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Pack Of Pens
Pack Of Pens
Pack Of Pens
Pack Of Pens
Pack Of Pens

Pack Of Pens

Pack Of Pens

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So How Many Packs Do You Want?
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Yes you can get a Pack of Pens (*approximately a pound) for just $5! You'll get between 35 to 50 random pens (please note some pens are heavier because they may have a flashlights in them).

Why so many... Why so cheap?
We made a deal with a premium pen printing company (say that 3 times fast!) to take all their overruns, misprints and not-paid for pens at a very cheap price. But let me clarify these are not cheap in quality! They are assorted, but very nice, assorted ballpoint pens with all sorts of logos, names and designs. It's kind of fun going thru them!

These are not cheap stick pens, these are executive style pens. They just have an imprint on them. If you were to buy these at a store (without imprinting) you would spend about 75 cents a pen... so you getting between $30 and $37.50 worth of pens FOR JUST $5.00

- You get a between approx 35 to 50 (depending on individual pen weight)
- Assorted Pens
- Quality nice writing pens
- $5.00 price compared to $30 or more

PLEASE NOTE: We have no control over what the pens say or colors they are. You get what you get. Let us apologize in advance if you get something that may offend you, like a religious pen or what someone may have thought was a witty slogan.

*We try to get as close to one pound as possible (this is shipping weight)... actual pen weight is slightly less than a pound.
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