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One Mile Bright 4000 Lumen Flashlight w/ 12 Free Batteries
One Mile Bright 4000 Lumen Flashlight w/ 12 Free Batteries
One Mile Bright 4000 Lumen Flashlight w/ 12 Free Batteries
One Mile Bright 4000 Lumen Flashlight w/ 12 Free Batteries
One Mile Bright 4000 Lumen Flashlight w/ 12 Free Batteries
One Mile Bright 4000 Lumen Flashlight w/ 12 Free Batteries
One Mile Bright 4000 Lumen Flashlight w/ 12 Free Batteries

One Mile Bright 4000 Lumen Flashlight w/ 12 Free Batteries

One Mile Bright 4000 Lumen Flashlight w/ 12 Free Batteries

Your Price: $49.99
Compare at: $99.99  (50% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $79.98 (60% off)
Sold Out
Save more when you buy two or more.
Get one for just $49.99
SAVE $20.00 more and get two for $79.98
SAVE $30.00 more and get three for $119.97
SAVE $40.00 more and get four for $159.96

The biggest, baddest and BRIGHTEST flashlight we've ever sold!

Hands down this is the brightest flashlight we've ever sold. The Farpoint 4000 Lumen Flashlight casts a spotlight bright light that can be seen a mile away.

Built with quality in mind it rivals anything on the market, even flashlights selling for over $200! Plus the 4000 Lumens is verified brightness!

The aluminum body with military grade anodized finish is built to take and give a beating! The knurling is very grippy and comfortable to hold onto in any weather.

Designed for law enforcement, military, and search and rescue, but great for any profession or everyday use because it lights up such a vast area.

Great for emergencies, camping, hunting, professional work, tactical purposes, survivalists, preppers or anyone who wants to have a powerful flashlight.

- 4000 Lumens (VERIFIED), this is spotlight bright!
- Three beams (Max, Low and Strobe)
- Slide focus
- Weatherproof
- Impact Resistant
- Tactical head
- Built Strong... Weighs 2 pounds
- Long Lasting LED lasts up to 25,000 hours
- Use Indoors or Outdoors
- Brightness that lasts 1500 meters
- Dimensions: 11in long x 2in wide head
- Uses 12 AA Batteries, included FREE

PLEASE NOTE:When you get your flashlight the batteries are pre-loaded, HOWEVER you will need to remove the plastic tab in order for it to work. Sometimes the tab is stuck to the top.
Here's Where it Is

Verification Tip: So many flashlights claim to be 3000 or more Lumens when in fact they are nowhere near that. One sure fire way of determining if the flashlight is in fact high in Lumens is by how many batteries it takes. Case in point THIS flashlight is 4000 Lumens and needs 12 AA Alkaline batteries (INCLUDED FREE). If you ever see one that say it uses 2, 3 or even 4 AA batteries there is no way it can be more than 1000 Lumens!

Review this item!

5 Stars
(1) Yes 
Excellent flashlight

5 Stars
(2) Awesome flashlight 
I could not believe the brightness of this flashlight. It looks like daylight in the house.

5 Stars
(3) Brightest flashlight 
Works fantastic

5 Stars
(4) WOW 
Often when you buy a flashlight on line you are a slight bit disappointed. THIS FLASHLIGHT IS GREAT.. WHAT A FLASHLIGHT SHOULD BE BRIGHT..... in fact I just ordered another one...

5 Stars
(5) Great light 
I have used it some and it is great. I have amazed friends with how much area it covers and how bright.

5 Stars
(6) Daylight at night 
This is the best flashlight I have ever owned. As a truck driver a lot of my work is at night and this lights up the darkness like no other. I would highly recommend this to everyone.

5 Stars
(7) Great light 
Very bright beam. Exactly as described.

5 Stars
(8) It paid for its self in the first week. 
I live in a very rural area. Two days after my Flashlight arrived I heard some voices outside. I grabbed my light and went to investigate. I soon learned the unwanted guests were up to no good so I switched to Strobe mode and scared them off. They havent been back. My heart is racing just thinking about it.

5 Stars
(9) Night blinding 
With most of the LED flashlights not even getting close to the lumens of this flashlight, I am well pleased with this find. It is the brightest that I have seen and breaks the darkness of the night better than any other I have used.

5 Stars
(10) Brightest flashlight ever 
Bright and strong

5 Stars
(11) Best Light 
I was totally impressed with the quality and amazing illumination!

5 Stars
(12) WOW 
This is a fantastic light. I live in the country and quite secluded but with flashlight I can see a mile into the forest.

5 Stars
(13) Flashlight 
This product is very versatile and I have been using it for many applications, it’s great!

5 Stars
(14) Super Bright Flashlight 
This Flashlight is extremely bright and is great for lighting up a large ares

5 Stars
(15) Bright as expected 
Unlike many phony ads that claim ridiculous lumen counts, this one is probably accurate. I have a 1000 lumen light and this one is much brighter over a broader field. I trusted Pulsetv when they said the lumen count had been verified.

5 Stars
(16) One Awesome Flashlight !!! 
I bought this flashlight as a gift for my husband, who had mentioned he needed a good one.Well,I saw this one offered on Pluse and thought well it really sounds like it would be. And I actually was hesitant because of the price.I never knew that I would be spending this kind of money on a light. But as I was reading about all it could do ,I said I had to see it for myself.I have to tell you,my husband has taken the grown-up men which also happen to be our2eldest grandsons,out after dark, just to show off his flashlight. We live in the country and our gate is 2 tenths of a mile away, and its pitch black out there.But with the mile bright 4000 Lumen Flashlight YOU Can See for a Mile. My husband said Now thats a Light. He is very impressed with the the adjustable beam,and the strobe light too. And its weight could come in handy for a weapon if needed. Just wanted yall to know,there is a flashlight out there really worth owning, and you can get from Pluse.Thanks Pluse,Sincerely Rita

5 Stars
(17) Flashlight 
Excillent product. Only concern at this point is battery life —— only time will tell.

5 Stars
(18) Wow what a light! 
Awesome bright light!

4 Stars
(19) Brilliant Flashlight 
I would recommend this flashlight very highly. Very bright and covers large area. My only concern is the number of AA batteries and longevity of power.

5 Stars
(20) Unbelievable 
Excellent flashlight. The brightest I have ever had or seen.

5 Stars
(21) Great flashlight 
Works as described!

4 Stars
(22) 4000 battery Lumen Flashlight 
Well constructed, heavy duty, lots of light, adjustable beam from broad to narrow. However, if the beam were more narrow, distant objects would be could be better seen.

5 Stars
(23) Powerful Flashlight 
This flashlight lights a large area. It is the most powerful flashlight that I have owned.The price was great. I should have bought two.

5 Stars
(24) 4000 lumen flashlight 
Flashlight looks great and I will give as a gift. However,the batteries were not included as stated.

5 Stars
REALLY PUTS OUT THE LITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars
(26) Great Flashlight 
Great Flashlight. Brighter than any flashlight I own. Highly recommend this flashlight.

5 Stars
(27) Awesome Light 
Definitely the brightest light I own and I have MANY. Just ask my wife... Not looking forward to replacing the 12 AA batteries, but that is the price you pay for a light this bright. Wish they were rechargable. No issues with quality or finish.

5 Stars
(28) One of the brightest of the bright 
Great flashlight.Really bright. Excellent value.

5 Stars
(29) Bright 
Love this light. Very bright. Ordering 2 more for Christmas presents.

5 Stars
(30) 4000 lumen flashlight 
Very powerful. Great deal.

Review this item!