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Neck Chilly 10-Pack - Keep Your Cool All Day Long

Neck Chilly 10-Pack - Keep Your Cool All Day Long

Neck Chilly 10-Pack - Keep Your Cool All Day Long
Neck Chilly 10-Pack - Keep Your Cool All Day Long
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The EASY Way To Stay Cool Even On The Hottest Days

Stop getting hot under the collar and grab the ALL NEW Neck Chilly!

Using the latest in cooling innovation the hyper-evaporative material cools off as the towel naturally dries, providing cooling relief on those sweltering days.

Unlike the old version that used acrylic polymers, the cooling material eliminates the "sausage" look and bulkiness. The new sleek design allows you to wear it around your neck or as a bandana around the head and you can still put your hat or helmet over it!

No slimy feel that can come with traditional cooling solutions, the cooling material doesn't turn into a gooey mess.

It couldn't be any easier to use. Simply soak in water, wring out and shake.... then enjoy coolness for hours.

It's reusable, simply re-soak and you're good to go. Plus if you sweat alot you can just throw this in the washing machine and it cleans up nicely!

Special Value 10-Pack... SAVE BIG!

This value pack gets you 10 of the Neck Chillys for a super low price. REI sells a similar one (not the known Chilly brand) for $11.00... that's just for one!

These are great to give as gifts and a must for anyone who works outdoors, athletes, women who suffer from hot flashes and more.

Proven To Work!

The Neck Chilly helps to keep your core body temperatures in check reducing the effects of heat stress and heat fatigue.

It works via a natural process of evaporation and never needs to be refrigerated or frozen. This cooling effect is continuous and will last a long time before a re-soaking is needed.


  • You get 10 at this special price
  • Reusable, just re-wet
  • Use around neck or head
  • Hyper-Evaporative Properties Make It Cool
  • Just Soak, Wring, Shake
  • Reusable and Washable (Let it Air-Dry)
  • Non-Toxic
  • Great for construction workers, or other outside jobs
  • Neck cooler is 39" long and 2" wide
  • Relief for neck and head aches
  • Use at sporting events to stay cool
  • Cools blood flow to brain
  • Lowers body temperature
  • Reduces dehydration
  • Lowers perspiration rate
  • Use it at events to stay cool
  • Machine washable
  • Advanced cooling material activates easily and quickly when run under water for one minute

5 Stars  It works well - but not for very long! 
I like this item - its great for golf as its light weight and easy to use. It just doesnt stay real cold very very long.

5 Stars  Keeps U Cool 
It works like its supposed to. You just wet it, wring it out, give it a shake and its ready to go. It really does keep you cool for quite awhile.

5 Stars  Awesome. Gift for my youngest son who Drives a semi tanker 
Great Item.Helps Keep him cool

5 Stars  Chilling 
These really work! Working or playing they have a cooling effect that makes a noticeable difference. They keep the sun off my neck too.

2 Stars  My Review 
It DOESN T keep you cool ALL DAY!!

5 Stars  handy during hot weather 
Not only does it provide cooling, but I also use it to protect back of my neck from sunburn.

5 Stars  great tool 
This was given to a friend as a gift. They sweat a lot. He has a large head and is hard to fit. This was the perfect size. I got myself several extra.

5 Stars  Beat the heat 
These cooling bands are great. I like to use two. One around my head, like a head band, keeps the sweat out of my eyes, and helps keep my head cool. Another around my neck which help keep the rest of my body cool. I highly recommend these.

5 Stars  Great product 
Just as described, works well. Easy to use.

4 Stars  Neck Chilly 
It is great only it dries out a little too quickly. Even when shaking it after rewetting, it is not as cold but is a relief if you dont mind the wetness feeling at first. I do like it ti does relieve the warmth in my body.

1 Stars  Disappointed 
I used it around my neck while working in the yard. The coolness didnt even last five minutes.

1 Stars  It doesnt work at all 
I regret that I bought this. It does not work at all. Within 5 minutes of my jogging or exercise workout, this band is warm and not cooling me at all. I sweat as much as I always did. I hoped it would keep the sweat out of my eyes, but it does not. This is a waste of your money. DO NOT BUY IT!

5 Stars  Cooling band 
These help so much to keep cool. Even if you wet it with warm water. They keep you cool.

5 Stars  As described 
Your neck chilly exceeds expectation. Great cooling on a hot day. Unbelieveable price. Thanks

1 Stars  Not a good choice 
I bought these for my sister because she has hot flashes extremely bad. Unfortunately, they did not work for her. She got it wet and then shook and shook it, but it never got really cool. When it warmed up she shook and shook again, but with not good results. Sorry!

2 Stars  Dont work well 
Used multiple times and didnt work well for me

1 Stars  Over rated 
Does not keep you cool all day long as it claims. More like lukewarm for maybe an hour

1 Stars  More like cool for 5 minutes! 
This did not work for us, no matter how much cold water its soaked in and shaking/swinging it....!! Waste of money!

5 Stars  Summer treat 
These work exactly as advertised when directions are followed. Get as many as you need depending on time spent in the heat.

5 Stars  Cooling Headband 
It was a present for my neighbor. He works in a hot kitchen and says it works really well to keep him cooler.

2 Stars  Ineffective 
The cooling band didnt do much for me.

5 Stars  Neck cooldown 
These cooling collars are great for helping make the temperature feel cooler. Bought three and gave two to my golfing buddies.

3 Stars  Helps a little 
I followed the directions but found it cools somewhat but not what I expected and it doesnt last too long.

4 Stars  Great head wrap 
This is a terrific head wrap. I use it alone or under my straw hat. Living in Florida with humidity almost as high sometimes higher than the temps which spend way too much time in the 90s it is impossible to work outside without lots of water and something to soak up the sweat. This little wrap keeps the sweat out of my eyes and really does keep me cooler. LOVE IT

3 Stars  Not as good as expected 
Was not totally satisfied..when you activate it, it is cool, but immediately losses that coolness

4 Stars  Works as Promised 
Works great for quick trips to store or when working around the yard

1 Stars  Useless 
The product does not stay cool all day. It does not even stay cool for an hour.

5 Stars  Works perfect for hot days 
One size fits all

5 Stars  Neck chilly 
This I believe has been the best thing I have bought for my family. My boys both work outside in the heat, and they love them. The grands like them for playing outside with their friends. I love mine when outside gardening. No need to sweat anymore!!!

5 Stars  Terrific! 
Bought them for my son, who works as a roofer. With the hot days of summer he uses it everyday. Really helps!

5 Stars  WOW it made me cold! 
I love this. Its been excruciatingly hot in New Mexico and this has kept me cool when I go for my walk. I cant imagine not having it.

5 Stars  Neck Chilly.....PLUS 
I have painful edema in my R leg. I have been using two of these Chillys to cool the inflammation and reduce the pain on various parts of my lower leg. Wonderful relief!

5 Stars  works great 
had it on for about 3 hours and it stayed cool the entire time.

5 Stars  Very Helpful Product 
Its a great product for helping you keep your cool in high degree temperatures like in Thailand and Vietnam all the time.

5 Stars  Cool scarf 
Hubby loves this on the golf course

4 Stars  Neck chilly 
Good product - it did keep our necks cool in this Nevada heat!

3 Stars  Neck chilly 
It does not stay cold very long on a hot day maybe 15 minutes then you need to water it down again... I work at a golf course

5 Stars  Great cooling headband 
This chilling headband is great for absorbing sweat and keep you cool. Glad I bought these

5 Stars  Keep Cool 
This help me keep cool when playing golf

4 Stars  works fine 
Definite help on hot humid days

3 Stars  Neck cooler 
Its way too small and doesnt stay cool for more than a few minutes. I bought 5 of them for myself and friends and none of them like this product very much.

5 Stars  Great Hear Wrap 
A real help in this brutal Florida Heat this summer !!

5 Stars  Purchased for our church outreach 
My church does outreach on Saturdays being in Arizona, the temperature gets pretty warm during the summer. Wanted to get something to help keep those who help out especially the children cooler while we were out. Everyone loved them and will order more when others join our team.

5 Stars  Amazing 
I work in a very hot restaurant kitchen and these work great. Wet, wring, spin and stay cool for a couple of hours. I highly recommend.

5 Stars  Chilly Towel Keeps Sweat Out Of My Eyes 
Now that Im older and my hairline has receded, sweat would run into my eyes when working outdoors in the summer. It would sting and cause me to carry a towel in my pocket. I wear my new Chilly Towel as a headband and the problem is solved. Price is low, and I have purchased them for friends, also!

4 Stars  Does the job 
I bought these for my husband and my son. They are both heavy sweaters. My son uses it around his neck while working because he needs to wear a lot of gear when working. He likes it a lot. My husband wears it around his head instead of a do rag. He said it keeps him cooler and the sweat doesnt run down his face as much. I feel it was a good investment.

5 Stars  Great product my second one 
I use this almost every time I sweat. Which is quite often

5 Stars  Cooling wrap 
I tried this in this very hot weather and put it over my forehead and it worked good and kept the sweat out of my eyes. you can use this for many other ways too. It was a very good item and a very good price.

5 Stars  Works great! 
I got 4 of these. I use one for me and one around my dogs neck when we walk. Really works.

5 Stars  Neck chilly 
Keeps us nice and cool while working in the garden Thank you

5 Stars  Pulse TV neck chili 
Both my sons work in the oil field on the middle of the Gulf of Mexico and they both use them. and they love them.

3 Stars  Luke warm 
I bought 2 of these for Hubby. One for his neck, and one to wraparound his forehead. He didnt find them to be cold or even refreshing by any stretch.

5 Stars  Neck Chilly 
Awesome product ?? I was skeptical at first, but at such a good price, I bought them. They really do work as advertised! GREAT product ??

5 Stars  Perfect for being outside 
I think this is my favorite Chilly item you sell. It is the most versatile and cheapest!

5 Stars  Very Good Against The Heat 
This headband is great against the heat in the summer...best results when you wet it down good...throw it in the freezer for about 10 mins.. makes all the difference in the world..

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Neck Chilly 10-Pack - Keep Your Cool All Day Long

Using a hyper-evaporative material that's the latest in cooling innovation, that cools off as the towel naturally dries, providing cooling relief on those sweltering days.