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Pill and Vitamin Case by Fashion Smart
Pill and Vitamin Case by Fashion Smart
Pill and Vitamin Case by Fashion Smart
Pill and Vitamin Case by Fashion Smart
Pill and Vitamin Case by Fashion Smart

Pill and Vitamin Case by Fashion Smart

Pill and Vitamin Case by Fashion Smart

Compare at: $12.99  (54% off)
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Now you can be organized anywhere you go!

The Fashion Smart Pill and Vitamin Case organizes a full week of medications, vitamins, and supplements without lugging around those cumbersome bottles.

Each case features a zip-around closure that opens to reveal eight pill/vitamin storage compartments. One for each day of the week plus a bonus compartment for extra vitamins, pills, or supplements.

The secure snap closures on each compartment helps prevent losing medication. Plus, each case has a zippered front pocket that's perfect for holding medical card, ID's, or doctor prescriptions.

So compact it can easily fits in your purse, back pack, suitcase, or even your back pocket. Perfect for travelling.

Four colors available to choose from: black, blue, green, or silver.


- Keeps pills organized by day of the week
- Eight snap-shut compartments for a weeks worth of pills, plus extras
- Inside removable pill case
- Elastic strap keeps pill case secure inside
- Polyester construction
- Zip-around closure
- Front outer zip pocket
- Easy to clean
- Dimensions approx: 4" x 3" x1"

IMPORTANT TIP: From Tony on our list who is a Pharmacist. For travelers, especially when traveling abroad you may be asked for the RX labels for pills. To Get around that, have your pharmacy print out extra labels or even better copies of the Rx the doctor wrote and put them all on one sheet and fold it up to fit in this wallet. Understand the person at security has no clue what's in each tablet. This did happen to Tony when he was travelling to Australia.

Review this item!

5 Stars  Big storage pill container 
This product is large but compact allowing me to load it with multiple weeks of medicine for traveling.

5 Stars  Great Case 
We have 6 now. My wife takes 7 pills a day - mostly vitamins - and they all fit in the daily bins. Nice zippered case. I take occasional pain/ibuprofen pills and there is an extra bin in the case. I love these and so does everyone that we show them to. I guess if you take many pills daily you may not get them all in one. so get 2!!

5 Stars  Great useful product for pills 
I recently went on vacation and purchased these before hand. It was great to keep up with taking your medicine at the proper time. They are very handy to use and take anywhere.

5 Stars  Pill containers 
I LOVE my two containers!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars  Pill and Vitamin case 
I travel a lot and packing my meds in these cases is very convenient for me.

5 Stars  Use for Small Areas 
I have struggled with all the pill bottles every day and evening. I love these, one for morning and one for night. Enough room for at least 10 pills. And never miss another dose. Looking to get even more Thank You

4 Stars  Pill & Vitamin Case 
Nothing can be more convenient. It takes just a few minutes a week rather them every day. Its help me remember if I took my pills when I often forget. I use 1 case for AM dosage and another for PM. And carry which case I need 1, other or both.

5 Stars  pill organizer 
this was just what I needed and am very happy that I have it for the purpose I use it for.

5 Stars  great Item 
These Pills bags are great for travel! Keeps every thing oragnize!

1 Stars  compartments too small 
If you take multiple pills / vitamins in a days time this is NOT the case you want. I returned it. I couldnt even fit 5 of my vitamins in it.

5 Stars  Pill cases 
I love it! We travel on short trips often and this is perfect for that

5 Stars  Great buy 
Easy to travel with and organization is great.

5 Stars  Big Storage Medicine Pill Box 
The extra large, daily marked, compartments allow me to store several days of pills in each allowing me to carry several weeks of medicine in 1 container. The bonus 8th. day allows me to carry extra days of medicine is a big plus.

5 Stars  Pill Case 
Really nice and great product for the price. Recommen it for travel.

5 Stars  Great travel piece 
Handy convenient and easy to store in luggage or on you

5 Stars  Love it 
Excellent item. Ordered 1 for me and this one for a gift and they loved it tooo

5 Stars  Love it 
Excellent item - good quality - highly recommend

5 Stars  great case 
great travel case

4 Stars  Great Response Time 
Pill/Vitamin Case came in the time frame that was estimated, in fact it came in a couple of days early. Great product, great delivery time.

5 Stars  Never miss a pill day 
This is my second purchase of my pill box. My first one is still being used full time but the letterings are disappearing. Hence, my second purchase in 2 years. Never missed my daily pill schedule because I cannot rely on my failing memory.

5 Stars  Pill and Vitamin Case by Fashion Smart 
I liked the green color better than the black. The daily pill compartments are deep and I like the fact there is an unlabeled compartment for extra items. The case that contains the pill box is very sturdy and of quality.

4 Stars  Good 
Perfect for use when we travel.

5 Stars  Love it 
Never have had such a convenient, attractive pill holder. I also love that it has an extra compartment.

5 Stars  Been using for years so got these for my friends 
Great for travel . Will not fined pills all over your suitcase because it popped open or TSA looked. Small enough to stow anywhere. Extra space for pain or allergy meds

1 Stars  Of little value! 
I ordered two of these thinking that they would be handy for traveling. On first use one of the pill segment cover hinges broke. The compartments are so small that it is very difficult to remove the contents easily. I suppose I can use the cases for some other task but as pill storage, these are a bust.

1 Stars  Too small 
I could not fit my daily pills in the container. I had to send all four back for a refund.

5 Stars  A good product 
Does everything I want, tired of the strip ones opening in briefcase and dumping meds all over the place

5 Stars  SUPER for Travel 
A very convenient way to pack a weeks worth of pills without all the bottles.

5 Stars  Great for Travel 
Very nice pill case for travel and in the car. Plenty of storage in a small package.

4 Stars  Great product for travel 
I purchased both the black & green cases. First shipment, both had defects. Called customer service and they quickly shipped out 2 new cases that are perfect! They are a great compact size, but still large enough for a number of vitamins or medications for each day of the week. Love Pulsetv.coms customer service... they are the best!

5 Stars  Great pill case 
Wonderful, compact pill case with neat, outer zippered casing keeps medication separated by days. No worries about case popping open and losing pills while traveling. Appearance is neat and attractive.

5 Stars  Pill And Vitamin Case By Fashion Smart 
love it. it is going camping at ft Steven Oregon next week.

5 Stars  Nice 
Great product at a great price#

5 Stars  Pill and Vitamin Case 
I purchased 2 cases for my upcoming travel. They are durable and easy to use. I have easy access for my vitamins and meds. Also the case is dated so I can be sure I took my meds accordingly. The case is compact and fits easily into anything.

5 Stars  Pill box 
Very good. Perhaps I am wrong. But I was under the impression. That this was free shipping.
Hi there! I am sorry but we do not offer free shipping. We try to keep the cost of our prices as low as possible and just charge you our discounted rate for S&H. Free free to contact customer service with any other questions/concerns. http://www.pulsetv.com/contactus.asp 800.711.1361 Rachael S. PulseTV Customer Service
9/26/2016 - Rachael S.

5 Stars  Pill and Vitamin Case by Fashion Smart 
Well made

3 Stars  pill box 
works fine for overnight.

5 Stars  Great little pkg. 
Nicely made and it is great for travel. Ive had these plastic lids pop open, but with this it stays zipped shut and protected.

5 Stars  Awesome Product 
Perfect . Just what I was looking for . The compartments are quite large but the way it is designed, it is amazingly compact . Awesome Purchase .

5 Stars  Pill & vitamin case 
perfect size & works great bought 2!!

5 Stars  Pill Case 
Exactly as expected. Great size for traveling! Good value.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Better than expected

5 Stars  Pill And Vitamin Case By Fashion Smart 

4 Stars  As Advertised 
Matched description and pictures...works well and im more than satisfied.

2 Stars  Vitamin Case 
Way to small

5 Stars  Compact! 
This little suitcase for pills is compact and houses my daily intact of medications and vitamins for a week. The materials are sturdy and look great. I would recommend this for the traveler or for the person that has a small day-pack such as my wife and I.

5 Stars  pill case 
Very pleased with depth of pill holders, as I take many pills to take being a transplant patient and take so many pills a day 40 in a day. So great to find a pill carrier that can hold all my meds.

5 Stars  Great Pill Case 
I purposely purchased these pill cases for my husband and myself since we planned on traveling. We both thought the little case did an excellent job. It is small enough to take along in my purse and the zipper prevents the pills from falling out. Even has an extra compartment for extra pills. Happy we made this purchase.

5 Stars  Pill Case 
I like it. Its pretty cute.

5 Stars  Pill and Vitamin Case 
I love this pill case! It zips right up nicely and will go into a small pocket in my backpack. A+++++

5 Stars  pill box 
this is a 2 piece pill box and can be used in 2 different ways as a covered pill box or a plastic pill box then you have a soft case for additional uses

4 Stars  Mrs. Dianna Penwell 
Could not beat the price. Also, very compact and easy to keep in purse. Would have been 5 stars, but the zipper keeps sticking.

5 Stars  Great pill organizer! 
Good looking and practical.

1 Stars  pill box 
It was much smaller than expected. It appeared much bigger in the picture!

4 Stars  Pill Case review 
While I havent use them on a trip yet I think they are going to be almost perfect. Pill cases are subject to spilling but these are contained. They could be a little bit bigger but that is because I carry a lot of herbs. I am looking forward to getting a lot of use out of them.

5 Stars  Pill case 
Very useful, compact a d easy to fill and use

5 Stars  Pill and Vitamin Cases 
These are great, just what I needed to keep all my medication and vitamins separated by morning and evening. I just wish when you sent me the 3 cases they were separate colors. Other than that they are a great product. Thanks.

5 Stars  Good Product 
This is a wonderful product to hold your pills while traveling.

4 Stars  Medicine holder 
I like the size. It fits comfortably in my pocketbook and it looks nice

5 Stars  Pill case 
Perfect for travel.

4 Stars  Great Product 
I like the deep pockets of this pill keeper so you can put multiple pills in the slots and it closes pretty firmly. The case is nice for travel although I probably wont use it for everyday use. This is also great for elderly folks because the days printed on the pill keeper are easy to read.

3 Stars  Medicen Trays 
The trays are good, but the shipping costs on some items is almost the same as the item purchased. Who makes that excess money ???

5 Stars  pill wallet 
it is ideal - - just the right size to carry around!

4 Stars  Pill and Vitamin Case 
Recived it and well pleased. Will be taking it on vaction shortley.

5 Stars  Pill and Vitamin case 
This has been a helpful little gadget to store my medications when I am traveling. If I may make a suggestion, make a double decker product so I can have two weeks of pills. Thank you so much.

3 Stars  Pill and Vitamin Case 

5 Stars  good travel item 
well made, but compact enough to be taken anywhere

3 Stars  ????? 
much smaller than I anticipated

5 Stars  Pill Case is XLNT 
A good choice for those who travel - and even those who dont. Keeps your pills organized, safe, dry and all in one place. The extra compartment comes in handy for an aspirin or 2, Dramamine, etc ... happy pill - whatever. Zippered pouch allows easy and safe travel no matter the terrain. I got 1 of each color to further employ their usefulness. They hardly take up and precious packing room. Good job whoever put these together. Highly recommended

5 Stars  Travel safely with meds 
Good pill box for traveling. Got one for my husband and friends for Christmas gifts

5 Stars  Zippered pill carrier 
This is a great product. I actually purchased two and just love them. Your medicine is kept secure by the zippers and they are a good size to hold your meds.

4 Stars  Sort and carry meds while traveling 
The pill compartments are larger than I have seen elsewhere. One can use the case or not. This may save a little room.

4 Stars  pill box 
I love the cases and the band that holds the cases in but on both boxes that I bought you will find some lids arent snug. They need to seal better.

5 Stars  Pill Organizer 
Perfect for travel. I bought two, one for me and one for my husband. This organizer keeps the pills from coming out when traveling.

4 Stars  Pill travel boxes 
They work great. I have been using similar inner box for years but if you drop them or they come open in your luggage what a mess. What would really be great would be replacement inner boxes for the cases.

4 Stars  Medium sizd 
Very nice and will hold up well for a trip. I recently went on a trip and my old pill box opened and made a big mess. I take 5 pills in the morning and 6 at night it holds them nicely but it didnt hold my husbands 4 large fish oil capsules with his meds.

5 Stars  Pill case 
Excellent, love them!!

5 Stars  Very Nice 
This is a very nice combo deal.. The containers are great.. The Bag is good quality..

5 Stars  Pill and Vitamin Case 
This is a very handy case and I will use and enjoy it. Well Made!

5 Stars  Pill and Vitamin Case 
This was just what I was looking for. It was just as described and I received the order really fast. Im sure I will find something else that Ill need!

4 Stars  Med 
I liked the size. Perfect for travel. But i did have one issue. One the day section lips was broken. I was leaving on vacation so I took it anyway

4 Stars  Pill and Vitamin Case by Fashion Smart 
Nice traveling case for medication or vitamins. Small enough to carry it around. The eight compartments are big enough for at least six regular rnd. pills and it comes with eight compartments so you have an extra one for a week usage.

4 Stars  Pretty much as advertised 
Theres not too much to say. This does its job and fits easily into a dop kit. Each days section is a bit small and it can be hard to get the pills out. Also, the doors dont stay open very far on their own making it hard to put the tablets in. Im guessing those will loosen up over time. Otherwise, it is fine.

5 Stars  great 
these are the best little pill cases, and if any ever did fall out they are zipped in and no looseing. they hold a lot. very good for the price. love them

5 Stars  Pill and Vitamin Case by Fashion Smart Item #7385 VTI BLACK and Greeen 
Great purchase. They are perfect for travel and organizing your daily medications or pills. I purchased one for my wife and one for myself.

5 Stars  perfect size - love it! 
I like the compact size of this organizer and I use it daily. I was in San Francisco last week and I saw this same item being offered for $12.95!! I also like the 2nd outer zipper.

4 Stars  Vitamins and meds are more handy to take on trips 
So handy I bought two.

1 Stars  Pill & Vitamin Case 
I gave it 1 star for the color.... If you take more that 2 pills this will never do! It looked far bigger on line! I even got one for my wife! I was excited to get this for travel, but it is of NO use. Give it to your kids as a toy! I hate it...!

4 Stars  Small and compact 
Small but well made and does the job for short trips

First, there is nothing like ordering 2 green and receiving 2 black. Second, if the pills are large capsules, forget about it. Third, the zippers are neither well stitched to the box nor well made. They both broke within a week. With the dark color and VERY small size, the container gets lost in the bottom of a purse or bag. I am not a fan.

5 Stars  Very Nice, but Small 
The concept is perfect and Im sure many find it exactly what they want. But my wife needs space for a lot of pills four times a day. I can use these small ones. She would like a box that has a four compartment daily strip with each day removable and snaps back in. She has one now but each compartment is too small, making it necessary to keep some pills in a separate case. Annoying. Got any products that fit the bill? Would buy them in a heartbeat. Can do without the zipper case.

5 Stars  Pill & Vitamin case 
real nice and compact works great

4 Stars  Pill Holder 
Great for trips or day trips as well. I use it for business trips, as well as daily. Large enough to hold vitamins and medication.

3 Stars  pill containers 
These are nice but Not ideal for everyday use because they are so small!great for trips ..easily fit in a traveler bag for the plane.

5 Stars  Better than I thought 
Much more room in the compartments than I thought, and the case is better than I thought. The pill container can easily be used on its own, so you could use the case for other small items.

5 Stars  Pill Box 
Cute and secure little container

4 Stars  Nice pill case for travel 
I like the zippered case to keep compartments from popping open and spilling pills. This case is great for traveling, but I often need a bit more space for pills or more compartments for daily use.

5 Stars  Great item 
These are just the right size for a small bag plenty of room for your meds and more!!!!

5 Stars  Pills 
Small,neat.Easy to carry

5 Stars  These are Great 
The Pill and Vitamin Case is something I use all the time. I have to take different pills at different times of the day and these cases enable me to use the different sections for the different times I need. The zippered case is great because I dont have to worry about pills all over my purse when I have to be away from home, even for just one day.

3 Stars  pill case 
Its great for carry with us when we go out of town but its a pain in the butt to fill. The mon thru thurs words are backwards.l just dont feel like it was worth it sorry

4 Stars  These things are very functional 
These things are great. Except when I purchase them, I was assuming they had a daily section for morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime. There is just a separate section for each day. So they may not be appropriate for people who need to take medications at various times during the day. But overall, they are fine.

5 Stars  pill and vitamin case 
Great product and price. shipped in a timely manner.

5 Stars  Small compact case-Does the job 
Bought two of these as we travel a lot. They are small, lightweight and work well. Compartments are large enough to hold several pills. The extra compartment is a bonus. Appears they will hold up well.

5 Stars  almost perfect travel pell case. 
fits more then a weeks pill supply. plus will hold 2 insulin pen needles. what would make it really perfect a means of clipping it to waist or purse.

5 Stars  Pill and vitamin case 
These cases are perfect, small with plenty of room in each compartment for 7 daily supplements. We love them, now rather than handing out the pills for each of us each day we have them in our little compact case.

Seeing the case in person was disheartening. I guess I expected the individual compartments to be larger. Some of the pills I take are like horse pills, and would take up all the space. I have the containers with larger compartments at home, but they are not as secure when traveling. Small tablets would be fine, therefore a 4 rating for me, a 1 rating. I respectfully request a Return Goods Number so I may get credit. Thank you. If you know of larger cases with larger compartments, please let me know. Thank you. Lanny Wilson

3 Stars  Pill & Vitamin Case 
I was expecting the individual compartments to be bigger, since the name indicates it is for both Rx & vitamins. The size is pretty average. The one thing I liked was that its only a weeks worth of space, but the compartments are too small.

5 Stars  Pill containers 
These are great, they are larger then others and they have a spare container for extra pills. I highly recommend them for anyone traveling or just taking multiple pills on a daily basis. Thank you for all your wonderful products, I love your company. Betty

5 Stars  pills case 
very efficiet

5 Stars  Pill case 
These are great,bought two one for home and one for travel.just the right size and there covered so you dont have the pills exposed.

5 Stars  Pill and Vitamin Case 
I love these little cases. You can get a ton of pills in them and put them in your purse. My old ones were huge and I had to put them in a zip lock. These have a zipper case and keep them all snug as a bug. Love them.

5 Stars  Pill Case 
This is the perfect unit for taking my medication when i travel. Nice and secure in its own case

5 Stars  Vitamin caddy 
I purchased one for my wife when I purchased mine. She loves it

5 Stars  Vitamin caddy 
I travel a lot. This is something Ive needed for years

5 Stars  Must have for travel 
My husband purchased 2 of these to use on a recent trip - one for morning pills & one for evening pills. Worked out great. So I purchased two of them for the same reasons. Would recommend for anyone Definitely worth the price!

5 Stars  Pill dop kit 
Love it. Fits into any dop kit!

5 Stars  Perfect 
After some recent health issues, I needed to start taking a lot of daily medicines. This was perfect for me to pack them up, slip into my brief case.

5 Stars  Perfect for travel 
I ordered these items to allow us to carry our prescriptions while traveling. I have pill containers but I have had them open up on me twice while travelling, spilling the contents throughout my bag. Very annoying. These containers zip closed and will not open no matter how gorilla-like the baggage handler. Highly recommended for those who want to keep their pills in their designated location.

5 Stars  Best looking, best organized pill case. 
I like everything about this good looking, well made pill case. Great for home as well as while travelling.


5 Stars  Great pill holder 
Love it and holds all the pills I need for each day.

5 Stars  Pill and Vitamin Case by Fashion Smart 
Outstanding item. Works great.

5 Stars  A space saving winner 
I love this pill box. It has roomy compartments and with the zipper, pills wont spill. I bought two.

3 Stars  OK Pill Box, Zipper Case Makes it Worth the Price 
Ordinary pill box. It isnt better or worse than those you can buy at the store. The zippered case pushes it over the top and would make me purchase again.

4 Stars  home owner 
very easy to use for billed used and if necessary to be used for change at the store & casino.

5 Stars  Pill And VitaminCase y Fashion Smart 
They are Great I Love them, need 4 more, send me order form. Thank You...

5 Stars  Travel Vitamin Case 
Great accessory for traveling

4 Stars  pill case 
The cases are nice and suited for travel. The only concern that I have, is that the hinges for the compartment lids might be a little weak. Time will tell I have a trip to Italy coming up.

Review this item!
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Video: Pill and Vitamin Case by Fashion Smart

The Fashion Smart Pill and Vitamin Case organizes a full week of medications, vitamins, and supplements without lugging around those cumbersome bottles.
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