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Portable Trunk Organizer with Insulated Cooler

Portable Trunk Organizer with Insulated Cooler

Portable Trunk Organizer with Insulated Cooler
Portable Trunk Organizer with Insulated Cooler
Your Price: $7.99
Compare at: $19.99  (60% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $13.98 (65% off)
Get one for $7.99
Save $2.00 and get two for $13.98
Save $3.00 and get three for $20.97
Save $4.00 and get four for $27.96

Keep the trunk of your car neat and clean with this trunk organizer! It's the perfect companion for road trips, picnics, office or school trips and much more.

This Is Why You Need A Trunk Organizer

It has three sections so you can store and organize car accessories, tools, cleaning supplies or any other items you keep in your car. It's great to place groceries in, your kids sport equipment or camping gear. And the zippered middle section is actually an insulated cooler so it's perfect to keep food and drinks cool while traveling. It's leak-proof and can hold up to 14 cans.

This trunk organizer has two pockets on the side for additional storage and best of all... It's portable and collapsible! It has two sturdy handles so you can easily take it in and out of your car as needed. And it folds down completely flat so you can store it wherever.


- Fully Collapsible and Portable Trunk Organizer
- Includes Insulated Cooler with Leak-proof Lining
- Perfect For Storing Car Accessories, Tools, Cleaning Supplies and More
- Great For Groceries, Sport Equipment and Camping Gear
- Collapsible and Portable
- Two Handles Make It Easy To Carry
- Includes 2 Extra Pockets on The Side
- Extended Dimensions: 21.25" L x 9.5" W x 14"H
- Collapsed Dimensions: 2.5" L x 9.5" W x 14" H
- Holds Up To 22lbs
- Designer Pattern

5 Stars  trunk organizer 
works as specified and keeps items from rolling around in trunk and cooler part great addition

5 Stars  Trunk Organizer 
Its what I needed

5 Stars  Car organizer 
I use this to keep my reusable shopping bags in the back of the car. It really helps so the bags are not flying all over the place. Havent had the opportunity to use the insulated center compartment yet, but Im sure it will come in handy.

5 Stars  Love this Trunk Organizer 
Love this, carries all the crap in an organized space in my vehicle.

5 Stars  Organized Trunk! 
Now the things in my trunk stay put and not all over the place. I love these organizers. I bought 2 and wish I had more. I highly recommend them.

The concept behind the Portable Trunk Organizer With Insulated Cooler is spot on. My only complaint is that the cooler is too small since my grocery shopping consists of more cold / frozen products than no-refrigeration-needed items.

5 Stars  Love this 
This is a great idea and fits on my back seat and organizes my coupons, light groceries and especially like the cooler.

5 Stars  Trunk Organizer 
Works exactly as it was described.

5 Stars  Love it 
Bought four of them just for myself

5 Stars  Trunk organizer 
Love the item!

5 Stars  Great Product 
This is a great take along product. Can easily be stored and expands to accomodate many sizes. I like the padding in the center compartment and the zipper closure.

5 Stars  Incredible value can t seem to buy enough 
I bought three of these and my wife and I realized what an incredible value we found. We were so pleased we went back and bought three more to share with my daughter and daughter-in-law. Astounding and very utilitarian product.

5 Stars  Fantastic 
I Ordered One Just To See It And Wow , It Was Bigger And Sturdier Then I Thought They Would Be. Made Very Very Well.. I Am Ordering More To Give As Gifts And Myself. Great Product.

5 Stars  Really love this 
I really love this and such a good way to keep items in the trunk or back of your SUV. I love the insulated inner compartment. It keeps drink cold during travel with the addition of an ice pack.

5 Stars  Fantastic 
I already have two in my trunk and I am buying two more!! Best organizer ever!!!

5 Stars  Very nice 
Nice organizer for the trunk of your car. I carried more grocery bags with this than I usually do. No more bags on the arms. I just load up the organizer and carry it into the house.

5 Stars  Awesome! 
I really like trunk organizer, and it is useful for shopping trips, transporting things from one place to another, and so on! The insulated section is especially nice for bringing home groceries. Pricing and quality of this trunk organizer is great! I bought several to use as gifts!

5 Stars  great storage unit 
Very sturdy and portable--holds everything.

5 Stars  Trunk space saver 
Excellent. Only wish it was bigger.

5 Stars  great container 
I like that the two storage bins are separated and I store drinks in the middle

4 Stars  Trunk Organizer 
Nice item for keeping your auto trunk in order. I dont need the cooler so I just use it for an extra space for more items...Thank you! Isa. 408

5 Stars  I love this! 
I love this organizer! Its roomy and sturdy and has really cleaned up my trunk!

5 Stars  Portable Trunk Organizer 
I really like this organizer as I can put my groceries from cart to trunk to house without the strain of having to carry several bags into the house. The handles on each end make it easier to carry.

5 Stars  Durable and Portable 
I am using this for a portable back-seat organizer and its great. Very well made. I have one 9-year old passenger and it carries all our gear. Finally he can have cold water while living in one of the hottest places on the planet. Texas!

5 Stars  Trunk organizer 
Keeps things organized

4 Stars  Trunk Cooler 
Great item, purchased for a gift, great quality, solid product! Highly recommend!

5 Stars  Portable Trunk Organizer 
Good product with very useable insulated mid section. I recommend this piece.

5 Stars  Portable Trunk organizer 
What an advance, no more stuff rolling around the trunk. Gave 2 as gifts and recipients agree with my statement.

5 Stars  I love this organizer. 
I have two of them and the trunk of my car is finally organized!!

5 Stars  Trunk Organizer 
We love our trunk organizer. It is great for groceries, or any shopping. Love the insulated cooler for items needed to be kept cool. Bought 7 more to give as gifts at Christmas. Thank you

5 Stars  Nice, well made 
Comes in handy to keep things organized in you trunk of your vehicle.

5 Stars  portable organizer 
everone loved them

5 Stars  The Best Money Ive Spent This YEar 
I absolutely LOVE this product. It makes grocery carrying so much simpler. The added bonus of a cooler bag in the middle has convinced me to purchase one for every vehicle I own.

5 Stars  Very good trunk organizer. 
Keeps every thing safely in there bags,not sliding around in the trunk...... Thanks...

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Keep the trunk of your car neat and clean with this trunk organizer! It's the perfect companion for road trips, picnics, office or school trips and much more.
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