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Monitor Mount for Headphones

Monitor Mount for Headphones

Monitor Mount for Headphones
Monitor Mount for Headphones
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Eliminate desktop clutter with a minimalistic headphone mount that attaches right to your monitor!

Easily Mount Your Headphones to Your Computer Screen

Simply peel off protective backing to the 3M adhesive that is super strong, yet still removable without leaving any residue. Place it on either side of your computer monitor and hang up any wired or wireless headphones, gaming headsets, or even wrap a set of earbuds around it.

You'll create a clutter-free work area with your headphones within arm's reach at all times! You'll love having a designated spot to hang them up for the day instead of tossing them in a drawer, or laying it messily on your desk.


- Eliminate Desk Clutter, Tangled Cords
- Protects your Headphones, Headsets, Earbuds
- Strong, yet Removable 3M Adhesive
- No Damage to Your Monitor
- Non-Residue Removal
- Minimalist Mount Design with Rubberized Non-Slip Pad
- Dimensions: 5.4in x 1.5in x 2.7in

2 Stars  A Possible Fix for the Headphones Monitor Mount Failure 
If you have purchased this product and had it fall off the monitor, join the club. I did come up with a possible fix for this problem if you still have your monitor mount. Purchase a Velcro product called Sticky Back for Fabric Fasteners, available for a couple bucks at Walmart. It is basically strips of Velcro fabric with adhesive on the back. Peel off the failed adhesive on the monitor mount backing. Cut 3 hook-side pieces for the monitor, and 3 fabric-side pieces for the monitor mount. Attach appropriately it will be really obvious when you are holding it in your hand. The Velcro provides sufficient grip that, so far, holds the headphones without peeling off.

5 Stars  Monitor Mount for Headphones 
I really like how these hold the headphones and keep them off of the desk where they take up a lot of room. Works very well.

1 Stars  A Rare Failure for a Pulse TV Product 
Bought this item hoping to hang my headphones that normally are always on my desk in the way, from my monitor. Sounded like a great idea. Unfortunately, my monitor is not completely flat on the back, but instead curves down to the edge. Because of this, the adhesive that is supposed to hold the headphone in place is unable to touch across its entire width, making it insufficiently strong to hold the weight of the headphones. The headphones pull the support off the monitor after a day or so. Cant recommend this product unless your monitor is completely flat on the back all the way to the edge.

5 Stars  Headphone Monitor Mount 
This Headphone Monitor Mount is really useful and easy to set up. Now my headphones are within easy reach and stay out of the way when I am not using them.

1 Stars  Looks good but .... 
The mount looks good but either the design is faulty or the adhesive is not strong enough to hold the mount in place. It stays for several hours but then it comes off and the headset drops. Recommend not buying it until it is rethought/redesigned.,

3 Stars  It s nice but doesn t stick very well 
It s nice but it has fallen off twice already.

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Video: Monitor Mount for Headphones

Eliminate desktop clutter with a minimalistic headphone mount that attaches right to your monitor!
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