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Phone/Tablet Accessories

Phone/Tablet Accessories
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YES you can turn a two-plug outlet into one with Six Plugs AND Two USB Ports! The USB ports are perfect for easy charging of portable devices. Designed to work with digital cameras, iphones, smartphones, MP3 players, tablets and portable hard drives.
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This As Seen on TV item let's you easily create a wallet on the back of your phone to stash cash, credit cards, driver's license and more!
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Pinchers mobile readers are the perfect and always on-hand reading glasses that stick to the back of your cell phone or tablet.
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Pinchers Easy Readers - #7998
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Stay active and comfortable with the True Wireless Earbuds, cutting the cord COMPLETELY! Use one earbud for hands-free talking and background music, or sync them both up for a stereo experience
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Just pop one of these colorful little guys onto the back of your smartphone and prop it up on a table for hands-free viewing! The suction cup is totally reusable, leaves no sticky residue, and can be used to prop your phone up horizontally or vertically. Note: suction stand only works on devices with smooth surfaces.
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Silicone Phone Pop Stand - #8122
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The Stickit Gel Mounts are super sticky reusable pads used for mounting and displaying your smartphones on nearly any flat surface. Nano-suction grip ensures a firm hold on your device, but easily comes off without leaving any residue.
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This portable battery backup is actually smaller than a standard key FOB, and supplies your dead or dying device with 600mAh or about 40% of power depending on your phone's battery size
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If you have an iPhone, smart phone, tablet, iPad or any kind of eyeglasses this amazing little kit is for you!
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Listen to your favorite tunes louder than your phone's speaker can output. Enjoy movies, video games, even videos on YouTube with crisp sound. Get up to 3 hours of continuous playback with the built-in rechargeable battery.
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