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Ozzie & Harriet Season 1 Digitally Remastered DVD

Ozzie & Harriet Season 1 Digitally Remastered DVD

Ozzie & Harriet Season 1 Digitally Remastered DVD
Ozzie & Harriet Season 1 Digitally Remastered DVD
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Iconic Record-Breaking TV Series

For a record-breaking fourteen seasons and 435 episodes, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet aired on ABC-TV from 1952 through 1966, becoming one of the most cherished cultural touchstones of the twentieth century. The gentle humor of the prolific and popular sitcom was brought to the screen by the real-life Nelson family: Ozzie and wife Harriet with their sons, David and Rick, all portraying themselves in a trend-setting blend of fact-meets-fiction comedy decades before Seinfeld and other semi-reality based shows.

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet humorously chronicled the daily lives of the Nelson family as David and Ricky grew up before millions of weekly viewers.

First Time Digitally Restored

For the very first time, in association with the Nelson family, the entire series has been digitally restored with complete episodes from the original film negatives for stunning picture and sound quality.

The meticulous restoration process has breathed new life into each episode. The picture quality has been enhanced, bringing vibrant and crisp details to the screen. Say goodbye to grainy visuals and welcome a visual feast that truly showcases the show's original splendor.

Official Complete Season One Collection

This collectible treasure contains all 39 full, fun-filled episodes starting with the premiere show and other rare adventures not seen on television in decades.

Don DeFore appears as Ozzie's neighbor pal Thorny along with classic television and film guest stars Hal Smith, Ellen Corby, Janet Waldo, Joseph Kearns, Jeanette Nolan, Stanley Holloway, Frank Nelson and other familiar faces.

It is interesting to see that during the first few seasons the Nelsons were still in radio-mode, and mostly doing their lines and their show as if they were on the radio rather than TV

A Return To Yesteryear

It's like going back in time when you watch each episode. You'll even get a chance to see classic commercials that were broadcast during the show. It is a treat for both young and old!


  • Painstakingly Digitally Restored
  • Collectible 4-Disc Collection
  • Timeless Family Entertainment
  • 990 Minutes (Over 16 hours) of Entertainment

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