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Mini RC Car In A Can
Mini RC Car In A Can
Mini RC Car In A Can
Mini RC Car In A Can
Mini RC Car In A Can
Mini RC Car In A Can
Mini RC Car In A Can

Mini RC Car In A Can

Mini RC Car In A Can

Your Price: $11.99
Compare at: $29.99  (60% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $19.98 (67% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
Save more when you buy two or more.
Order one (1) for just $11.99
SAVE $4.00 and get two (2) for $19.98
SAVE $6.00 and get three (3) for $29.97
SAVE $8.00 and get four (4) for $39.96

Opening up this RC Car is just like opening a can of soda with its pop top can as packaging.

Once open, you get your car with working headlights and tail lights, a remote control and four traffic cones to race around.

When you need a charge, connect it to the remote to charge it directly from there. With their small size you can use these cars just about anywhere.

Easy to use... Fun to use... both kids and adults love these fast, responsive cars!

Note: there are many possible colors with at least 2 different frequencies. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee orders of 2 or more will receive different frequencies to race against.

- Omnidirectional Control (left, right, forward, and reverse)
- Integrated LED Headlights For Night Driving
- Remote Control Features Built-in Charger for Quick and Convenient Charging
- 4 Included Racing Cones to Test Driving Skills
- 2 AA batteries for Controller Not Included
- Comes in Different Colors - Sorry, No Choice Available
- Aprox Size: 2.5in x 1in x 1in (Varies by Design)
- Small Parts Recommended for Ages 8 and Up

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5 Stars  great toy 
Bought this for my grand child and my 57 year old son cant stop playing with it thats why I bought 2

5 Stars  Great price. Great toy 
Love how they store in a can, and perfect for my grandson for Christmas. Always delighted with Pulse TV products

3 Stars  Mini RC Car in a Can 
They were okay. I was expecting them to be in a real metal can. The price was a little high for a plastic can. Thinking they were in a metal can was the only reason I bought them.

3 Stars  Fun, BUT 
Ordered 7 of these. 5 were all on same frequency, other 2 were on same. No way to really have races with them together. They are fun, charge for the car only lasts 10 minutes or so, but FUN! We just wish we could race them together. Color didnt matter, but 5 all the same frequency? kinda sucks.

3 Stars  Not all diffrent frequences 
The grandchildren love the cars, however the first two cars I gave them operate on the same frequency so they can not play at the same time. Also one of the same two did not have the road cones and clip in the can. We have not checked the remaining two cars because they go put up for Christmas gifts.

5 Stars  Race Car in a can 
Purchased 3 of these for grandsons, and they went nuts!!! Had them racing all over the floors. One big problem was that all of them were on the same frequency, so had to send them to different rooms to race!!

5 Stars  Great for Fathers Day.... 
I bought 2 of these for my brother and nephew. Cant wait for them to report back how cool they are!!

5 Stars  What fun! 
My youngest son & his son had a blast playing with them in our living room! Since you did provide cars with two different frequencies, they were able to really get into racing their cars! What amazed me is how quick the chargers worked & how long their charges actually lasted! Wonderful! Wonderful!

5 Stars  Mini RC Car In A Can 
The cars I received were a REAL hit with my grandchildren. The novelty was the first surprise and they enjoyed the performance of the vehicles. It was a real treat to watch them enjoy the function of these miniature racecars.

5 Stars  Racing in a can 
Great item for interactive play and communications between children and adults. Constructive and competitive.

5 Stars  RC mini cars 
My grandson loves the cars.

5 Stars  car in a can 
It is just the cutest little toy I have seen!! My 5 year old grandson loves it. He got it to run between cones and do other things. He was very happy with this birthday gift.

5 Stars  Wonder cars 
THese little cars, radio controlled were such a hit with 3 five yor olds and 1 eighty years old I cant recommend them enough. Nice fitting for safe keeping and the way the battery is recharged almost magical.

5 Stars  The Whole House was a competitive racetrack! 
Visited my sons home in N.Y. recently, and wished to provide my Granddaughters with a Fun Toy that the entire family could enjoy ....... to say Thanks for the time we spent with them. Well, two weeks later, the response to my inquiry, How do they like them? was .... cant you hear the shouting and laughter in the background? Its non-stop!

4 Stars  Dont plan on racing them 
We had our Christmas Party. My grandsons love the cars. But they can only run 1 car at a time, because theyre all on the frequency. I even got 1 for their father so they could race them around the house together.

5 Stars  LOVED Them! 
Bought 4 of them for grandson and cousins for Christmas last year and they were the hit of the party! Everyone loved them and the kids had so much fun! This year I think I will get one for the cat o

1 Stars  Mr 
complete junk and do not want to pay postage to send it back. I spent too much already!!!

5 Stars  Mini RC Car In A Can 
I sent two of these little cars to my grandchildren and they loved them.

5 Stars  Great price 
These are one of my top sellers in my thrift store when they are priced right I buy them

5 Stars  What a neat package! 
So compact, so fast and it will run anywhere.

3 Stars  Could have rated higher, but.... 
Parts missing and taillights out on the 2 purchased. Other than that they are fun ! Real responsive and quick, worth the laughs. Great little, itsy bitsy, teeny weeny gift !

2 Stars  Too fast for normal sized rooms. 
While an RC car this small is impressive, I find they move too fast to control in a normal sized room. Speeding along a over 10 feet per second, they run into something before you even have a chance to steer.

5 Stars  Race Cars in a Can = Great Fun 
I bought four of these cars and sent two up to my 4 1/2 year-old grandson. He loved them and learned to steer them quickly. Now we have a set at his house and a set at G-Paws house when he visits!

5 Stars  Great Stocking Stuffer 
Bought 2 of these as a Toys For Tots donation this year. Seem great for the price and kids will love them!

5 Stars  Cute Little Car 
We havent run the cars yet as they are Christmas presents but they look just like I hoped they would and the accessories are as advertised. I think my Grandsons will love them. They arrived in just a few days - I was pleasantly surprised.

5 Stars  RC CARS 
I bought 2 of them and they are great . One seems faster than the other but thats OK. I just ordered 2 more of them

5 Stars  Not just for grandkids 
I wanted to try it out to make sure it worked. I had so much fun and my dog chased it all over the room.I know my grandson will love it

5 Stars  Awsome Gift for Boys! 
I have 8, yes 8!, nephews under the age of 12 and what to get them for Christmas is always a challenge. Well, these were the perfect solution - it caused pandemonium when 7 of them were all together Christmas Eve and racing each other around the house. Great product and so much fun! Thanks for making me the cool aunt!

5 Stars  little car , big fun 
I bought this for my sons birthday begining of June and he hasnt put it down yet . It has lights and keeps the fun going

5 Stars  Mini RC Car in a can 
This is one neat gadget.Took it to my local coffee shop and the guys had no idea what was in the can when I showed it to them.Opened it up and they thought it was a match box car until I sent it racing up and down the counter.Had a lot of fun with it and it is worth the price too.

5 Stars  Shirley 
I purchased two Mini RC Cars In A Can for a birthday present for my grandson. They were a big hit at the birthday party. In fact, another family is already interested in purchasing the same thing. The cars are fascinating and because of their size they are excellent for playing with in the house. These were purchased for a 10 year old but they are also fun for an older brother and a dad. Fun for all ages.

5 Stars  Great birthday gifts 
I ordered two Mini RC Car in a Can as a birthday gift for a 5 years old boy. He loves them and is having fun playing with them.

5 Stars  Mini RC Car IN A Can 
The first one I bought was for my grandson,well to my surprize his sisters loved it so much I order two more for the them. they have so much fun racing them. even their dad plays with them

5 Stars  Stewart Little Racing 
Very fun, great action, fast, provides the need for speed....sorta, HAVE recommended to friends.

5 Stars  Cool Little Car on battery 
This is a nice little battery operated car that charges very quickly. You can have a lot of fun with this little car too. Great for kids or pets. Hightly recommend.

5 Stars  What a Great Gift! 
Gave this car in a can to my grandson. He loved it! It is if very high quality and fun!

5 Stars  Good for all ages 
I ordered these cars and I had 2 4 year olds, 11, 13, and 5 adults playing with them. Love em.

5 Stars  Mighty Mini RC Car 
These little suckers are really fun. They charge quick and they last a long time!!!

5 Stars  What a great stocking stuffer! 
I bought a Mini RC car for my grandson. When I got it it looked so nice I bought another for my grandsons Dad, my son who I know willhave as much fun with it. Great stocking stuffer, unique packaging and it recharges in 3 minutes??? What fun they will have, thanks, a great grift.

5 Stars  RC Car 
I bought this for my son and he loves it.

5 Stars  RC in a Can 
When I got it I thought to myself you gotta be kidding, but when I opened the can I couldnt be more wrong, this little RC is amazing you cant believe so much action in this little thing on four wheels

5 Stars  Big things do come in little packages 
My grand children love these cars. Only takes a couple minutes to charge them and they race each other and try to have their car go around little orange conesthat come with the car on the ground. A real hit!!!!

5 Stars  Small but fun 
I gave the kids these for Easter and they loved playing with them

5 Stars  Fun for All ages! 
We ordered these mini cars really as a birthday gag gift for our 25 year old son. But we ordered 4 of them so all the Boys could play, the youngest being 15. They Loved them! They had so much fun racing these cars everywhere, even on our dining room table! I was also very impressed with the quick delivery. I didnt think they would come in time for the party, but they did. Thanks!

These cars are so cute, love the marketing of this product. Its genius. The cars are really fast and they light up. I can see my nephews having a blast with these. The little cones are a nice touch, too! Oh and I love how is can be stored right back in the soda can

Review this item!
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