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No-Tie Silicone Shoelaces
No-Tie Silicone Shoelaces
No-Tie Silicone Shoelaces
No-Tie Silicone Shoelaces

No-Tie Silicone Shoelaces

No-Tie Silicone Shoelaces

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Here's an awesome idea that ensures you never have to tie your shoes again! These turn laced shoes into comfy, stylish slip-ons.

The Silicone Shoe Laces are a breeze to insert and they're stretchy, making it easy to slip your shoes on and off, but still keep them nice and secure while walking.

Each set comes with 18 black silicone "laces" (9 for each shoe). Now you don't need to use all 18 inserts. If you're using these for kids shoes or loafers, just use however many you need.

You will notice that the laces taper in length going from front to back. This is to ensure the perfect fit for the contour of your foot by imitating how a shoe lace actually works.

These are great for those with arthritic hands or chronic back pain because you don't have to physically bend over and tie your shoes every time you put them on. A must for kids who don't know how to tie their shoes...or kids who are just too lazy!

Features and Benefits:
- Silicone Shoe Laces
- Tapered to Imitate Real Laces
- No More Tying Shoes
- Easy to Lace
- Makes Shoes Easy to Slip On and Off
- Includes 18 Lace Inserts (9 for each foot)
- Keeps Shoes Secure on Feet
- Comes in Black
- Great for Those with Arthritis and Back Pain (or just lazy kids who don't want to tie!)
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