! 
This magnifier is one of my favorite buys from Pulse TV. This is my second purchase, for use at my pet grooming salon. We may want a closer look at a sore on a dog, a split toenail, or unidentified matter removed during grooming does it have legs?. The large size keeps this magnifier from getting lost in my clutter, and the light option is icing on the cake. I think everyone needs one of these!

5 Stars  Magnify lenses 
I found this was very useful to me

5 Stars  Best thing since sliced bread! 
Ordered 5 more after receiving first. Amazing with the lights. Good quality. Cant go wrong here

5 Stars  I absolutely love it!!!! 
Magnification is great but the lighting makes it super fantastic!

5 Stars  Fine quality 
Nice product for the price

5 Stars  Great 
These are really great magnifying glasses, the light is perfect

5 Stars  Nice Magnifying glass 
It is a nice magnifying glass. Works well.

4 Stars  helps old eyes 
Works well in low light areas for us old people.

5 Stars  Love the light 
The light makes all the difference. I can see everything with this magnifying glass.

5 Stars  Great item 
These lighted magnifiers are handy to have around, especially for those of us with aging eyes. Bought several with no regrets! BTW the led lights are very bright, too.

5 Stars  great 
I have to read small numbers on locks in bad lighting - had a similar but much smaller product - this blows the old one out of the water

5 Stars  magnifying glass 
Super product. I reordered these and may order more so I have one in every room.

5 Stars  Great magnifying glass 
I was so impressed by the quality that I ordered 3 more for my family .

3 Stars  Mediocre 
Lights dont work on either one so as long as dont loosepower no big deal

5 Stars  Great magnifying glass 
The quality is good and the light really helps. Great for we older folks who need a little help seeing.

5 Stars  I CAN SEE 
I love this magnifying glass with the lights. It has made work for me so much easier. I can view things I cant see even with my glasses. I bought my mother one also. She loves it. Its easy to grip and easy to use. I will be purchasing one for home, car, etc. Thanks Anisa

5 Stars  Awesome! 
A great magnifying glass which can also be used as a flashlight...........

5 Stars  great product love it helps me alot with my macular degeneration 
great product

5 Stars  3x magnifying glass with light 
Light weight, works well.

5 Stars  I love it 
it is very helpful on a lot of things i cant see

5 Stars  Powerful 3x Magnifying Glass/w advanced COB lighting 
Love this. Easy to handle, glass covers a good size area and has a nice light when needed.

5 Stars  Very Useful 
I keep this magnifying glass handy because I use it every day. Comfortable to hold. Am happy I bought it.

5 Stars  LOVE it! No image defects, light provides REALLY even lighting 
EVERYBODY needs one of these. It allows you to read the very smallest/faded of print, see details in darkly-lit objects & check for the tiniest of splinters in your skin. Its got a very w-i-d-e area of focus so can help people who have trouble reading the paper. It has a very good depth-of-field i.e. area of sharp focus, for looking at objects in 3D & the light is not even needed for most things but comes in VERY handy from time-to-time. The light is very white and uniform. One of Pulses best & most reasonably-priced items. Ive given many as presents & they were all MUCH appreciated.

5 Stars  Great lighted magnifier glass 
Found this item to be very useful. The lighting is very good and the magnifier is well built.

5 Stars  Love this light 
I have macular degeneration and have trouble reading in anything but bright light. This works great. I use it everyday.

5 Stars  Great 
Very bright lights and magnifies clearly

5 Stars  It works! 
My glaucoma disappears when I use this magnifying glass.

4 Stars  Good magnifier. 
I like that the battery is an AA rather than an expensive button cell. 3X magnification is good but wish it was higher power. But for the money, its a good value.

5 Stars  Awesome magnifier 
Works great with light on or off.

5 Stars  3Xmagnifying glass great gift 
Have been using one for several years find it indispensable & it made great Christmas gifs for the whole family

As advertised! The lights are super bright! Went back and bought a few more!

5 Stars  Magnifying Glass 
It is the best thing ever invented for reading in bed!

5 Stars  Works great! 
Light is bright. Weight is not too light and not too heavy. The size of the glass is perfect and clear. The rubber finish protects if you should drop it and helps for a firm grip. I love it!

5 Stars  Outstanding 
This was a fabulous purchase. The sale price is amazing. Going to order a couple more for the household, shop, hobby room.

5 Stars  We use these everyday 
My husband and I are getting on in age and our eyesight is not what it used to be. I bought one of these for each of us and they are incredible. Highly recommended!

5 Stars  Great Product 
Its everything the ad says. makes a wonderful purchase for anyone who needs a magnifying glass

5 Stars  COB lighting is fantastic! 
Ive bought earlier version, w/ 12 LEDs, it was great. This new version, with 3 COB lights is even better! Extremely bright, not a hint of shadows.

5 Stars  3x Magnifying Glass makes a great gift also! 
I ordered 2 of these Magnifying Glasses as Christmas Gifts. When they came in, I took a look at them and tried one to see what the fuss was all about. Wow... what a great thing to have! It really magnifies everything you need to see 3x the the size and lights it up for you so you see it very clearly! A must for people who sew, read fine print or work with small tools. Ive decided to order one for myself. Thank you!

5 Stars  Best Magnifying Glass 
This is the best magnifying glass I have seen. Its not too big or too small to carry with you and the lighting is well positioned to illuminate the item you want to view.

5 Stars  magnifier supreme 
Works great for me. Lightweight, good magnification and generous lighting. Couldnt be better for me. Thanks

5 Stars  Magnifier w /lite 

5 Stars  Love this 
Great magnification and lighted as well I got 3 and plan to keep them around the house and in my purse

5 Stars  An assist for the eyes 
The 3x Magnifying Glass W/COB Lighting is great for reading that extra small print that even those who have 20/20 vision will appreciate! You cant get a better deal at the offered price! A must have!

5 Stars  Great lighted magnifying glass 
Perfect for reading in bed with just a little light & not disturbing the husband me.

5 Stars  Its Perfect 
As Ive gotten older, Ive kept magnifiers around, including a couple of lighted ones. This one is the ultimate I cant imagine one being any better. Its just the right size, just the right magnification, and the lights built into the frame are incredible. The brightness is exactly what I need. It illuminates fully without being blinding. I think everybody of my generation should have one or two of these. I have two.

5 Stars  Works very well 
Lights up viewing area well and does as advertised

4 Stars  Very useful tool. 
Works very well, plenty of light and the 3 diameter is the right size. I gave it a 4 instead of 5 stars because battery replacement is some what difficult.

5 Stars  Great Product! 
I was hesitant to buy these magnifying glasses with built in lights only because I have bought similar items in the past from different companies and either the lights wouldnt work or it didnt magnify very well or a switch was broken, but I am SO glad that I bought 3 of these. At first I was thinking I would keep one and give the others as stocking stuffers, but once I used them I decided to keep them all! They are comfortable, lightweight, the magnification works great and the lights are super bright! There is nothing that I DONT like about them! Now I wish I had bought more. That would be great to have one in every room of the house AND they would be a very nice stocking stuffer.

5 Stars  Outstanding 
Great deal...saw a similar item - theirs was white - in our local Job Lot store -- for $8.95 !

5 Stars  Great for Coin Collector 
Helps a lot in bringing out the finer details of an old coin. Assists in making a determination of a coins grade. Besides all that it just helps in bringing out the beauty of an older coin.

5 Stars  Excellent buy 
This a rather large magnifying glass in a very solid frame. The lights are bright and very effective.

5 Stars  great for old eyes 
Im 81 and my vitamin and prescription labels need to be magnified to read them - this works great.

5 Stars  Must have 

5 Stars  Good Product 
It works as advertised. I can now see things I couldnt with my reading glasses

5 Stars  Great Magnifying Glass 
Great item, lights up when needed, am buying again.

5 Stars  Excellent 
I was pleasently surprised when I received this Magnifying Glass. I have several on hand which I have used from time to time. However ,this one is superior and more powerful than all of those. I recommend and especially the lighting. Glad I ordered two and could even use a third one.

5 Stars  Useful item for older eyes 
This is a nice item for personal use or for gifts to older people, who have trouble with fine print. It is easy to use and the LEDs cast a nice amount of light.

5 Stars  Great Magnifying Glass 
Magnifying glass is good size, magnifies well and the light really makes a difference.

5 Stars  Powerful magnifying glass 
This magnifying glass is great! Its heavy duty and the light is bright!

5 Stars  Great 
I have a problem seeing small writing and this works perfectly

5 Stars  Very handy tool 
Needs magnification for both my reading and hobbies. This lighted magnifier world great. Good battery life and the batteries are easy to replace.

5 Stars  Work Great 
These are the best magnifying glasses we have ever had. The light feature really helps to see small print.

5 Stars  Magnifying Glass with light 
Excellent magnifying glass! Its the best one Ive ever owned. Unbelievable low price!!!

5 Stars  Best Magnifier I ever owned 
Clear view edge to edge with great lighting.

5 Stars  I Can See 
Its a great little tool. I can see the road maps or anything else that is tiny.

5 Stars  Powerful 3x Magnifying Glass W/ Advanced COB Lighting 
Excellent product, bright light, great as flashlight also

5 Stars  Works great 
This product is well worth the money it works great

5 Stars  Just what the doctor ordered! 
I work with digital electronics. As the components get smaller and my eyes get older every year this is an ideal addition to my tool kit.

5 Stars  Works great 
I keep it on my desk to read small print, medicine bottles and coupons.

5 Stars  Magnifying Glass 
I bought 2 of these. The are wonderful for reading small print and the light helps a lot. I would highly recommend this

5 Stars  Better than expected 
Bigger, brighter, and more substantial than I expected. I thought the lens might be smaller, w/some distortion, and the light would be poor but, no, this unit is quality. I was so pleased w/the first one I bought 2 more.

5 Stars  Enhancing minute detail. 
Excellent for stamp or coin collectors to see small details. Modeling miniature figures or toys. Also the lights in the rim enhance the ability to see and use in low or no light. I will purchase another in case this one gets lost or broken.

5 Stars  Love it 
Guys all of a sudden little things start to go on your human machine.... one is eyesight!!!... this is a great magnifier . I would not read an entire book but for the newspaper/ magazine/ getting a splinter out of a spot on your hand , for example /instruction manual that you have not made into those great videos.. its an excellent thing to have.. just got the hanging lights also/ bought 4 & giving them to my brother.. they build huge closets and you cant see in the middle of the closet but Ill review the lights when I get them.. Been reading the blue light emitted by the LED light is not a good thing for your vision/ take a break or only use it when necessary

This is a great Magnifying glass! I love it! This one lights up great so you can see what you are reading. I think every house should have one or two of these around, you never know when youll need to use it.

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Powerful 3x Magnifying Glass w/ Advanced COB Lighting

If you have ever found yourself squinting while trying to read small print, or indulging in your favorite crafts or hobbies, this quality 3x Magnifying Glass with Advanced COB Lighting will make the small stuff bigger than life.