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Portable Breezy Evaporative Air Cooler

Portable Breezy Evaporative Air Cooler

Portable Breezy Evaporative Air Cooler
Portable Breezy Evaporative Air Cooler
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This personal cooler gives you immediate relief without relying on big, bulky AC units that require a lot of energy. Unlike a traditional fan, this unit draws in hot air and disperses water-chilled air that also helps humidify the room. Get cool, easy breathing right at your desk at the home office, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else!

Just Like a Portable Air Conditioner

Light and efficient, The Portable Breezy Air Cooler is a personal climate control system without relying on the high energy use of your freon-based air conditioner. Why use a fan when you can enjoy your very own personal cooling system? It's an energy-efficient and eco-friendly alternative to cooling the entire house where you don't need it.

New and Improved Air Cooler with Upgraded Filters

This model utilizes the latest filter technology that is much more long lasting, mold/mildew resistant, and easy to clean. You can pop the entire filter into the top rack of your dishwasher as needed to refresh it.

To supercharge its cooling capability, use chilled water or even freeze the filter to blow even COLDER air.

Additional features include a soft choose-your-color night light that works while the unit is running. This portable unit takes up little space and is powered by a 4ft Micro USB cord so you can move it around easily. Adjustable vents direct powerful airflow with 3 speeds where needed, and you'll love how quiet it runs.


- Personal Evaporative Air Cooler
- Draws in Hot Air, Blows Out Chilled Air
- Easy Top-Filled Water Tank
- Fast, Hydro-Cooling Technology
- Upgraded Filter is Mold/Mildew Resistant
- Filter is Top-Rack Dishwasher Safe
- 3-Speed Quiet Fan with Adjustable Air Vents
- Choose-Your-Color LED Night Light
- Energy Efficient, Eco-Friendly And Freon-Free Alternative to Air Conditioners
- Use at Home Office, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, and More
- 400mL Water Tank Capacity
- Includes 4ft USB Charging Cord and UL-Listed AC Adapter
- Dimensions: 5.75in x 7in x 6.5in

3 Stars  No temperature drop even when placing water in fridge for awhile 
Does cool me down from fan use only

4 Stars  Little cooler! 
I ordered this cooler on a really hot day in California. Then the temps cooled a bit during the time I received it. Well yesterday it was 104 and this little cooler functioned great and helped me sleep!!

5 Stars  Portable Breezy Evaporative Air Cooler 
The portable breezy air cooler works great when sleeping in the bedroom. I put the filter in the freezer after getting it wet with water. Take it out of the freezer and with a cold bottle water and put the filter in the machine and fill it up with water and power it on and the cool air it blows out and makes it easier to fall asleep. Best air cooler yet.

5 Stars  Brown out help 
It s cool, hope it works from power bank

4 Stars  Pretty good 
Having the filter frozen from the freezer is a bit of a problem unless you have more than one filter for the unit, but without it being frozen, it is a little cooler than a standard fan.

5 Stars  Cold and Satisfying!! 
Received Portable Breezy promptly! Have been using for about two weeks. Cold and satisfying! I use it for my feet, since they get real hot during the summer time! I love it!!

2 Stars  Just ok 
Unit is small and the air volume is minimal. It was hyped to be much more effective.

5 Stars  Portable Breezy Air Cooler 
It holes up to its name, keeps my room cooler because I have hot flashes

4 Stars  Works great! 
Works as advertised. 4 Stars because not fully portable due to lack of internal battery. If you need complete portability, I would recommend a higher capacity USB battery bank.

5 Stars  Cooler review 
Does a great little job for a small cooler.

5 Stars  Cool as a Cucumber 
If you need something to stay Cool. And dont want to cool the whole house this personal air cooler does the trick. Easy to operate no fuss no mess. Just run the filter under the faucet, poor in cold water and turn on. Its only for One Person but does keep a small room cool. Another good thing about this product is minimal sound when using. You can use the phone, listen to your music no problem. Im very happy I purchased with PulseTV saw same product for $20 more at Walmart. Enjoy!

5 Stars  COOL!! 
I gave it as a gift to a couple that has no air conditioning in her farm house kitchen. The husband refused it stating too much humidity. I do not believe they really tried it. I am keeping it since it works perfectly by my bed when the air needs to move and cool.

2 Stars  NOT portable! 
I was under the impression that this unit was portable...as in, it charges, and then take it anywhere. Fact is, its always plugged in for power via USB. 1st unit was defective, however the 2nd one worked as advertised. It cools for a little while, so it can be used for a quick cool-off. Nice for a desk or counter. Worth buying, but remember, its always plugged in!

5 Stars  Does the job 
This little guy does a great job of cooling a very small confined space such as my computer area or my desk. I am very satisfied with this product. Good value for the price.

5 Stars  Great 
Perfect when I need a little more cool without cooling the whole house

5 Stars  very,very satisfied 
I bought this for my wife. She always has a small fan next to her on the couch. She is extremely happy with this. No longer has the big air conditioner turned down to extremely cold tempertures. Nothing better than keeping her happy.

2 Stars  Portable air cooler 
Its ok, would not recommend

4 Stars  Portable Breezy Air Cooler 

5 Stars  Great Little Desk Cooler 
This is a nice little cooler. It is a very simple design. Cools me down. . It s has been working well so far and it s a pretty good value for the price.

5 Stars  Portable Air Cooler 
I bought this as a way to keep me cool when I sleep. It does that job well. It is a good alternative to a regular room air conditioner.

5 Stars  Love this on my desk 
My office at home gets a lot of sun and it is always at least 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house. This has been great to keep on my desk and keep me cool. Way better than the old fan I was using.

3 Stars  Not worth it! 
Does not stay on more than 2-3 hours. Turns off when water is gone. Even with a frozen filter it cools only if you are right in front of it.

3 Stars  Upgraded review 
After using it on our first hot night, it did actually offer some relief. I had to sleep directly in front of it with no covers or clothes to feel any cool air. I was expecting a little more output for the room, but as a totally personal air cooler it does help.

1 Stars  Breezy Air Cooler 
Not cool enough even with wet filter frozen unit shuts off when water is gone in 2-3 hrs. I m returning it!

5 Stars  Portable breezy evaporator air cooler 
The portable air cooler works nice and blows out cool air

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This personal cooler gives you immediate relief without relying on big, bulky AC units that require a lot of energy.
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