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Night Angel Wall-Outlet Night Light 3pk

Night Angel Wall-Outlet Night Light 3pk

Night Angel Wall-Outlet Night Light 3pk
Night Angel Wall-Outlet Night Light 3pk
Your Price: $17.99
Compare at: $59.99  (70% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $33.98 (72% off)
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Get one for just $17.99
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Transform Your Standard Wall-Outlets Into Night Lights

The Night Angel Wall-Outlet cover plate has 3 built-in LEDs that automatically turn on at night to light your pathway.

Night Angel is easy to install - it simply snaps on! No wires, no batteries, no mess to deal with. The 3 built-in LED lights last over 100,000 hours. Night Angel stays cool to the touch and it automatically turns on and off.

Use Anywhere In The House

These will fit any standard wall-outlet and are great for hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and more! They come in a sleek white design which will fit any home decor.


- Set Of 3 Night Angel Wall-Outlet Covers
- Built-in Night Light
- Turn Any Standard Outlet Into A Night Light
- Install In Seconds - Just Snaps In
- No Wiring Required
- Includes 3 LEDs: Lasts 100,000 Hours
- Requires No Batteries
- Automatically Turns ON/OFF
- Built-in Light Sensor
- Keeps Outlets Free For Use
- Made of ABS Plastic To Protect Temperature Changes

5 Stars  Great Product 
I purchased a set of these nightlights for my daughter based on my previous purchase from Pulse TV over 2 or 3 years ago. These cover-plates are easy to install, provide light at just the right level of brightness to provide enough light when needed at night. Great product at a great price and fast shipping too.

5 Stars  ? 
Easy to install and they work good

5 Stars  Inovative, inexpensive lighting 
Product was easy to install and performed as advertised. I will purchase more.

5 Stars  Night lite 
Love them. Just enough light

5 Stars  Love this product 
Great product! Quick response in shipping

5 Stars  Great night light 
This nightlight outlet cover is fantastic. Really brightens the floor

4 Stars  As Advertised 
The idea is great and the device works as advertised but I prefer a motion activated appliance. Sensitivity to light and dark causes the device to be on during the day also in dimly lit locations. Motion sensing is the way to go, so I find limited use for the product.

4 Stars  Great 
This Are Easy To Install. Bright Enough That It Really Helps. I Have Replaced Regular Night Lights With These. So Glad You Got Them Back In Stock.

4 Stars  Wall outlet night light. 
Haven t had a chance to use them. I like the idea for lighting at night.

3 Stars  Too dim 
They look nice and they do light up. They may keep you from walking into walls, but dont really illuminate much area.

5 Stars  great for seniors 
I installed all three and removed the bulk units. They do exactly as advertised. I am taking pictures and showing other seniors what they need.

5 Stars  Great Idea 
However a word of caution, be sure your current faceplates match these center screw- not screws on top and bottom I got too excited and missed this critical observation. I now have some very fine units to donate.

5 Stars  light 
good light

5 Stars  Wall-Outlet Night Lite 
Easy to install and works great.

5 Stars  lighting the way 
These things are awesome. They throw just enough light to see during the nighttime trip to the bathroom without fully waking you by having to turn on the light so as not to run into something. I have used them in several rooms which I frequent most.

5 Stars  Great Nightlights 
These nightlights are easy to install and offer just the right light. They come on/off when it goes from light to dark.

4 Stars  Good value for the price 
Size is off slightly on some covers.

5 Stars  They really work well. 
These outlet covers really work. You get a nightlight without using an electric outlet.

5 Stars  Fantastic 
I Bought Some When You Had Them Almost 2 Years Ago. They Work Great.. Went To Get More For The House But You Were Sold Out. Im Glad You Finally Got Some In. Thank You.

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Video: Night Angel Wall-Outlet Night Light 3pk

Transform your standard wall-outlets into night lights! The Night Angel Wall-Outlet cover plate has 3 built-in LEDs that automatically turn on at night to light your pathway.
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