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Official As Seen On TV Dust Daddy - Value 2PK

Official As Seen On TV Dust Daddy - Value 2PK

Official As Seen On TV Dust Daddy - Value 2PK
Official As Seen On TV Dust Daddy - Value 2PK
Your Price: $7.99
Compare at: $39.99  (80% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $13.98 (83% off)
Get one for $7.99
Save $2.00 and get two for $13.98
Save $3.00 and get three for $20.97
Save $4.00 and get four for $27.96

The Official As Seen On TV Dust Daddy easily cleans all the stubborn places where dust and allergens like to hide. And now you get 2 in a special double value pack! It's like getting 2 for the price of 1.

The Best Vacuum Attachment for Small, Hard to Reach Places

Simply attach it to the accessory hose of any vacuum and you're ready to go. All those spots you either hated to dust or just plain ignored are now within easy reach. For people with allergies, this is a game-changer.

You don't even need to move delicate objects. The specially designed suction tubes provide maximum vacuum force while they gently move around things like jewelry, books, electronics, and more.

Every day you'll find new things to dust. Give it a try on lampshades, silk plants, blinds, curtains, and drawers, you'll be amazed at how much dust and debris comes out.

It's also great for cleaning inside your car. All of those little nooks and crannies like your cup holders, vents, and between your seats finally can get the attention they deserve.

Note: This version does not fit well with Dyson brand vacuums


- Official As Seen On TV Dust Daddy
- Gets Into Nooks And Crannies
- Flex Tubes Dust Around Objects
- Great For Delicate Items
- Easily Dust All The Places You Usually Ignore
- Cleans Vents, Between Seats, Keyboards, And Much More
- Works With Any Vacuum
- Helps Eliminate Stubborn Allergins
- Maintains Powerful Suction
- Dimensions: 18 Inches Long
- You Get TWO (2) Dust Daddy Attachments in a Box

5 Stars  Works pretty well 
Does a good job of picking up dust from areas that are kinda tight and limit getting a regular dusting brush into

5 Stars  Great For Vents 
Our bathrooms exhaust fans build up dust in the vents around the edge and these are hard to clean with dusters and normal vacuum attachments. This Dust Daddy fits into the vent slots and removes accumulated dust. Works like a charm!

5 Stars  Helps make cleaning easier. 
The only problem I have with this product is the initial assembly. It was very difficult to snap the two parts together to be able to use it. Once I finally got through the assembly, I am very satisfied with the job that the Dust Daddy does. I am able to clean out kitchen drawers without having to remove all the items from the drawers. A time-saver. I am still looking for other uses for the device.

5 Stars  Dust Daddy 
This works exactly as advertised! I can get into small places that the crevice tool on my vacuum cant reach. It takes some practicing to figure the best ways to use the tool, but it works well!

4 Stars  Works mostly like the video 
Works reasonably well. We had some difficulty fitting the pieces together. Worth the price on this site.

5 Stars  Actually works! 
This device actually works to get into tight places and get the dust without sucking unknown small items like paper clips, etc. into the vacuum. Plus...it fits my Shark vacuum. Std accessories usually dont. Price was right too.

4 Stars  SO FAR SO GOOD. 
Video is acurrate. Works well for most hard 2get areas such as computer screens , keyboards, high and low mouldings, vertical blinds. Anywhere a vacuum attachment is to bulky or heavy After an initial good cleaning of things such as ceiling fans, etc., Ive only used it once. More power wouldve been nice but 4a battery operated attachment and TWO of them, worth the $s.


5 Stars  Dust daddy 
It s the best it goes in spots I can t get to before

5 Stars  Works fantastic! 
Works great for drawers and small spaces! Also fantastic for cleaning the inside of your cars! Youll love this product.

5 Stars  Good 

5 Stars  Works As Advertised 
A great addition to help easily dust in hard-to-reach areas with traditional tools.

2 Stars  Not impressed 
Difficult to fit on my Dyson! Only good on really small pieces like small crumbs and even then not that effective! Tried to use in bathroom to pick up hairs but it did not do much of a job because the openings on the wand are too small! I do not recommend this product!

2 Stars  A toy 
It doesnt fit my vacuum cleaner even with the adaption. Taped it on but it still wasnt very effective.

5 Stars  Dust Daddy 
It works great .. I ve used it to eliminate the dust trails on my ceiling coming from my AC vents ..

5 Stars  It really really works. 
As soon as I got it., I used it. Nice to see something works as advertised.

5 Stars  gets everywhere 
This has been so very helpful cleaning my car, the vents and especially in between the consoles. Also great for cleaning the grand piano and getting under and around strings and hammers

5 Stars  Great little gadget 
It does what it says it does and i like that.

5 Stars  Dust Daddy 
Works well especially in areas with lots of small items.

3 Stars  Vacuum attachment 
Idea is good, but the rubber connection split the first time I used it. I used duct tape to reinforce it.

5 Stars  Use it on all my electronics 
Nothing gets crumbs out of my keyboard like this!

5 Stars  Product does what it claims. 
It really gets into difficult places.

5 Stars  Like It 
Works and is great for my computer

4 Stars  Works great! 
Doesnt quite fit standard vacuum hose, had to tape it on.

1 Stars  Dust daddy 
I bought one for myself and three for gifts. I m embarrassed that I gave these to my friends. The dust daddy is awful gets clogged easily and doesn t work very well. I m sorry I bought it and would never recommend it.

4 Stars  Really Works 
I use this for cleaning my dryer vent as well and it works. I personally like this product.

3 Stars  dust daddy 
not very good usable but not great

5 Stars  Good for getting dust out of keyboards, etc. 
This is good for getting dust out from between the keys of keyboards and out of the vent holes of computers, etc.

5 Stars  Vacuum attachment 
Best vacuum / dusting attachment ever.

5 Stars  TV Dust Daddy 
Great product. Good price.

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The Official As Seen On TV Dust Daddy easily cleans all the stubborn places where dust and allergens like to hide. And now you get 2 in a special double value pack! It's like getting 2 for the price of 1.
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