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Optislim Pocket Magnifier
Optislim Pocket Magnifier
Optislim Pocket Magnifier
Optislim Pocket Magnifier
Optislim Pocket Magnifier

Optislim Pocket Magnifier

Optislim Pocket Magnifier

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Avoid straining your eyes with the Optislim Pocket Magnifier.

This compact magnifier enlarges ultra fine details and offers sharp clarity.

Keep it on-hand when reading small print on things like maps, books, magazines, mail, food labels, recipes, telephone directories, prescription labels, and so much more.

The magnifier is lightweight, durable, and it's the size of a credit card; making it easy to storage and carry. Keep one in your wallet, pocket, car, on the night stand - anywhere it might come in handy.

It's also equipped with a removable pen (with black ink) which has a stylus; Great for taking notes or for use on touch screens of various electronic devices.

Available in 5 colors - Red, White, Green, Blue, and Black. Sorry, NO color choice!

Features & Benefits:
- Pocket Magnifier enlarges and clarifies fine details
- Lightweight and Durable
- Compact size makes it easy to store and carry
- Perfect for reading small print on maps, in books, magazines, food labels, recipes, prescription labels and more.
- Equipped with Removable Pen (Black Ink) and a Stylus
- Dimensions: 3 3/8"L x 2 1/4"H x 1/4"W
- Available in 5 colors (Red, White, Green, Blue, and Black) NO color choice!

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