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Pocket Mouse: Wireless Optical Mouse 2pk
Pocket Mouse: Wireless Optical Mouse 2pk
Pocket Mouse: Wireless Optical Mouse 2pk
Pocket Mouse: Wireless Optical Mouse 2pk
Pocket Mouse: Wireless Optical Mouse 2pk
Pocket Mouse: Wireless Optical Mouse 2pk
Pocket Mouse: Wireless Optical Mouse 2pk

Pocket Mouse: Wireless Optical Mouse 2pk

Pocket Mouse: Wireless Optical Mouse 2pk

Your Price: $12.99
Compare at: $39.98  (67% off)
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Add 1 Year Spectrum Warranty + $5
Sold Out
- Get TWO Pocket Mouses
- Compatible with Desktops, Laptops, & Tablets
- Compact And Portable
- Write, Click, Swipe, or Use The Scroll Wheel
- Better Control and More Accuracy
- Works On Any Surface

Introducing the Pocket Mouse!

As Seen on TV, this wireless mouse has enhanced optical technology that replicates your hand movements & let's you accurately work on any surface. Use directly on your desk, on the couch, on your leg, on a clipboard, wherever. It requires no installation of any software.

This mouse does EVERYTHING a traditional mouse can do, and EVEN MORE!

The Best Ergonomic Computer Mouse

No need to worry about hand or wrist cramps! The pen shape design makes it comfortable to hold and use which makes it ideal for people suffering for carpel tunnel, arthritis or dexterity issues.

The design also allows you to comfortably use the device with more accuracy than using a traditional mouse and pad. Flip the Pocket Mouse over and it can be used as a stylus on your device to draw comfortably.

Can be used with any kind of device with a USB port such as laptop, tablet, or a desktop computer.

Built-in wireless technology allows the mouse to communicate from a distance of 30 ft. away, allowing you to write, click, swipe or scroll with ease! Features a scroll wheel that allows you to scroll through many pages quickly and easily.

Each pocket mouse comes with a custom stand, so you have a place to put your mouse into when it's not used. This stand can be kept on your desk or any other surface.

Its compact design that allows you to bring it with you anywhere you go. It can easily fit in your pocket, purse, or backpack.

- Get TWO Pocket Mouses
- Compatible with Desktops, Laptops, & Tablets via USB
- Compact And Portable
- Write, Click, Swipe, or Use The Scroll Wheel
- Better Control and More Accuracy
- Works On Any Surface
- Works with all PC, Tablet & OS devices with USB Port
- 2.4GHz Wireless Browsing
- Ergonomic Pen Shape
- No Software Needed
- 3 Resolution Adjustable: 800/1200/1600 DPI
- Includes USB Receiver
- Use Up To 30ft Away
- Operates with One AAA Battery (Not Included)

Review this item!

5 Stars  Pocket Mouse Wireless Optical Mouse 
Nice alternative to the standard mouse, thanks

4 Stars  Pocket Mouse 
It is a little awkward to use and a regular mouse does just about the same thing although you couldnt find a mouse this cheap. This price was great and I use it frequently.

5 Stars  Awesome 
Works great

5 Stars  Love it 
Great portable mouse. Works perfectly with my touch screen Panasonic laptop.

5 Stars  best travel mouse 
Great size to put into your computer case. Easy to use in a hotel with limited desk space. Also works great on a mac computer!!!

5 Stars  Pocket Mouse 
I absolutely love it. With most communication being done via computer/tablet, etc., this handy little mouse makes it so much easier to sign our names on DocuSign instead of moving a regular mouse around and trying several times to make it look decent.

4 Stars  Quality Purchase 
Unit seems to work well. I am an older gentleman and operating the one unit in one hand is a little cumbersome but I would thank that if I were younger it would be great.

4 Stars  Need to get used to 
I think Im going to love this mouse once I get used to it. It is extremely sensitive! Need to adjust it and me.

3 Stars  Fun toy, not aplicable for all mouse functions 
Real fun toy. Takes some getting use too, just like any different mouse. But is most useful with games like soitare etc.

4 Stars  It Takes time to get use to. 
Great product works fantastic.Just different than a regular Mouse.

5 Stars  LOVE IT 
The Pocket Mouse is GREAT! My Chrome notebook only has up & down & side to side arrows..no button for scrolling down. I love having the pocket mouse to do this with, especially when I have alot of emails! AND I also like the stylus part to use on my cell phone! I gave the extra one to my granddaughter to use on her lap top.

5 Stars  Use it anywhere! 
Two of my working children, an engineer and a teacher, love them. Mine is great because I dont need a flat spot anymore when I sit in a lawn chair or on my couch. I just use my leg or the arm of the chair. Love it.

1 Stars  Not good!!! 
I am very sorry I bought this product. It is not easy to use after using a traditional mouse for such a long time.

2 Stars  Optical Mouse 
Arrow jumps around too much. Difficult to place on a specific area.

4 Stars  Awkward to use 
I like the pen. Because of joint and muscle problems with my hands and fingers it is hard to hold on to. I drop it a lot. If you have joint or muscle problems you might not want to buy this item. Other than that they work fine.

5 Stars  Great product love it 
I have been wanting to try a pen mouse but didnt want to spend $24.99 or more just to find out I didnt like it. Pulsetvs price is unbelievable and so is the pen.

5 Stars  wireless optical mouse 
I love it.very handy ,easy to use.

5 Stars  Great gift idea 
Easy to use on tablet or laptop

4 Stars  Innovative Alternative to Trackball and Mouse 
Simple instructions, insert battery, then turn it on and you are up and running. In my opinion the device appears to work as advertised. Need to have good finger dexterity to click & scroll. Excellent price/performace alternative to touch pad, track ball & mouse. Those folks with limited or restricted arm or wrist movement but, good finger dexterity may want to give it a try....

3 Stars  It Works But... 
I got this because I thought it might be good for traveling with my laptop. It does work but it takes some practice. However even with practice it is very awkward to right click. It has a very cheap and cheesy feel. I really wanted to like this but it just feels awkward and junkie.

4 Stars  Wireless Optical Mouse 
Works well after you get used to the process

4 Stars  Pocket Mouse 
It felt a little awkward to use till you got used to it!

4 Stars  Good for presentations 
Upon using this mouse, I realized that I have to pick it up every time I want to use it, as opposed to just placing my hand on a conventional mouse. I think this will work fine for when Im not at my desk and want to use a mouse on the arm of a chair or while giving a presentation.

3 Stars  Not intuitively easy to use 
Communicates readily w wifi but when I try to click on something the pen moves off the area. Have learned to lift the pen-mouse off the surface carefully to disconnect the optical portion so I can double click.

3 Stars  OK, but no big deal. 
It works OK, but not as good as mouse.

4 Stars  Helpful if you have hand problems 
I have some shoulder problems that were aggravated when using a standard mouse. This helped immensely. 4 stars because I had some issues with it stopping working at times. Not sure why, but after a few minutes, it would work again.

5 Stars  Pocket Mouse Review 
Very happy with mouse. Does everything I wanted it to do.

5 Stars  The Mouse you hold like a Pen 
This is so cool! It is so easy to use, just plug in the usb port and its ready to use in seconds. You dont need a mouse pad either. Just hold it like a pen, run it across the table or whatever is in front of you and it goes where you need it to go. The buttons and roller are easy to use as well.

5 Stars  What a GREAT IDEA!!! 
I was amazed the first time I used this product. I purchased additional ones for friends.

5 Stars  Pocket Mouse 
This item work great I have one and wife uses other one she like her very much.

4 Stars  I Like It 
I do a lot of work in photoshop this mouse works much better than a regular mouse. If you work in photoshop its a must!

5 Stars  GREAT 

1 Stars  Piece of Junk 
Not worth anything, hard to use, must keep in stand or pick up each time you need the mouse. Stay with a conventional mouse you will be much happier.

4 Stars  Wireless optical mouse 
I like it although it does take a little bit of a learning curve. I was hoping to use the second one n my IPad, using an adapter to provide the usb connection, but that did not work

5 Stars  I love It 
It makes me ambidextrous.

5 Stars  Wireless Mouse is great 
Ive really enjoyed having this device. It is very easy to use and fun.

4 Stars  Good 
It works great but is a little hard to get used to. Sometimes it locks up and I just found out you have to pair it again.

4 Stars  Convenient product 
Works great!

5 Stars  WOW! 
I had my doubts but just had to try. It is so responsive that is worthy of an artists hand. I use it for posting pictures and being able to draw on them to display a price or emotion Etc. I would definitely recommend!

4 Stars  Not bad 
VALUE = Great PERFORMANCE= Just OK, the position of the buttons are not ideal for a pen holding device. Youll have to switch the handling to press the buttons

3 Stars  Nice to use, probably better for a right-handed user 
Being a leftie, the button is on the outside and makes the functioning a little odd. There is nice touch to the feel of the pen and the roller function works well.

Its cool , just takes time for the change to get it going with the pen in place of a mouse

5 Stars  Pocket Mouse 
Works perfectly compact and full featuredwireless. PulseTV is great to deal withprompt delivery great value. Too bad shipping can be more expensive than deals. Highly recommended!

4 Stars  Pocket Mouse Wireless Optical Mouse 2pk Item #8760 
Pocket Mouse Wireless Optical Mouse 2pk Item #8760 Easy to carry but needs some getting used too using

4 Stars  Very different 
Takes some getting used to, but I love it for my laptop as I personally do not like the track pads. Gave the other to my son, he loves it!

5 Stars  Great for the road warrior 
Simple to set up, and works well. It is the first optical mouse Ive found that works well on a glass desktop. Still getting used to the on/off switch, but remainder of controls are intuitive. I like it!

5 Stars  Nice Wireless Optical Mouse 
This Is A Nice And Useful Wireless Optical Mouse!

5 Stars  Very happy 
Very easy to use. Great product

5 Stars  Pocket mouse 
Works perfectly. Just wish it had somewhere to connect the USB piece to the mouse.

5 Stars  Great pens 
So easy to use

1 Stars  To sensitive 
Itried the mouse out. I did not like it. It is to touchey. It jumps all over with the slitest movement. Hard to control.

3 Stars  Pocket mouse 
This mouse I find is much more difficult to work with than the standard mouse. You have to get used to gripping it much tighter and using something smaller than you are accustomed to.

5 Stars  Handy tool for the traveler 
This handy tool is an outstanding item for those who travel on business. It works seamlessly with my laptop and slips into my breast pocket, completely out of the way. Generally more precise than the touch pads on most laptops and not nearly as bulky as a separate mouse. I recommend this.

5 Stars  Ceramic Knife 
Great. Sharp, cuts everything very cleanly.

4 Stars  Works as advertized!! 
Really does work! And easier on wrist than a mouse.


1 Stars  No Good 
Although technically it worked, it was clumsy to use. In particular, I couldnt select anything until I slowed down my double-click speed to the lowest setting, which is not compatible with my mouse action.

3 Stars  AN OK Item 
I purchased this this to try it out. First issue was no battery. Not a big item in itself but the product description should have mentioned it. It took some getting used to as the point tends to shift as you try to push the buttons and this moves the mouse pointer off the target. It took some firm downward pressure to get the mouse to remain stationary. After a short time of use, my hand started to cramp which might be due to being used to a traditional mouse. My final comment deals with the transceiver. There is no place to carry it so you have to rubber band it to the mouse for travel. It will be easily misplaced. Also, no info on replacement. I would probably use it on the road but not for long term use. The stand could be bit more substantial as it tips over easily.

4 Stars  Handy 
Really handy .especially on my old desktop where the corded mouse has quit working

5 Stars  A Cool And Clever Wonder! 
Works just like it says! Very reasonable price and fast service.

5 Stars  Awesome Product 
I love gadgets so this pocket mouse is great for me. I love that its as sleek as a pen so I can put it in my pocket or hang it from my lanyard when I leave my desk. Everyone at work thinks its so cool. It works great and you can use it on any surface.

4 Stars  First pen-mouse that works well. 
I spend a lot of time on my desktop PC, and am getting tendonitis in my mouse hand. The pen mouse doesnt aggravate my tendonitis. I like the pen mouse and would give it five stars except that I am left-handed, so the right-click button is awkward.

5 Stars  EASY ON HANDS! 

1 Stars  wrong hand 
Unfortunately this pen was designed only for a right hander. I am left handed. If there is a unit designed as such, I would be interested

4 Stars  pocket mouse 
you have to practice with it but I really like it.

1 Stars  Difficult 
VERY difficult to hold and press buttons the the same time. PS. Dont want my name spelled with ALL CAPS unless l want to EMPHASIZE something.

1 Stars  Difficult 
Very difficult to hold and press buttons at the same time.

5 Stars  Great Product! 
I bought this Pen Mouse for myself. Since it was buy one get one free, I gave the other one to my husband. He started using it immediately and he loves it. Im still trying to get used to mine but it will help the pain I have in my hand from the mouse I use. I love this so much, in fact, that Im buying two more for my nephew and his girlfriend for Christmas! Its a great price for a great product!

4 Stars  Try it to believe it! 
It took a while for me to adjust to it, but its great for my back pain and my hand no longer goes numb from holding the mouse and moving it around.

4 Stars  Wireless pen 
The only problem was that I bought I t for my daughter who is left handed. This is for right handers

5 Stars  Pocket Mouse Wireless Optical Mouse 
These things are great and much handier to use when you actually use your laptop on your lap. I can sit in my recliner and use my laptop AND now I can also use a mouse, not just the touch pad. Very easy to get used to using. Overall, a great buy. Would recommend it to anyone that uses a laptop on the go.

4 Stars  Great Pocket Mouse 
Easy to use and convenient. Only complaint was the location of the key to use for a right mouse click. It is on the side and cumbersome at times. Other than that it is a great wireless mouse.

1 Stars  Pen mouse 
It advertised the pen mouse was good for persons with hand problems such as arthritis, but you still need agelity with your finger to push a button on the pen to click on a desired item. My finger can not do that. The pen should be clickable with a downward push. Worthless to me.

5 Stars  Works Like A Charm 
I use it with my Microsoft Surface. it takes a little getting used to, but then it works just fine. Its almost like writing. I gave one to my daughter and she loves it.

5 Stars  Pocket Mouse 
I use both the pocket Mouse and my Computer Mouse for different tasks. Both do the job satisfactorily.

1 Stars  I cant give a lower rating than 1 Star. The system wont let me. 
This device does not perform as advertised. In the advert it said it could be used from any distance. If you hold it more than a millimeter or two from the mat the mouse does not read the surface. Does not perform as advertised.

5 Stars  MOUSE PEN 
Great little device. I was amazed it worked as well as it did. Bought more for stocking stuffers. Worth the price.

3 Stars  Best used on a tablet 
My husband and I both have one of these Pocket Mice. I have arthritis in my hands and find that the regular mouse works best for my laptop/desktop. However, we both think that the Pocket Mouse is good on a tablet and for travel. It fits well in a pocket and has a nice stand as well as the stylus. Its a good buy at $10 for two.

5 Stars  Great Buy 
Love this mouse.

4 Stars  Surprisingly great and so was the price!! 
Honestly I didnt have very high expectations considering the cost. Much to my surprise they work extremely well especially when using Illustrator and Photoshop. I did not give 5 stars because of the desktop stand. Its very light-weight and sometimes topples over. Other than that, Im very happy to have made the purchase.

2 Stars  mouse 
too hard to manuver

3 Stars  Not as handy as presented 
It works and is easy to install, but not easy to use unless you have really steady hands. I cannot really use it comfortably and I imagine those older or not as steady as me would have a real problem accurately placing the cursor with this.

3 Stars  Awkward, uncomforable 
The idea is good but the design is not. It is difficult to hold and all the buttons and keys are uncomfortable to use. The pen mouse is slippery in the hand and sometimes hard to control. I would not recommend it. The 3 stars are for the Idea.

5 Stars  Works great 
Use it on my laptop in the RV. I sit back and use a pillow next to me and can do everything without having to have laptop on my lap.

1 Stars  disappointed 
unable to control the pointer arrow it just jumped all over the screen

3 Stars  Not practical 
Works just fine but not practical for serious work. Its more like a toy than a real mouse.

5 Stars  Now this is handy----- 
A instant working device and worth having. Just a tiny bit tricky getting use to the left and right buttons but soon it feels like you have always used it-----


5 Stars  Pocket mouse 
It works very well just takes a little getting used to using it.i highly recommend it.

5 Stars  easy o use 
Wasnt sure at first but it is easier than I thought, yo can e-sign easier.

5 Stars  Second purchase of same product. 
Bought two mouse pens and then bought two more to give to my kids. They work as advertised and made a non holiday gift a welcome surprise.

4 Stars  Optical mouse 
Used it went back to old mouse it slowed me down. It works fine but it take getting use to.We put it to the side.

5 Stars  MADE IT EASY 
WOW!! I just love my Pocket Mouse. I gave one to a friend, she loves it too.

5 Stars  Great Computer Tool 
The Pocket Mouse took a little practice to get used to, over a conventional mouse, but once I started using it, I dont think I will use a standard mouse again. A great companion to a laptop and works well in a tight space. Works much better than the built-in laptop mouse.

4 Stars  Would be nice! 
Takes a little while to get use to, but seems to work great. Would be nice to have a storage space for USB.

4 Stars  Pen Mouse 
Works very well. Thank you.

5 Stars  I really needed this! Works soooooooooo GREAT! 
This thing works perfectly! I use it every day and now cant imagine my computer without it.

1 Stars  Not satisfied 
It is clumsy to use and my wireless mouse works better. I am an iMac user.

5 Stars  Must have 
Its so nice to use the wireless optical mouse with my laptop. Easy on the hands. The fact that you get two, this purchase was a no brainer. It was so good, I purchased another one and gave them to my family. I used this on my android box and it worked great.

1 Stars  Exactly what it says it is! 
Theyre a pain in the neck to use!

3 Stars  awkward 
It seems very awkward to use. Is very easy to install though.

5 Stars  Wireless Pocket Mouse 
It is great! Im glad that I got it. It is easy to use and my hand doesnt hurt using it. Great buy!

4 Stars  wireless optical mouse 
Takes a little bit of experimentation because the instructions are minimal. I still havent figured out how to do everything. That being said, I really DO like it. It is more comfortable and MUCH less fatiguing to use than the mouse. To install batteries is easy enough, once you realize that you have to apply both forward and downward pressure at the very same time on the metal battery cover. It really CAN be used on ANY surface, from your knee to your elbow.

5 Stars  Works great 
My son has used his & loves it .he says it works great much better than he thought it would. I have not used mine yet but i have recommended it to my care team at the ALS clinic i go to. ? they were excited to try them.

Review this item!
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Video: Pocket Mouse: Wireless Optical Mouse 2pk

As Seen on TV, this wireless mouse has enhanced optical technology that replicates your hand movements & lets you accurately work on any surface. Can be used directly on your desk, on your leg, on the wall, on a clipboard, wherever. It requires no installation of any software.
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